The next episode of the Anime Nostalgia Podcast will continue my ongoing series looking back at Sci-Fi Channel’s Saturday Anime titles, and this time it’s the first Tenchi Muyo Movie–Tenchi Muyo In Love! We’ll be recording in the next week or two, so if anyone has any questions, comments, or topics you’d like to hear on this ep regarding the movie, feel free to DM me, reblog this and add your comments, or email me directly at AnimeNostalgiaPodcast@gmail.com


“ The world loves demonizing women. They’re so terrified of a strong, outspoken woman. Still. Even in the 21st Century, but more so 100 years ago, 50 years ago.

She represents things that everybody is afraid of: the madwoman. Do I think the scary parts about her are over focused on instead of her talent to offer her demons, her heart and her guts? Every single performance she’s ever given, she’s given all of that. Ideally, that’s what people should be focusing on and not the tabloid stuff, but I understand why they’re distracted.”

- Melissa Auf der Maur talks about Courtney during an interview on MusicRadar.


70s dream

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These are my Moms.  

My Eema (that means Mom, She’s the lady on in the left) and my Mom (the lady on the right) are 20 years apart in age, and once my Mom and I were talking about what would happen at my Eema’s funeral (morbid, I know.) And in that discussion my Mother told me that we would not be able to make speeches, because that would be acknowledging Eema for what she was. (My mother, and her wife.)

See, my Mom  never fully came out. She believed that people wouldn’t understand, particularly people at work. 

Yesterday was one of the happiest days of my life. The photo on the left is my Mom’s new profile picture. Loud and proud and flamboyantly gay… I have never been prouder to call myself my Mother’s daughter. She is so, so brave. 

I love you, Mom (s) (and happy 25th anniversary!) 

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Adventure Time- Rogue
Running to the Sea - Royksopp (Seven Lions Remix)
Come and Get It - Krewella (Rahziel remix)
Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy
#icanteven (feat French montana)- The NBHD
tous le memes - Stromae
You Da One - Pentatonix
Mirotic -TVXQ 
Whispers in the Dark- Skillet
Fun- Troye Sivan

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