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I’ve gotten increasingly interested in Henry’s past since you mentioned he’s a WWII veteran and that he quit before getting drafted into WWII. What happened to make Henry quit? I’m pretty sure (unless I’ve got it wrong, which is a possibility) that the weird stuff with the ink machine and insanity and evil magic started after he left. Was Joey just a really bad boss, even then (this actually parallels Walt a bit, because I’ve heard he was hard to work with)? Or did they have a falling out? Or was it something else entirely? 

When he was working with Joey, what was his position? The fact that Joey remembers him at all after all these years suggests that Henry was of some significance, but this could be for a number of different reasons. It could be he was actually higher up in the studio, like one of the original animators that Joey brought with him when starting the company or even one of the ones that helped come up with the idea of Bendy. It could also be that he was just one of the run of the mill animators in the studio, and Joey just remembers him because they never had a very large staff. 

This also begs the question of how Bendy knew about Henry. The vibe I got from Breaking the Spell was that Bendy recognized/knew about Henry. Which is odd considering Henry (1) quit 30 years ago, and (2) wasn’t around at all for the few years Bendy has physically existed. If he does know about Henry, then what would he even make of Henry coming back after all these years? If I’m wrong and he doesn’t actually know about Henry, how does he make the leap from “this is a random stranger” to “it’s one of the animators”?

That aside, do you have any concrete dates for Henry’s time in the airforce? When was he drafted? When did he crash and get sent to that POW camp? I know at least that he would have been released around April 29, 1945 because I looked it up. Did his family think he was dead after he crashed, at least for a little while (since the wiki also said items were sent to the prisoners from their family)? If not then, did they think he died during that long march that started the January before his release? 

Henry thankfully got out of being drafted for the Vietnam war, but do you know (as the omnipotent authors) what would have happened to him if he had been sent to Vietnam? Would he have died? 

What does Bendy think about all this when he finds out about it? I’m sure he’s found out that Susan’s dad died in the Vietnam war. And besides the terrifying idea that Henry might have died in either conflict, there’s the fact that if Henry had died, Bendy would probably still be with Joey. 

Lastly, where exactly did Henry get a job at after WWII? Does he still work there? Do any of the animation studios we know (like Walt Disney) exist in this world? If Walt Disney doesn’t exist, who took his place on chancing industry changing innovations (like the first cartoon with sound timed to it and the first full length animated film)? 

Sorry this ask is so long. I understand if any of this is in spoiler territory, but is there any of it you can answer? 


Okay well, I asked for this, so I’ll try to answer these in order.

Joey was not a great boss before he went crazy, simply because he was a micromanaging prideful prick. Like some creepy 50s B Movie scientist but with cartoons. But he payed his workers well, he did some pretty wicked things with their contracts, and the show was popular, so he got away with being an overcontrolling douchebag for quite some time even BEFORE things got…


. Henry wasn’t the only one to quit, but it was surprisingly rare, simply because of said murderous contracts and well, he signed the checks quite well.

All of the animators were only Animators– Joey was the sole supervisor and head of the department and the main storyboarder, which is why everything started grinding to a halt when he did. Henry was one of the very first animators, from before the Hays Code, and had a lot of ideas that helped bolster the early show, but Joey refused to acknowledge that they were


’s ideas and this combined with his over-controlling nature meant Henry was willing to take the punch that came with breaking his work contract and left.

The reason Bendy knows Henry is a spoiler, sorry!

I do not have any super concrete dates regarding that, mostly since I prefer to keep the dates vague and my options open. The family did think he was dead briefly, until the letter came in. Darlene definitely cried and tackled him once he finally got home.

He probably would’ve died, yeah. Vietnam was



Oooh, there’s a thought. Bendy cartoons did have some War Propoganda going on, but it all seemed so distant, so that’d be one heck of a nauseating moment for Bendy, all things considered. As for Vietnam, Bendy doesn’t like talking about death in general, so it’s possible he doesn’t know how John died, and both girls do their best to avoid news on the war.

Henry is an animation supervisor now! Bendy thinks this is awesome.

That’s all I can think of.



Bucky's Girl |Series| 1/?

