I Can’t Save Her: Part 29

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, a little Smut

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Word Count: 1838

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings are for him.

Author’s Notes: I hope you enjoy it <3

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“Y/N, it’s going to be okay,” Bucky soothed as he placed his hands around my own – calming my nervous fidgeting. I smiled at him sadly. I was about to open my mouth to speak when Steve and Fury strolled into the room with Tony following closely behind them. My head snapped in their direction as they sat in front of us. Bucky settled beside me – wrapping his arm securely around my shoulders.

Steve cleared his throat as he looked at me nervously. I could feel a surge of panic run through my limbs – whatever they had to say it wasn’t particularly good. “Y/N – Bucky,” he nodded his head to both of us.

“What the hell is going on Steve?” Bucky asked – attempting to keep his voice even. He was trying to stay calm for me, but I could feel the tension roll off of him in waves. Whatever was discussed today would impact him as much as it impacted me.

Steve turned to Fury who began to shuffle through the papers he held in his hands. “Ever since Y/N and Steve visited the abandoned H.Y.D.R.A. facility we have been combing through every bit of data they were able to extract. It has given us several very valuable leads on current H.Y.D.R.A. operations believe it or not, but more importantly it allowed me to get additional intel on Y/N’s parents,” Fury explained as he turned to face me. His one eye focusing directly on me.

“Like what?” I whispered. My nerves were getting the best of me. Bucky sensed my apprehension and tightened his fingers around my arm – bringing me closer to him.

“Like what is true and what is not,” Fury explained. “It seems like we’ve gotten quite a tale from our friends at H.Y.D.R.A. and they certainly had a motive for it.”

“So… did Bucky not?” I asked – stopping myself before finishing the sentence.

Fury sighed wearily as Bucky’s body stiffened beside me. “No – from the video surveillance, and the intel we pulled everything indicates that Barnes did kill your mother.” I could feel Bucky shift uncomfortably at this and my hand found his metal one and clasped on to it tightly. “But… we believe, given the information that we have uncovered, that Barnes was made to do it by one of his other handlers. They discovered that your mother had plans to try to secure his release so they used the easiest weapon to get rid of her – you,” he explained as he looked from me to Bucky.

“That makes sense,” Bucky agreed as he shook his head. “But why did she try to save me?” This had been the question I had had. Every agent of H.Y.D.R.A. I had ever encountered had been willing to die for their cause – to have someone who was entrusted with such an important asset to their overall cause betray them was huge.

“We don’t know,” Fury responded with a disappointed shake of his head. “What we do know is Y/N’s father is believed to still be alive.”

I choked at this – feeling like I couldn’t get air. “What do you mean still alive? The man… he told me that… he’s dead, Nick. He’s been dead for decades,” I muttered nervously. I felt dizzy from this news. It wasn’t possible for him to still be alive.

“We believe he is alive, but buried deeply within H.Y.D.R.A.’s ranks. It may be possible that most people within the organization believe him to be dead too,” Fury explained.

“Then how do you know he’s alive Nick? None of this makes any sense,” I added as I pushed off the couch and began to pace back and forth.

“Y/N – answer me honestly. How well do you remember your father?” Nick asked as he watched me.

“I mean I….” I stopped as I began to think. I had always had the idea of my father in my head, but when asked to actually materialize that idea for other people I realized I didn’t even remember what he looked like. “I… I don’t know,” I muttered miserably as I sat back down. Bucky wrapped his arm around me, concerned with my reaction, as I looked towards Nick unblinkingly.

“Y/N,” Bucky whispered gently as he brushed the hair from my face. “What is it doll?”

“I can’t remember anything,” I responded as I turned to look at him blankly. “I can remember an idea – the idea of a father. That’s all I can remember,” I continued – panic seeping into my words. “What the fuck did they do to me?” I cried out as I turned back to Fury.

“Steve mentioned that the man at the facility had eluded to H.Y.D.R.A. using the same type of memory control on you that they used on Bucky?” Nick asked, but I wasn’t listening. I had turned to Bucky and was silently conveying the horror going through my mind. “Y/N?” Fury asked – snapping my attention back to him.

“Yes he did,” I answered hollowly. “Is it possible that…”

“They programmed something in your mind much like they did Barnes? It is. At such a young age it wouldn’t have taken much to do it, because you wouldn’t have been able to resist like Bucky was able to. I believe that they have been allowing us to groom you – honing your skills, and that…” Nick stopped as I cut him off.

“This whole time it wasn’t about Bucky. It’s been about me. They used Bucky as a pawn – because they knew I would do anything for him,” I added miserably as I held my head in my hands. “What do they want with me?” I asked – looking up at Fury.

“We believe they want you,” he replied simply – reaffirming the growing since of dread I had had since the conversation began.

“It gets worse,” Tony said as he turned to look at me. “Remember the kid you choked out at the club, and punched at my party? His family has found out about your connections with H.Y.D.R.A. They are demanding that you return to New York City – they have filed assault charges against you, and well… they are threatening to release information to the media if you don’t. I’m sorry kid… I am… I tried my best to resolve it, but they have a full-hand and they are using it to their advantage.”

I sighed wearily as I scanned the room – taking in the expressions on my friends’ faces. “We can’t let them do that,” I muttered bitterly.

“Y/N – look we can get passed this,” Steve interjected, but I held up a hand to silence him.

“You can’t sacrifice your integrity… the integrity of the Avengers to protect me from the truth, Steve. I won’t allow it. This is my past – these are my mistakes. I’m done running from them,” I explained as I turned to look at Bucky. “No one is going to ever suffer again for me,” I added.

And with that the conversation ended. We agreed to leave Vienna in three days and head directly to New York City. No matter how adamant or strong-willed I was about the others not sacrificing themselves for me – I couldn’t help the gentle tremor of fear that ran through my limbs.

I turned at the sound of glass shattering to see Bucky’s bionic hand crushing the glass that had once held his scotch. “None of this is okay,” he muttered angrily as he looked at me. We had returned to our room after having dinner – Bucky had been on edge since our conversation with Steve and Tony. “They have no right to threaten you,” he added  as he let the shards of glass fall by the side of the bed that he was sitting on.

“Buck,” I whispered as I knelt between his legs. I placed my hands reassuringly on his thighs as I continued to comfort him. “It’s going to be okay – we will be okay,” I soothed as I nuzzled my head in the crook his neck. “Please. I need to spend the next three days with you. I don’t want to waste them being angry about the future or the past,” I whispered as I traced his collarbone with soft kisses. I needed him now maybe more than I ever had. I was terrified of having him ripped from my grasp once more. He sighed softly into my hair as I continued up his neck and jaw all the while my hands running softly up his thighs. When he couldn’t take it any longer he grasped me firmly by the waist and spun around – throwing me roughly on the bed. As he removed his clothes he never looked away from me – his face portraying a mixture of lust, loss, and fear.  He hurriedly removed my clothes and stood back – admiring me for a moment before bracing himself over me.

“I can’t,” he whispered on my neck as he kissed me gently.

“What Bucky?” I asked breathlessly.

“I can’t lose you again. God – I can’t lose you again. I won’t survive it,” he mumbled sadly against my neck as tears dripped from his eyes onto my skin.

“Listen to me,” I demanded as I brought his face to mine. “I’m not going anywhere James Buchanan Barnes. You’re stuck with me until the very end.” He smiled sadly as he brought his lips to mine. I twisted my fingers into his hair as I deepened the kiss. With one solid thrust he filled me with him – eliciting a soft moan from my lips. Our rhythm was fast – chaotic even – as we desperately sought to bury ourselves in one another. The sweetness and gentleness of the morning was long forgotten as our bodies said the things we forbade our lips to utter. Each bit of pain it caused was worth the pleasure. The swirl of emotions and sensations sent both of us over the edge together – Bucky’s body stiffening as he spilled into me. He kissed me lightly on the lips as he moved to lay by my side – gathering me in his arms.

“I love you,” he whispered in my ear as his hand traced patterns on my back.

“I love you too,” I sighed as I closed my eyes. More than anything I wished that we could stay this way forever. That we didn’t have to face the things that were to come.

Before long Bucky’s breathing slowed as his grip on my arm relaxed. I moved carefully to keep from waking him as I climbed off the bed. With one final sigh I grabbed my robe – securing it snugly around me before leaving the room. There was one person I needed to speak with. One person that I knew could orchestrate the one thing I needed to happen. As I rounded the corner to the dark living room my eyes found Nick Fury.

“Took you long enough,” he muttered as he stretched wearily.

“Listen Nick,” I said as I sat across from him. “We need to talk about Bucky.”


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Following my other Lars playlist I really wanted to make one that focuses on Lars’s and Sadie’s turbulent, complicated relationship with its ups and downs.

Thanks to my BFF Taylor @blessedthrice for helping me make this!!!

╰☆╮———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮

And this is why I have decided
to pull these old white sheets from my head
I’ll leave them folded neat and tidy
so that you’ll know I’m out of hiding

I feel like a fool
so I’m going to stop troubling you
buried in my yard
a letter to send to you

She’s on his mind day and night,
thinks he takes her for granted but to her surprise,
he needs her more than she needs him.

Let’s get fucked up and die
I’m speaking figuratively, of course
like the last time that I committed suicide,
social suicide

I got no job I got no money got no self esteem
I take a Xanax every morning for anxiety
I take a beer and take another then I’m gonna call her
I’ll probably end up fuckin’ up and makin’ it feel awkward…

Having sex in the morning your love was foreign to me
it made me think maybe human is not such a bad thing to be
I just laid there in protest, entirely fucked
it’’s such a stubborn reminder one perfect night’s not enough 

Sorry I didn’t kiss you
but it’s obvious I wanted to
bubble gum down my throat and it’s a curse
but my luck couldn’t get any worse

I feel like I don’t deserve the love that I receive
I feel like I don’t live up to all that I believe

And I can’t be arsed to carry on in this debate
that reoccurs ,oh when you say I don’t care
well of course I do, yeah I clearly do!

And since I’m young enough, and
since I’m dumb enough, and
since I’m arrogant, since I have not seen enough
I suppose I assume there were some loose guidelines
as to what to do to avoid this sense of certitude

And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you
and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care
and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t kiss you

Your body was warm when
I laid by your side
I said “I’m glad I have found you
and I’m glad we’re alive”

Who would you rather be
The Beatles or The Rolling Stones
oh seriously, you’re gonna make mistakes,
you’re young 

Well I’m about to spend my whole life cutting corners, placing blame
any moment this could catch fire, erasing all the stains
so here’s to starting over, we could be the same
we’ll change it all together, the future’s mine to claim 

I wanna take a bath with you
and wash the chaos from my skin
I wanna fall in love with you
so how do we begin ?

╰☆╮———– ╰☆╮ ———– ╰☆╮ 

Eternal {Byun Baekhyun}

Description: “I can’t promise you forever forever, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that promise.”

Genre: Angst/slight fluff?

