Armin: Um, Eren? Why are you pretending I’m this guy’s nephew?

Eren: We need money.

Armin: You’re scamming him?

Eren: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from him.

Armin: What? No way!

Eren: Why not? We already stole a horse.

Jean: Hey, guys.

Armin: No, we didn’t. Jean’s a talking horse, he can do whatever he wants.

Jean: I wanna steal.

Armin: [Gasps]

  • Eren: Hey Leviathan! I just got a new phone! Now we can text everyone in the Legion!
  • Levi: Wren...you spelled my name wrong.
  • Eren: What are you talking about? If anything, my name is wrong -ah, sorry Leviathan.
  • Levi: You did it again!
  • Petra: Guys? Please stop fighting.
  • Armin: Yeah, Petroleum is right!
  • Eren: Admin, stay outta this.
  • *long awkward silence follows*
  • Jean: My name is John.
Day 24 - Plot of Your Favorite Movie

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji, Shingeki no Kyojin

Words: 11946

Rating: T (Language)

Inspired By: Welcome to Jurassic Park, Theme from Jurassic Park, A Tree For My Bed (Jurassic Park Soundtrack)

Notes: I have far too many favorite movies to actually have one be all end all movie but Jurassic Park comes pretty close. It’s a movie I’ve loved since I was seven years old and that will never change. I cried when I watched Jurassic World in theatres because it was everything I loved about the first movie. That was where this story came from too! As I was walking into the theatre I was thinking about this prompt in particular and thought it might work. And then I saw an image of Levi stuck in the park with two terrified and slightly lovestruck teenagers like I didn’t sign up for this but if you think they’re getting a scratch on them you’ve got another thing coming. I couldn’t resist. I also had to bypass some of the science stuff to make it less tedious to explain but I figure most everyone knows how it works lol Also please forgive my dinosaur knowledge. I tried to be as accurate as I could but I don’t have any access to scientific case reports, just google ;-;

AO3 / FF.Net

Life Finds a Way

(Day 24 – Plot of Your Favorite Movie)

This was Hanji’s idea. Levi never wanted to step foot off their site cause they had, you know, a lot of damn work to do but she just wanted to go on some tropical vacation to an amusement park or wherever the hell they were going. Of course, not even he was dumb enough to pass up the grant that Dr. Jaeger promised when he showed up at the dig site for only one price; Levi and Hanji had to come put a stamp of approval on a park.

Levi never cared for theme parks, especially any dinosaur themed. They always catered to kids and spewed out false information to excite people more. He was a scientist; he didn’t spend all those years in school to entertain children who wanted pet a dinosaur or whatever.

This wasn’t any park though. There were real dinosaurs here.

Levi couldn’t believe his eyes when he stepped out of that Jeep. He could hardly believe the way the ground shook, the way he heard their calls in his ears. How could this actually be a thing? How could they be real? How how how…

Even going through the labs, seeing the babies hatch, being told this was rea,  that Dr. Grisha Jaeger and his scientists brought back dinosaurs, and seeing it with Levi’s own eyes, he still couldn’t believe it. Hanji was much more apt to buy into everything and ask a million questions at the labs that nearly made them miss lunch. He dragged her away after that.

He was told it was DNA, he was told they were only girls to be able to control population; he was told everything was safe. He was told him and Hanji were here to make sure everything looked and felt as accurate as it could. Levi couldn’t lie, it did look and feel so real that he wasn’t sure what to believe but the scientifically sound facts laid out in front of him.

These were real dinosaurs.

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A Lot to Be Thankful For

EreAni. Modern AU. 993 words. 

Based on @nakamatoo‘s Thanksgiving AU and also that time my bf fucked up on cooking.

He looks so proud that she doesn’t want to tell him that his table setup looks absolutely horrible, but she would rather crush his spirit than have his mother think she has absolutely no manners at all so, really, it’s not like she has a choice.

