ot5 on bad girls club

louis: is best friends with zayn but still pushes him off his bed bc he can, never puts up the dishes, destroys the house, hates the life coach and wont say shit to her, he wants his motherfucking lawyer. reps his town but aint nobody care

zayn: quiet until provoked, always stirring tea, stays on the house phone talking to his friends and twirling the cord like hes in an 80s chick flick, attracts everybody at the nightclubs, likes sleeping

harry: wants to beat louis’ ass for not putting up the dishes, sunbathes all day, is the one starting rumors and pitting people against each other but never lifts a finger, has too many mimosas

liam: has to have his hair lined by a barber like every two weeks, talks all the time about pointless shit but never starts drama, is the driver of the group and organizes all the trips, advocates for peace but records all the fights on his phone, kisses zayn sometimes 

niall: everyone thinks hes the quiet one but hes the only always being held back by security, cooks all the meals in the house, has the best liquor, is harry’s sidekick and would actually die for him, cries when angry. never swings first


No one requested this but here are #144 gifs of Bad Girl’s Club Season 12. I have a shit ton more gifs saved from other seasons that I’m considering uploading, depending on how popular this gif hunt is. None of these gifs are mine. Credit goes to the original makers for all their hard work. If you see a gif of yours in here & you’d like it removed, just let me know. Likes and reblogs would be very much appreciated. download


someone do the signs as this vine pls