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are you sad lin lost?

I am, but I still think that even though he lost (this time), it doesn’t change how important his work is.

I was around 9 when Lilo & Stitch came out, and even though I was kind of past my Disney years, I was so excited to see a movie where a Hawaiian girl was the main character. I know there are so many little girls today who now have an amazing movie and an incredible song to grow up with. They get to see a little bit of their story in the movie all their friends love. They got to see a girl who looks like them perform at the Oscars and hear Lin call her a warrior.

I wish Lin had won the Oscar, but I think he knows that he did something bigger.

As-salaamu'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa wa barakaatuhu.

Look after your manners. Subhana'Allāh. The way some ikhwaan and akhawaat respond to each other is truly disgusting. If you don’t agree with a post then ask the person for further explanation as to why he or she holds the opinion of what he or she said in the post.

Social media is a nice way to share your reminders, but by Allāh, protect yourself from the evils of it. Because of one single post we don’t agree with, our blood easily starts to boil and we easily respond in the most disgusting way and that very single hate message we write will be written in our book of deeds. Like the kuffar say ’ If that which we utter would appear on our skin, we would only utter good words’. No one would come near you. But do not forget; it will be written in your book of deeds bi'ithnillah ta'ala. Be careful.

If you have given your points as to why you are right about a matter and you have daleel of it and this person still does not want to listen then khalas, you did all you could do. Leave arguments and debates aside IF it will only lead you to becoming annoyed and use foul language at your very own brother or sister in Islaām. Even if you are certain you are correct and he or she is upon falsehood. How can we give dawah when when we haven’t even learned the basics of how da'i should behave? Answer ONLY with kindness, respect and especially in a calm way, without indulging in bitter arguments with the other person. You know you are right and you did your job. Ask Allāh to guide them and leave the rest to Him.

•“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and debate with them with that which is best. Truly, your Lord best knows who has strayed from His path, and He best knows those who are guided. ” 16:125

•Ibn Kathir on “that which is best” ( Āyah mentioned above) meaning, if any of them want to debate and argue, then let that be in the best manner, with kindness, gentleness and good speech.

•Haytam ibn Jamil reported: I said to Malik, “O servant of Allāh, if a man has knowledge of the prophetic tradition (sunnah), should he argue to defend it?” Malik said:

No, rather he should convey the Sunnah if they might accept it from him, otherwise he should remain silent.

Source: Jāmi’ al-‘Ulūm wal-Ḥikam 1/248

Fear Allāh and ask forgiveness from whoever you just used your foul language at. Never stop conveying the message of Islaām! Convey it in a way our beloved nabi sall'Allāhu’ alayhi wa sallam used to convey it.

May Allāh protect us and may we convey the message of Islaām in a good way. Amīn. Take care of your manners.

When I moved into my tiny flat back in December 2015, I got a £2500 bank loan. It might not seem like a lot, but it was enough to buy furniture and kitchen stuff and just generally get setup for living independently. It was meant to be paid off over 2 years

I just closed the loan in 15 months. It feels really good to get rid of that debt.

where did mac get the money to buy that rpg tho?? did he use his scratch card money to buy dennis a valentine because??? im gonna cry tbh?