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Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/ 
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four * Part Five

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“Hey Buck,” Steve smiled as he poured himself some orange juice, “Want a quick stretch session before our run?” He turned around and choked on his juice.

It wasn’t Bucky that had walked into their shared kitchen but you. You grinned tiredly at the Captain, hair was thrown into a messy bun on top of your head and Bucky’s red Henley covering your body; it reached the top of your thighs. You sat at the breakfast bar and it took Steve a lot not to stare at you, you were beautiful even in the morning and he cursed his mind.

“Mornin’ Stevie,” you yawned and made this little sound at the end of it, “Bucky’s having a shower but I don’t think he’ll need morning stretches.” You joked mostly to yourself and Steve grimaced as he turned around.

The nickname you had given him from the moment you met made him smile, he can’t remember a time when you hadn’t called him that, he was the only one that had a nickname and it made him feel somewhat important and special. This sparked these feelings inside of him that he hadn’t felt since the forties, which then ignited into this burning desire for you and he loved you. He actually loved you.

Steve just never found the right moment to tell you, not that he suspected you to ever like him back but he was building up the confidence to tell you, to just lay his feelings on the table and see what would happen.
Then he found Bucky and don’t get Steve wrong he loved that he found his best friend, that they are reunited after all these years, he was beyond happy over it. Then that changed… then you met Bucky and you both ‘clicked’.

And then Steve had to watch as Bucky charmed his way into your heart, he had to sit back and watch once again as Bucky got the girl, his girl. Well, he knows he has no entitlement over you, especially since if anyone deserves to be in or feel love it’s Bucky but not your love. He sounds selfish and he had no right to feel like this, to feel possessive because you never gave any indication to feeling the same as him.

“You okay, Buddy?” Steve jumps when he feels a hand slap down on his shoulder bringing him out of his mind, he looked at Bucky who is looking a tad concerned, his hair still wet but thrown back into a small ponytail.

It takes him a few seconds to register the question and formulate some answer. “Yeah, got a few things on my mind, that’s all.” He shrugged the hand off his shoulder and gave a tight smile.

He has to keep reminding himself that Bucky is a friend, he’s been a good friend of his but something had changed and they both know it, yet neither define it to one another but Bucky probably thinks it’s to do with something else. Steve glances over at you, you’re flipping through a file Steve had left on the side and you glance up, looking past Steve to Bucky and his heart sinks.

And he knows why you are here this early, it’s no wonder he didn’t see Bucky when he got in from Tony’s last night, you were both busy with another. He feels disgusting just thinking about it, how you love him with that body and he’s the one to hold you late at night, God he wished it were him.

“What’s on your mind, Stevie? You can talk to us,” You smile brightly at him and he wants to smile back, “or me, Bucky has a terrible time with giving advice, as you know.” Bucky scoffs playfully as you grin back at him.

Bucky leans on the counter, “I’ll have you know I gave Steve some of the best advice of his life back in the forties, doll!” You rolled your eyes, scrunching your nose at the cutesy nickname.

Steve just nods along forcing a little chuckle playing along and then he’s stuck in the kitchen as Bucky pokes you and you squeal lightly. He even feels dirty when you both start talking cute, he hates it, and he has to stop from rolling his eyes because admittedly if it were him he’d be talking back. The urge to tell you that he loves you is too high, especially since if he said it and you felt the same, he’d get satisfaction at watching Bucky’s face fall. That’s his friend, best friend!

“I gotta go,” Steve mutters loud enough and snatches the file from your fingertips; you look at Steve in slight shock at his forcefulness and Bucky frowns, “have a good day.”

“I thought we were going for a run? What’s up with you?” Bucky pushed as Steve just let out a huff.

Steve begins to collect himself together, “I forgot I had to go over this file with Sam and Natasha, I’ll be back late,” he begins to walk to the front door, “not that either of you two care.” He mutters the last as he opens the door and, honestly, lets it slam shut behind him.


“What is up with you?” Sam pants on the floor after being kicked to the floor by Steve, “this was meant to be a fun sparring session, that’s what you said!” Steve lets out a chuckle and offers a hand to help him up.

