ok so here’s a theory/prediction:

toneri might be the one to possibly “”train”” boruto to use his tenseigan and awaken his tenseigan chakra mode or w/e because, well. who else 

which is probably this u kno

boruto looks basically like a pink flame - kinda like naruto’s kurama chakra mode - but since he doesn’t have kurama’s chakra and instead inherited a powerful dojutsu which chakra mode looks like This

then that means…u kno 

also. hinata told him, “ONE DAY come to earth”

he didn’t exactly refuse

the dude is still on the moon and he can contact boruto but that doesn’t mean he can’t still come to earth for real? naruto and hinata were literally like, “even though you tried to kill all of humanity please come back to earth with us and everyone will love you” 

or they can just meet up in boruto’s dreams/visions who knows

so in conclusion:

“i wanted to put toneri back into the story but my assistants said no” - kishimoto


somebody please kill me xD

ok here the backstory
after a very very long talk whit @nxsuper and him spamming a billion blog whit fresh asks since most of them have been on neofox67 if i remmeber correct he have ask me to make him a sprite for a fresh human
so here the result xD