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Word Count: 1,509

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Quilt covers stretched up the expanse of your body until they almost covered your chin. Relentless icy wind couldn’t be thwarted by your protective cocoon, however, and you wished that Baekhyun would get home soon to snuggle under the covers with you, ceasing your endless shivers.

The two of you weren’t quite high-school sweethearts, but after a few bad relationships you let yourself realise there were better options right in front of you, if you’d only give them a chance. So you did. Something always bothered you though, and from the moment you started dating you could never shake the feeling. It felt temporary.

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Conner during winter: *uses his ttk to do basically everything, wrapped in a million blankets*

Tim sighed, moving to sit next to the lump on the couch that was more blanket than man. Though man wasn’t exactly what he wanted to call Kon, considering the childish way he was hiding himself away. 

He wished he knew how long his boyfriend had been at this, but he’d been gone for days working on a mission. Tim hated that it was entirely possible that Kon had been like this the entire time, without Tim even having the faintest idea. …Though he wasn’t exactly sure if he was angry with Kon or not, yet.

“Babe,” he started, carefully, trying to have patience with his boyfriend. “You know you have to come out sometime.”

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Take Me Home || Justlex

I’ve literally been using the same two gifs for them, and I wanted to change it up a little bit, it doesn’t really have anything to do with the story though 💕

Pairing: Justin Foley x Alex Standall

Fandom: 13 Reasons Why

Request:  Hey girl! Could you please do a justlex imagine based off the song take me home by Jess Glynne? 💕💕 - (daddyrossbutler)

Warning/s: Angsty, sort of. They (mostly) Justin may be a little OOC. 

Author’s Note: I literally had no idea where this was going. I’ve decided that most of my imagines are going to be sort of AU- meaning that Hannah and Jeff are alive but she still sent the tapes but changed them a bit so there was an extra one saying like “and this is why I didn’t kill myself” and everyone (except Bryce, Courtney and Marcus but they can deep-throat a knife) apologised and, sort of, became friends with Hannah and they’re close and everyone’s happy.

Tags: @daddyrossbutler (hope you like it :D) @allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons,  @they-deserved-better-clique-blog, (just a couple people I thought might like this)

Word Count: 

Gif Credit: @foleyxstandall

Italics are memories

Wrapped up, so consumed by all this hurt
If you ask me, don’t know where to start
Anger, love, confusion 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5. No matter what he did, Alex couldn’t fall asleep. He didn’t know what it was, maybe it was new sheets he had, maybe it was the annoying buzzing sound coming from his tv, or maybe, and most likely, it was the missing body of a certain Justin Foley. 

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"We almost got caught”// Joe Sugg imagine

(Reader POV)

I was sitting in my bed watching Netflix when my phone went off. I looked at my phone to see it was a text from Joe, a.k.a my secret boyfriend. Joe and I have been together for almost a year and we still haven’t told anyone. I met Joe through Caspar, who I have known basically my whole life. We were basically brother and sister, which is why we haven’t told Caspar. I know that Caspar would get all overprotective and try to beat Joe’s ass. I read the message.

Suggy: Baby Caspar is leaving right now you should come over so we can cuddleee

Y/n: Okayy let me get dressed and I’ll be right there.

I stood up and changed into a pair of Joe’s sweats that I stole and a loose T-shirt. I pulled my hair up into a messy ponytail and didn’t bother putting makeup on. I grabbed my phone and car keys before driving to Joe and Caspar’s flat. I parked and walked inside.

Joe was sitting on the couch and I smiled at the sight of him. He looked over at me. “I am amazed more and more by your beauty,” Joe said standing and hugging me. My cheeks turned red. “And oh my god you in my clothes is actually the best thing,” he groaned.  Playfully nudged him. “Hi to you too,” I said. He leaned down and kissed my lips. I, of course, kissed back and then we walked to the couch. I sat right next to him and he held my hand. He pulled me close and I laid my head on his chest.

Joe played with my ponytail. “You are so beautiful love,” Joe said. I blushed for what seemed like the thousandth time. Joe was watching some show and seemed really into it but I was so confused on the events that I stopped paying attention. I looked up at Joe then sat up slightly. I kissed his cheek multiple times before burying my head in the crook of his neck. I kissed his neck lightly over and over, making him smile.

I kissed his cheek getting closer to his mouth every time. “Baby,” he said laughing. “Joe,” I said. “Yes?” “Can we make out?” I asked already knowing his answer. Joe faced me and he pulled my legs over his. He cupped my face and kissed me slowly. I kissed back pulling him closer. Our lips fit perfectly together. I wrapped my legs around his body, not breaking the kiss. His arms wrapped around me tightly as our lips moved in a perfect, consistent movement.

Things quickly got heated. Joe kissed down my neck and kissed my collar bones. I groaned. He left a few hickeys, but I didn’t mind. I lifted his head and kissed him again.  I tugged on the end of Joe’s shirt and he broke the kiss to take it off. I kissed his neck leaving hickeys all the way down it.

He let out a moan and I kissed him again. I cupped his face and with my free hand, I felt his abs. “Do we have time?” I breathed out, breaking the kiss. “I think we do,” Joe said. I smirked before pecking his lips. I left light kisses down his neck and abs getting closer and closer to his v-line.

All of the sudden we heard the door knob starting to turn. “Fuck,” Joe cursed under his breath. He quickly threw his shirt back on. I got off of him and sat next to him. I took my hair out of the ponytail and put it down to cover the hickeys.

Caspar walked through the door and saw me sitting on the couch. “Y/n! Hi!” he said rushing over to me. “Hey, Caspar!” I said hugging him. “Why are you hereee?” “I was bored at home,” I said with a smile shrugging. “Mate you know your shirt is back words and inside out?” Caspar told Joe. He sat down in between us.

“Oh,” Joe laughed. Without thinking, he pulled his shirt off. “Woah broo you got laid?” Caspar said. My eyes widened. “Oh um yeah by some girl when we went clubbing,” he shrugged his cheeks reddening. “Suggys blushing,” Caspar said nudging him. I laughed. “I have to pee, I’ll be back,” Caspar said again. “Okayy,” I said. Casp stood up and walked downstairs. Once he was out of site, I hit Joe’s arm. “Oww what was that for,” he whined. “We almost got caught,” I said. He laughed. “We should tell him,” Joe said. “Joe I don’t know,” I said.

“Tell me what ?” Caspar said walking up the stairs. Joe looked at me. I shook my head slightly at Joe. Caspar sat down looking confused. “Tell me whatt?” Casp whined. “That I’m in love with your best friend,” Joe said. My heart felt like it was doing flips over and over again. Joe was in love with me. I smiled and blushed. Caspar was absolutely speechless and his mouth formed into the shape of an ‘o’.

“Don’t be mad Caspar. I knew that I was in love with her since you first brought her here to meet me. I promise you that I will never hurt her,” Joe said. “I’m not mad. But if you do ever hurt her, upset her, any of that I will beat your ass so hard Sugg that you would never be able to walk, talk, or breathe for that matter,” Caspar said. “Caspar,” I said shocked. “Just kidding,” He laughed. “Maybe.” “Wait so how long have you guys been dating?” Caspar asked. “Almost a year,” I said. “Woah and so those hickeys are… EW!” Caspar screamed putting the pieces together. I blushed and we laughed.


TOOTHACHE (Negan x Reader imagine)

Summary: Y/N has toothache but is scared of the dentist. Negan tries to comfort her"

(English is my third language but I tried my best. Sorry for possibly grammar mistakes:)


Pain, the only thing she felt was pain. The pain was so strong that Y/N was already awake at 06:00. She sat up in bed. She got up and went to the mirror. When she saw herself she got a fright. Her right cheek was thick as if a golf ball were placed in it.
Her fingers wanted to touch the fat cheek, but it hurt terribly and she shrank. Y/N slowly opened her mouth to look what was causing her pain.
Great!!! There was a lower molar on the right side. It had a cavity and a very large cavity. She had the complaints for two weeks.
2 weeks ago the cavity was already small, but now it was huge and it hurt. But she could not imagine going to Dr.Carson because she was very afraid of it. She was also very reluctantly went to the dentist before the apocalypse. She hated all the dentists. They fumbled in her mouth and hurt her. When she was 8 years old, the dentist pullee her tooth eith a small cavity without anesthesia and with much effort. The dentist controls later she always carried out with the constraint of their parents. Y/N was happy when the zombie Apocalyose broke out because there were no more dentists.

In the drawer, she found painkillers and took them directly into her mouth and drank a glass of cold water from the fridge. But it was a mistake. She had a very severe pain on the tooth. She pinched her eyes and with her fist she hit the wall. Just then, someone knocked at the door. It was Negan

“Doll can you please open the door, what are you doing in there. I could not see you for 3 days because you did not go out of your room”

“Negan please go I am not feeling well”

“I’m not going anywhere until I’ve seen you and I know you’re doing good.”

Y/N had no other choice and slowly opened the door. Negan stood with Lucille in her hand right in front of her. His eyes widened as he saw her cheeck.

“Holy crap sweetheart what happened to your face???????!!!!!!!

She looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“I have toothache”, She said in a trembling voice.

She began to cry and hugged Negan. She buried her face in his upper body. He hugged her back.

“Ssshhhh honey calm down, I’m here, I’m with you”

He let go of her and held her chin so that she looked into his eyes. He wiped his tears with his fingers. 

“I don’t like it to seeing tears in this beautiful eyes, come to my room and we can talk about ok?”

She nodded her head. He held her hand tightly and they went into his room. They sat down together with Negan on the huge bed next to each other

“Come on honey show me your cheek”.

He easily touched her fat cheek.

She jerked


Negan immediately took his hand away

“Ou I’m sorry, I’m sorry……How long did you wait like this?”

She didn’t give an answer and looked at the floor. He asked again.

“Since when do you have this pain?”

“Since 2 Weeks”, she said quitely

“Since 2 weeks??????!!!!!” He asked shocked.

“Why didn’t you tell me anything”

“I was ashamed”

“Honey you don’t have to be ashamed”

“I don’t know, I’m like a little child, I have toothache”

He began to laugh

“Honey we can have toothache too that’s normal. Come on show me this tooth”


“Come on just open your mouth doll, daddy wants to see your tooth”

She slowly opened her mouth

“Good girl”.

He touched her chin and looked at her tooth

“Holy crap sweetheart that’s a big cavity, no wonder you’re in so much pain, come on we are going to Carson he can make a filling or something”

He took her hand and wanted to take her, but she did not get up. 

“I’m not going to Carson”

“O come on don’t be childish Y/N he can help you”

“No he’s going to hurt me”

Negan sighed

“Are you scared?,” he asked

“No no I’m not I-I-I I’m just careful”

That was a big lie but Negan knew the truth she was scared. He sat down beside her again. 

“Tell me why are you scared?”

