lena finds out that kara is supergirl bc someone informs her that there’s a giant supergirl shaped hole in the elevator ceiling and the roof and the only thing left behind are kara’s clothes belongings so they watch the footage and kyle from security is like ‘oh yeah by the way kara is supergirl she undresses around here all the time, always jumping off the balcony’

self-pity is okay

but don’t let it turn into self-loathing

there is a line you need to learn

where the two start to fade into each other

and i know, it’s hard, i’ve been there

but don’t cross it

there are no paths over there

no guidance, just detrimental thoughts

it’s so easy to get lost and buried by your own mind

left with no air or will to exist

it’s all taken away from you so easily

and it’s such a cold place

i don’t want you to be stuck there

i don’t want you to be lost

i want you to have hope

Everyone is saying that the neutral is The Announcer and that’s a fantastic point!

But consider… the absolute true neutral in the entire game is the Hourglass on the loading screen y’all

Look at my boy being so excited about time just look at him 

anonymous asked:

If you have the time, can you pleasey please write " You are my dentist and I have the bigest crush on you and one time you give me too much laughing gas so I end up telling you that AU" Thank you

Okay, so I don’t even wanna think about how long this prompt has been sitting in my inbox. It’s obscene. Probably close to two years and really, I’m just astonished tumblr hasn’t eaten this thing yet. But whatever, it makes me feel guilty just sitting in there with that stupid judging sunglasses face so I wrote a thing. Consider this part of Tracy’s Great Inbox Clean Out. Also, I totally didn’t follow this prompt because I distinctly remember reading at least five versions of this prompt for Everlark at the time this sucker showed up in my inbox. But hey! It’s in the same vein…except it’s canonesque set in the Catching FIre timeline, not AU…and it’d be something like Benadryl, not laughing gas… whatever. Just read.

RATED T: Angst ahoy! You can take it, though. It’s no worse than the books.

Katniss sways on her feet, leaning onto him heavily, and even though her weight is slight, the suddenness of her movements divert their steps. She croons to the night, the medicine having removed most of her usual filters. He never hears her sing. Not since Rue.

Behind him, Effie scolds the cook assigned to their suite and he tries to defend himself. “Must have been the mangoes. I had no idea she’d be allergic! Miss Trinket, please believe me, I would never–”

Peeta keeps walking, jaw aching and fists clenched in the effort to not turn around and scream at the man himself. As they stagger down the hall, Peeta’s eyes close for just a moment.

He’s slammed with it all over again. The terrifying sight of Katniss’ ears and cheeks swelling. The horrifying choking and gasping noises she made as her tongue swelled.

He’d been sure she was going to die. Certain that Snow had chosen to start the Games before the gong sounded, before they even entered the Arena.

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