'60s mod

Jimi Hendrix, London, January 1969, by Barrie Wentzell. “Jimi appeared live on Lulu’s T.V. show and caused a sensation when he stopped playing ’Hey Joe’ during the middle announcing, ’I’ve had enough of this!’ He started instead to play ’Sunshine of my Love’, a song by my favorite band Cream!. I saw Jimi by the window and asked Lulu if I could take a picture of them together. Jimi was a BIG star but agreed to a snap. This picture was taken later, with Jimi in a reflective mood and a great outfit.”

you: i hate marvin!
me, an intellectual: i love marvin because he is so well written and is realistic. he is a huge asshole and fucks up, but he learns from his mistakes like a real person. he is rude and uncaring to whizzer and realizes that he shouldnt be, and in act two hes much better to him. yes marvin is problematic, but so is every single person in real life