She took a deep breath and began to speak

“When I was 8 years old a dentist puled my tooth without novocaine”

Negan became angry

“Do you know what sweetheart if I would find this damn dentist, I would kill him right now. When Carson will hurt you I will hurt him too”, he said angrily

“Look I will be there the whole time when Carson works on your tooth”

“Can you hold my hand?”

“Of course I can honey you know that. I love you. And I can tell you a story, 3 years ago I had to pull two teeth of Simons mouth out because he was in so much pain and look at him now he is the happiest man in the sanctuary” he was smiling but Y/N was more scared right now

“I do not know if this experience will make me lighter or more afraid…you know what I have an idea, we don’t have to go to Carson you can do it!”

“Do what?”

“You can pull my tooth”

“Honey I think the pain makes you a little bit funny. I will not pull your tooth, come on”

When they went out the door Negan stopped and turned to Y/N.
“Do you know what?”


“You’re so cute with this cheak, you’re looking like a hamster”, he began to laugh

She rolled her eyes and hitted him a little on his arm.

“Negan you’re so mean………Do you thing he is going to pull my tooth?”

“Of course not honey so come on”

Carsons room:

Y / N sat on the treatment chair and shivered. Negan brushed her hair slightly 

“Don’t worry honey I’m with you”

“You can open your mouth Y/N”

She looked at him and didn’t open her mouth

“Come on Y/N be a brave girl”

She felt safe because Negan was there and she slowly opened her mouth. Negan held her hand. Carson examined with a mirror and another instrument.
When he came at the cavity tooth, she pinched her eyes and said "Ouch”

He stroked her forehead slightly 

“I'ts okay honey it’s almost over”

“I’m sorry Y/N but the cavity is too deep, I have to extract the tooth”

She opened her eyes and got panicked.

“No you can’t do this come on Negan we are going”

She held Negan’s hand and wanted to get up. But Negan did not move 

“Doll we are not going anywhere.
He’s going to pull this tooth now because I want my old Y/N back,
come on if you don’t do this for yourself do this for me please”

“You told me that he does not pull my tooth but he would make a filling" 

“Well I lied to you”, he smiled

She looked at him angry

“I hate you”

“You will love me after all this is over”

She waited

“Ok I will do this for you”

“Thank you honey”, he smiled at her

Carson took the injection and Y/N became scared

“No you don’t have to, I don’t want a needle” , she said and was holding Carsons hand.

“Honey that would hurt if he would not do that" 

“Ok just do it”, She sighed and opened her mouth.

Carson did the injection . She closed her eyes and didn’t breath.

“Breath through your nose Y/N”

Negan said calmly. She breathed through her nose.

“Good girl you are so brave”

Then Carson took the other medical instrument. It was a dental plier.

“If I won’t make it you have to know I love you Negan”

“Honey come on don’t be ridiculous”

“You will feel a lot of pressure and hear some crack but nothing else, that’s normal ok?”

She nodded her head
Carson began to pull the tooth. Y/N closed her eyes and a tear fell down. It does'nt hurt her but she was scared. Negan wiped her tears away.

Negan went to her down

“You’re doing so good sweetheart”

She was holding Negans hand so tightly that he thought it would be broken.
She had just a very little pain and she felt the pressure but she could handle it because Negan was by her side.
After 4 minutes the tooth was out and Carson put something
inside of her mouth

“You have to bite down”

“You see honey it was not that bad” he said

“Yeah I had so much fun” she said sarcastically and rolled her eyes

“Holy crap look at this hige tooth and this big cavity what made you the pain. You wanna take it with you?”

“Are you kidding me I don’t wanna see this thing again”

They went back to the room. Negan always had to support Y/N because she felt very dizzy. She dropped onto the bed and closed her eyes.

“Thank you Negan I love you”, she said slowly

“You’re welcome honey I love you too”

He realized that she was deeply asleep

“I would leave all of my wives for your beauty”, he said and kissed her forehead.

88. "After everything I’d still choose you.“ HAPPY

Happy was going away for 14 months. Not much could be done about it. It’s just how the club was.

I was sad and upset that I’d have to see him in an orange jump suit, but it was better that having to bury him.

There were times where he’d try to push me away, but he knew that he’d never rid himself of me.

I was the glue that helped him stay together.
We laid in bed, catching our breaths. Sweat covered our over heated bodies, the cold air of the AC attempting to cool us off.

Happy rolled back on top of me, ready for round 3.

"Gonna get my fill of you woman. Need this to last me.” He said, kissing down my neck.

I groan as I felt him slide back into me. He was slow and gentle this go around, grinding his hips against my overly sensitive mound.

Leaning up on his knees, he pulled me with him, never leaving my slick heat.

With his help, he moved my hips as I sat in his lap. Hap fused his lips to mine, nibbling, sucking and biting at them.

Our lips were bound to be chapped they way we hardly disconnected them.

Whispering agaisnt my mouth, I felt every word he said, “Baby girl,” moan, “you feel,” a deep moan as I rolled my hips the way he liked, “so fuckin’ good.”

If it was possible, we were moving even slower. I could feel every single inch of him.

We were making love and it was the best feeling.

The build up of our orgasams was well worth the release. It seemed to go on and on.

Happy shouting my name in a deep groan triggered my release. I cried into his neck as he slowly pumped into me, prolonging the oh so great feeling.

Any pent up aggression and stress just melted away.

Our bodies shook as I sat still in his lap. Happy hadn’t soften, his member still rock hard and buried deep within me.

He kissed me again, moving the stray strands of hair from my sweaty face.

“You can leave now and I won’t hold it against you.” He said, giving me an out.

I shook my head, “No Hap.”

Running his hand from ass to the back of my neck, he sighed, “Just givin’ you the option.”

“After everything I’d still choose you.” I told him as he laid me back down and hovered over me.

He rolled his hips, making me hiss.

“The thought of someone else…” His voice tapered off, leaving the words unspoken.

“Doesn’t matter who comes in our lives,” I moaned again as he managed to hit that spot.

4 times in an hour and a half was a record for us.

I grabbed his ass, giving him a heafty squeeze, “you’re it for me.” I whined as I felt another release coming on.

Happy grunted, “Music to my ears, baby girl.”

Sam’s Baby - Sammy Wilk Imagine

Request:  Hi so I asked you this before and I dunno if you ever got it or not, but can I have a Sammy imagine where he comes home from tour and meets your child together for the first time?

A/N: I changed it a bit, I hope you don’t mind

‘But he’s coming home first and then going to the hospital, right?’ My sister Nicole asked. 

‘Umm..no. He’s going to the hospital straight from the airport.’ I said pulling my sleeves down and crossing my arms. 

‘Seriously? And what about you? He hasn’t seen you in six months.’ She said. ‘I thought he said that he can’t wait to see you.’ 

‘Nicole, she’s giving birth to his child. Of course that his priority is to see his kid as soon as possible.’  

‘But still..’ 

Nicole and I were talking about Sammy, who is soon becoming a dad, and his ex Stephanie, who is the mother of Sam’s child, and about me, his girlfriend. Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up, but here’s the story.. 

Sammy and I have been best friends ever since we were little kids. All of my best memories from my childhood happened with Sam. We’ve always been so close and cared and loved each other to death and that will forever stay like that. It’s impossible to break that bond between us. You could never see Sam without me or me without Sam. When we started the high school, a lot of them thought that we were together because of our acting when we’re around each other. Even our parents asked us if we were together which we found ridicuolus. We could never see ourselves being together, being in a relationship. But that’s what we thought then. When we graduated high school, I decided to go to college. Sam didn’t want to go to college, but he also didn’t want to let me go, he didn’t want for us to separate cause we both knew that distance would have ruined everything. Since he didn’t want to attend college, but also didn’t want to be away from me, he decided to move with me all the way from Omaha to Los Angeles. At first, it sounded crazy and it seemed impossible, but since his parents are pretty wealthy, Sam begged them to buy a small apartment in L.A. for the two of us. They were against it at first because they didn’t want Sam to leave, they didn’t want him to move to a whole another state so Sam told them if they don’t let him that he’ll run away there anyway and no one will be able to stop him nor get him back to Omaha without me. It didn’t take a long time for them to say ‘yes’ to Sam and let him move with me so our parents shared costs and bought us an apartment. We were the happiest people on earth when we moved to L.A. It was like dream come true - two best friends living together all by themselves far away from home. Everything was perfect.
One night, it was a friday night, we were going out in a club with a few of my new girl friends that I met on college and I still hang out with them actually. We were having so much fun and that was the night when Sam met a girl that he fell in love with. He met Stephanie. The girls that I hang out with told me that she was no good, but if I told that to Sam he would have thought that I was jealous which I really was. Soon they started dating and he was spending more and more time with her and I was getting more and more jealous. It was then when I realized that I love him, but not in just a friendly way, it was much more than that. Suddenly, I started wishing that I was Stephanie; I wanted to have his arms wrapped around me, I wanted him to kiss me, to tell me how much he loves, to hold hands with me and all those things. I thought that I was going crazy, but all I did was fall in love with my best friend and honestly that terrified me. 
Then, a few months later, we were going out again and all of us got quite drunk, but Sam..oh, God, Sam was hammered as well as Stephanie. They disappeared from the party and two weeks later, Stephanie called Sammy crying telling him that she’s pregnant. I think that I was even more shocked than he was. It’s like my world fell apart because the moment he told me that she’s pregnant, I saw them getting married and living together and that broke me. 
But then, just a week later, Sam found out that Stephanie cheated on him, more than just once or twice, right at the beginning of their relationship which lasted 5 months. Sam was heartbroken. Even though she was pregnant with his child, he couldn’t stay with her. He hurt him so bad and he just couldn’t forgive her, but he promised that he’ll take care and that he will always be there for their baby. 
After about 4 months, it was an ordinary Saturday night and Sam and I were watching a movie together. I have and always will hate horror movies, but that night Sam managed to convice me to watch one with him.

‘Oh my God..’ I said hiding my face in Sammy’s chest. ‘I don’t like this, Sam..’ 

‘Babe, that’s not real.’ He chuckled rubbing my back with his one hand and his other holding on my legs which were in his lap. I just sighed and continued watching, but then some creepy thing jumped out on the screen and I screamed so loudly and Sam started to laugh at me. 

‘You know what? Fuck you, I’m done with this shit.’ I said. I was so annoyed with him so I just got up from the couch and headed into my room.

‘Y/n, wait!’ He said following me. ‘I’m sorry for laughing at you.’ He said, but I just ignored him. ‘C’mon, baby girl.’ He said turning me to him by my elbow making me bump into his chest.  

‘Let me-!‘ 

 'Y/n, that’s not real, okay?’ He said taking my face between his hands. 

‘Stop making fun of me. You’re not funny.’ 

'I’m sorry, okay? I promise I won’t do it anymore. Okay?’ He said leaning his forehead against mine. 'Do you forgive me?’ He asked quietly. I looked up in his eyes glancing at his lips. He slowly closed the space between our faces and gently kissed me. He started walking making me walk backwards all the way until my feet bumped into the bed. He gently pushed me on the bed and then laid on me. 


