'Cognitive re-calibration'

  • Skulduggery: Valkyrie, you're going to be alright.
  • Valkyrie: [waking up from being Darquesse] You know that? Is that what you know? I've got...I've got to do something.
  • Skulduggery: You need to recover, that's going to take time.
  • Valkyrie: You don't understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Take you out and stuff something else in? You know what it's like to lose control?
  • Skulduggery: You know that I do.
  • Valkyrie: Why am I back? How'd you get her out?
  • Skulduggery: Cognitive re-calibration. I hit you really hard in the head.
  • Valkyrie: Thanks.
Is this really the time?

Characters: Avengers x Reader, Loki x Reader

Prompt: trielleamnessis :Funny one? Set during Avengers while Steve, Thor and Tony kick each others asses and Loki’s watching. Reader shows up “Do you want some popcorn?"with actual popcorn in hand. Loki eventually agrees, they become friends(or more), making Loki a good guy

Author’s Notes: I changed it just a teensy bit bc I don’t want anyone getting tired of me writing a LokixReader where they’re romantic. it was tempting though, not gonna lie. enjoy!

“There’s only one God, ma'am, and I don’t think he wears a cape,” Cap said before jumping out of the jet. “What the hell,” you muttered, “Romanov I’m getting this idiots. Loki is just watching, he could escape at any moment.” “Do we really need another god in the mix?” she asked, eyeing you cautiously. You glared at her, “Yep.”

By the time you reached the ground, you realized you had over calculated your landing, which worked out for the better. You landed beside Loki. “Ah, Sister, glad you could make it to tonight’s event,” he said smoothly. You rolled your eyes and looked over to find Thor and Ironman about to fight it out. “Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” Tony asked dramatically. “Wanna make a bet who’s gonna win?” You muttered to your brother. “Midgard has affected how you speak, Y/N, you sound like an idiot. Twenty shillings on the man of iron,” he said.

“You’re on,” you said, shaking his hand. You saw Steve finally land, disconnecting the parachute. “I can’t believe you work with him. He looks ridiculous,” Loki smirked. You nudged him with his elbow, “Shut up, he’s nice.” Thor hit Tony with a bolt of lightning, making you nervous. Why couldn’t Thor trust your teammates? When you saw that Tony was unharmed, you calmed down a bit, actually amused.

“Are you smiling?” Loki asked. “I mean, it’s a little funny. My brother fighting my boss and my best friend? Kinda hilarious,” you said casually. “You’ve always had a sick sense of humor,” he commented, sounding proud. You smiled, getting an idea. You turned your back and used your magic to conjure something. “Since this is turning into more of a comedy for us, want some popcorn?” “Y/N, is this really the time?” he asked, surprised that you had used magic outside of Asgard.

“Why not?” you asked, sitting down on the edge of the rock. “When you put it that way,” he said, joining you before taking a handful of popcorn. Steve and Thor’s weapons collided, knocking you back and making you drop your popcorn. “Hey, watch it!” you yelled to the men who had temporarily stopped fighting. “What the hell, Y/N? You couldn’t bother to help?” Steve yelled. “If she were to help, she would help me. Family comes first,” Thor said, raising his hammer. “Boys, boys, that’s enough. You’ve had your ‘roid rage, now let’s get back to base,” you said putting your hands up.

Tony flew over, prepared to grab Loki. “Uh uh, he’s mine,” you said, taking your brother’s hand. “Trust me,” you said when you saw the skepticism in Tony’s face. “Fine,” Tony said, grabbing Steve by the arm before flying off. You were left with your brothers, an awkward silence settling over you. “So, could we hitch a ride?” you asked finally. “Only if you consider coming back to Asgard,” Thor said, bringing up old problems. You agreed, never having the intention of considering it.

Once back on base, you refused to leave Loki’s side, ensuring that he wasn’t hurt. “Y/N,” Fury said, pulling you aside to where you could still watch Loki from the interrogation room. “He’s killed eighty people in two days. Don’t you think he deserves to be contained?” You rubbed your eyes, “You say contained like he’s a plague. Besides, I can see it in his eyes that it’s not really him doing this.” Fury shot you a weird look, “Care to explain that?”