Steve lets out a small sigh, “it’s nothing that I can talk about,” Sam gives him a look and crosses his arms, “seriously, leave it.”

“It’s about her, isn’t it?” Sam asked and Steve refused to look at his friend, “I knew it. What happened, huh?”

Steve suppresses the sigh from escaping as he wraps his hands, slowly walking to the punching bag but Sam follows, waiting for Steve to answer. “She was round last night with Bucky and was there in the morning, happy with him, and I couldn’t-can’t- stand it.” He begins to punch with a lot more force than he intended.

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Sam is silent as he watches Steve punch the poor bag; both knowing he’s imagining a certain best friend but Sam bites his tongue at a comment like that, Steve must hate himself for even picturing his friend let alone having Sam know it too.

“You’ve been suffering like this for half a year now,” Sam begins and Steve sideways glares at him- not needing a reminder of how long it’s been, “why don’t you just try and move on or heck, I don’t know, talk to Bucky or Y/N about this? If you aren’t careful you’re gonna start acting out.”

Steve puffs out some air through his nose, “Oh yeah, I’ll just turn to my best friend and say, ‘Hey Bucky, it’s great to have you back but I love Y/N and you don’t deserve her, not really. So back off thanks. We had a great thing and you back has actually ruined that’ I can’t say that.” Sam suppressed a laugh at that, “moving on isn’t an option, I don’t have time to go out and date, or whatever happens nowadays.”

“No, you’re problem is you don’t want to move on,” Sam grabbed the punching bag still and making Steve look at him, “you’re hoping she’ll realise she loves you, or things won’t work out and you’ll have a slither of a chance with her, I wish I could tell you that may happen but thing is; she’s with Bucky right now and it may work out for the long run.”

Steve sighed heavily and rubbed his tapped palms over his face, Sam looked sympathetically at him, knowing how much he’d actually liked you.

“Just I hate knowing that she loves him,” Steve yelled frustrated and Sam remains patient, “Cause’ she’s watching him with those eyes and she’s loving him with that body, I just know it. And he’s holding her in his arms late, late at night!” he’s panting. 

Sam exhaled as he waited for Steve to calm down, only he jumps as Steve throws one final punch and the bag flies off the hook, crashing into the wall behind it leaving a big dent in the wood and the bag slams to the floor and sand pours out of it. 

“I just figured this time, this time it would be different,” Sam frowned, “I had to deal with all the girls running after Bucky, watching from the sidelines as girls flocked around him. Then, Peggy, she liked me before the serum and after, I had all this attention.” Steve sighed gently, “then I am here and she’s everything, everything I remember but also new, I don’t understand her but yet, I do. And of course, like everyone else she falls for James’ charm.”

“C’mon, there’s gotta be a girl out there for you,” Sam nudged trying to lighten the mood, “you just got to look.”

Steve sighed and started to take the tape off of his hands, “I just wished I had Bucky’s girl, like Bucky’s girl,” Sam huffed. “Where can I find a woman like that?”

“I don’t know,” Sam patted his shoulder, “I’m sorry but you gotta try, Steve.”

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Fairy Tail Chapter 545 (Ships)

I don’t understand why people keep moaning about how fairy tail ended regarding Ships.


They have one of the cutest endings, there may not have been any kind of confession, but natsu literally said they’ll always be together, heck, THAT’S SO DAMN CUTE.


Okay but did you hear what gray said about Juvia’s body, hell, that be a confession if I ever saw one


Okay but they’ll be a future with them, Jellal is free now and Erzas taking care of herself because she knows she’ll see him


Okay but is anybody actually moaning about their ending? It’s canon that they went off to make their twins, heck they’re the most canon so if you are moaning, shaddup.

Laxus x Everyone:

Let’s be honest, we have no clue who Laxus ended up with so it’s down to whoever you decided he was best with, it gave us a lotta options

I believe we will see more canoness of the couples because I feel as though a new series with their children will turn up sooner or later so quit ye moaning and wait and see what happens and be hopeful.


wow how unexpected

housewildfire  asked:

If the Stark children were to be married to Stark banner men (like many Stark did before) who do you think they would marry (I hope you understand the question!) :)

Even in a world where the plot of ASOIAF never happens, I don’t think the Stark children ever would have all married northern bannermen. I mean, look at the Stark family tree – even in generations where boys were marrying daughters of bannermen, girls were being sent to the Vale and Stormlands. And Blackwood brides went north more than once, a Royce too. In this generation, particularly with Catelyn’s southern connections, Sansa almost certainly would have gone south (to the Riverlands or Vale if not further), and probably Bran too (especially with his dreams of knighthood). You can see some ideas along those lines here and here.