‘I’ll stop if you don’t want-’ He said through the kiss. 

‘No, no please don’t stop..’ 

And basically that’s how we ended up together. The next day we confessed our feelings to each other even though he never ‘officially’ asked me to be his girlfriend, but I don’t mind because I know that he loves me and that’s the only thing that’s important to me. 

It was around 11 p.m. when the doorbell rang. I quickened my pace toward the door knowing that that was probably Sam. 

‘Sam, oh my God..’ I tightly wrapped my arms around his neck and he around my body burying his head in the crook of my neck. 

‘Hey, baby’ He said lifting me up a few inches from the floor and then putting me back down. ‘I missed you so much’ He said cupping my face and kissing my lips. 

‘I missed you too’ I smiled. ‘So..did you go to the hospital? Did you see the baby?’ I asked. 

‘Yeah, I did. I came just a few minutes after she gave birth actually.’ He said smiling and looking at the floor. 

‘Sam? Is everything okay?’ I asked noticing that he wasn’t in the best mood. 

‘Yeah, yeah it is.’ He said. ‘I held him in my arms and he’s so tiny and so cute and oh my God, I can’t believe that that’s my baby. It sucks that I won’t be able to hold him every single day and be with him and just watch him grow up.’ He said and it seemed like he wanted to get back together with Stephanie and it scared the shit out of me. 

'Do you want to..to be with them? I mean like do you want to live the family life with he-them?’ I asked looking at the floor with my arms crossed on my chest.

'I do want to be with the baby, but I don’t want to be with her. I don’t want anything with her, y/n. You’re the only woman in my life and you’ll always be, I promise you that.’ He said holding my chin up with his forefinger and I quickly wrapped my arms around him and he kissed my head. 

'I love you.' 

'I love you.’

2 months later 

Today Sam was bringing Noah to our home and I was so excited to see him. I’ve seen him maybe just 2 or 3 time since he was born so I’m happy that he’s coming today. 

I heard the front door shut and I knew that that was Sammy with Noah so I left whatever I was doing and quickly went to them.

‘Look’s who is here!’ Sammy said smiling and putting Noah on the floor who was in his infant car seat. 

‘Hey, baby’ I kissed him and then turned my attention to Noah ‘Hey, little guy. I missed you.’ I said smiling and kneeling down. 

‘Take him out of the car seat’ Sammy said. I took him in my arms and then the three of us went into the living room. 

‘He definitely wins the award for being the cutest baby ever’ I said. 

‘Yeah’ Sa chuckled. ‘He got it from his dad.’ Sam joked making me giggle. ‘You look good with kids’ 

‘Oh, do I?’ 

‘Yeah’ He said holding his hands on his hips and biting his lip.

My phone, which was in our bedroom, started ringing so I put Noah in Sammy’s arms and went to answer the phone. 

After having a short talk with my mom over the phone I headed back into the living room. Sam was holding Noah in his arms while walking slowly around the room and quietly talking something to him. I stood at the entrance of the living room and just watched them for a few minutes. Sammy’s smile when he is with Noah is priceless. I could see in his eyes, which literally shine when he holds him, how much he loves him. He already is and will be the best father to him. 
All that made me want even more to have kids with him, to have a family with him that I always wanted to have.

I took my phone and opened camera taking a few pictures of the two of them.

‘Are you taking pictures of us?’ Sam chuckled. 

‘Yeah’ I smiled. 

‘Hold on.’ He said. ‘Now’

‘This one is great’ I said as I sat down on the couch looking at the picture. Noah was asleep so Sammy put him on the other side of the couch and covered him with a blanket and then sat next to me. 

‘Let me see’ He said taking my phone in his hands. ‘He’s such a blessing.’ 

‘You make adorable kids.’  

‘I know, right?’ He chuckled. ‘Imagine just what our kids will look like. Cuteness overload.’ 

Our kids.

Our kids?’ I asked smiling. ‘Y-you want kids with me?’ 

‘Of course, babe’ He said making me sit on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips against his lips.

‘I can’t explain you how happy I am to hear this’ 

‘How could I not want to have a family with the woman I love the most in the world, with the woman who I have been in love with my entire life? Baby girl, I want everything with you. I love you and I don’t want you to ever doubt that.’ 

‘I never have and never will doubt your love because I know that you do, I can feel it and see it.’ I said. ‘I love you too, inexplicably much.’

guess whos writing a trans boy hinata + kagehina fic B)

here’s a blip of what ive written so far. any feedback would be lovely!

tw: dysphoria, ment of periods and kind of sexualizing kids bodies (by other kids, not adults)

He started feeling worse when his dad called him “young lady” or when his mother made fleeting comments about his body, about his femininity, comments that he would later try to wash off as he scrubbed his body clean, scrubbed away the bad feeling. The Wrong stuck like gum in his hair, like the taste in his mouth after taking medicine. He wasn’t alone without the Wrong, and soon it became unbearable. 

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Peter Hale- It’s just us

Originally posted by painfulblisss

A/N: I kind of changed the plot. Peter wakes up after a few months not 6 years. This idea sounded better in my head.

Your name: submit What is this?

“They are going to kill us, Y/N.” Peter said as he slowly played with a strand of my hair. My head was on his naked chest and I had one arm around his waist.

“Stop being so dramatic. We are fine.” I said.

“Don’t be blind like Talia. The hunters will never live in peace with us. It’s just a matter of time until they will try to exterminate us.” He snarled.

I sighed, knowing that I will never change his mind. “If you say so.” I kissed a patch of his skin. “Sleep, Peter. It’s late.”

“Seriously… My sister makes us weak. She doesn’t let me do anything.” He added, completely ignoring what I have said.

“I love you, Peter, but if you don’t stop talking I will send you in the living room to sleep on the couch.” I said.

He laughed. “But then I won’t be able to keep you close to me and to make you feel loved.”

“Yes…but I would be able to sleep.” I said and closed my eyes.

“One last thing. There is a family reunion tomorrow. Do you want to come? We could tell them that we got married in secret ” He smiled and caught the hand where I was wearing my wedding ring to interwine our fingers.

“I would love to.” I said half asleep.

“I can’t wait to see Talia’s face.” Peter chuckled.


“What if they don’t like me?” I said when we were in front of his house.

“They will. And remember that you married me, not them.” He said and place a kiss on my forehead.

“Uncle Peter is outside with a girl!” We heard a girl’s voice from inside.

“I say we should get in.” He chuckled and grabed my hand.

“Hey, everyone.” Peter said as we got into a room full of people.

“Hello. I see you brough a guest. I’m Talia.” A woman smiled and extended her hand to me. When I wanted to present my self, Peter cut me off.

“She is Y/N, my wife” He smirked.

Suddenly her expression changed. “Your what?” She furrowed her brows.

“My wife, sister. We got married two weeks ago.” He said and raised my hand to show her my ring.

“And don’t you think you should have present her to us or something?” She asked.

“No. I love her, she loves me. We are together for a few years, I thought it’s time.” He shrugged off.

Talia turned to me and said. “Don’t get me wrong, Y/N. I have nothing against you. You seem nice, it’s just… How could you do something so reckless, Peter. I can smell her. She is not like us.“she said to her brother, If I didn’t know about what she was talking, maybe I would have been offended.

“She knows about the werewolves, Talia. I don’t understand why can’t I be happy?” Peter yelled.

“Peter, I will go.” I said touching his arm.

“You are not going anywhere. You are my wife and you have the right to be here. Now, sister. Are you mad because I find girl who is willing to spend her life with me? Isn’t your perfect marriage working and you can’t stand to see that mine is?” He said.

“You are married to her for how long? Two days? Don’t you dare telling me about love and marriage.You put us in danger by telling her about supernatural. I am the Alpha, Peter. You should have consulted me first.” She snapped.

“You would have told me to break up. You know what’s funny? You say that I put you in danger but your son is dating a huntress.” He said and gestured towards his nephew.

Talia turned to look at Derek. “We will talk about this later. Now go to school. Don’t you have basketball training?” She said to her son. “Right now I want to talk to you. You don’t lover her, Peter. You did that just to show me you can’t be controled. Its a way to get back at me because I am the leader and you are not.” She said.

“You put us in danger by ignoring the hunters.” Peter yelled. I squeezed his hand trying to calm him down but it did’t work.

“Enough. If you want to be part of this pack or family you will have to obey me and stop taking stupid decisions.” Talia said.

“Putting a ring on her finger was the best decision. Maybe I don’t want to be part of your stupid pack.” He snapped.

I looked past my sister-in-law and saw that everyone was looking at us. I started to feel that I am bothering so I kissed Peter and told him that I will wait home for him. He tried to stop me but I was already leaving. I needed some fresh air so I decided to walk back home. Luckily it wasn’t really far and I made it before the night came. Peter warned me how dangerous is a night in Beacon Hills. I took a warm shower to clear my mind a bit. I knew that marrying was a rush decision. We haven’t told anyone. He proposed me and one week later we were married. But still…we were together for a few years so it wasn’t like we didn’t know each other. He told me about his family but I have never met them. Maybe I should have said no… I quickly shook my head to get rid of thise thoughts. I love Peter and we are happy. That’s all that mattered. I spent some time reading and then looked over some papers from my work. I glanced at the clock and ot was almost midnight. I grabbed the hone and called my husband. He didn’t answered. ‘Maybe he is standing there over night’ I thought. But he would have called me. I dialed the number three times more but no answer. I started to panick because he always answered to me. I heard the phone ringing but I didn’t recognised the number.

“Hello.” I said.

“Mrs Hale?”

“Yes, that’s me.” I answered.

“We are from Beacon Hills police department. There has been a fire and your husband is sent to the hospital.“

I hang up and searched for my car keys. I think I broke at least five driving rules because I reached the hospital in ten minutes. Every doctor I saw was busy so I just searched desperately through the rooms when I finally found him. A nurse was writing something on a paper when I entered. She told me that I am not allowed to do that.

“He’s my husband. Leave me alone.” I said on the verge of crying.

I couldn’t believe that there, right in front of me, lying in a hospital bed with his body covered in burns, was the man I loved. I sat on a chair near the bed and grabbed his hand, slowly calling his name.

“Why isn’t he answering?” I asked.

“He is in a coma. All the doctors are surprised he survived. Everyone who was in the house died.” The nurse said.

I closed my eyes remembering what Peter told me the other night. How he knew that the hunters will do something to get rid of them.

“Do you know what is the cause of the fire?” I asked.

“You should talk to a police officer. They could give you more details.” She said and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m sorry for what happened to you.” She added and left the room.

The next day I talked to a policeman who told me that it was something with the electrical system and only two kids survived, Derek and Laura, and they were going to leave.

“Don’t worry, Peter. I won’t leave. I will stay here until you get better. And you will.” I said and placed a kiss on the skin that wasn’t bandaged.

