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this is really the end. (read the tags)

The word was lingering in the air even long after Y/N mentioned it, a bitter taste growing on her tongue as she thought longer about what she said, and why she said it. Luke was standing on the other side of the room, shocked and speechless as he processed the words that left his wife of nearly three years’ mouth. “I think we should get a divorce.”

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The exhibit was fantastic. It was the perfect combination of beautiful and creepy. 

Other highlights of the trip :

-Listening to my parents critique art. I didn’t realize how much they dislike abstract art. I don’t think I ever laughed so hard in my life listening to them go back and forth. 

- To make the stroll through the Abstract wing entertaining, I pretended to be a tour guide. We were the only people there. I made them stand back while I read the descriptions. Then I turned around, held my map in the air and asked them to step forward so i could explain the piece of art. 

-I met Gugu Mbatha-Raw. I tried to be super low key. But I word vomitted all over her. “I-dont-want-to-bother-you-but-you-were-great-in-Black-Mirror-I-watched-it-last-night-you’re-great-in-everything-okay-bye!” She was so sweet about it. My mom said she probably appreciated me whispering and not asking for a picture.

destxllis respondeu a sua postagem:also reason why i dont like the whole cursed child…

I actually like the idea of her having a curse because that is a great way to have her character’s story developed and also her familie’s.. what was not okay was killing her because it was the most pointless thing of the book and exactly what you said.. just to pity Draco and make him more miserable.. doesn’t he deserve a loving family after everything?

I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU while they could use that as an interesting plot for her and even make her have a weak health and all they just like “ok thats all we could do for her………………… let’s kill her before we will have to actually do things for her”

like i didnt even read the book but asfdhghs this smells like a subtle draco apologism. his redemption is by having raised a nice child and marrying for love. he didn’t need anything else so he could be “excused”

it seems like vilains can only have a redemption arc if its overly exaggerated dramatic and hello, this is not how the real world works

anonymous asked:

The fact is that there are peoples in our fandom who do know the truths (don't mean wack things). Or truths about D&G things that interests them. Maybe you aren't knowing it & that's okay. But to says it is no one who knows things for sure is wrong.

That’s not what I said. I said we can know part of the truth, but not The real Truth as none of us is close enough to both David and Gillian to know everything about them.
It’s not because we know they’re together that we know their everyday life, what they think about things, when they see each other, what they do together… we have hints of things, pieces, but it seems presumptuous to me to say we know the truth. That’s why I understand and respect Gillovny skeptics, and people with different opinions than mine (when they’re not trying to prove me wrong with silly arguments) and I’m open to discussion because even if I heard things that tend to say they’re together, I can’t tell I hold the truth.

Teacher: Okay class, push everything aside. We’re going to sta——

Taehyung: *pushes Jimin off the chair*

Taehyung: *looks at everybody* Why

Teacher: *angry* Why did you push Jimin off his chair?

Jimin: Yeah why bro

Taehyung: *innocent* you said I should push everything aside

Taehyung: *looks at Jimin*

Taehyung: You are my everything bro

Jimin: BRO

Taehyung: BROOO

Okay, so, I stepped into the Iron Bull tag, which given my current introspective mood (I’ve been drafting parts of Prodigal and it always leaves me thinking about Bull’s nature when I do that) was probably a mistake.

Because now I’m gonna write what I’ve been trying to put into words since the Bull tag started exploding.

Obs. beyond this point are spoilers for Trespasser. I realise my blog hasn’t been spoiler-free at all these past few days (I’m excited dammmit!) But I’ve been trying to tag and warn everything, and keep it solely to the text post. That said, if you do not want to be spoilt, do not read this post.

Okay, here we go.

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Having had that word screamed at me from a moving car twice within the span of a week after coming out of the closet, I’d like to personally take this opportunity to say that Azealia Banks is a giant steaming pile of human fucking garbage, thank you and goodnight.

I’m so proud of them. 6 years ago, Tyler wasn’t sure if Twenty One Pilots was going to work out. He wasn’t sure if he was meant to make or play music. Everything seemed like it was crashing down on him and he felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel. He was ready to give up, but he didn’t. He pushed through his droughts. And now, 6 years later, him and his best friend are playing sold out shows all over the world, 2 of which include Madison Square Gardens. They did it. 