“I mean, when he left Asgard, he fell into the abyss. He obviously didn’t die but the only way he didn’t was if he made a deal with someone. He’s not doing this of his own accord. This isn’t some giant temper tantrum, despite what the others say. Fury, I know him. Please, trust me,” you said, silently pleading that Loki wouldn’t say anything to the agent currently in the interrogation room with him.

“Y/N, do you really think we can trust him?” Steve asked, walking up to you. “No, not yet. I think we get off the grid, send a separate team to look for Barton, and do a cognitive re-calibration on Loki. Then we can start to trust him – as much as we could before. Remember, he is the god of mischief,” you said, smiling when you saw Loki perform a bit of magic to make the agent on the other side of the table laugh.

“You heard the woman. Cap, get a team to find Barton. We need a team of meds to help with the re-calibration,” Fury said, ordering multiple agents around.

guys guys help I just realised something

so, my Casifer fic that I posted last week

Castiel is genuinely trying to help Lucifer find a Hand of God, right, because he knows he WILL use it to destroy Amara and Lucifer is still their best chance, he’s just also playing a long game and Influencing Lucifer to stop him destroying, you know, everything else afterwards or during


I just realised

Lucifer doesn’t have to be their only chance now because Castiel knows where to find another archangel. And with Lucifer onside, he stands a chance of busting Gabriel out of wherever Metatron has him stashed. Maybe even of powering him up again. Then we would have Lucifer and Gabriel circling each other and

stop me

stopme before I try to write a sequel

I am not going to write a sequel, just put in a few extra lines in the last chapter of Re-cognition to hint at Castiel’s Plan for Extracting Gabriel. right?

anonymous asked:

So any thoughts on the Russo comment "We don't know if Bucky is a hero or a villain. People are gonna walk out arguing about that." Is he assuming some people will be mentally impaired by too much LSD or crack or bathsalts or whatever? Because otherwise, I'm confused AF about how anyone will be able to think Bucky is a villain? And will it be an actual argument if I just hit folks who say that right upside the head?

I have a few thoughts regarding the idea that some people may leave Civil War believing Bucky is a villain ….

First, just because he’s done some seriously fucked up shit doesn’t mean he’s a villain. He was a POW. He was tortured. He was trained to do unspeakable things and told they were for the greater good.  As Seb said …

He’s not a villain. No, he’s not all sunshine, roses, and saving the world. Yes, he’s done some serious bad shit. So maybe he’s not the greatest person as he’s trying to cope with it all, but still not a villain. 

So just to be clear - In my opinion is Bucky a villain?

Are you sure he’s not a villain?

So you think he might be a villain? Go ahead tell me why. This will be my response …

Wanna go on a smear campaign insisting one James Buchanan Barnes (aka Bucky, The Winter Soldier, The Asset) is a villain …

I’m just going to assume anyone coming out spouting such nonsense is in need of cognitive re-calibration. There’s simply no other logical explanation for it.

Don’t worry, Buck. We’ve got your back.

can we jut acknowledge some stuff about Clint Barton??

