Austria’s National Holiday

Every year the Austrian National Holiday is celebrated on the 26th of October Unlike other countries’ holidays, Austria’s holiday isn’t based on a won battle, indepedency or unification.

Beginnings;  After WWII, Austria was on its path to become a sovereign state and it was aiming to become a neutral state. However, things didn’t start to proceed until Stalin died and the Soviet Union was finally willing to withdraw their occupation troops.  Hence, in 1954, the Soviet Union demanded politicial neutrality from Austria and in return, the allies will withdrawl all their occupation troops.

Neutrality; Once the Austrian State Treaty was signed, the Allies had to ratify it. France being the last to ratify the treaty triggered the 90 day period in which all Allies troops had to leave the country. The 25th of October was the last day of this deadline where the very last British troop handed over the barracks in Klagenfurt Lendort back to Austria, hence making the 26th of October 1955 the first day of an unoccupied, neutral Austria.

Happy 26th of October!

~oooh spooky PoGo loading screen~

FYI, I’m pretty sure I reblogged a post somewhere saying the Halloween event would supposedly have higher spawn rates for the zubat, gastly and drowzee lines.

I would like to add that seems to include the meowth and cubone lines as well (unless reaching level 23 quadruples the spawn rates for them, because wow am I suddenly seeing them everywhere now.)


Sleater-Kinney - “#1 Must Have” (2000)

In 2000, Sleater-Kinney released their fifth studio album in All Hands on the Bad One. The ‘90s were over, the riot grrrl movement was long past its heyday, and Sleater-Kinney had firmly established themselves as critical darlings. Sleater-Kinney had - simply put - made it.

But how is a post-riot grrrl band to navigate the greater rock industry - an industry that’s so often a hostile space for women? This question was especially pertinent following Woodstock ‘99, were several women were sexual assaulted during the course of the festival.

On “#1 Must Have” Sleater-Kinney do their best to tackle that question, as Corin Tucker sings in the song’s chorus:

“I’ve been crawling up so long on your stairway to heaven
And now I no longer believe that I wanna get in
And will there always be concerts where women are raped?
Watch me make up my mind instead of my face
The number one must have
Is that we are safe”

After years of crawling up this “stairway to heaven” - that is, after years of chasing the myth of rock and roll greatness - Sleater-Kinney had finally carved out their place in the greater indie rock zeitgeist. But now they’re at the pearly gates, and it turns out the sacred institution that is Rock and Roll still remains a dangerous place to be a woman. With “#1 Must Have,” Sleater-Kinney’s fight is one of refusing to accept the dangers women face as an unavoidable reality, and seeking to create change from within:  “culture is what we make it, yes it is / now is the time to invent.”

I don’t want to overstate the band’s activism, because Sleater-Kinney have never been a terribly “radical” band by any means. But I admire the fact that after eight albums, they’ve never resorted to complacency. Sleater-Kinney have always fought for their truths and encouraged a dialogue for change, still carrying the metaphorical torch of the community they came from.

the signs as 90s trends

aries: high ponytails

taurus: dark red lipstick

gemini: chokers

cancer: oversized plaid shirts

leo: crop tops

virgo: plaid skirts

libra: calvin klein underwear

scorpio: denim jackets

sagittarius: metallics

capricorn: doc martens

aquarius: velvet

pisces: slip dresses