But let’s assume for some reason Ned Stark is in a super-isolationist mode, and prefers to neither import nor export brides. So let’s look at the eligible young people of the North, see who’s out there. I’m going to use how old they’d be in 300AC as a baseline because it’s easiest for math, although even Robb and Jon and Sansa would very probably marry after that date (yes, Robb and Jon would be 17, but boys usually marry later, and Sansa’s only 14 and girls normally marry after adulthood at 16, not immediately after menarche). Also since the plot doesn’t happen, anyone who died past the start of AGOT is still alive in this AU.

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ugh I think I'm starting to get a crush on this cute person who I'm talking to and it's just like, god please nO @ myself,,,, they are dating someone anyways so aaaaAAAA


heck me dude im sorry theyre dating someone but thats okay if you wanna get over them??? i mean you have the option of waiting and seeing what happens ya know or just getting over them w time ??? 

i mean youll be fine no matter what you do and i believe you’ll make the best choice for yourself!! :0 xoxo
i hope this helps?

Alice in the Country of Hearts - Ace 100% Scenes & CGs Best End Walkthrough

I’m back! I’m sorry it took so long - I started a walkthrough on Peter but got discouraged (still working on it, though!) then took a break to enjoy Elliot (is it just me who found him disappointing? Anyway, I’ll probably do a proper review on each character once I finish the whole game) then discovered you need to complete Ace before Julius, so here we go for the Knight! (Minor spoilers) HOLY MACARONI, this guy is twisted!! While I understand his appeal as a character I must admit I have no idea why he’s so popular as a love interest, because seriously a guy who accepts your low self-esteem is sweet but a guy who gushes over your low self-esteem as an attractive feature… Do I need to explain how creepy that sounds? T_T Heck even Alice has no idea why she likes the guy!!! X_X Anyway, more ranting later, and on with the walkthrough~~

There are probably other ways, but here is my walkthrough for Ace’s best end, 100% CGs and 100% scenes! I tested it, but let me know if there is any error! As always, remember to pick the options to rise your affection and avoid responsability. :)

Alice in the Country of Hearts - Ace 100% Scenes & CGs Best End Walkthrough (from Ep.1)

1) Is it that amazing ? (avoids responsability)

2) I’m getting used to him, though

3) I definitely must pay my respects

4) ….. (+1 affection)

5) I’ll accompany you when I come back

6) Hatter’s Residence (unlocks Elliot’s Carrot Party CG)

7) I’ll go see him again

8) It’s an illusion (+1 affection)

9) I’m just having fun at the moment (avoids responsability)

10) I wanted to get to know you better, Vivaldi (Home Event 6B* see note at the end)

11) It is kind of….fun (+1 affection)

12) Hmmm, ok…

13) You can’t be (+1 affection)

14) He’s helpless, and makes me worry

15) He doesn’t even like me (+1 affection)

16) I will

17) Help pitching the tent (+1 affection)

18) Punch him (+1 affection)

19) Clock tower

20) What do you think? (+1 affection)

21) I can understand what he says.

22) Takes his eye patch off

23) Is this love…? (+1 affection)

24) I started liking people here (avoids responsability)

25) Get mad.

26) It’s because I’m interested in Nightmare.

27) I blame Nightmare

28) Embarassed (+1 affection)

29) I have nothing to apologize (avoids responsability)

30) I’ve never invited him (+1 affection)

31) But it’s fun anyway (avoids responsability)

***SAVE HERE****


32) Keep dancing (completes the ballroom CGs)

33) You are no Knight (+1 affection)


32) Stop dancing (unlocks sexy times in the guestroom CGs!)

