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Aurie, about the part in the Uprising Arc where Eren tells Jean not to bring mud tracks onto the floor and adds that it will displease Levi, most haters/non-shippers argue that Eren acted that way because he was worried and was afraid of what Levi might do to him. Your thoughts?

This made me laugh, because from all the things people could say from that moment, that one is probably the one I less expected!

But if, as you say, they were haters, it isn’t rare that they will try to interpret the facts on a way that suits their intentions…

My opinion on that scene is way different from that though!

It happens during chapter 51, they are preparing things before Levi arrives to the cabin. Eren has been of course cleaning because of this, but Jean, Sasha and Armin accidentally ruin his work while bringing the supplies inside.

Eren is definitely not happy with this! And he clearly tells Jean that Levi won’t be satisfied with their actions. Eren has been on Levi’s squad for longer, and he knows what Levi will be expecting of them on that regard.

However I do not think this has anything to do with fear! Eren isn’t scared of Levi’s reaction, or anything of the sorts. I’m going to jump a little bit further until the start of Chapter 52, after Levi arrives and when he discovers they haven’t cleaned as well as they should have.

Eren’s reaction in here always makes me laugh, haha. But I want to focus on Levi’s. He simply acknowledges their “lax cleaning job”, but he barely reacts to it. Yes, he has other priorities at the moment, but also this is just not such an important thing, and definitely not something that would upset Levi that much.

Fandom sometimes exaggerates things, and both Levi’s obsession with cleanliness and his violent tendencies are probably the two things that get exaggerated the most.

It’s true Levi has been violent on some occasions, but only when he truly has a reason for it. I might not agree with his methods in that regard, but he’s not going to beat them up for not cleaning some dirt under the table! And he might want things to be clean, but he isn’t going to suddenly go crazy if everything isn’t perfectly inmmaculate.

So I do not think Eren is scared of Levi reacting that way. I personally think Eren is not scared of Levi in any way. He respects him, I’m sure he’s careful around him, and probably feels a bit intimidated by him, but he doesn’t fear him.

So why was Eren so worried about this? Well, there are many reasons we could find. Of course Eren wants to please Levi, as he respects and admires him. He also wants to be a good soldier, since he always has wanted to be in the Survey Corps, and he takes his duties very seriously.

But I want to focus on something else:

We’re back to Chapter 51, this scene happens just after the one with Jean. Armin is wondering why were they chosen for the new squad Levi, and questioning if they’re good enough. Notice Eren’s expression while listening to this conversation, and how his immediate reaction is telling them again how they have to finish cleaning before Levi arrives.

Like I said before, Eren has been in Levi’s squad for longer, and knows what Levi will expect of them. And how high those expectations have been set by those who came before them.

I think it’s pretty clear after seeing this page what Eren was really thinking and why he reacted like that. Here he remembers how things were with Levi’s old squad and how good they were. He wants the new squad to work hard and be just as good. And the pain on his face is also obvious.

We know Eren had been feeling guilty for their death. Eren puts the weight of their deaths over his shoulders himself, as well as any other deaths caused by his decisions or somehow in relation to him, so this isn’t rare.

But I don’t think his actions here are only caused by him feeling guilty. And not just because he wants to please Levi, or because he simply wants them to be good soldiers. 

I think it’s possible he doesn’t want Levi to notice the difference that much, and miss the presence of his old squad. He wants everything to be perfect for when he arrives. That way Levi won’t have to make comparisons, or think about of how things would have been if the others were still alive.

People don’t often give Eren the credit he deserves on matters such as this. I think it was very thoughtful of him to worry about Levi and his feelings this way, trying to make the transition as easiest as possible for him, and wanting to save him the pain of feeling the absence of the ones who aren’t there anymore.

Annie Loves Armin, an Aruani fan fiction by Katlanac.

I really love this fanfic. I was crying on almost every chapter, in both happiness and sadness. Too much emotion to hold it that I had to read only a chapter a day.

Go read it on Ao3

Art commission for Fan Fiction cover is opening. DM me.


There was a lot of talk about what Mikasa’s paralleling Eren from behind the vending machine in Modern American High School AU meant, but Isayama told us long ago with the Titan above (from chapter 47).^

A Japanese speaking friend of mine said the word Ymir uses from that panel to describe the Titan is actually “sensai” which literally translates to “delicate”, (and this is also used by Pixis to describe officer Kitz Weilman during Armin’s speech in Trost, comparing him to a fawn). Other scanlations of this term used “cowardly” or “weak”, but “sensai” seems to be a psychological word, denoting a delicate mind. 