They aren’t the only ones who did it. You did it, too. You used their music to help you through rough times. You helped this band get to where they are today by supporting them and their music. When you make it out to a show, you decided it was worth it to keep going. Their shows are rooms full of people who all decided it was worth it to keep going. Tyler decided it was worth it to keep going. And look where he is today. 

We did it. 

Take me back to when he was here. To when all his hopes and dreams were in the future, far from taking him away from me. Take me back to the time we were together, not a care in the world. He was a dreamer, he believed in a greater good and endless wishes. He believed in forever young, feeling alive and breathless. He believed in me. And so when he came around with his Maserati saying, “Let’s run away,” I said, “Okay.”

Now I know why. He asked me if we were going to live forever, everything open in front of us; the countless possibilities. And that was when I realized he’s scared of death, of an ending to us, to this. He’s terrified of saying good bye; he’ll always be running away.

ppl are so funny w the “one of the boys confirmed so and so but yall literally believe they’re lying” 

not like we have proof of zayn lying about leaving the band on the red carpet when we later got proof of 4 of them filming something w/o him before he said anything

but…….. okay..

Reading Sterek #13

Everything I read this week: September 30 - October 7


  • Good Morning by @stupidandwicked 343 G
    • “Have you been watching me sleep?”“No, I just knew you were going to wake up soon,” Derek answered, breath ghosting across Stiles’ face.
  • Kissing to Save the Day by @ecarian 512 G
    • “We just have to wake up,” Stiles said, and pinched himself, and then Derek, and when that didn’t work, he slapped himself. “Wake up, wake up.”
  • Your Move by @helenish 661 T
    • “Okay, so I’ll just,” Derek muttered, shoving his belt through his beltloops, looking down. Stiles rolled over and looked at him; the sweat was still cooling on the back of his neck, his knees pleasantly loose from orgasm, but Derek looked–not pleasantly loose.
  • Bodyguard AU by @iamonlydancing 788 G
    • Stiles doesn’t need a bodyguard, no matter how much his dad thinks otherwise.  He can take care of himself. 
  • Teachers AU by @sterekseason 845 G
    • AU where Stiles and Derek are both high school teachers and coaches who have mutual crushes on each other that manifest in the most awkward and sometimes childish ways. 
  • Is That A Friend Thing To Do? by @maybehonestly 945 G
    • It’s ten am on a Saturday and Derek has never been so dumbstruck in his life. He’d been happily eating his pancakes when out of nowhere Stiles decides to say, “Sometimes I feel like I want to make out with you. Is that a friend thing to do?”
  • Part of the Family by @iamonlydancing 982 G
    • “Whatcha’ gonna do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk?” Stiles jokes, sweat pouring down his face.  Jeez, it’s hot.“None of your business, Stiles,” Derek says quite irritably, slamming the Camaro’s trunk shut—hiding what looks to be fishing rods, of all things—after pulling out a toolbox.
  • You Crashed Through My Door (And Into My Heart) by @cobrilee 1,112 T❤
    • Derek’s halfway from his front door to his kitchen when he hears a panicked, “Oh, shit,” followed by his door crashing open and the insanely hot guy from down the hall pretty much falling into his living room. 
  • He Has a Crush on You by @braedens 1,257 G❤
    • Stiles could understand why he wasn’t the most likeable person on the planet, or even in his high school. He was abrasive, loud, analytical, and gave about zero fucks on people’s comfort level. Which, honestly, was fine. He only cared about a handful of people in this God-forsaken world, so other people’s opinion of him could really not be bothered. Enter Jackson Whittemore. 
  • Street Hustler!Stiles by @iamonlydancing 1,310 G
    • tiles takes great pleasure in swindling businessmen of all their money.  Some people call him a hustler—often right after throwing the contents of their wallet at him and storming off—some say he’s an outright thief. 
  • DerBear by @agathabird 1,311 T
    • The form asks Do you have any distinguishing marks? and Derek chews the pen cap and thinks about it for a second and writes: Yes. Two tattoos. 
  • In The Same League by @ladydrace​ 1,635 Explicit❤
    • It’s been three long days, and Stiles could weep from how happy he is when he realizes that the magic user’s convention is winding down half a day early, and he can head home rather than stay another night. So he drives for six hours, drags himself up the porch steps of the rebuilt Hale house close to midnight, and lets himself in with a sigh of relief. Home at last.
  • Coffee Shop AU by @pale-silver-comb​ 1,471 G
    • Stiles who has frankly had enough of being treated like he’s completely untrustworthy and weird, who still keeps in touch with Scott and phones his dad every other night but has a complicated relationship with both and doesn’t actually have any friends (not the kind you can count on in a crisis anyway). 
  • Ride Along by @thisdiscontentedwinter 2,020 G❤
    • Derek has been looking forward to this for weeks. He’s known ever since he was a little kid that he wants to be a deputy, and now he’s finally old enough to go on a ride along.
  • Sleepwalking by @hologramophone 2,334 G❤
    • 3 times this week, Derek has found Stiles sleepwalking. 3 times this week, Derek carries him home. At least Stiles isn’t the kind to sleep naked. 
  • Couple’s Spa Day by @maybehonestly 2,344
    • “Why are you looking at me like that?” Stiles asks.Derek thinks that Stiles must not know what he handed him. There’s no way that Stiles could actually be suggesting this. Well, maybe, it is Stiles after all. “You know this voucher only works for couples, right?”
  • Not A Problem by @welshwoman1988  2,862 G❤
    • Derek knows that Stiles is good at researching, has asked him multiple times to look up something or the other for him, and is intimately familiar with the rant that follows asking for help whenever Stiles has ‘other plans’.