“Did you really finish setting up the table?” she asks him, already reaching out to pick up the fork

“Yup! I looked it up online and everything,” Eren says happily. God, he’s standing there with his goofy smile and his chest puffed out. “Looks great, right?”

“Why is there only one fork?” she asks.

He blinks, smile quickly fading. “You need two forks?”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there was a fanfic on ao3 that you posted on here a while ago and for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. It was a cannon verse and Levi and eren are in a relationship, but eren wants to have sex with Levi, and Levi isn’t having it. The last chapter I read is that they got into a huge argument and eren stormed off after Levi dropped his pants in front of him and was like “ if you want to fuck me then do it”. I really hope you know what doc I’m talking about lol

This sounds… familiar… But I can’t think of it. Now I want to read it too D:

You’re the One at Fault Here || Eren/Armin/Jean/Reader

Request: None

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Mentions of abortion.

Characters: Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Jean Kirstein.

Other: Modern!AU, part 1/?.

It had been nine days since (Name) found out about it. She had been felling ill, but she just assumed that it was due to another sort of cold she had picked up at work. But, oh boy, was she wrong.

What was it? What was causing (Name) so much distress? She was pregnant. 

It didn’t make any sense, though. She had been on birth control for an extended period of time and she had been oh-so careful with her partners when it came to anything in the bedroom, but she still had somehow managed to get pregnant. It would have made much more sense to gather her boys up as soon as she had found out, but she had began to grow anxious, nervous. How would they react? Did they even want the kid? There wasn’t any space left in their already cramped apartment, but moving had been a conversation they all had brought up on more than one occasion. As the days dragged on, she only grew more and more nervous, and one of her partners, Armin, had realized that her sickness wasn’t just the common cold.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t tried to tell them. She wanted to during their family night, but distractions happened sometimes. She had also tried to tell them all individually. She started off with Armin, the calmer out of her partners. They had spoken about having children when Eren and Jean were busy, but even he had said that he felt like he wasn’t as mentally prepared as he would have liked to be. So, (Name) moved on to the next boy; Eren. (Name) remembered the scene all too well.

Eren was working on a new clothing piece when the girl walked into the spare room, which Eren had claimed as his when they had moved in. She slowly approached him, a cup of coffee held in her hands. “Hey, Doll,” the green eyed boy smiled, looking up from the manikin. 

(Name) looked up and held her hands out, offering him the mug. “I, uh, w-we need to talk.”

Eren took note of the stammer in her voice as he grabbed the mug. He frowned before placing the hot beverage to the side, and he quickly ushered her over to the couch in the room. “Is something wrong? Are any of your coworkers bothering you? I can make a call and have them fired-”

“It’s not my coworkers, Eren. I just needed to ask you a question.” Eren sat up a little straighter and put on his best serious face. “Oh, yeah, sure. What is it?”

“How do you feel about children? I mean, we’re financially stable and we could change out the game room for a nur-”

“We aren’t having any kids right now, (Name).” 

Eren and (Name)’s heads snapped up almost immediately. Jean was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, still in his business suit with his hair slicked back. He looked tired and irritated, and the two on the couch could only assume that it was because of a bad day at work.

“Jean, you don’t have to b-”

“Shut up Eren. We aren’t having any kids, and that’s final. Armin just made dinner, so let’s go.”

That had only happened a couple minutes ago, and now everyone was sat at the dining table in an awkward silence. Armin let out a sigh as he passed out the plates and scooped out a few servings of greens for everyone. He had heard the entire conversation from the kitchen, and he came to the assumption that his partner was pregnant. He felt happy yet nervous about the situation. What kind of newly-father wouldn’t?

“So, how was everyone’s day?”

(Name) felt anxious about what would come next.

Childhood friends

5 year old Eren and 6 year old Annie

Eren and Annie are running around a park while there fathers discus what work they have been doing. Both the children loved each other’s company, they didn’t have any other friends so they spent there time wisely. They run into the woods. “Eren promise me one thing, we will be friends forever and nothing will separate us” Eren nodded and they pinky swore on it. After an hour of messing around in the woods they come out and they both have to go home “bye you two” Grisha says to the Leonharts “bye Annie” Eren says “bye Eren” and they all start to go home.

