Summer Storm

You were a 90’s kind of love
I felt your nostalgia
Simplicity filled my heart
I remembered a summer day
That heat rising from the ground
When you could feel the water in the air
Clinging to your skin
Everything was warm to the touch
The late afternoon thunderstorm rolled in
We ducked into the small little room
Our skin stuck together
Your fingers traced my lips
Felt my tongue
Wicked Game ended
Closing Time swelled and filled the room
You were my school dances
You were my youthful heart
Holding onto dreams
You were those movies I loved
The thunder crashed
Your fingers pressing into my hips
Grabbing my hand you swung the door open
We ran across the sidewalks
The huge puddles splashing onto our legs
We took a leap
Splashing into the pool
Hopping out lying on concrete
The lightning struck overhead
The sky an angry grey
The ground quaked with the thunder
My heart shook on it’s own
You rolled over to me
The light flashed in your blue eyes
Those violins played in my head
You were that decade
You were my Wonderwall
That moment in time

Original Work: KH 4/2/14

What’s wrong with green-haired, red/pink/purple (or any shade of color ranging from those colors)  eyed characters being a member of a trio (Trio I say, members of quintet usually isn’t that unfortunate) and LEAST likely  (least, not definite. Even I can still name white haired anime boys that doesn’t die even though are not main characters and in and out  universe where anyone can die)  to be the member of the trio to receive LEAST attention , not to mention have unrequited love not-so-mutual-friendship ? Hell, even when the other two are not exactly red and blue the green  haired one with red/pink/purple eyes will be least likely to receive any attention…  I mean… 

In case you are wondering why they are all boys it’s just my personal preference lol nobody said it can’t be a girl. Also, I didn’t recall  saying this “the green one with red/pink/purple eyes are least likely to receive any attention” thing is  limited to human  or evil characters, because there’s this thing (minus the not-so-mutual friendship ofc, and I found this pic on 9gag so the typo isn’t my fault) 

(and yeah venusaur do have red eyes even since a  it’s still a bulbasaur lol)