A few more weeks passed but he didn’t give any sign of healing. I was anxious that he will never wake up from that state. I also wasn’t feeling well. I presumed that everything came from the fact that I was tired but missing my period for two months in a row made me buying a pregnancy test. It was positive. I have never imagined that it will happen like this. I always thought that Peter will be with me during the pregnancy. The whole day I just stood on my bed, praying that he would wake up soon. In the after noon, I went to the hospital.

“Hey,honey. I have some news.” I said and stroked his cheek. “We were always honest to each other so I am going to say straight what happened. I am pregnant. I don’t know if you can hear me, but I have to tell you. We ate going to have a baby.” I said and a few tears in my eyes.

I caught his hand and put it on my belly. “It’s here, growing. Please, Peter, you have to wake up. I don’t want our baby to grow up without a dad.” I cried. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. You were right all the time. We should have forced Talia to do something but  instead I said nothing. I will never forgive myself if you die.” I said and buried my face in the mattress next to his body. “I love you.” I mumbled. I stood like that for minutes when I felt a hand stroking my hair.

“Y/N” I heard Peter’s soft voice. I raised my head in disbelief and kissed the hand that rested on my cheek.

“Nurse!” I shouted before I cupped his face and looked into his eyes. I leaned down and kissed him.

“I can’t believe you are awake.” I said and some tears fell from my eyes. He wipped some of them off.

“Of course I returned. We vowed that we will be together forever and that nothing will do us apart. I keep my promises. Especially to you.” He whispered with a hoarse voice.

“Shh, honey. Don’t force yourself to speak.” I said and rested my head in the crook of his neck.

“That’s a miracle.” The nurse said when she saw us.

“I couldn’t leave my family alone, could I” Peter tried to smirk but the bandage stopped him. “Can you please take these from me.” He asked me.

“Your face still needs to recover. You are burned, Peter.” I said.

“It will heal, Y/N. You know that better than anyone.” He said slightly annoyed.

“Fine. Can you, please.” I said to the nurse.

“This is really weird. You didn’t gave any sign of recovery.” She said.

“Well, when your wife tells you she is pregnant you kind of want to be here for her.” He said and grabbed my hand.

“You heard?” I smiled.

“Of course, I heard. And I am happy to have a small family with you.” He said and pulled me down to kiss him.

“Speaking of him. What happened to my beloved relatives?” He asked. I bowed my head and the nurse left us alone.

“You were right all the time. Everyone thinks there was a problem with the electric system but it’s clear that it was the Argent’s plan. They are dead, Peter. It’s just us, now" I said.

“What?” He whispered.

“Derek and Laura are alive but they left the town.” I added.

“I can’t believe they are gone. My sister is dead.” He said, slowly realising what happened. I watched as his expression changed. His chin started to tremble and his eyes slowly welled up with tears. He ran his hands through his hair and then moved them around, desperately to hold onto something.

I got in the bed and took him into my arms. He clinged onto me and began to cry. He buried his face in my neck and let out a loud scream. I placed a kiss on his hair. I think I had never seen Peter more vulnerable or desperate than in that moment.

Preference #3 - A Rainy, Lazy Day - Requested




You were so glad they finally had a break. All the boys were supposed to be doing was writing and relaxing and your favorite thing to do was relaxing with your boyfriend, Ashton. Was it so bad that he was the best person to use as a pillow and cuddle? You woke up before him and slid away from the warm sheets. One glance at his face, mouth parted and eyes closed, told you he was still catching up on sleep. Last night you’d fallen asleep talking. You pulled his old sweatshirt over your shirt and leggings padding down to the kitchen. You put on a pot of coffee and made toast. After a little while, you heard Ashton’s morning yawns as he neared the kitchen.

“’Morning,” He said rubbing his eyes. Without saying anything, you pushed him a mug of coffee. He took it with a groggy smile taking a gulp before taking toast and spreading out vegemite. You glanced out the window… At least you didn’t have plans today, something you were thankful for looking out at the rain hitting the windows.

“I think I’m gonna stay in today…” You say just verbalizing a thought.

“Weather’s supposed to be shit. They canceled the writing session out in some nowhere place since one of the roads there got flooded. Michael didn’t want to get up anyway according to Luke.” Ashton said checking his phone.

“So… Lazy day?” You said looking at him.

“I’ll set up the living room, you get the movies?” He said smiling. You nodded. Once you were both done with breakfast, he started a new pot, this time hot chocolate and you went around your place looking for the movies you both liked. Some were romantic, some were suspenseful, some were Disney. When you got into the living room, he’d made a kind of nest on your couch spilling onto the floor. Ashton jumped into the center holding his arm out to you. You set down your mugs and slid into his lap. He pulled a blanket across you as the first movie started. His fingers drummed softly against your arm something you never minded. It always made you know he was there.

“I love you…” You sighed situating yourself against him.

“Hmm… Love you, too. So explain to me, how come Disney movies are always perfect?”

“Because they are amazing and Disney was a master, plus you’re still five at heart.”

“Comes with spending a lot of time with your younger siblings. I can be mature.”

“I know honey…”

“I don’t get it though… How come I actually have fun doing nothing with you?”

“And to think you laughed at Michael when he said that in an interview…”

“Still, why is doing nothing with you so fun?”

“Because doing nothing with me probably involves kisses.”

“And you’re my girlfriend, better than everyone else.”

“Say that again…”

“Hmm, you’re better than everyone else…” He whispers leaning in to your neck briefly running his lips along your neck.

“I love you…” You sigh leaning back.

“Say that again.” He teases.

“I love you, Ashton Irwin.” You repeat earning a kiss.

“I love you, too, Y/N.”

Even hours later, you were still tangled up on the couch. You’d made lunch, had ice cream, baked cookies, made out, probably fell asleep more than once, but you were lost in enjoy the simplicity of being together. Somehow, you’d talked about your hopes and dreams, how you planned on graduating and moving somewhere new. How he was just trying to keep things going with their band. It was nice to talk about things. You talked about families and another plans for your futures, together. It was nice, having the day with him.


“Cal, I’ve got to get up…” You whispered nudging your boyfriend as he was still asleep. He groaned and pulled you tighter and deeper into the bed you’d been trying to get up from. “Calum Hood, I need to get up!” You said in a louder voice. He didn’t move, just groaned again. You scooted closer to him, leaning in to press your lips to his. His eyes finally opened, just barely. “And that wakes you up?” You say as he holds you closer against him, smiling. He clearly knew just how he had been acting.

“Of course… I wouldn’t miss out on kissing you… Over… And over…” As if to prove his point, he kissed you again with every word. By the end of the sentence, you weren’t annoyed.

“Then good morning…” You say smiling.

“I wouldn’t say it’s good, the weather is crap.” He said his eyes flicking to the window behind you. Even though it was late in the morning, outside the world was covered with dark grey clouds and rain was falling against the windows.

“Hmm… Do you have plans today?” You asked him.

“No, you?” He asked pulling you closer still.

“Not really. But I still need to get up…” You said trying to wiggle free.

“Hmm… come back…” He sighed loosening his hold on you. Just as your feet hit the floor, you felt his hand on your arm pulling you back. “I changed my mind. You’re not leaving this bed.” He said peppering you with more kisses.

“Cal…” You say slowly.

“Hmm?” He mumbles.

“What if I have to pee? And shower?”
“I suppose you can pee, but if you’re showering, I’m joining.”

“Oh really?”

“Yup.” He said his hand sliding up your shirt across your bare skin. Warmth and shivers spread across your body.

“Ok, but I do actually have to pee.” You said pushing his chest.

“Ugh, you always reject me. I wanna cuddle.” He pouts as you roll eyes rolling out of the bed. He lightly spanks your butt as you begin walking home.

“I’m sorry! I have a tiny bladder!” You call padding down the hall.

“You’re just tiny!” He yells back. You sigh at your weird boyfriend.

“Since I’m so tiny, I shouldn’t fit with you.” You say as you get back into your bed.

“Oh no, since you’re tiny, we fit better.” He said pulling you into his chest.

“I love you, Cal…” You say as he holds you closer.

“I love you, too. But seriously, no leaving this bed.”

“What about food? Clothes? Blankets? Water? Drinks? The remote? A movie? My laptop?” You propose making him laugh.

“You are so difficult.” He said laughing.

“And you get to deal with everything I make difficult. How do you do it?”

“Out of love.”

“Here I thought you did for sex.”


“I’m kidding, even if it is good sex.”

“Hell yeah.” He said grinding and thrusting in the bed as if dancing. You laughed curling against his body.

“But what are we supposed to do all day?”

“We can talk about everything.”

“Do we have enough time?”

“We have all the time in the world.”

“Until band things call.”

“Baby, the phone is in the kitchen.”

“So I have you all to myself?”


“I love you.”

“I know.”

“So aren’t you gonna kiss me again or something?” You tease. And he does just that, over and over and over…


You slid back into the bed with your boyfriend Michael, sipping from the bottle of Sprite you’d gotten and handing him a red bull. He was on his DS buried in the sheets. He’d barely moved the whole day but you didn’t mind. You both honestly enjoyed doing nothing together. Just as you set the sprite down the table you heard his DS close in the quiet room.  You glance over and feel his arms wrapping around your body pulling you to him kissing your shoulder softly.

“Can we cuddle now?” You ask since he’d rejected it earlier to win a Pokemon battle.

“Hmm… I didn’t mean to reject you earlier… I just…” He said softly in the dimly lit room.

“Video game battles are important.” You say resting closer to him.

“I’m sorry.” He sighs he mouth against the skin of your shoulder. You shrug lightly. His fingers glide over your skin under your shirt just enough to tickle and make you giggle. The second the sound escapes your mouth, you know you’re in for it. His fingers move with a purpose and you become a laughing flailing mess just attempting to get far enough away to ease the feeling.

“Damn it! Stop! Michael!” You cry kicking your legs. He stops the second he pins your body to his kissing your cheek.

“I am the tickle king.” He says triumphantly.

“You are ridiculous.” You laugh.

“Come on, kiss-kiss.” He said puckering up. You peck him before giggling.

“There, a kiss.”

“That is not enough!” He pouts.

“You want more? You’re gonna have to get it yourself.” You say laughing. He leans in and kisses you gently. It’s a while before either of you pull away. You lay beside each other, cuddled up.

“Hmm, it really sucks having to cuddle the guys on tour…” He mumbles resting his cheek against your head.

“Hahaha, I love seeing the pictures though.” You laugh. He just pouts.

“But cuddling you is better.” He sighs. “You’re willing, you have boobs…” He says poking your cheek.

“Aww… you miss me.” You tease.

“’Course I do… I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

“You are my favorite cuddle buddy and I am the only one who can cuddle you.”

“The only one? I think we should practice then… If I’ll be cuddling you for the rest of my life.” You giggling.

“That sounds like a very good plan.” He said kissing your jaw.