Eren gets up in the morning and finds his father on the phone with a frown on his face, he puts the phone down and notices Eren on the stairs worried “did you hear anything?” Grisha asks and Eren shakes his head “well I just got a call from Annie’s father, he’s had a transfer from work so they have to leave town and move a long way away and they have to start packing now, there’s a good chance we will never see them again” a tear drops from Eren’s eye and Grisha walks away not knowing what to say to his son. Eren was crushed, Annie was Eren’s only friend and he felt like a piece of him just broke.

10 years later

Eren walks back home from school, it just turned to spring break usually a time of fun for most high school students but never for Eren, he was always seen as a freak due to his anger issues but he was slowly working to try and control them. As he comes home he sees his father with a surprised look on his face and the phone in his hand “I just had a job transfer so we will be needing to move and most of it will be done over spring break” Eren understood the problem but was a bit mad “whatever it’s not like I was doing anything during break” Eren’s father gives him a cold look for his sarcasm but knew he meant well, or at least he thinks he does.

Two weeks later

Eren doesn’t even get anytime to settle in to his new surroundings, as soon as school resumes he has to go to a new school where he’s going to know no one. Eren wasn’t a happy guy and the people who knew him tended to stay away from him. His mother gave him a quick talk “try and make some friends they don’t know anything about you” and she sent him off. Eren arrived at school and people didn’t know what to make of him so he just kept to himself and went to the headmasters office. “Alright il take you down to your class” the headmaster says “thank you mr smith” Eren says and he drops him off at class by the teacher, “this is ms Ral she will be your form teacher” and mr Smith leaves. “Hello Eren” ms Ral says “hello” Eren nervously “I see that your a bit on edge which is understandable, il introduce you to the class but you don’t have to say anything ok” “yes ms Ral” Eren says.

Class started a few minutes after Eren meets ms Ral “we have a new student class, his name is Eren Jaeger and I want you to make him feel welcome” Eren stands at the teachers side, the girls in the class can’t stop looking at him meanwhile all the guys in the class were jealous that this new kid just came in and stole all the attention. Eren sat down and tried to keep quiet and learn. After class it was break and Eren was bombarded with people trying to be friendly with him but for the most part he ignored them, he sat on a bench at the schools front, when he looks up he sees a beautiful blonde girl but only for a split second before people keep harassing him again, when he gets another chance to look she was gone.

As Eren walked home he thought about that girl, he seemed drawn to her for some reason like he knew who she was or did, Eren tried to think who she could be but no names came to him.

Eren got to school early the next day and decided to get himself more used to the layout of the school, as he walks down the corridors of the building he bumps into someone “sorry” Eren immediately says “what the hell” it was a female voice, Eren looks at her and his jaw dropped when he realised who he bumped into “watch where your goi..” the girl looked up mid sentence to see Eren, she had the same reaction as him. Eren saw the girl he admired from afar from yesterday and realised who it was and a flood of memories came back to him, the girl had the same realisation as if a missing part of her came back. “Annie?” “Eren?” The two start hugging each other.

“I haven’t seen you in years” Eren says “I thought I’d never see you again” Annie says “I don’t believe it” they find a tree and continue talking, Eren asks Annie if her moving was hard but just before she could answer a tall guy comes from behind her “hey Annie who’s this?” the tall guys asks sarcastically, Annie is a bit shocked but starts talking “Eren this is my boyfriend Bertholdt. Bert this is my old friend Eren, we haven’t seen each other in years so we were catching up” Bertholdt stares Eren down “alright nice to meet you Eren” he puts out his fist, Eren fist bumps him and Bert leaves. “Sorry about that” Annie said and Eren understood why, the bell rung for class to start and Eren and Annie parted ways for now.