  • The first time he actually meets the entire group there’s no time to shake hands and get to know each other
  • Essentially Tasha does a the “cognitive re-calibration” (knocked him pretty hard in the head.) Dragged (or carried fireman style… or bridal style it that’s what you wanna think)his sorry ass to his room (or her room) and watched him till he woke up.
  • Then they do little soul baring. Tasha refuses to let him wallow. 
  • Clint goes to was up, when Cap walks in. Tasha vouches for him. 
  • They hijack a plane. 
  • Cap jumps out of plane and then Clint crash lands (he did crash land right? No wonder he’s great with boats!) 
  • And he starts fighting. He then fights the Chitari without really any intel. He then watches his bff (Tasha jump onto Chitari flying craft (and starts to rethink life choices.
  • Tony/Iron Man gives him nickname and flies him to perch.
  • Tony asks about Banner and Clint must thinking “Shit, there’s more??)
  • Tony brings them a "party”
  • Thor preforms his own “cognitive re-calibration” of his own on Loki.
  • Little guy on motor bike shows up.
  • For some reason he’s always angry.
  • LITTLE GUY TURNS INTO BIG GREEN GUY (rethinks life choices)
  • Epic group shot
  • Captain America issues orders.
  • He runs INTO an explotion (and rethinks life choices.) 
  • As Iron Man flies into the abyss.
  • Iron Man falls. 
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY jumps into air and catches Tony/Iron Man
  • BIG GREEN GUY THAT WAS LITTLE GUY preforms some of his own “cognitive re-callibration” on Loki.
  • There prolly wasn’t a lot of “Hi, sorry about the whole Helicarrier thing.” chatter on the way up to confront Loki. 
  • Send off wearing shades (cause his eyes are prolly red cause he prolly didn’t sleep the night prior.)

like, this dude just kinda said. “Kay, Nat, my life is in your hands. I’m follow you into the abyss. I don’t know jack about these people. But we’re gonna do it cause… yeah… the abyss calls.”

He probably took all his queues from her.

  • Captain GODDAMN America wants their help. Nat’s okay with it, we’re gonna do the thing.
  • Dude talks in old English… Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Old English Dude, FLIES. Nat’s okay wit it, gunna let it slide.
  • Fucking IRON MAN shows up. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it slide.
  • Tasha rides chitari air thing, asks her wtf she is doing. Starts to pray that his one connection to reality doesn’t crash.
  • Little dude on motor bike shows up. Why is he apologizing to Nat? Whatever, she’s fine with it. Gunna let it slide.
  • Cap suggests little guy get angry. Nat’s okay with it, gunna let it silide
  • Little guy turns big and green, Nat’s not freaking out, I’m gonna let it slide until later. Then I'ma look that shit up.
  • Epicness, i can deal with that.
  • Lots of smashy. I can deal with that.
  • And then afterwards she prolly takes him aside and gives him the skinny

Like, whatever he’s been doing the last couple of year, ima gonna give the boy a pass. Cause between being under control and forced to give up all his inner most secrets to Loki, and the battle itself, there’s prolly a bit of (or a lot) of PTSD going on.

I just really like Clint Barton.


Alright kiddies, listen up. I’m finally going to divulge Do I Look To Be In A Gaming Mood aka: The Avengers Drinking Game. 

This is actually based off a Pokemon drinking game some friends were playing at a party I was at a long time ago, and then I decided there should be an Avengers Version. I spent a long time on this sucker and this is the second draft of the rules, since the first time we didn’t even make it to square 40 because the rules were so harsh we forgot to keep playing.

This is meant to be a long game, get everyone drunk (or amused at others being drunk), and be noisy. Drink responsibly, be safe.

Things you need: 

-1 die
-The Board, which you can just have projected on a wall, up on a laptop, or create your own
(them being alcoholic is optional, of course, but it is a lot more fun and harder to win this way. The second time we played, my girlfriend won, aided by the fact that she was not drinking (much) alcohol.)
-Breadcrumbs (or croutons, since that’s what we used when I realized I had none the first time we tried to play, though everyone was eating them while we were playing and we almost ran out)

Square specific rules will all be typed here under the cut, and then will eventually be on a GoogleDoc so they are easier to access.

If you have any questions about the rules or the game, please message me and let me know!

If you end up playing this, please tag it as “#DoILookToBeInAGamingMood” because I would love to see other people playing it!!!


1: YOU MUST REMEMBER YOUR PLACE. NO BOARD MARKERS. If you forget your place, you must go back to square 1 and take a drink.

2. You must land on Every Nick Fury Square, and Every Agent Coulson Square. Doesn’t matter what die roll, you must cut it short to land on each one.

3. If you land on any Loki Square, you are now stuck in his realm and must land on each following Loki Square.

4. Drink # means that you drink. Give # mean you are making another player drink instead. You may choose any other player.

Square Rules:

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