Zeke, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Zeke from The Get Down. Portrait is in profile from the waist up. Zeke is wearing a blue polo shirt. He has a large afro and thick sideburns. He’s gazing to the right with a melancholy expression. The background is a series of concentric frames from purple to gold that form a retro rainbow pattern.]


I don’t usually go to the trouble of linking stolen artwork post-by-post for other artists, but this one is a special kind of awful. When my (very polite, very kind) friend messaged this art thief (way more politely than they deserved) about the art they’d stolen, this happened^

Pics and links below the cut (all with NO credit).

As always, please do not harass this art thief and don’t report the art unless you own it (Instagram only allows artists to claim their own work). DO tag/message artists if you see their work in the pics below, because I didn’t get all of them.

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[TRANS] 160825 Oh My Girl Fancafe notice

Notice regarding OH MY GIRL member ‘Jine’

This is WM Entertainment. 

OH MY GIRL’s Jine has come to a temporary halt in her activities due to health-related issues. 

First and foremost, for this sudden news we wish to apologize to the many fans who love and adore Oh My Girl’s Jine. 

Since the girls’ debut, Jine has presented with symptoms of anorexia, and has been receiving treatment at the hospital. After lots of contemplation and discussion between Jine and ourselves, we have come to the decision that the artist’s health is most important, and that she will have a temporary break from her activities. 

Upcoming activities will include seven Oh My Girl members, but even during her break we will continue to send positive thoughts toward Jine for her recovery.

Once again we apologize to fans for the sudden news, and we hope you continue to send your unchanged love and interest toward Oh My Girl. 

Thank you.

Source: Fancafe
Trans: roz @ fyohmygirl
Please take out with full credits to source and translator.

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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anonymous asked:

I can't wait to see u at Animangaki (AMG2016)! I wonder if u remember my face haha. I'm guessing this is going to be your last convention in Malaysia?

I remember faces quite well but I am bad with names :X
Yeah it might be my last for the next 2 years? (Depending on my stay in UK)
I can’t wait to meet you guys either!!! I had a lot of fun during CAFKL~
I’ll be wearing D&P’s Cherry Blossom jumper!!