During class all Eren could think about was Annie, while working to the minimum of what could be considered good. After class before Eren could get up someone came up to him “hey can I talk to you for a minute” it was a short blonde boy, while Eren did want to find Annie as fast as possible he didn’t want to come off as rude so he said yes, “you’re the new kid right, I’m Armin” the blonde boy said “Eren” as he introduces himself to Armin “I noticed that you weren’t really focusing on the work, is there a reason” Eren was a bit confused why he was asking this but to try to be polite he answered “I was just thinking about something else” “you mean someone else” Eren was shocked that he knew that he was thinking about someone “how did you know?” He asked, Armin smiled “I had the same look on my face one time, do you wanna say why?” He asked “sure, there was this girl back when I was a kid, we were good friends in fact she was my only friend and one day she had to go away but I just found out she’s in the year above us, what about you?” “Huh?” “What’s your story” “well do you know the girl in our class called Krista?” Eren nods “well I have quite a big crush on her and for a while she was the only thing I could think about” “go for her” “what?” “If she’s single go for it, I let the girl I liked never know that I liked her and I regretted it ever since” Armin walks out of the classroom with his head held high on a mission and Eren left the room trying to find Annie. As Eren looked round the school to try and find Annie but doesn’t find her anywhere.

Eren walks home after school with a smile on his face even though he couldn’t find Annie after first lesson but the thrill after seeing her for the first time in a decade didn’t leave him all day, he gets home and his dad immediately asked him how school was “do you remember the Leonharts?” Eren asked “yes I do and yes I know that Annie goes to the same school as you” Eren is slightly mad at his father “you knew this and you didn’t tell me” his father laughs “we didn’t get anywhere in life by being handed everything, I wanted you to learn for yourself. When I got the call that I was transferred to her fathers firm I couldn’t believe it and I knew you would like it, so I thought I’d keep it as a surprise to brighten your life up a bit” Eren starts laughing “well it worked” “so you started being friendly towards each other yet” “I got blocked by her boyfriend” “unfortunate” his father says and Eren runs to his room.

The next day turns out as a normal school day for the most part, Eren notices Armin sitting with Krista and Armin gives him a thumbs up “nice one” he thinks to himself. The school day wraps up and Eren starts walking home and on his ways he sees Annie a bit in front of him so he runs for a few seconds to catch up with her “hey Annie” Annie looks to see Eren “oh hey Eren” “I haven’t seen you walk down her the past two days, do you love round here?” “Oh yeah, I’ve had work to do for school because exams are at the end of the term so that’s why” Eren understands. They continue walking and talking about all the time they missed out together and what they had been up to for the past ten years, as they continue walking they end up in front of Annie’s house “I live here” she says “I live just a few streets down” Eren says, Annie says bye and Eren waves and continues to walk home.

The next day as Eren gets to school he sees Bertholdt walk through the front doors “hey Bert” Bertholdt looks back, sees Eren, gives him a shady look and walks in to school ignoring him. The day goes as a normal school day would and Eren walks home with Annie, as they get to Annie’s house Eren asks her something “how are you and Bert?” “Huh, oh we broke up” as she says those words they reach her doorstep “sorry but I got lots of homework to finish, bye” Eren waves and continues walking back to his house. As Eren walks home he thinks that he about Annie and Bert and the fact that they broke up, he’s at first thrilled about it and that he has the chance he let escape him when he was a child to be in a relationship with Annie but then he remembers the look that Bert gave him and that it wasn’t a happy one and that Annie didn’t seem to keen on talking about it, maybe he was at least partly responsible for it, maybe Bert thought something was happening with him and Annie. After Eren gets in he immediately goes to lie down and think, he wanted to know if even in the slightest that he was right, he thought asking Bert would be a wrong choice and Annie was still cool enough with him to talk so he will ask her tomorrow, he then thinks when he should and thinks when there walking together if Annie’s there would be the best time as if something happens there’s no one around to see it.