AO3 Fics

  • You’ll Find It by the NOCKEBY by hazelNuts / @fandom-madnessess 891 G
    • ‘Hey, Stiles.’ Stiles turns around so fast he feels a little dizzy. When the world stops moving Laura Hale’s grinning face comes into focus. ‘Hey, Laura,’ he says cautiously. It’s not that he doesn’t like her, but when she’s smiling like that it usually means she’s up to something.
  • Perfect in Any Version by mountain_ash / @a-mountain-ash 892 G
    • Derek needs to just get it out there.
  • I Found A Love by thedevilyousay / @witchspark 1,998 G❤
    • It was a tradition they’d started not long after they’d begun dating, when Derek had first found out that Stiles spoke Polish fluently. They would play it like a game, usually over dinner…
  • Fall Apart to Fall Together by haleofStilesheart / @hale-of-stiles-heart 2,269 G
    • He’d been expecting Isaac or Erica or Boyd, hell even Peter, to be invited. Not Derek. When he’d learned who it was that was going to be third wheeling with him he’d almost refused to go entirely. 
  • Must Be In Want by redhoodedwolf / @redhoodedwolf 2,342 T
    • Stiles had always felt like an Alpha. Even though he didn’t have the traditional bulk or demeanor of an Alpha, and especially didn’t while growing up, he could always tell that that was just the role he knew he was going to play. 
  • The Fake Reference by @writingonpostcards 2,400 G
    • “So, Derek, this is going to sound strange, but I’m just about to go in for a job interview in three minutes, and I had to fill out this list of references and I was short a number so I wrote down a random one, then thought I should call it to see if it was real. And it is, it’s yours.”
  • Always Follow a Hippie to a Second Location by alisvolatpropiis / @deleted-scenes 3,956 M❤
    • It’s hard to tell just how long his hair is but it’s night-black and shiny and soft-looking, little strands falling loose from the messy knot high on his head that Stiles feels strangely compelled to put his hands on, to grip tight, which is ridiculous. 
  • Wolf Black by write_light / @write-light 4,595 T
    • Sterek AU with an Evil King and his Loyal Huntsman, men and wolves, loss and pain, mercy and trust, and one very enigmatic Mirror on the wall.
  • The Dating Game by lielabell / @lielabell 4,596 M❤
    • Derek doesn’t exactly understand how he ended up as a contestant on a dating show. He knows that it started with a lot of whiskey and a late night phone call to his sister and mockery. 
  • Kiss Me Under the Light of a Thousand Stars by alisvolatpropiis / @deleted-scenes 5,631 T
    • “It was a true love spell,” he admits quietly. “It was supposed to help me find my true love. And apparently I suck at magic as much as I suck at dating because I screwed this up too.”
  • Rental Boyfriend by dragon_temeraire / @dragon-temeraire 5,711 T
    • Stiles is an awkward virgin who’s never even been on a first date, so he ends up hiring a rental boyfriend to help him get some experience.
  • Make a House a Home by redhoodedwolf / @redhoodedwolf 10,161 T
    • “Well then,” Derek murmured to himself as he scrolled through the comments section. He glanced over to the photos, which he’d stacked in a neat pile off to the side with the letter and birth certificate, and smiled back at the grinning photo of Talia Hale. “Why the hell not.” 
  • Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found) by alocalband / @alocalband 25,025 Explicit