So what this means is that Eren and Mikasa haven’t had their “awakening” yet, so to speak. They’re both still “delicate fawns”, who’ve yet to find their power, path, or courage to advance yet. At this point, Eren is probably still the boy who mindlessly fights with the other kids in town, while American!Mikasa is still the naive, traditional girl who feels no real sense of direction yet (which we can probably conclude anyway with her goth aesthetic that doesn’t suit her more traditional feminine, “pink” taste we see her sport in her casual fashion in main!verse). And these things change because… well it depends on who you ask since we don’t know for sure yet haha, but in my opinion, Eren awakens after meeting Armin, and finding his sense of direction through his wisdom, followed maybe by affirmation when he rescues Mikasa (and gives his scarf to her), and American!Mikasa must awaken some time after meeting Eren (at a point that we haven’t seen yet).

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So: Jeanmarco amusement park date. Thoughts on how that would go down?


SECONDLY they would have so much fun oh my GOD jean would definitely blow all his money trying to win marco prizes and then complaining how rigged the games are when he couldnt win

then getting all pouty when marco decides to take a shot at it and win on the First Try (but he got jean a cute stuffed animal so its ok)


do they have carnival games at amusement parks???

THEY WOULD RIDE ALL THE RIDES TOGETHER and on the big and scary ones they’d cling to each other and jean is screaming bc He’s Pretty Sure He’s Going To Die but marco is laughing bc he loves roller coasters!!! and he’s laughing at jean bc he’s never seen anyone look so sick before omg

AND THE FOOD they’d eat all the gross amusement park food bc who goes to an amusement park looking for healthy food???? no one, thats who

and then the grand FUCKIN finale they ride the ferris wheel when it’s starting to get dark and everything is so pretty at night bc of all the lights and when they reach the top marco smooches jean and he smooches jean and lets just say fireworks go off at that time too bc im a cliche HOE

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Hello, may I request the 104th boys reacting to seeing their child for the first time? (Maybe after they came back from the military?)

OHMYGOD I totally understood that wrong and now did gifs for them seeing their baby for the first time… you know, when it’s born lol. Want to share with you though ‘cause it’s cute.
If you are really really unhappy about this outcome, please let me know and I will do the boys coming home from the military thing to their smol toddlers, too!

💜 104th boys seeing their baby for the first time.

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Can I request Armin headcanon with a mute s/o? :3

  • Armin would be the most supportive S/O ever. 
  • He would take a lot of interest in his S/O, and not in the way that people usually show interest as if they’re just being polite. He actually wants to know about them as a person. 
  • He learns sign language. He wants to be able to understand his S/O completely, and knows it’s important to them. He’s able to read/understand sign language quicker than he can speak it, but he keeps at it until he has it down. 
  • He listens. No matter if those feelings are written, signed, or emotionally expressed, Armin listens. Communication matters to Armin in any relationship, and he makes a point to be there for his S/O no matter what. He makes them feel heard and important. 
  • He reads to them a lot. His S/O loves to read, just like him, but really loves to hear the words in his voice. They read together all the time separately, just cuddling together with their books. But sometimes it’s just so nice for them to relax together, Armin’s voice filling the space with the stories they both love. 
  • They go on super fun dates. He loves to have fun with his S/O, to take them on amazing adventures. They hold hands the whole time, and try crazy foods, and take the cutest pictures. They make a point to have the best time possible. 
  • Armin goes out of his way to make his S/O feel special. He knows how hard it is to face the stereotypes and judgements of people. So he goes out of his way to be as accommodating as possible while still treating them like a normal person. That’s why he learns sign language, so that they can communicate as normally as possible. But beyond that, Armin memorizes his S/O’s body language, and eventually doesn’t even need to speak to know exactly how they’re feeling or what they’re thinking. They find a very steady rhythm, and Armin tries to make his S/O feel loved and special and is the absolute best.  

- He’s not very experienced so he likes to explore with things a lot.

- One thing he really enjoys doing is fingering you. Two, sometimes three, fingers will be pushed deep inside of you, curling quickly and harshly. Hearing the noises you make and the slight sounds coming from your entrance, turns him on very quickly. He likes leaning down and sucking on your clit to pleasure you more.

- Eren prefers receiving over giving oral, but when he goes down on you one of his favorite things that you do is pull on his hair. He loves when you pull on it.

- His favorite position is missionary.

- Eren is also quite vocal. Hearing you moan makes him moan.

- If he gets a boner, he’ll pull you into a supply closet and fuck you there if he really needs to. When he’s horny, he doesn’t give a fuck about if anyone hears you. Plus, he always says, “its normal to have sex, its not a crazy thing,” if you ever complain about being heard.

- He gets super embarrassed when you leave hickeys in places that they’re visible to anyone, like on his neck or collarbone. But when he leaves them on you, he’s really smug and slightly cocky about it.

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What if armins parents were from the Teiber family?
I mean what if…. the teiber family are fritz who changed their names to stay in Marley if they are indeed fritz , it’s explain why armin looks like uri.. for me armins parents were working for the teiber family and one of armins parents is a teiber and when they went to the outside world they went to the teiber family making their rapport or something.. but suddenly they died?? .. maybe tge teiber family killed them?? … who knows