So!!!! I had a chance to sleep on it & here’s what (I think) I might do.

I’m probably going to remake my tumblr (again, I’m sorry! It was either that, or delete all the posts on this blog, and start fresh, and I don’t have that kind of patience.) and, for the most part, it’ll be dedicated to self insert blogging. Not necessarily a RP blog (bc the RP community kinda looks down upon self insert blogs lmao, but this blog is 90% self insert anyway so….) but I’ll probably reblog all the self insert posts, from here, onto that blog. I’ll be focusing more on blogging about my love for pearl, and reblogging self insert positivity posts (also the occasional selfie :^) ) but for the most part I’m done with the su fandom, so I’ll probably just focus on talking about su with friends on IM

I’m probably going to remake my twitter ( and maybe peach) as well, and just dedicate that to personal blogging. I’ll still have Discord & Skype for anybody who wants it!

Lifelong Sweethearts Klance

I need a fic with like thirteen year old Klance and they have been childhood friends since pre-k and are in this weird stage where they both like each other but it’s all new and confusing and one day Lance just asks Keith out in some roundabout, awkward way and they have no idea what they are doing but it works. Like they barely even know what dating entails and it doesn’t really consist of anything but blushing (Lance’s sisters always trick him into thinking he should do embarrassing things in front of Keith).

*Keith and Lance out eating probably at dave and busters or something* 

*Lance order a milkshake with two straws*

“Keith, isn’t this super romantic?”

“Lance, i’m lactose intolerant.”

*Lance has known this since forever* “Oh. I see your point.”

Seriously all the childhood friends to lovers stories you read are usually really thoughtful and beautiful and all, but they usually break your heart for 90% of it (like literally idk why this trope gets to me so much) and then finally you get a reprieve. It’s like angst central because they can’t ruin what they have yada yada.

I’m just talking some literal life long sweethearts that take a brave step and it works out despite all odds saying it shouldn’t because Keith and Lance have always had an odd friendship. They just get to grow up together and one day that time 5 year old Keith proposed Lance on the playground comes to actual fruition some twenty years later.  

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Just gonna be truthful, i don't like exo OR Bts, they fandoms are just too much for me to handle, people can hate me all they want but I'm still gonna say that both fandoms equally suck ass and all need to calm down bcs 90% of the time the groups themselves are friends with each other. I myself personally am more of a Monsta X, Topp dogg and B.a.p kinda person. (I tend to stray more towards underrated groups bcs their fandoms are still sane) All I'm tryna say is EVERYONE TAKE A CHILL PILL.


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I'm not repulsed by romance. I'm actually obsessed with it. But it makes me so uncomfortable when people ship me with absolutely anyone because 90% of the time they erase all of my character traits to better fit their fan content. I'm one of those characters who gets shipped with everyone and it makes me feel like an item and not a person...The fan base only cares about who tops and who bottoms instead of focusing on how far I've come as a person since the beginning of the series.

Another painting I worked on last week! I started playing Overwatch at Halloween and I loved the event - AND it was a perfect excuse to finally make something with that old horror movie poster aesthetic! The “Dr.” isn’t in the original title but I thought it would suit this illustration.


Since we’re on the topic of 1997 nostalgia, let’s also talk about how 1997 was the year when Gillian Anderson became the first actress in television history to win the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and the SAG Award for the same role.