“I like being with you…” You whisper as you lay side by side.

“I love being with you…” He said.


“Don’t say you’re worried about when I go on tour, just don’t…”


“Because I can’t even think about much being away from will and has sucked while on tour.”


“I’ll be home before you know it, I always am.” He says. And you talk until sleep carries you to the land of dreams.


“Alright baby, here’s the tea. I called my mum for her secret ingredient and everything. She gave it the Hemmings guarantee to cure a cold.” Luke said handing you a fresh mug. You weren’t completely sick, just crappy, with a slight fever, sore throat, runny and stuffed up nose and general sick feelings. You just weren’t completely sick, you were mostly sick. And you must have explained that to Luke a thousand times, even if he kept playing nurse.

“What’s the secret ingredient?” You ask through your congestion.

“It’s a Hemmings secret ingredient, you have to become a Hemmings first.” He laughed getting back into the bed with you. He’d barely let you get up all day. First it was to pee, then to shower followed by him attempting to dry your hair with a towel before you made him stop trying, otherwise he’d done everything, insisting that you didn’t move. He’d brought you your laptop, a stack of movies he knew you liked, two boxes of tissues, cough drops, soup, tea, grilled cheese, blankets, pillows, books, magazines. You had a whole stock pile on and off your bed.

“Are you proposing?” You sniff.

“You will know when I am proposing, sweetheart.” He said. He moves to hold you against his chest but you elbow him away.

“Luke, you have your tour in two weeks. I don’t want you getting sick. In fact, you can’t get sick.”

“For god’s sake, you’re sick, your family is across an ocean and you don’t have roommates. I’m the only one who can even possibly take care of you. So shut up about me getting sick.” He said for probably the thousandth time.

“You live your dream on a stage, singing. Do not get sick!” You say again, talking loud enough that it made you cough. Luke rubbed your back taking the opportunity to pull you closer.

“Are you ok?” He asks after a while.

“I’m tired, but I’m fine.” You mumble accepting him comforting you. You snuggle closer to him.

“You can go ahead and sleep…” He said brushing aside your hair.

“No, no, I only get time with you like grand total a month… I already ruining it by being sick, I can’t ruin it by being asleep as well…” You said defiantly.

“Baby… If you’re sick and tired, you sleep. I’m right here if you need something. Just rest. I’ll put on another Harry Potter movie for you.” He said sliding out of the bed and going to the TV and putting in a new DVD. You sip more of the sweet and warm drink.

“Tell Liz I love her tea.” You say and he nods laughing.

“Today wasn’t so bad you know.” He said getting back into the bed. He lifted up your shoulders before setting you back laying on his chest.

“I know, I looked so glamorous the whole day.” You reply with a snort.

“But it was nice like taking care of you… Hell, you’ve managed to take care of the four of us on tour for a while…” He said running his fingers up and down your arm.

“Hmm… Don’t spoil me…”

“But I want to.” He says hooking his fingers around your chin. You feel his lips pushing into yours softly.

“Luke… You’re gonna get sick…” You say as he pulls away.

“Then you better be ready to take care of me as long as I ask you to.” He said with a smile.

“Thanks for today…” You sigh handing him the empty mug. As he sets it on the table, you wrap your arms around his torso.

“Anytime sweetheart.” He says kissing the top of your head. You almost prefer the empty days with Luke, since while you’re not out in the world, you know he’s only yours.

I Do - One Shot

Requested? Yes: simon x reader imagine where its their wedding day and the sidemen are helping simon get ready and he’s really nervous until he’s sees you - Anonymous

Word Count: 936

Requests: I have 3 pending, but send some anyway :)

Warnings: romantic-emotional (not bad-emotional)

Simon’s Point of View

I woke up with a weird, tingling sensation in my stomach. I had slept over at the Sidemen House again for the first time in a long time.

I had moved in with my girlfriend, now my fiancée Y-N, two years ago so that we could somewhat start a life of our own. And a couple of months ago, I took a deep breath and proposed to her whilst we were on holiday in the south of France together. My heart melted when she said yes.

And today was the day.

Y-N had called dibs on our apartment so that she could get ready with her bridesmaids and her parents, whilst the boys helped me get ready here in the Sidemen House.

‘Yo, today’s the big day, man.’ JJ walked into my room, loudly clapping his hands together. I breathed in deeply and buried my face further into my pillow.

‘I can’t believe it,’ I mumbled tiredly.

'Come on, let’s get ready! We only have a couple of hours!’ He said, jumping around, trying to get me out of bed.

'Fine,’ I mumbled and ripped the sheets from my body.

I made my way down the stairs slowly, only to be greeted by Vikk and Josh already sat by the island, four plates of scrambled eggs and bacon laid out nicely.

'Wow, who made breakfast?’ I asked, impressed.

'I did,’ Vikk said with a mouthful, raising his fork in the air.

'Well, thanks.’ I smiled and sat down, looking at the mouth-watering food.


After breakfast, we all disappeared into our rooms to get changed and ready. My hands were shaking as I pulled my black suit out of the wardrobe.


'Simon, are you ready? We’ve got to leave soon!’ I heard Josh say from downstairs.

'Yeah, just give me a couple more seconds!’ I said as I fixed my hair for the third time. Then Josh walked into my room, completely ready in his navy blue suit. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. All my best friends were dressing up for my wedding.

I was stood in front of the mirror, quickly fixing my tie again.

'Yo, you can’t forget this,’ Josh said from my desk, picking up a little white flower clip, He walked over and clipped it to the pocket on my chest.

'Thanks,’ I said, wiping my sweaty palms on my trousers.

'You nervous?’ He asked with a giggle.

'What do you think,’ I asked sarcastically. He laughed, and then Vikk and JJ showed up in my doorframe, too.

'Bro, you don’t have to be nervous. She said yes to marrying you, she’ll say yes today. And she’s going to look absolutely stunning, and think that you look pretty great, too.’ Vikk reassured me. I smiled at the thought of seeing her in her wedding dress. I couldn’t decide of I was more nervous or excited.

And then I teared up. I don’t know why, but the tears brewed in my eyes and almost immediately started running down my cheeks. I held both my eyes with my fingers, sniffling.

'Yo, it’s going to be okay, man.’ JJ walked over and embraced me. I sniffled into his suit and then leaned back, wiping at my eyes.

'Yeah, sorry. It’s okay.’ I said, blinking into the light to stop more tears from forming. Together, the four of us headed out and walked down the stairs and opened the front door to see JJ’s Lambo already parked outside. He had offered to give us all a ride, convinced that the groom also needed to 'arrive in style’.


The room was huge, with hundreds of chairs stood out in front of me. The big entrance doors were open as guests were filing in, taking their seats. I was stood at the alter, my sweaty hands clenched together in front of me. Josh was standing behind me. I stared out and smiled at all the guests.

Then my mum, dad and brother walked in, taking their seats in the front row. I gave them a worried look but Nick, my brother, gave me two thumbs up, making me giggle.

A couple more minutes and the room as packed with people, voices filling the air.

'You okay?’ Josh asked my from behind my shoulder. No, my knees feel like jelly, I’m super sweaty and my hands are shaking.

'Yeah,  I’m fine.’ I muttered back. The entrance doors closed and then opened again, showing the little flower girls holding wooden baskets. The walked in with big, adorable smiles on their faces, picking up a couple of flower petals out of the basket and throwing them on the isle floor. I watched nervously as they flowed down to the ground delicately.

Music was sounding from the speakers. That classical, wedding song played on the organ.

Next were two of Y-N’s best friends, dressed in long, matching and flowing bridesmaids dresses. They were both holding a small bouquet of flowers.

But I wasn’t focusing on them. I was focusing on who was behind them; Y-N, dressed in the most beautiful, long, white wedding dress, a glittery tiara tangled neatly in her hair. The took small steps down the isle, her long train dragging behind her. Her arm was linked with her Dad’s, who was dressed in a suit.

Her eyes locked with mine and she smiled, and in that split second, it was like a wave of calmness washed over me. Because in that split second, I knew not to be nervous anymore, but excited. My heart was still pounding in my chest, yes, but I was finally getting married to the love of my life.

I absolutely loved this idea. My hands were sweating the entire time writing this

anonymous asked:

Standing out in a crowd part 2 was amazing would there ever be a part 3?

I was just reading some of your MLT’s. I would love you to write a fic about Harry making a girl laugh during sex and having you both in a fit of giggles. I imagine he probably makes jokes often while having sex. He loves a good joke, and I think he likes to make sex a bit of a laugh while also getting down to the nitty gritty. We all know he has a dirty sense of humour too. Or, if you’ve already written it, please link! Cheers

So I joined these two.  Because laughing during sex is fun and I think these two would probably do a lot of that.  

I would come to learn that there is little in life that is more comforting than having a dog asleep next to you on the couch while you mindlessly flipped channels.  Diesel snored.  Rather loudly for a dog.  But feeling the warmth of his head next to my leg while my fingers aimlessly tangled in his soft fur was a calm I hadn’t felt in awhile.  I knew that had a lot to do with who Diesel’s owner was as well, considering she’d be at my place in a few short minutes…or so her least text said.  

Ryan called me in a panic earlier.  Something was going down at work that she couldn’t discuss but Diesel had been stuck inside her apartment all day and was probably going stir crazy.  I immediately turned my car around and headed towards her apartment before she even had a chance to ask the question.  I was at her front door within mere minutes.  Diesel didn’t seem the least bit concerned that someone was walking into his human’s apartment.  He sniffed my hand and then graciously sat down while I attached his leash.

He sat in the front seat, tightly seat belted in on the drive to my house.  I insisted on taking him on a quick run and then to my house so he could expel some of the energy he had pent up from being stuck in the house all day despite her protests.  

Ryan and I had been dating for three months now.  She was still a relative secret to the world and though we both liked it that way it was quickly becoming apparent that we were going to have to make some kind of announcement.  

The more time we spent together, the more serious we became.  I made concessions for her I had never made for anyone else I had dated.  I rearranged my schedule to accommodate her needs.  She was my first thought the moment I woke up and my last thought just as I fell asleep.

I was in love.  There was no denying it. 

Keep reading

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Omg omg ok can you do adrinette/ladynoir royalty servant au and prompt 13 on the list!

Prompt: The royal ought to get married

I’m still so new at writing these two. Acckk. I kinda mixed the concept of LadyNoir and Adrinette together to suit this particular AU. I hope you like it! <3

;My Lady

The ladybugs were out in full force again, skittering across the courtyard to avoid the sweltering heat. Marinette watched them from where she sat on the fountain wall, trailing her fingers through the basin of lively water. They looked so happy and free, spotted backs shimmering in the afternoon sunlight. Marinette plucked a ladybug free of a crack in the fountain wall when it became wedged too far in to fly out, setting it free with a gentle wiggle of her fingertip. She watched it fly across the courtyard until it disappeared from sight.

“What are you doing out here, My Lady?” 