After a long school day Eren waits at the gate for Annie and they start walking. Halfway through the walk Eren starts talking “Annie can I tell you something” “huh, yeah” Annie says in surprise “I think you look really pretty, I always have, it’s just I wasn’t quite sure if I should tell you or not” Annie slightly blushes at the comment “oh thanks Eren, not gonna lie you look pretty good yourself” “thanks but there’s something I want to asks, you don’t have to answer if you want” “spit it out” “why did you and Bert break up?” “Oh, well he was being really clingy, he was always a bit clingy but recently he got more clingy then ever, even when we started” Eren hears everything that Annie says “to be honest I think he might of been jealous of you” she says “you think so” “it wouldn’t surprise me, did you guys ever interact after you first met?” “No, I tried talking to him but he just gave me a shifty look and walked off” “yeah he was probably jealous of you, I don’t like guys who are like that” Eren feels bad for coming between them even if it wasn’t that big. They got to Annie’s house “bye Eren” and Eren waves and walks back to his house.

All throughout the night Eren feels really bad for coming between Annie and Bertholdt but then remembers this may be the last chance he has to try and get in a relationship with Annie and vows that he will ask her out tommorow. Eren wakes up in the morning, makes himself look good and grabs his stuff before going out the door. He meets up with Annie along the way to school and they start walking together, after they get to the front gate Eren stops and Annie looks at him “Eren what’s wrong?” She asks “Annie I have to say this or I’m gonna hate myself forever if I don’t get this out of me” Annie is slightly confused “I like you, I’ve always liked you and I will never forgive myself that I didn’t take the chance to tell you when we were kids, I will fully understand if you say no, Annie Leonhart will you go out with me” Annie is obviously a bit shocked by this but took in everything Eren just said “yes, yes I will go out with you, to be honest when I broke up with Bert I was hoping you would ask me out but I thought you would take so long I would have to ask you out” Eren and Annie are both Smiling like crazy, Annie comes close to Eren and leans in for a kiss “what was that?” Eren asks “believe it or not my first kiss” Annie says and Eren repays her with more kisses.

(So this plot for this came from @jellyjay , they were excepting headcanons and I put in a childhood friends ereannie au and this is what they put:
This has tbe potential to be so bittersweet likr they were just kids and eren did always kinda have a crush on her and then she moved away but whats this??? Erens dad scored a position at the same firm annies dad now works at???? Is this real???? And they move into the same neighbourhood again except its 10 years later and eren is past puberty and annie is really pretty now (she’s always been pretty but now that eren has Teenaged Boy Eyes, she’s really reallu pretty) but oh no!!! Annie already has a boyfriend from her high school! What to do!!
Secretly ann is thrilled that eren is back in her lifw and her bf (idk bert???) Is kinda jealous and ann really does not like jealous and clingy. Things Fall Apart. Eren would be thrilled that she’s available except shes so sad and now he feels bad for coming between them at all, and then there are confessions and first kisses and just cute stuff all together
I asked if I could have a go at a full fic and they said yes so here it is)

ghostofsouls  asked:

Hey,do you think Eren Kruger could be from Fritz/Reiss bloodline?

I don’t think it’s likely, but there’s nothing I can point to that would definitively disprove it. 

Dina was presented as the last surviving member of the Fritz family. According to Kruger’s own words, all remaining royals were burned alive. Interestingly, while he’s talking about this, he’s shown hiding in a closet. Since he was an eye witness to the royals being burned alive, it’s clear he was closely connected with them.

In the panel above, his father is mentioned as joining the royal family, but the wording is vague enough that I could see someone arguing he could possibly be a royal as well.