    • A year after the nogitsune is defeated, Derek is living a quiet life in the mountains above a small town in Colorado. Then Stiles shows up.
We only obsessed with the relationship that feels unfinished”. The cold change has began, you stop communicating and we both know that feelings are starting to change. You said that you’ve been figuring things out that’s why you’re not communicating consistently. Days passed and I waited patiently. Then around 12:15 am, my phone popped & I wished it was you. Yes it was you and I thought things were going to be different. That after you contemplate all your feelings everything’s gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna go back to how it used to be. I opened my phone and I was afraid no, I was terrified of what I’m about to read. Then things came down crashing. “First of all I did not make a hand-written paper because besides having a bad grade school handwriting I don’t want you to have something to hold on because it will just make things hard to let go in the future if our plans will not go in our way. I think it’s better for us to stop communicating for us not to get attached. I know I can’t stop myself from hurting you right now but it’s better than hurting you for a long time in the future. ” and just like that, everything ended, those words cut deeper than a knife. I told myself to understand whatever your decision is. I keep asking questions why, why did everything change so sudden. And today, I found a picture of the letter you gave to someone and I know I’ve found the answers to all my questions. Your handwriting wasn’t that bad, your handwriting was adequate. Adequate enough to make me fall even harder for you when I know I shouldn’t have in the first place.

my favourite is combeferre being part three in the trilogy of Courf’s Serious Relationships 

the other two having been marius and jehan 

and everything with them was always such an ordeal and everything was a big dramatic incident and marius would sulk and jehan would cry and courf would feel awful for days 

so the first time courf messes something up with combeferre he freaks out and turns up at his door all emotional to apologise and he’s so so upset because there’s going to be a big fight and he can’t handle it he can't 

and combeferre’s in his jammies like ????? whooooa let’s have some tea and breathe we’re okay it wasn’t a big deal and you said sorry come here

When we talk about autism acceptance, we’re not saying that everything an autistic person do should be accepted regardless of what it is and regardless of how it affects the autistic person in question or people around them. We are saying autistic traits aren’t inherently wrong and harmful and that they shouldn’t be seen or treated as such.

To take stimming as an example:

It’s okay to tell an autistic person that a certain stim is dangerous and harmful - such as chewing on their skin or hitting themselves - and to help them find possible substitutes for said stim. It’s also okay to tell an autistic person that certain stims are inappropriate in certain situations - and to help them find alternative stims that are less disruptive and/or lessen the amount of time they are expected to spend in said environment(s). It is not okay to tell an autistic person that stimming is inherently wrong and that they shouldn’t do it.

