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Hello lovely person!! Is it possible to pass on some kindness to TC, say a goodie basket of his favorite munchies and such? I'm sure Modern!AU TC is getting some love from all his fan and friends, I just wanna pass some further nice-ness to him. I get the warm-fuzzies when I see TC happy too :D

Certainly! I will send my cutest delivery boy.

I can’t believe I just lost my cutest delivery boy….

imagine the paladin’s trying to work out how long they’ve been gone from earth for and they’re counting back and suddenly one of them realises it should be about december right now and they’re like “oh cool, we’ve only been gone for about three months” and then their faces kind of drop and they realise that december means christmas and none of them are going to be back for it.

and pidge realises that this will be her second christmas without matt or her dad, and then she kind of chokes up when she realises that is going to be her mother’s first christmas without anyone because it was bad enough last year when it was just the two of them, and now she’s completely alone??

and lance is suddenly tearing up because christmas is a big deal in his family and it’s his favourite time of the year and the thought of not being able to see the way his little siblings and nieces and nephews face light up when they open their presents…knowing he’s not going to be able to watch his parents rush around late on christmas eve wrapping presents and sticking them under the tree with a note saying “from santa” attached even though ‘i’m too old to believe in santa, mum’ hurts so much

and then, before he knows it, hunk is crying too because christmas is that time of the year where his grandparents fly in to visit him and his parents, and for two weeks his house is full of laughter and singing and the smell of his grandma’s amazing cooking and he can’t imagine a christmas not being squashed up on the sofa with his parents and his grandparents tipsy off a little too much christmas wine singing and making bad jokes

and keith. this isn’t keith’s first christmas alone, he’s done it before and it’s hard but he’d been beginning to think that maybe he could handle it this year because he’s got lance and pidge and hunk and shiro and allura and coran - this makeshift family he’s managed to stumble into - but seeing the way pidge and lance and hunk are reacting to not being able to see their families for christmas reminds him of everything he’s lost and before he knows it he’s crying too and ughhhhhhhhhhhhh


TFW You’re raised from the dead and go on a murderous rampage

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*Reverend Light (a non-feral Glowing One in Pastor's Vestment, more info on my blog under the tag Rev. Light) slowly descends from the radioactive heavens in a soft green beam* Buttons, thou hath naught pay thy taxes to the church! Recompensate or face judgment! 200 Caps or just 5, no 10 Mentats and two of your finest Dirty Wastelander! Pay up or I'll give you an enpreachment until your ears melts off! * Rev. Light tries to look menacing but can't keep this mirthful grin away*