The wonderful @raindrop-rouge tagged me in this. Thank you so much! <3

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

  • wallet
  • phone
  • keys
  • lip tint
  • old cinema tickets and some coins

5 things you’ll find in my room

  • most likely a cat
  • books
  • some art on the walls (photography art, fan art, and “actual art art”)
  • socks lying around 
  • dust bunnies (hey, you asked ;) )

5 things that make me happy

  • lovely food (even better with lovely people to share it with)
  • talking to my fandom friends, though I know I’ve been making myself scarce lately…what a busy year
  • receiving postcards and writing some back
  • hugs
  • writing 

5 things im currently into

  • Levi. And Eren. Yeah… I’ve been ceaselessly writing bittersweet pining scenes for no less than four months (five months?) now, feeling every single word. What can I say? ;) 
  • I’m currently enraptured by The Ghosts In Us written by the amazing @ittybittyteapot​. Thank you so much for this gem! I have no words that describe how much I adore this story.
  • watching “Recovery of an MMO Junkie.” What a wonderful anime, guys! 
  • gathering Christmas presents like little treasures
  • …may I list writing again?

5 things on my to-do list

  • write some Christmas cards
  • wrap up some Christmas presents to send out to wonderful people
  • packing for my upcoming trip to meet the amazing @omglevixeren and @agent-2-6. I can’t wait to hug you two! <3
  • make an appointment to get my cats vaccinated…yeah, you can probably guess how excited I am for that ordeal *sighs
  • post today’s Sparrow (Revised) chapter; and would it be horrible of me to admit that I’m already looking forward to making you all cry with me? 

I’m tagging: @ittybittyteapot, @sweetsoursugarcube, @omglevixeren, @agent-2-6, @glassesgirl0401, @appleapplepeach Only if you all want to, of course! <3 

The Crow & The Butterfly Chapter II

RATED: T (each chapter will have its own rating)
PAIRINGS: Rivamika, Eremin

SETTING: Modern Day AU. Set in the same time as ‘Cover Me’ and ‘Family Dinner’.  Eren and Mikasa are at their limit. Grisha tries his best to make them feel guilty

The green-eyed boy looked at the ground; he was holding back the tears…not from sadness but from pure rage. It was always like this…Mikasa always fought back while he felt quiet and hoped everything would end in any minute. She always protected him from all kinds of danger and he was tired of it

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Blonds Have More Fun

For tanekore

 One day the gang is all drinking.

The subject of Jean’s two-tone hair comes up (because, of course). He get’s angry and annoyed and lashes out at Levi. “What? You think you can get away with being blond? Not a chance in hell!”

“Hey Jean, maybe you shouldn’t–”

“Hey, hey hey, babe,” Jean shushes Marco. “I fucking got this. You won’t dye your hair blond, Levi. You wouldn’t last a fucking day.”

“That a challenge, pony boy?” Levi smirks into the rim of his glass.

“What,” Jean leers, leaning over the table. “You think just anyone can pull this look off? Please.”

“Listen to Marco asshat,” Eren begs.

Next day, a hungover Jean crawls into the tattoo shop they work at with Levi.

“I hope you’re happy,” Eren growls out as soon as Jean slumps down into his chair. “I hope you’re real fucking happy.”

“What are you talking about Jaeger?” Jean rests his head in his arms, trying to block out Eren’s annoying voice and the bright lights. “I’m too hungover to deal with you right now.”

“Why don’t you take a look,” Eren hisses. “Why don’t you look at the fucking monster you created.”

“Geez, Jaeger what the fuck are you talk—” Jean trails off, mouth gaping.

Levi is leaning agains the wall with his arms crossed, watching them through hooded eyes. He’s always had a commanding presence, but that’s not what catches Jean’s eye this time.

It’s his newly dyed white blonde hair, pushed back and falling in strands like clouds around his face. It makes Levi look years younger and far too dangerous. 

It does fascinating things to the bags under his eyes and the grey steel of his gaze, and his pale skin glows and pulls Jean’s eyes like an electric current. 

“Um,” Jean swallows and Levi grins like he’s going in for the kill.

“Fuck you, Jean,” Eren curses. “He was hot before but now….”

“You like what you see?” Levi asks, his eyes tunneling into Eren. “Want to see if blonds have more fun?”

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou ch. 13

-Sideline: Make sure to read “The Manga Scene” two pages back!-

Flyer: The 104th Athletic Tournament Folk Dance Memo:
The Athletic Tournament will decide the outcome of the Folk Dance again this year. All students, please make the following preparations by the appointed date:
- Decide with whom you will dance (partner)
- During the ceremony, no…

Krista: Annie!

