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2017-is-gonna-be-my-year  asked:

39, 44, 56, 64, 95,142, 149 :)

39. What are your favorite stores to shop in? 

TARGET! HANDS DOWN TARGET IT LIFE!! Okay, and also Torrid. I used to be hardcore for Kohls too, but lately their stuff had been meh.

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean? 

Bottom of the ocean! One day I shall be a mermaid! Okay, well I really really love water, and I love the idea of the interesting things at the bottom of the ocean that we don’t even know about that have been around forever.

56. Favourite colour?   

Purple & Pink

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?                 

I used to chase the boys around in my daycare trying to kiss them. I mostly it was for fun because eeeewwww girls right!!?? Well I did have a crush on this one boy Matthew, and I would chase him the most. One day I finally caught up to him, and kissed him right on the lips. It was funny because he ran away the second I did.

95. Last movie you watched?                 

The lat movie I watched was Across The Universe

142. Favourite month?                 

December because Christmas time— all the decorations, the music, buying presents, wrapping gifts up, and well HOLIDAY TIME IS AWESOME!!

149. Do you believe in ghosts?                

Not so much, but I believe in the possibility of zombies one day. LoL

Thanks for the numbers lovely!!!

  • Hi.
  • You guys are my fucking family.
  • And seeing how some of you are really depressed,I decided to do something for you.
  • I hope at least one of these makes you smile.
  • 1)a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance
  • 2)if you fake laugh for some longer time,you will start to laugh really hard
  • 3)the Beatles used the word "love" 613 times throughout their career
  • 4)on the day of his assassination,Marthin Luther King Jr had a pillow fight in his motel
  • 5)penguins can belly slide
  • 6)cancer rates are down 20% in the last 20 years
  • 7)otters hold hands while sleeping so that they don't drift away from each other
  • 8)cuddling can help produce a hormone that helps heal wounds
  • 9)butterflies can taste with their feet
  • 10)it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile(so smile you lil dipshit)
  • 11)cows have best friends
  • 12)seeing somebody else smile can actually make you happier
  • 13)a pigs orgasms last 30 minutes
  • 14)penguins mate for life and propose to their partner with a pebble
  • 15)if you spell out numbers in order,the first time you would get to the letter 'a' is at 1000
  • 16)worms communicate while snuggling
  • 17)all tho they never saw it,blind people smile when they're happy
  • 18)rats and mice are ticklish
  • 19)one of the roman emperors declared war on Neptune,a mythical god of water.His men ran out and stabbed the WATER
  • 20)the voice of Winnie de pooh calls children's hospitals to cheer kids up
  • 21)an Apollo astronaut wrote his daughters inicials on the moon that will stay there for 50,000 years at least
  • 22)Norway once knighted a penguin
  • 23)goats have accents(Dont ask I have no idea)
  • 24)dolphins have names for one another's
  • 25)male puppies will sometimes let female puppies win in a play fight
  • 26)octopuses make gardens by collecting sea grass and such and lining them in oder in the sand
  • 27)there is no angry way to say the word bubbles
  • 28)in China,killing a panda is punishable by death
  • 29) the voices of Micky and money mouse got married in real life
  • 30)spiders can't fly
  • 31)sweden has a rabbit jumping show competition
  • 32)kissing burns 2 calories a minute
  • 33)some window washers dress as superheros to cheer up kids
  • 34)during the apollo race the astronauts got sleeves to piss in that were labeled as 'small,medium,large' and no body wanted to tale the first two options to the NASA labeled them as 'large,gigantic,humongous' and the problem was solved
  • 35)turtles can breathe trought their ass
  • 36)lemurs hug each other when they're cold
  • 37)otters have a favourite rock that they carry around
  • 38)for a moment you were the youngest person on the planet
  • 39)Canadians eat more donoughts a then any other country
  • 40)there's a type of jellyfish that lives forever
  • 41)somebody is having the best day of their life right now
  • 42)cows produce the most milk listening to everybody hurts by REM
  • 43)a monkey was once tried and convicted for smoking a cigarette
  • 44)2013 is the first year since 1987 that has all different digits
  • 45)when sea horses travel,they hold each others hands
  • 46)dogs nose prints are like finger prints to human
  • 47)before they hatch,baby chicks can communicate to their mother's by sound systems
  • 48)squirrels will adopt baby squirrels if they're abandoned
  • 49)a group of pugs is called a grumble
  • 50)abraham graham bell originally wanted people to say ahoy when answering the phone
  • 51)every year Netherlands send 20,000 tulips to Canada to thank them for their aid in the world war 2.
  • 52)an average person laughs 13 times a day
  • 53)if you walk with somebody,you will eventually synchronise your steps
  • 54)in Korea.there is a cat coffee where you can drink coffee while hanging out with cats
  • 55)honey bees communicate by dancing
  • 56)a new born panda weights as much as a cup of tea
  • 57)crows play pranks on each other
  • 58)if you shave a guine pig if looks like a baby hippo
  • 59)ants bow as to say hello
  • 60)dolphins sometimes menage to save humans from drowning
  • 61)Russia didn't consider beer to be an alchocolic drink until 2011.
  • 62)2/3 people on earth have never seen real life snow
  • 63)a hummingbird weights less then a penny
  • 64)a jellyfish is 95 percent water
  • 65)it would take 1000 years to watch every single video on YouTube
  • 66)a giraffe can clean its own ears because of its huge tongue
  • 67)that tongue is 21 inches long
  • 68)the number of words posted on twitter each day would fit a one million page book
  • 69)Donald duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear pants
  • 70)French was the official language of england for over 600 years
  • 81)our genes show that we all share the same male ancestor who lived 208.300 years ago
  • 82)there are vending machines that you can buy pizza from
  • 83)in some countries its illegal to advertise to children to keep them from asking their parents for things to much
  • 84)in 1906 a man was sentenced to a minute in prison
  • 85)there's a vulcano in Indonesia that spews blue lava
  • 86)a house burglar was cought once cause he loged on to Facebook at the persons computer and forgot to log off
  • 87)ants have mini wars
  • 88)alpacas can die of loneliness
  • 89)kanye west rapped his entire album to Seth rogan,just to hear his opinion
  • 90)people in poorer countries are more likely to say they're having a good day then the people in huge countries
  • 91)the happiest state of USA is Hawaii
  • 92)there's a woman named marijuana Pepsi
  • 93)40 million people in China live in caves
  • 94)there are towns in France where its illegal to die
  • 95)no egyptian President has been resigned unless dead or arrested
  • 96)woman spiders eat male spiders after mating with them
  • 97)there's a hybrid between a raccoon and a dog at east Asia
  • 98)unfaithful men tend to have lower IQs
  • 99) the entire country of Liechtenstein can be rented for 70,000 $ a day
  • 100)the biggest fact to be happy about-you exist.and you're awesomesauce.
  • I love you all.
  • Stay strong.

