'Heck if I Know' was best option

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More shipping questions, because your opinions highlights my entire life: Emily/Mathilda. Thoughts?

um. hm. uhhh. 

my gut reflex is “oh my god, no”. after giving it thought it’s still… no, but less horror no. hmmm. mathilda’s honestly a bit of a pushover + has spent a heck of a lot of time with an abusive coach, so i don’t think emily would be her best romantic option because emily can be condescending and judgemental and would definitely bowl over mathilda’s soft-spoken… e v e r y t h i n g, tbh. we do know emily hung out with miguel and kenny to make the MS beyblades (why was miguel even there tbh) so she’s not like. she wouldn’t attack her or anything but i don’t think at the stage they were post-series as people it would be a good idea. plus emily is all about science and mathilda can magically grow wings. That’s Weird, Yo. 

but a few years down the line they could probably date, once mathilda got some self-esteem back. she wouldn’t be– idk about otp material, but if mathilda goes the kind of soft-spoken but strong-willed person she has the Potential to grow into, i think her and emily would be a pretty good match. especially since i fully hope emily grows out of bitter bullying by that time lmao

SO UH… NO TO TEEN SEX i guess???????????? but yes post character development