Okay so here’s the full story…
We were standing up dancing and going crazy in our seats (section 131) we had signs that said ‘Welcome to Pittsburgh, We’ve been waiting for you!’
We saw Andrea coming over towards us so we started screaming for her & stuff. So she stops in front of our section and points to us and tells us to go onto the floor- where she was standing. I threw everything I was holding onto the ground and ran to her & hugged her. So she greeted us and then she was like
“Would you guys want to move upfront and sit with me for the rest of the show?” And we were crying our eyes out hugging her saying yes. I pulled my self together for one minute and looked her in the eyes and said “Your daughter means the world to me, I have no clue what I would do without her and her music.” She then asked if we had ever met Taylor before and whenever we told her no she said ‘okay would you rather stay in your seats and go to loft 89 and meet Taylor?’ I started shaking so bad and crying thanking her. So we went back to our seats and cried for soooo long. (We got picked during blank space & I don’t remember much from I knew you were trouble.) We had fun dancing and singing and crying for the rest of the concert. Then she sang shake it off and then it was time to meet in section 128. Whenever we got there they told us all of the rules and then it was time to go to loft 89! We traveled down a bunch of stairs and literally walked back stage. The entire time I just rememeber thinking to myself ‘this has to be a dream, this isn’t happening..“ Whenever we got there they had pizza and drink and cookies! Brianna and I went into the photo booth and we both had a cookie and I had half a slice of pizza. Then about 30 minutes after we went inside they told us Taylor was coming and we had to put our phones away and split up into groups. We were in a corner which meant we would either be first or last. (We were last.)
From where we were standing we could see Taylor coming around the corner and when she came inside she screamed “HEY GUYS!” we all said hello and then she introduced us to everyone else that would be in there also. At one point while we were waiting for Taylor to get to our group backseat freestyle came on and Brianna and I know every word to that song so we were singing it with a few of Taylor’s dancers and she looked up from the group she was with and looked me in the eyes and started giggling. I died. And then again when Taylor was with the group before us she kept looking at Brianna and I because we were crying and she kept laughing/smiling. Then it was finally the time I had waited 8 years for. Taylor came over and I was crying my eyes out and she said 'HI BABE!!’ And hugged me.
So then she said “what are you names?” And instead of telling her my name I asked her if she recognized me at all and she said 'I feel like I’ve met you before, but I also feel like I’m really really wrong.’ I said 'No you follow me on tumblr.’ Then she asked what my user name was and I told her and she jumped up and down and said 'OH MY GOSH I KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I LIKE YOUR POSTS ALL THE TIME!’ So then it was time for autographs and whenever she got to me she immediately started writing. I said 'My name is Taylor by the way.’ And she goes 'oh I know!’ She then said 'so where are you guys from? I mean I know you’re from Pittsburgh, but what about you two?’ So I cried again. Then Taylor thanked us for being so dedicated for so long and then it was time for our picture (which is my favorite thing in the whole world.) She came over and immediately held her arms out towards me so I hugged her and then Brianna and Daniel got in it also. Before we took our picture Taylor looked at me and started wiping the tears that were running down my cheeks and said "Aww don’t cry babe! You’re too pretty to cry!”
After that she hugged us all again and I said 'I love you so much thank you for everything, I have no idea where I would be without you.’ And she hugged me again and said 'AWW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU!“ Then I told her about the rest of the shows I would be going to and she told me to make sure I got all of my schoolwork because she didn’t want me failing over her. I asked for one more hug and she said 'OF COURSE!’ And then she hugged me and said that she would look for me at the rest of my shows and started walking away, but before she walked out she turned back around and said 'Don’t worry I’ll be talking to you online later tonight!!’ And then she thanked us and said she hopes to see us again soon!
Then I got to talk to Andrea (she ended up crying with me which is something I’ll never forget.) and she was just as sweet as Taylor.
June 7, 2015 at 12:44am will forever be my favorite day.
Thank you so much Taylor. I’ll never forget you as long as I live❤️😭

  • emma in 3x20:lol what i don't want to kiss him he's gross and he smells like pirate and i'm going back to new york so don't even waste your tiAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WHOA NO NO KILLY BBY DON'T DROWN I BREATHE THE BREATH OF LIFE INTO YOU OH GOD KILLY NOOOOOO DON'T LEAVE ME I LOVE YOU NO NO okay phew you scared me uhhh everything i said is still true
  • zelena:amateur lol
  • zelena:amateur lol
Click here to support Safety from Abusive Dad by Tayla Rawson
Hey all. My name is Tayla and I'm 17 years old, the eldest of 5 children (aged 15, 8, 7 and 3 respectively), and we're looking for some help. Usually we wouldn't ask for help but the situation has become dire and we're scared there is nothing else we can do. To understand everything, we have to...