Krista: Oh, that’s the Folk Dance Flyer, right? I was going to invite you to join us for lunch, but I guess you’re busy…
Annie: Ah, sorry. I’m going over to Class 4’s for a bit…

Krista: Aww, that’s too bad… Oh!

Krista: You’re going to have that conversation~ Uhuhuhuhuhu
Annie: H-Hey, what’s with that laugh…

Annie: Ssshhhhh… Keep this a secret from everyone…
Krista: Gotcha!

Krista: Ymir! Hey listen listen! Annie is going over to Eren and, y’know…

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Armin's First Time

This request comes from @brookiebrockbrick.


There’s no fuckin’ way.

I’m dead serious, not once.

How is that possible? Everyone does it.

Not Armin. Not unless he does it in the privacy of his own room, and very quietly.

He had to have tried it. Everyone does at some point in their lives.

I promise you, he hasn’t. We’ve talked about it a few times. He just doesn’t feel the need to.

I can’t imagine my life without it…

Yeah, me either. Shit- he’s coming. I bet I can get him to do it right now. U-uh hey, Armin, what’s up?

Nothing much, just got back from the store. Why do you have that look on your face? What did you do, Eren?

Uh…Armin…I’m really sorry but…when I did laundry this morning…I forgot to separate my clothes…

Wh- How can you…it…EREN, IT’S SO SIMPLE. LIGHTS, AND DARKS, *menacing* lights…and darks…you f-f-fucking idiot.

Holy shit

anonymous asked:

Hi there, I really love this Tumblr. I was wondering if you were going to do analyses of Levi x Mikasa for chapters 71-74? Thanks. Cheers, C.

Hey, thanks a lot for the compliment! Unfortunately there wasn’t much interaction between them these last few chapters, but we’ve seen some developments, especially during chapter 72.

Can we talk about Mikasa not minding if Levi gives Eren a beating or two?! 

(Yes, this time he started it, but…) 

It could mean the following: 1. Mikasa’s more mature and less protective over Eren and 2. Mikasa didn’t feel like confronting Levi about beating Eren up again because he’s right and 3. Mikasa trusts Levi to discipline Eren and the others.

There are a few more things to note in this chapter, but I’ll probably wait for more chapters to come out so we have more rivamika material to comment on.

Internet Friends

Pairing: Eren / Mikasa
Rating: K+ (Light cursing)
Genre: Fluff
Length: 1199 words
Notes: Another birthday present wooo! It seems like thats all I write wow. Anyways, happy birthday thatguy8801! Also, thank you to mikasa-ackernam for giving me amazing ideas for this. Also, forgive me if the german isn’t right, and feel free to correct me! I hope you guys like it!

She had been wanting to ask for it for a little while now.

Mikasa had been talking to Eren for quite some time, and they were great friends, they talked almost every day.

There was one problem though: they had never met in person.

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There’s so much people who talk so much crap about Armin, and I look at them, and I’m just like: “And what have you done in your life that’s helpful to humanity?”

Those people see Armin Arlert as just a fictional character, but I actually see him as a hero.

“Armin is so weak.” “Why is he in the Survey Corps anyways?” “He’s such a girl.” “Why did Eren die for such a worthless character?”

No, you sit down, and let me tell you a fucking story. The reason why most of the characters are alive is because of him. Who came up with the idea of using Eren as a way to save the other cadets? Armin Fucking Arlert is who. Who found out that Annie was the Female Titan? God? Yes, because that’s what Armin is.

Yes, Armin isn’t the strongest, did he give up? No? He still kept running.

And to all the people who keep complaining on why Eren gave up his life for him, screw you. It’s called friendship.

After reading this, I hope you can remember next time before you talk shit about an anime character, think: “Hey, they’re better than me because I can’t do anything like that.”

Thank you, and thank you to Isayama for creating such a inspirational, and God -like character.