top 50 all time ships (as voted by my followers)
#42. dan and blair - g o s s i p  g i r l
“dan and blair, individual entities, two nouns separated by a conjunction. or a comma, if mentioned in a list. Which is rare, since we have nothing in common and are in fact, opposites. the kind of opposites who do not attract. most definitely not.”

Hey guys, while you’re making pages and themes I think it’s important to remember that not all operating systems are alike. I do not have the font calibri as a default on my Macbook, so when you put “font-family:calibri” in your themes and pages, it can’t find the font and chooses times new roman instead. 

If you must use a font like calibri, it’s good to get into the practice of typing an alternative or “fallback” right after like “font-family: calibri, helvetica, sans-serif” this tells my computer that if it can’t find calibri, to use helvetica and if it can’t find helvetica, to just pick a generic sans-serif font. 

More info about web-safe fonts and fallbacks can be found here!


Joonie and I have actually talked about moving in together! //////////

When we do, I wanted to maybe get a dog. I don’t think we’re ready for a kid just yet ahaha….seeing as we already have 3 on our hands…

Kookie has been screaming about how I should get a Shiba Inu because of ‘doge’? Whatever that is…..?

Tae also loves dogs so that’d work for him too I’m sure. He’d pet and feed all the stray animals in the neighborhood if he could honestly. Jiminnie likes cats more, but he just loves anything that is soft and cuddly.

Joonie loves dogs! He’s the one that immediately agreed to the idea when I brought it up and that’s what made me think about getting a dog. His parents have a dog that he grew up with that he goes home to see often! We’d bring him over with us, but sadly he’s getting too old to travel and it’d be difficult for him in a new environment/lifestyle.