Hey all. My name is Tayla and I’m 17 years old, the eldest of 5 children (aged 15, 8, 7 and 3 respectively), and we’re looking for some help.

Usually we wouldn’t ask for help but the situation has become dire and we’re scared there is nothing else we can do.

To understand everything, we have to go back to the beginning of all this. In June/July of 2015 my Dad left after he started emotionally abusing me, including stealing my clothes leaving me nothing to wear and senidng me texts thanking me for ruining his life, and my Mum said that wasn’t okay.

Since then he hasn’t be living with us, and for the most part, besides countless emotionally manipulative text messages, everything has been okay.

Except recently something changed. My Dad got hit with a report to the Child Protective Services saying that they had seen one of my younger sisters, aged 7, naked outside of his window acting sexually explicit.

CPS avised us to not let him have the kids anymore without my Mum being there with the kids, obviously for their own safety, while they looked into the case.

Now though, after my Dad said he would go along with CPS and try to get better, e.g stop the drug abuse and start working on his alcholism, he is rufusing to do so and is actually going to try fighting against the CPS and my Mum to try and take the kids away.

All night my Mum has been getting messages that she hasn’t been replying to as advised by the police, saying that he is going to come and take my sisters and theres nothing we can do about it.

We have looked into getting an intervention order but because he hasn’t done anything to physically harm us except threaten us, we can’t do anything.

So at the bare minimum we are left with trying to move houses to somewhere he doesn’t know where we live, so he can’t come and snatch my 7 and 3 year old sisters who don’t know any better.

The problem with that is we are a low income family, my Mum is a part time worker and shes looking after 5 kids, so we don’t have the funds to pay the 4 weeks rent + bond to the place we are currently living so we can move.

That’s were we need some help. If you can’t donate thats fine, anything such as sharing this gofundme can help us. Help us protect these kids from a father who is not fit to take them and is threatening to snatch them from our care.



EPISODE 6: BITTER HARVEST – Speculation & Theory

Alright, I’ve received a ton of asks about what I see happening next episode and just about the trailer in general. Above is a compilation of gifs from a few trailers that I think will be in this episode. As always, this is a theory and it may or may not be right. Read at your own potential ‘spoiling’ risk. ;) 

Synopsis of the Episode: A QUIET AND MYSTERIOUS THREAT IS BREWING — Clarke is torn between vengeance and mercy. Meanwhile, Kane and Octavia work together to avert a disaster, and Abby continues to worry about Raven.

Jason’s Daily:  “(NOT SO) DAILY DAILIES: Beware the box! Very bad dreams. And RAVEN’S SMILE makes everything okay.”

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okay but ashton saying he’s single like??? he’s not denying bryana’s excistence or lying to us in any way??? like god who knows maybe they haven’t put a label on it yet maybe they’re just dating and maybe he’s just not ready to tell us yet??? everything we’ve seen of bryana and ashton so far was through sneakily taken pictures. neither bryana nor ashton have said anything about the other whatsoever, not even on social media. maybe they’re just taking things slow, maybe they just want to keep it to themselves right now. honestly who cares stop getting into ashton’s grill about it let the boy live geez

Zayn and Louis probably had the deepest talks, laying on the floor of some hotel room in some city they can’t name at the moment because they still have smoke reminiscing in their lungs. They probably talked about everything like “what if weed can increase brain power” or “you think we could ever get away with robbing a bank” or “you ever wish you could just stop”.
They probably talked about everything so in theory, Louis probably knew it was only a matter of time before Zayn left and they probably made a promise or a pact “no matter how bad it gets, promise you won’t leave me here” and it was probably irrational on Louis’ behalf but Zayn said okay because he knew it was what Louis needed to hear at the time being.
They probably talked about everything but apparently Zayn actually leaving the band wasn’t one of the theorized, deep conversations they’d had.