“When River first played for Chris and me,” says Kim Buie, his artist rep at Island, “I thought he was great. At age 17, he was very sophisticated musically. His lyrics, on paper, read like poetry. He was a far better guitar player than he ever gave himself credit for.


He was constantly writing songs. He definitely had his own musical style, which I think is the sign of a true musician. At first, he was the pleasant, almost folky, singer-songwriter. Then he was getting into more abstract material, layering, complex chord changes, using two bridges. He was definitely ready to make a record.’’

From an article on US Magazine about River, October 1995 by Roberta and David Ritz.

i’m definitely a feminist. I’m fucking disgusted by the way women are still treated. It’s 1993 and some people still think we’re in the 1950’s. We need to make more pregress. There needs to be more female musicians,more female artist,more female writers. Everything is dominated by fucking males. And I’m sick of it!.
—  Kurt Cobain.