33) You are no Knight (+1 affection)

***BEST END****

*To complete the scenes with Home Event 6A, simply redo the first 10 choices with the skip option by changing choices 3 (I’d better pay my respects), 5 (I’ll be back) and 10 (I wanted to play with you, Vivaldi). (Edit 2015-01-09) : It seems there’s difficulty to unlock that scene. The difference between 6A and 6B is super minimal, so it’s easy to miss (I think, one sentence more in the dialogue with Vivaldi in your card game? T_T) so don’t forget to complete the event 6 and checking if the game registers 6A as done before believing you didn’t unlock it. The strategy here is to be dismissive of Vivaldi rather than admirative in every choice option pertaining to her. I hope that helps!!

Enjoy! :)

I’m rereading Chamber of Secrets and I can’t help asking myself: how in the heck did Ron and Harry think their best option was stealing a car?

Like, I get that they are panicked; the platform won’t open and they’ve missed the train. According to their 12-year-old minds this is life ending. But Harry (very wisely) recommends going back to the car and waiting for the two parental figures to return. Which, you know, is the intelligent and mature thing to do.

But instead they manage to jump from “oh no, we missed the train” to “lets commit grand larceny and fly cross country, it’ll be fun!!” and steal their parent’s car and proceed to wreck it and nearly get murdered by a homicidal tree.

C'mon now, boys. Really?

I’m trying to imagine how Arthur and Molly felt during all this. They miraculously managed to get Percy, Ginny, and the hair-raising twins on board in until 10 minutes and they’re about to pay their backs for a job well done but then they realize they are missing a redhead. Not only are they missing a redhead though, oh no, they have also misplaced the savior of the wizarding world.

Oh, and their car is missing.

And they have no way of contacting said boys or said car without the Ministry getting Arthur in some major trouble.

No wonder Molly sent that howler, I would have too.

“Any idea when you want to tell everyone?”

“Soon, I suppose. We cannot keep it a secret forever.”

“Well, yeah, Zee-va. It doesn’t take trained investigators to piece together a four-day weekend over Valentine’s Day with this 3-carat diamond-cut embedded in a gold band on your finger.”

I am the diamond expert, Tony.”

“I did my research when I needed to.  And let me just say, it looks good on you.”

“It is a beautiful ring.”

“I was talking about being married to me, but sure—the ring’s not bad either.”

“Do not make me regret marrying you after only one night, husband.”

“But you don’t regret eloping, do you?”

“Of course not.  It was the best option for our schedules.  Are you still pleased that we—”

“Are you kidding? Heck yeah…but I know how much family means to you.  Would you have rather had everyone there?”

“I had you, Tony. That was all I needed.”

You are all I’ll ever need.”

“Then it is no coincidence that it suits you.”

“What’s that?”

“Being married to me.”

“I can’t argue with that, wife.  I love you, Ziva.”

“And I you, my love. I, you.”

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + GIVEAWAY: Kohler Shower Speaker

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V-day isn’t just about chocolates, roses, and stuffed animals (although a little chocolate never  hurt anybody). V-day also isn’t just about being in a relationship. Get creative with your gifts and who you’re gifting to. Whether it’s your partner, your mom, your dad, your sibling, or your best friend… here’s a gift idea that works for anyone (heck, you can even gift it to yourself!) - KOHLER Moxie Shower Head + Speaker. Yes, you read that right. A shower head that doubles as a speaker. I know, amazing.  
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  The wireless speaker syncs to any bluetooth enabled device up to 32 feet away. So you can leave your music playing from the device in your bedroom and listen to it while taking a shower. It’s super easy to install yourself and comes in navy blue, chartreuse, retro blue, cherry red, and white… lots of options for your loved ones! My favorite thing is that the speaker is detachable. With a rechargeable battery life of 7 hours, you can take it with you from the shower, to your bedroom, kitchen, even your car (fits nicely in your cup holder).

*Giveaway Ended

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Since KOHLER Moxie Shower Head + Speaker is a must have, I decided to give one away to a lucky reader. Tell me what color you would chose and who you would gift it to in the comments  below to enter [Click here to see the official contest rules]! Be sure to like Kohler on Facebook and follow Kohler on Twitter.