Marinette’s heart gave a painful squeeze at the sound of Adrien’s voice in the distance. She listened to his approaching footsteps and told herself to remain calm. 

Oh, but how could she stay calm? This was Adrien, after all. They’d grown up together and laughed together. He was her guardian – her knight – the person who, despite her protests, would willingly toss his life away to save hers. It was his job, his duty, and yet, somehow, Adrien continued to make her feel so special. He told her that he remained by her side willingly. He protected her because she was Marinette, his Ladybug, his Princess. But that was the worst part, wasn’t it? She was a Princess. An engaged Princess, at that. 

But Marinette didn’t love the neighbouring Prince. She didn’t know him like she knew Adrien. She didn’t want him in that way – to love and to cherish. She didn’t want him to hold her hand. She wanted Adrien. No one else. 

Adrien genuflected when she laid her eyes on him, taking extra care not to break eye contact as he bowed his head to greet her. Marinette’s skin tingled at the mere sight of him knelt before her. Tangling her fingers into the folds of her red dress, Marinette bowed her head in turn, if not to make the moment seem less awkward, then at least to be polite. It was unheard of for a royal to bow to a servant, but Marniette just didn’t see him that way.

“My Lady?” he asked, still bent on one knee like a man ready to propose.

Marinette forced a smile. “I’m sorry, Adrien. I was spacing out.”

“A Princess who spaces out,” Adrien laughed. “You truly are a rare breed.”

Marinette laughed at that. “Did you want something from me?”

“Your Mandarin lesson,” he said. “Did you forget?”

Marinette gasped a response. “I did forget! I’m sorry.” 

Adrien stood to his full height and extended a hand towards her. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll make up for it now.” 

Marinette’s heart was pounding in her ears. She didn’t know whether to take the hand or run. “You’re right,” she said, finally placing her hand in his. “I’m sorry for wasting your time.”

“It’s okay. We have plenty of time to–”


Marinette thrashed wildly against the cold water clinging to her dress. Adrien’s arms were tight around her as he laughed, pleased, apparently, to be a part of Marinette’s antics. Her inability to walk without stumbling over her own two feet had raised more than a few eyebrows at royal gatherings. How could a royal member be so clumsy? And now poor Adrien was reaping the consequences of her clumsiness. 

“I-I’m sorry, Adrien,” Marinette whined, hooking strands of hair behind her face. “I overestimated the size of the wall.” 

Adrien’s laughter made her heart ache. “It’s okay. Though, I wish it didn’t have to be water.”

“That’s right, you’re not a fan of water, are you?” she commented with a laugh, knocking strands of hair back from his face. “Maybe you’re the reincarnation of a cat.”

Adrien’s smile made her weak. “That would be a cat-tastic coincidence, don’t you think?”

Looking at him now, beads of water glistening off his skin, Marinette couldn’t stop the deafening ache of her heartbeat. He appraised her with a look of concern, green eyes floating across her face to make sense of the frown forming slowly on her lips. The tears that fell came quickly, hot in contrast to the fountain water they still sat in.

“My Lady?!” he asked, both hands rising to her shoulders.

“I don’t want to get married,” she sobbed, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I don’t want that. I agreed to it because I wanted to make the people happy but, oh Adrien, I don’t love him. I will never love him.” 

Adrien rest a hand on her cheek. “You should tell your father. He’s a good man. He’ll call off the engagement if you just talk to him.”

“But what about the–”

“We’ll find another way. You and me, together. We’re partners, right? Trust me.”

Marinette buried her face against his shoulder. “Yeah. We are.”

“Let’s go back inside and get you a change of clothes,” Adrien said, pulling back to help her out of the fountain. “It won’t do you any good to catch a cold, Marinette.”

Marinette,” she repeated, squeezing his hand as he pulled her through the courtyard. The mere echo of her name on his lips made her body swell with excitement. 

Adrien glanced back over his shoulder to gauge her expression. “Did you say something?”

“There sure are a lot of ladybugs out here,” she remarked, deflecting the topic for fear embarrassment might cripple her. “Don’t step on any of them, Adrien.”

Adrien made a show of skipping over the cobblestones as they approached the manor. “Your little black spots are showing, My Ladybug.”

Marinette giggled at that. “Let’s get inside and dry off your fur, Cat.”

As selfish as it was, Marinette hoped with all her might that this particular cat, independent as they were, wouldn’t leave home in search of new adventures.

Adrien gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. “Yes, My Lady.”

anonymous asked:

I'd love like something with jealous Liam? Like maybe he gets handsy with Zayn at a club cause he's jealous and starts telling Zayn all the things he'll do to him when they get home. (Maybe bottom!zayn if you write smut)?

I didn’t write smut, but there is a bit of dirty talk, so I hope that makes up for it.


Liam watched Zayn walk through the crowd to the bar to get another round of drinks, ignoring Louis’ rambling about something or other adorable that Harry had done. His eyes traced the swing of Zayn’s hips, narrowing when a hand reached out to grab them. Zayn turned to the nervy stranger, a smile gracing his lips as he pushed the hands away.

A small shake of the head should have been enough to send the person away, but they were persistent. Liam watched as they tried to wrap their arms around Zayn’s waist. Liam started to rise out of the booth, stopped by Louis’ hand on his arm. Zayn managed to push away the person without appearing like a dick. He even gave a smile and a wave as Zayn turned to continue towards the bar.

“I should’ve gone for the drinks, mate,” Louis shouted into Liam’s ear. “It always takes Zayn twice as long as the rest of us.”

“Not his fault he keeps getting stopped,” Liam grumbled as Zayn was stopped again, this time by a curvy blond who was running her hand over his chest. Zayn looked amused, but Liam could feel his own eyes narrowing, mood darkening.

“Right. He can’t help being so bloody beautiful,” Louis joked, throwing his hands up in defense when Liam whipped around to glare at him. “Hey, not my type, remember. All yours, Payno.”

All mine!” Liam’s brain screamed as he looked to see Zayn stopped again talking to yet another person vying for his attention. Liam’s hands curled into fists on his thighs when he saw Zayn throw his head back to laugh. Liam bit hard into his lower lip as he pushed himself out of the booth. He stalked towards Zayn, ignoring Louis calling his name. When he reached Zayn he wrapped a possessive arm around his waist.

Zayn sighed before looking over his shoulder to see Liam. “Oh, it’s you,” he said with a fond smile, running a hand over the arm around his waist.

“Enjoying all the attention, babe?” Liam growled in his ear, biting a bit harshly at the lobe, enjoying the gasp he could feel against his chest.

Zayn turned in Liam’s arms, wrapping his arms around his neck. Pushing up on his toes, he made sure to rub as much of himself against Liam as he could while whispering, “Only want yours,” into Liam’s ear.

Liam’s lips trailed over Zayn’s neck as he started pulling him towards the dance floor. Once they’d managed to push themselves into the middle of the crowd, Liam turned Zayn around, so that his back was to Liam’s chest again. He ran his hands down, grasping Zayn’s hips firmly enough to leave fingerprint bruises. Tugging him back, he ground his already hardening length against his ass.

Once they fell into a rhythm which may or may not have matched that of the music, Liam returned his mouth to Zayn’s ear. “You sure it’s only my attention you want,” he growled. “Not that blonde who had her hands all over you?” Zayn shook his head. “The big guy who grabbed you, touching your hips, the hips that are all mine.” Liam squeezed those hips tightly before rolling his with determination. Zayn shook his head again.

“You’re the only one, Leeyum,” he said, trying to turn in his arms.

“Look around, babe. All of these people watching you, us. Wishing they were me.” He watched as Zayn’s eyes scanned the crowd, feeling heat in his stomach when the gaze slowed a couple of times. “See something you like?” He followed Zayn’s gaze to a young ginger that was dancing alone, body twisting in ways that shouldn’t be natural outside the bedroom.

“Twinks aren’t usually your style, babe.” Liam bit at Zayn’s neck, sucking a bruise into it.

“Maybe I was looking at him for you,” Zayn teased over his shoulder, eyes widening when Liam’s narrowed. Zayn swallowed hard as Liam turned him in his arms, hand running into his hair, grasping hard to force Zayn’s eyes to meet his. It took a moment for Zayn to recover from his surprise. “Thought maybe you’d fancy a threesome.”

Liam’s lip curled up in a snarl. “You tired of me?” he grumbled. “Has our sex life become too mundane for you?” Zayn’s lips quirked. Liam felt his anger flare, underlaid by hurt and jealousy that he refused to show. “Fine.” He released Zayn, pushing him gently towards the twink.

Liam turned on his heel and stalked away, his eyes feeling wet, but he refused to let Zayn see how his words had affected him. He knew that Zayn loved him, that he was only teasing, but it still hurt. He was almost off the dance floor when he felt a hand on his arm. Turning, he came face to face with the blonde that had been all over Zayn earlier.

Liam crossed his arms over his chest, quirking an eyebrow as he looked down at her. “Can I help you with something?”

She looked a tad nervous. “I didn’t know he had a boyfriend,” she said, blinking up at Liam. “Just wanted you to know I didn’t mean anyth-”

“Zero fucks given. Next please,” Liam deadpanned.

The girl looked stunned. “I just wanted to apologize.”

Liam rolled his eyes, immediately feeling a bit bad. “Yeah, cheers.”

“The two of you are really hot together,” she said, smiling a bit.

Liam let a smile take over his face. “We are, aren’t we?” The girl laughed, nodding as she turned her head. Liam looked and saw Zayn watching from where Liam had left him, the guy who’d grabbed Zayn earlier dancing behind him. Liam could feel his face turn to stone as the guy buried his face in Zayn’s neck. Jealousy roared through Liam’s body like a wildfire.

He looked down at the blond, a feral smile on his lips, before leaning over to whisper in her ear. “I’m just doing this to get a reaction out of him.” She giggled, nodding, running a hand up Liam’s arm and squeezing his bicep. “Thanks, love,” he said, smiling as he stepped around her. He jumped when the girl pinched his arse. He probably would’ve laughed if he wasn’t so focused on his Zayn.

Stalking slowly towards Zayn, Liam took a minute to dance with a few people, including the ginger who looked up at him with glazed over eyes. Liam reached out and grabbed the arm of a guy he knew was decent, pulling him in to take his place. “Make sure he gets home alright. Think he’s on something,” he shouted into his friend’s ear, who responded with a nod and an arm around the twink’s waist. He turned his attention back to Zayn, who was watching him with a fond smile.

Liam returned to making his way over to Zayn, his eyes never leaving him. Liam gently removed a guy’s hand that traveled to his ass, laughing and wiggling his finger in the guy’s face. A highly intoxicated woman tried to kiss Liam, but he gently pushed her away, turning her so she could go back to dancing with her friends. Zayn’s eyes stayed locked on Liam, despite the hands that were running over his body. Each pass of those stranger’s hands ignited a new spark of jealousy deep inside of Liam until he felt as if the entire club could see the glow of it burning beneath his skin.