anonymous asked:

20, 64, 95? (For the ask thing 💙💙💙)

20. how tall are you?
5′6! It’s a nice height

64. Favorite dipping sauce? 
(already answered)

95. summer or winter? 
mmm they’re about the same for me. I prefer fall tbh

anonymous asked:

11,13,64,65,95 <3

11- what to you drink in the morning? Usually milk but sometimes coffee 13- do you think relationships are hard? It depends 64- the person you like kisses you on the forehead, is this cute? Absolutely 65- did something cute happen this week? I saw my bf on Monday 95- what were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping

traumatzd  asked:

64, 90, 95,96,97 💜

64. Have you ever ran a red light? yes lol and i almost got hit doing so

90. Have you ever played chicken? nope

95. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? all the time tbh!

96. Have you ever mooned/flashed someone? no but one time i got really drunk, said “i’m gona take all my clothes off im sorry it’s just really hot” and did exactly that in a room full of people

97. Have you ever cheated on a test? that’s how i got through high school math :’)

quacho-queen  asked:

64, 55, 95!

64. Favorite dipping sauce? 

None at all tbh xD

55. what is your dream job? 

This is something I discussed with myself and thought about to myself so many times and I still don’t know? I guess… Being able to live as a writer would be nice!

95. summer or winter? 

WINTER! I don’t like warm/hotter weather and seasons that much. I love cold and/or rainy days and staying in my room wrapped in a blanket with lots of hot tea to drink <3

awkwardodie  asked:


64: Are you comfortable accepting compliments?

sometimes :^)

94: List your favorite movies? 

i only have one and thats the animated beauty and the beast film because im trash for my childhood.

65: List your favorite people?1. You2. Everyone else I know plus my favourite youtubers

97: Do you look after yourself?

most of the time yes


John Constable (1776–1837, England)

Landscapes 2

Constable was a Romantic painter, and along with Turner is considered the finest of all Englishlandscape painters. Known principally for his depictions of Dedham Vale, the area surrounding his home, which he invested with an intensity of affection. “I should paint my own places best”, he wrote to his friend John Fisher in 1821, “painting is but another word for feeling”.

iaskssomestuff  asked:

90, 95, 64

(90) Favorite Soda?
Cream Soda/Cherry Soda

(95) Tattoos you want?
~Check recent post~After this one~

(64) Favorite Social Media?
Tumblr, YouTube, Wattpad.

