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If only we could forget every bad thing we’ve ever done, maybe we could start over again. But that’s not how life works because without experiencing those things, we won’t be able to grow and learn. Life would be meaningless without a little bit of flaw. It was never meant to be perfect. It was meant to be lived the way it is - a crazy drive on a road full of curves and bends, and sometimes a great wall blocking the way. You’re willing to do almost every single thing it would take to get you back on that road, no matter how silly and stupid your decisions are. You see, life may be a bit flawed, but it’s a good kind of flaw. You mess up, you learn. You learn, you grow.
—  juanlucio 
We should not forget what we did, but it should be without an extra trace. To leave a trace is not the same as to remember something. It is necessary to remember what we have done, but we should not become attached to what we have done in some special sense. What we call ‘attachment’ is just these traces of our thought and activity.

In order not to leave any traces, when you do something, you should do it with your whole body and mind; you should be concentrated on what you do. You should do it completely, like a good bonfire. You should burn yourself completely. Zen activity is activity which is completely burned out, with nothing remaining but ashes.
—  Shunryu Suzuki

Today in church pastor asked us to take the hands of or neighbor and pray for each other. The woman I was praying with, after I finished praying for her, was crying so heavily and I could tell her heart was so heavy. So as pastor began talking, I prayed for her more. She held me close and the tears kept coming.
When we were done she gave me this hug. This deep spiritual hug.
That’s why I go to church. Because I understand that I could learn about God at home. I could read the word at home. But my presence, physical presence, matters. It matters to those who come to church, seeking love and prayer and even a hug. What if she had stood next to a person who didn’t care? Who didn’t know the power prayer matters?
Our presence as part of the body of the church Matters. In a time when its natural to be selfish and isolated, sometimes we have to push ourselves to be a positive presence for others.


Six Selfies Challenge (tagged by @sciencesloth )

As promised, here is the Six Selfies Challenge: Before and After Haircut Edition. Top three are before. Bottom three are after.

My hair used to be 30″ long. With this haircut, I donated 12″ and my stylist cut even more than that. I also got blonde balayage, which I definitely think looks pretty natural since my natural hair color already includes some blonde highlights.

I’m still getting used to it. So far, there are moments where it looks too fluffy and cute for my taste. But tonight is the first time I’ve washed it since I got it done so we’ll see how it turns out.

I tag @rudescience, @munirastudies, @hood32, @ladychemistab, @fluidicspacegirl, @q-lvck.

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OI! That's enuff outta alla yew mods! Hogie an' I've been readin' through this drivel, and we ain't pleased!

What have we done to not please the two best Australian criminals? D:


We’ve been amassing an “incredible stuff we found while unpacking” pile so I can post about it once we’re done.

But this relic was too amazing not to share right away.

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Oh, Oi think yew know EXACTLY what yew done! We've reviewed HUNDRED 'a these "conversations", and not a one is accurate!

Well, around 90% of yours involve explosions. How is that NOT accurate? ;)

As the new school year is coming and considering how we’ve already done a high school and kindergarten event, i thought why not complete the saga with what else? COLLEGE!!!! The last step in education usually, both school education and personal education, a time where people truly grow in to what they have molded themselves into during high school. The rules are like those of the past two event, with a few changes here and there.


  1. No stands, vampire, hamon, or any abilities, just regular people. You can as well change the age of your muse for the event.
  2. stands,animals will need to be humans
  3. fraternity and sorority's will be based off of the jojo parts and will have descriptions of what types they are, you can choose which one your muse belongs to.
  4. parties can be thrown. But nothing adult 
  5. students can work for teachers as an on campus job.

As these events usually go, your muse can be either a teacher or a student, a list will be made for the teachers and the subjects they belong to, as well as the dean and sorority mother , and just so you know now its first come first serve regarding teaching jobs, if someone asks for that job its theres unless its already taken.

If you choose to have your muse be a student, you may choose weather they are a college freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. 

Higher up students are allowed to create clubs as well.

the tag will be #bdcollegeAU

And there we go thats pretty much all you need to know, if you have any questions feel free to ask, if you feel i need to change the date let me know.

“The way we act in church will cause young people and people new in their walk to leave the church. We ought to apologize for what we’ve done to turn them away. We need to find them and say I’m sorry. How we treat a vulnerable person can cause them to walk away from the church. We should be sorry for that”
- Pastor this morning