'68 olympics


Lance Wyman, Olympic postage stamps for Mexico ‘68.

The radiating and colorful lines that extend from the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, at top, and which surround the stadium at the University City of UNAM in Mexico City, below it, provide more than a graphic connection between these two sites. They also refer to the connection established between the pre-Hispanic site and the modernist building between October 11 and October 12, 1968 as part of the events that surrounded the Mexico '68 Olympics. The night of October 11, the Olympic torch was spectacularly received in Teotihuacan after traveling through many parts of Europe and Mexico. The following day, the torch reached the UNAM stadium and was greeted in the midst of a ceremony that commemorated the inauguration of the Olympics. In Alberto Isaac's Olimpíada en México, the torch’s journey is captured beautifully in film. Watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M00Kgo-mcE

“Unidad Habitacional Villa Olímpica Libertador Miguel Hidalgo” (Villa Olímpica) y Escultura del estadounidense Todd Williams para la Ruta de la Amistad (Estación N º 9 ), av. Insurgentes Sur, Tlalpan,  México DF 1968

Arqs. Héctor Velázquez, Manuel González Rul, Agustín Hernández, Ramón Torres Martínez y Carlos Ortega

Olympic Village and sculpture by US artists Todd Williams for the Route of Friendship (Station No. 9), Tlalpan, Mexico City 1968

Villa Cultural, (Villa Coapa) durante la construcción, Villa Olímpica Narciso Mendoza, Anillo Periferico at the Glorieta de Vaqueritos, Tlalpan, Mexico DF 1968

Arqs. Héctor Velázquez, Manuel González Rul, Agustín Hernández, Ramón Torres Martínez y Carlos Ortega

Cultural Village (Coapa Village) during construction,Tlalpan, Mexico City 1968


Danish swimmer Pernille Blume wins an Olympic gold medal on the 50m freestyle with a time of 24.07. Blume is the first Danish swimmer in 68 years to win Olympic gold. Less than an hour later, Blume wins an Olympic bronze medal as a part of the 4x100m medley relay alongside Rikke Møller Pedersen, Jeanette Ottesen and Mie Ø. Nielsen. Here the fabulous four also broke the European record with a time of 3:55.01.

Iluminación diseñado para promover los Juegos Olímpicos de Verano 1968 en la Ciudad de México en la fachada de la calle del edificio del Banco Internacionall, Paseo de la Reforma 153, Col. Juárez, México, DF 1964. 

Arqs. Alberto Velasco y Javier García Lascurain

Lighting designed to promote the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City on the street facade of the Banco Internacional building on the Paseo de la Reforma,