Relatable when you live in Asia but also speak English
  • At their “Good morning” text you answer “Good night”
  • You have to stay awake all night if you want live conversation
  • When some important event happens, your country prefer to run some 80s movie instead of live-stream
  • Internet censorship in China is a bitch
  • Somebody help theese poor cinnamon rolls


happy birthday to the loml tommy!! i love him because of how sweet and optimistic he is. he loves meeting fans and he is an amazing actor. its like he’s really the person he’s playing. also he’s super hot too ;) but its not just about the looks, its about how he is as a person. and im so glad i’ve gotten to know him through movies and tv shows. i first saw him in the outsiders and i fell in love with him. i couldn’t think of a more better idol and actor then him. he’s my #1!! 50 years old man. you really made it far. i love you so much! ♡

2 Broke Girls Season 6 Episode 9



2 Broke Girls Episode 1 : And The Two Openings: Part One
2 Broke Girls Episode 2 : And The Two Openings: Part Two
2 Broke Girls Episode 3 : And the 80’s Movie
2 Broke Girls Episode 4 : And the Godmama Drama
2 Broke Girls Episode 5 : And The College Experience
2 Broke Girls Episode 6 : And the Rom-Commie
2 Broke Girls Episode 7 : And The Sophie Doll
2 Broke Girls Episode 8 : And The Duck Stamp
2 Broke Girls Episode 9 : And The About Facetime

anonymous asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously. ✨

awww thanks mystery friend! here are five things that make me happy ✨

• Jesus! (my faith/reading my bible)
•music 💕🎤\singing - Tori Kelly and Queen especially! although i love many other artists
• my family
•readingggg books ( the Outsidersss heehee)
• aanndddd watching movies 80s movies and thangsss
- so there you have it, five things that make me happyyy!! I would like for @radical-ralphie @ilovebritboyoutsidersnyoutubers @jazlyn-white @staygoldaime

anddd @i-love-peter-pan-ouat to do this!!! sorry if I messed this uppp