'8 bit world'

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I wish there were more Princess Zelda amiibos. I love the Smash Bros, BotW, and Toon amiibos but I would also really love to see Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, A Link Between Worlds, 8-Bit Zelda amiibos. @nintendo give my girl zelda some amiibo love

right?? like i love my boy link but does he really need ELEVEN amiibos?? and even then, if he has so many, at least give zelda a respectable amount… like if he has eleven give her at least like six or something…

sometimes i feel like nintendo doesn’t really understand how much we actually like zelda. sure there’s a bunch of people who think she’s an useless damsel but she’s really a great character, especially in the 3d games (and the more recent 2d ones). ss zelda is a beloved character, more than her respective link, but where is she in the amiibo lineup?? ghost zelda in phantom armor??? oot zelda?? who??