Once Liam was directly in front of Zayn, he covered one of his hips with a hand, squeezing firmly. He saw the hitch of Zayn’s breath, the way his eyes darkened and his body leaned closer to Liam and away from the pushy bastard behind him. Liam slid his hand around Zayn’s waist until it almost reached his other hip, tugging sharply so that he fell into his chest. The guy behind Zayn started to protest until he took in Liam’s dark glare, then he held his hands up in surrender and pushed himself through the crowd and far away from them.

Zayn looked up at Liam through his long lashes, knowing just what that shy look did to Liam. Using his free hand, Liam hooked his finger into one of Zayn’s belt loops and pulled him completely flush against Liam. Then he ran his hand from Zayn’s hip up his back and through his hair, gripping the longer strands on top tightly. Using his grip, he forced Zayn to look up at him. “Are you done playing now?” Liam growled.

Zayn’s eyes fluttered shut as a moan escaped, the breath of it brushing over Liam’s lips. Liam leaned in, teasing his teeth against Zayn’s lower lip. He slid his lips across Zayn’s cheek until he reached his ear, nipping sharply at Zayn’s lobe. “Are you done being a bad boy?” He felt Zayn’s nod, felt Zayn’s hands twisting in the front of his shirt.

Liam’s teeth found the side of Zayn’s neck, digging in briefly before Liam sucked hard, wanting to leave a mark. Wanting to show everyone who this beautiful man belonged to. “Mine,” he hissed as he pulled away to admire the mark, pushing a thumb into it, chuckling at Zayn’s gasp. “I’m going to mark you up so much, no one will question that you are taken.” Liam moved his mouth to the other side of Zayn’s neck, mirroring the mark.

“Li,” Zayn gasped out. Liam pulled back to look at his face. His lower lip was wet and raw from his teeth digging into it. “People are staring.”

Liam smirked as he pressed his forehead against Zayn’s. “Let them stare. Let them see. Let them go home tonight and imagine what we do behind closed doors if this is what we do in public.” Zayn moaned again. “We could give them something really good to watch. You could drop to your knees, so I can fuck your throat right here. Move my hips to the beat of the music till I come, holding your head in place, forcing you to swallow every last drop.”

Zayn’s eyes widened. Liam could read the arousal there, but also an edge of fear. There was a small exhibitionist streak running through his lover, but not wide enough to include actually having sex in front of other people. “I know, baby,” Liam whispered, smiling when Zayn relaxed against him. “No one will see how lovely you look taking my cock, except me.” He turned Zayn in his arms, pulling his back against his chest, leaning in so he could still whisper orders in his ear. He slid a hand down Zayn’s chest, tickling his stomach before roughly cupping his cock through his jeans. Squeezing, he chuckled when Zayn squeaked. Just as Zayn’s hips moved against his hand, he moved to slide a hand into Zayn’s front pocket to removed his phone, holding it out for Zayn to take. “Text the others. Tell them we’re leaving.” Zayn whined, moving his hips back against Liam, but followed his instructions.

Once Zayn hit send, Liam took his phone, sliding it into his own pocket. Turning their bodies, he started to guide Zayn off the dance floor, his mouth attached to his neck to leave another mark. He ground his cock against Zayn’s ass, pulling him tight against him as they passed the blonde who blew a kiss to both of them. Liam felt Zayn’s hand slide between them, pawing at Liam’s cock. Liam stopped walking. “Hands to yourself, baby. You don’t get to touch.”

He felt more than heard the whine that left Zayn’s lips as they reached the edge of the dancefloor. Liam pulled away, grabbing Zayn by the wrist, tugging him towards the door. Thankfully, a line of cabs was waiting outside the club, and Liam pushed Zayn into the first one. After giving the cabbie their address, he turned back to Zayn grasping both of his boy’s wrists in one hand. He tugged him into his lap, wrapping his free arm strongly around Zayn’s waist. “Bad boys don’t get to touch. What do bad boys get?”

“Leeyum,” Zayn whined.

“Zayn,” Liam spoke firmly.

“Punished,” Zayn said, his voice a mixture of shame and excitement.

“That’s right, baby. I think ten with my hand and five with the paddle,” Liam said, his voice thoughtful, smiling when Zayn nodded eagerly. “And what don’t baby boys get?” He asked as he slid his hand up to press down on Zayn’s cock, feeling it twitch beneath his palm. Zayn whined, trying to rub against Liam’s hand. Liam took his hand away. “Tell me.”

“To come.” Zayn’s voice was high pitched in disappointment. “Bad boys don’t get to come.” Liam moved his hand to grasp Zayn’s face, turning it just enough so that Liam could take in his closed eyes. He was surprised by the couple of tears that were escaping Zayn’s eyes.

“Hey,” Liam said, quietly. Zayn’s eyes blinked open, the submissive glaze already fallen over the beautiful hazel orbs. “You’re okay, yeah?” Zayn blinked his eyes slowly, showing Liam that he was giving the question real thought, before nodding. “Who loves you?” Liam asked, running his thumb over Zayn’s lower lip before turning him completely on his lap, Zayn’s legs straddling each side of Liam’s hips.

Zayn’s smile was big as he reached his hands up to touch Liam’s cheeks. “You do,” he whispered before leaning in to kiss Liam deeply.

My Prompts Masterlist

My Writing Masterlist

Preference #40ish: He asks you to move in


You turned onto your side, opening your eyes to see Ashton asleep, his curls spread out messily on the pillow, his lips slightly parted. You smiled, remembering the previous night. You were hungry, but Ashton looked so peaceful and angelic asleep like that so you decided not to wake him but did snap a quick photo. You picked up his shirt that was thrown on the ground and pulled it on over your black underwear. Quietly, you walked down stairs, careful not to wake Ash. You turned on the coffee machine, put in your headphones which were laying on the counter and started playing music and dancing along to it. You had to search the kitchen for oil, since you didn’t know where anything in his disorganised house was. Finally you found it, and you ended up dancing around his kitchen while frying your eggs. Suddenly you felt a pair of arms snake around your waste, making you jump. “Good morning baby girl,” Ashton whispered. “I didn’t hear you come in,” you said, your heart still beating fast. You felt him smile into your neck. “I could get used to this,” he said. “What? Me making breakfast?” you asked. “No. You dancing around my kitchen in your underwear,” he smirked, making you laugh. “Move in baby?” he asked after a few moments silence. “What? Really?” he had caught you in total surprise. “Yeah, please babe?” he said, starting to kissing your neck. “I love having you here,” he whispered. “Of course,” you replied, taking his face in your hands and kissing him.


“Hey baby,” you picked up the phone to hear your boyfriend Luke’s loving voice. You held the phone between your shoulder and ear, opening your history textbook. “Hi Lukey. What’s up?” you asked. “Not much. I miss you,” he said. “I miss you too babe,” you pouted, even though he couldn’t see. “When can I see you?” he asked. “Tomorrow, or maybe the day after. I promise,” you told him. “I wanna see you now baby,” he whined. “I wanna see you too! I just have so much homework,” you sighed. “You could do it over here,” he suggested. “I don’t know. I’m just gonna get distracted!” you said. “I could help you! Please,” he begged. “Fine. I’ll be there soon,” you said, already stuffing your books into your bag. You arrive at his house soon later with a bag full of text books and more in your arms. “I missed you,” Luke pulled you into a bear hug on arrival. “I missed you too babe,” you told him. After a while you started to do your homework, sat in his lap. He tried his best to help, but you soon realised he was dumber than you thought. It took ages, but you finally complete your Renaissance essay, all your maths problems and your Macbeth play report. Luke was completely bored the whole time, playing with your hair and on his phone. “Finally your finished!” he smiled. “It’s getting late though, I should go,” you said. “No baby stay here,” he said holding you tight as if he was trying to stop you from escaping. “Do you wanna sleep here tonight?” he asked. “I bet your apartment is lonely.” You giggled. “I have a roommate, Luke,” you reminded him. “Yeah but you can’t cuddle with a roommate,” he said. “True! I’d love to stay here Lukey,” you told him. “Yay,” he joked, kissing your head. You put your head on his chest, so happy that you had him. “Do you wanna just stay here?” he asked suddenly. “Like move in?” You lifted your head up to face him. “I don’t know….I’m still in college Luke,” you told him. “I can drive you there! Please. I miss you so much when you’re not here,” he begged, his blue eyes looking into yours. “Okay!”


You were sick of your family, always telling you what to do, what to wear and how much that you should be like your sister. They didn’t approve of your boyfriend Michael at all. Your sister called him an ugly punk. Your dad said his music was terrible and he wasn‘t suitable for you. Your mum said that he was low-class and immature. You were sick of them the constant fighting and then looking down on you. “Just fuck off all of you!” you yelled one day in the middle of a big fight with them. You stormed out of the house, slamming the door leaving everyone else there speechless. You ran to your boyfriends house, banging on the door. “What th- oh hey y/n!” Michael was confused, he always loved to see you but he hadn’t called to say you were coming “Why are you in your pyjamas?” Michael asked and you looked down, only not noticing you were still in cotton short and a hoodie. You blushed and mumbled something. “Hey don’t worry, you look beautiful as always,” he said. He shut the door and lead you inside and you flopped down on his living room couch. “What’s up?” Michael asked. “My parents are being stupid. They said I can’t see you anymore,” you sighed. “Nothing is going to stop me from seeing you, y/n. Nothing,” Michael promised. “What if they don’t let me out or take away my phone? What will I do then?” you exclaimed, hugging your arms around your chest. “Why don’t you come live with me then?” Michael asked pulling you onto his lap. “They’ll never let come back if I leave now,” you told him. “Who says you’re going back? This could be a permanent thing y/n,” he said. “You sure?” You asked, not sure if he was serious. “Positive,” he smiled. “We can go get your stuff later.”


“Morning babe!” You opened your eyes to see your boy friend of 8 months laying next to you, shirtless and his fluffy hair messed up. “Hi,” you whispered. You loved waking up next to Calum, it instantly made your day 100% better. You didn’t even care if you looked like shit anymore, just once the first thing you saw when you woke up was Calum’s face. “Cuddle?” Calum stretched out his arms and you smiled moving closer to him and burying your head in his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled your body closer. His was so warm that you couldn’t help wrap your legs around yours. “I love your cuddles,” Calum mumbled into your hair. “I love everything about you,” you giggled. “We should buy a house together,” Calum said, out of no where. “What?” you exclaimed, shocked. “Yeah. You practically live here anyway. But I was thinking that we should get a puppy and you can’t raise a puppy in an apartment!” Calum said. “Are you seriously gonna buy a house just so you can get a puppy?” you giggled. “Maybe…” Calum replied and you laughed. “We should get a house though,” you agreed.

“And a puppy?” Calum insisted.

“And a puppy!” You confirmed.


**I wrote this in like May but I forgot to post it oops!

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