RIP Selena Quintanilla Perez

Its been 20 years since we lost you. You were such an inspiring person to every Latina female out there. You gave us so much hope to reach our dreams. You were everything I ever wanted to be in life and inspired me to become a fashion designer growing up as a kid. Even though your not here I will always and forever admire you. Your soul still floats in my spirit. You were the epitome of beauty and grace. I love you Selena. April 16 1971-March 31 1995 

RIP #Selena #TexasTuesday


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Iker Casillas’ first call-up for Real Madrid | 1997/98
Resurrected from the archives of Canal+ is Iker Casillas’ interview at the airport after his first call-up for the Real Madrid squad when he was seventeen years old. He didn’t end up playing the match he was called up for as the sick starting goalkeeper (Cañizares) recovered in time to play, but you can see his excitement and nervousness at arriving to the first team. It would take only a few more seasons for him to become Madrid’s #1 choice goalkeeper. 

“I’m a fan of Real Madrid and get nervous watching them play, and it’s the same watching them play from from the bench.” 

I swore to never let anything like the disaster of Jongdae’s 90:2014 mv happen again, but whoa look…the views on his teaser are still sadly only in the 200k mark…

So please support him and watch his teaser, share it around, and watch it on multiple devices to help increase his views. He worked so hard just like all the other members, and his teaser deserves so many more views than it has right now. Please show Jongdae some more love and appreciation because he deserves everything good and so much more in this world.