(PLUG: @PerkyPeaches on Wattpad)

Thanks for asking! 💗🍑

inset photo from “inner japan” (vol. 186, no. 3; 64-95. September 1994, National Geographic Society, Winter Issue, September – December 1994).

image:  Peter Essick

Superstar Seminars presents The Bill DeMott Tryout Training Camp

Superstar Seminars, in conjunction with GXW Wrestling and The Bill DeMott Experience, are proud to present the Bill DeMott Tryout Training Camp! This camp will give aspiring pro wrestlers a chance to be trained by one of the worlds most renowned trainers.

Bill DeMott has over 25 years experience in the wrestling business, wrestling for ECW, WCW and WWE. Bill is well known as the former head trainer for many WWE Developmental programs, including NXT. As a member of the team who devised the testing and tryout process by which a current WWE hopeful is evaluated, Bill’s knowledge and expertise are incredibly valuable to anyone serious about making it in the business. This camp will give students an authentic experience of the tryout process, and Bill will teach all enrollees every aspect of how to be a better performer and provide the qualities that the big companies are looking for.

Assisting at the camp will be former WWE Womens, WWE Divas, and TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James;  Nick Aldis, former TNA World Heavyweight Champion, IWGP Tag Team Champion, and GHC Tag Team Champion; and legendary senior referee Earl Hebner.

The camp will take place at the GXW-TNT Arena in Richmond, Virginia, a multi-purpose facility featuring a full-size ring, classrooms, green screen video room for promos/interviews, and changing/restroom facilities. With easy access from major highways I-64, I-95 and I-295 and just 5 minutes from Richmond International Airport, the Academy is easily accessible for students from all over the US or Worldwide. Given the nature of the camp, we require that anyone wishing to attend must be at least 18 years of age with a minimum of 1 year experience in wrestling. Exceptions may be considered for applicants with a significant athletic background. Proper wrestling training attire is required. All enrollees will receive detailed instructions and information via email as well as video footage of their training for future reference upon completion of the camp.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be trained by the man who knows what the big leagues are looking for! Enrollment is $250. To apply, please fill out the application form below. If accepted, enrollment fee is required in full to secure your place. Enrollments are limited to a maximum of 30. Apply now to get your spot!

Yeeeeeeah, that sounds… I mean, perfect. All these allegations from credible sources and for only $250?! Fuck yeah, why not, right?!

I’m serious. Who the fuck is signing up for this? Who uses the internet to look up information about pro wrestling, sees all the shit about Bill DeMott’s training tactics and punishing regimen, and says, “Finally!”


Previous Palettes of the Week

The previous palettes of the week were requested to be reposted, so here is a master post of the first nine palettes of the week! Hex codes are given with a hashtag from left to right. RGB codes are given with brackets in [R,G,B] order.

Week 1

#F2D68A [242, 214, 138]
#FAA437 [250, 164, 55]
#DCD8D8 [220, 216, 216]
#E93D4F [233, 61, 79]
#FFBDBD [255, 189, 189]

Week 2

#E8E1C4 [232, 225, 196]
#EBC477 [235, 196, 119]
#AB6319 [171, 99, 25]
#121A31 [18, 26, 49]
#112363 [17, 35, 99]

Week 3

#401040 [64, 16, 64]
#5F5997 [95, 89, 151]
#49BDB0 [73, 189, 176]
#9FC3B5 [159, 195, 181]
#CEACBA [206, 172, 186]

Week 4

#CFBFE3 [207, 191, 227]
#7A90BF [122, 144, 191]
#525252 [82, 82, 82]
#9C2663 [156, 38, 99]
#E7A87D [231, 168, 125]
#C0F3A8 [192, 243, 168]

Week 5

#FFB463 [255, 180, 99]
#ECEAF7 [236, 234, 247]
#04C5E6 [4, 197, 230]
#5A85E3 [90, 133, 227]
#4B52AC [75, 82, 172]
#B19AE8 [177, 154, 232]

Week 6

#FAD398 [250, 211, 152]
#FCECAA [252, 236, 170]
#B9CFA3 [185, 207, 163]
#A8E3F0 [168, 227, 240]
#F2AED7 [242, 174, 215]

Week 7

#9FDDBE [159, 221, 190]
#59755A [89, 117, 90]
#743C45 [116, 60, 69]
#D18945 [209, 137, 69]
#FFA58A [255, 165, 138]
#DBD3CC [219, 211, 204]

Week 8

#DCDCDC [220, 220, 220]
#E8D1CE [232, 209, 206]
#E6B17F [230, 177, 127]
#4B3861 [75, 56, 97]
#6399A3 [99, 153, 163]
#B8DBD7 [184, 219, 215]

Week 9

#459973 [69, 153, 115]
#1D6E62 [29, 110, 98]
#0E5580 [14, 85, 128]
#1F2747 [31, 39, 71]
#A73E13 [167, 62, 19]
#ED811C [237, 129, 28]