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Maybe merman Reaper can turn Human Jack into a merman so they can be together forever like in splash? (it's a 80's movie by the way)


I’ve never seen the movie ha so idk how that goes

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Shut up and dance with me is literally Sirius in a song am I right or am I really right

you’re really right. Also I always think of him when I’m watching 80’s movies

soundtrack for a 80′s teen movie (using songs from this decade) {listen} 

01. angel face /// anthonio  02. veronica sawyer (stay home) /// summer camp  03. teenage love /// magic wands  04. locked in closets /// solange  05. candy girl /// trailer trash tracys  06. i’m sorry we lied /// blood orange  07. baby’s eyes /// neon indian  08. everything is embarrassing  /// sky ferreira  09.  lovetrap (ft. ariel pink) /// soko  10. devotion  /// kitten  11. rendezvous girl  /// santigold

Let’s talk about Dustin.

They could’ve easily made him the stereotypical “chubby friend” who just loves food, says dumb things for comedic effect, and is one who gets picked on by the rest of his friends.  This trope is so common in films about groups of young friends, guys or girls, mostly young and high school aged.  But they didn’t do that.

This kid is smart.  He has an imagination.  He’s open to all possibilities.  He’s observant - he’s the one who noticed the compasses.  

Yeah he brought food for their excursion, but not because he’s obsessed with it or he brought it all for himself.  He was being logical.  If they were gone for a while or doing anything strenuous, yeah they’d need energy.  Candy, chips, fruit, and trail mix.  

The only thing he gets made fun of for is his lack of front teeth, and it’s only by the two bullies at school.  His friends aren’t “pity friends”.  

tl;dr Dustin is the most beautiful little cinnamon roll