90 Day LDR Challenge: Day 45

Day 45: When did you two first say “I love you”? If you haven’t said it yet, how do you think it will happen?

Wilhelm was the first to say I love you back in 2013. He didn’t have a webcam at the time, so he waited until he visited his mother to tell me since he knew he’d have access to a cam there. He was so nervous that he ended up saying “Ich liebe dich” rather than “I love you” because he knew I spoke German and was too nervous to say it in my own language. 

I, however, being the sneaky girlfriend I am, pretended I couldn’t understand what he was saying and said that he needed to speak English, forcing him to actually say “I love you.” When he finally did, it was such a wonderful feeling. I couldn’t stop smiling and of course said it back. It’s something I’ll always remember, and I’ll always joke around with him about how nervous he was.

Much cute. Very wow.♥

Day 2 LDR Challenge

Where do you both live, how many miles/kilometers apart are you, and what’s the time difference?

Chelsi lives in Houma, Louisiana 

Emily lives in Hickory, North Carolina

779 miles/1253.68 kilometers Apart from each other.

Only 1 Hour difference.