Headcanon: Jack and Angela were both in a relationship, starting a year after Angela joined Overwatch (she was 25, he was 29) and lasting almost 8 years until Overwatch was destroyed. Once OW was reformed, Angela was the first person Jack revealed himself to, and since then they resumed their relationship. (Angela is 37, Jack is 41)

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Original art by ufficiosulretro. (Reposted with artist’s permission)

Best Friend—Forever

July 28, 2016

Read: James 2:18–26

“Abraham believed God … ,” and he was called God’s friend. James 2:23

One of the pieces of wisdom I have come to appreciate is my dad’s often-repeated statement, “Joe, good friends are one of life’s greatest treasures.” How true! With good friends, you are never alone. They’re attentive to your needs and gladly share life’s joys and burdens.

Before Jesus came to earth, only two individuals were called friends of God. The Lord spoke to Moses “as one speaks to a friend” (Ex. 33:11), and Abraham “was called God’s friend” (James 2:23; see 2 Chron. 20:7; Isa. 41:8).

Lord, I am thankful that You have called me Your friend.
I am amazed that Jesus calls those of us who belong to Him friends: “I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you” (John 15:15). And His friendship is so deep that He laid down His life for us. John says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (v. 13).

What a privilege and blessing to have Jesus as our friend! He is a friend who will never leave us or forsake us. He intercedes for us before the Father and supplies all our needs. He forgives all our sins, understands all our sorrows, and gives us sufficient grace in times of trouble. He is indeed our best friend!

Lord, I am thankful that You have called me Your friend. May I ever be grateful for the privilege!

What a friend we have in Jesus.

In the ancient Roman hierarchy, to be a “friend of Caesar” meant having a close relationship with the highest seat of power. Such “friends” knew the emperor so well that they actually opened his mail and carried on his correspondence. They also showed a willingness to serve the emperor as he directed. So it is for the follower of Christ today. The Lord Jesus has called us “friends” (John 15:15). He has let us in on His intimacy with His Father and wants us to share His message of love with others. To be the friend of Jesus is to be in relationship with the highest seat of power (Phil. 2:5–11).

By Joe Stowell


I have been working my way through the Images the British Library put up for free on Flicker, here is my First Arthurian Image I found.  I found some other cool things as well I maybe posting later.


Image taken from page 41 of ‘The Beautiful World and other poems, by Helen J. Wood, Helen M. Waithman, and Ethel Dawson. Illustrated’ by The British Library
Via Flickr:
Image taken from: Title: “The Beautiful World and other poems, by Helen J. Wood, Helen M. Waithman, and Ethel Dawson. Illustrated” Author: WOOD, Helen J. Contributor: DAWSON, Ethel. Contributor: WAITHMAN, Helen Maud. Shelfmark: “British Library HMNTS 11650.g.25.” Page: 41 Place of Publishing: London; Nuremberg [printed Date of Publishing: 1890 Publisher: Ernest Nister Issuance: monographic Identifier: 003968628 Explore: Find this item in the British Library catalogue, 'Explore’. Download the PDF for this book (volume: 0) Image found on book scan 41 (NB not necessarily a page number) Download the OCR-derived text for this volume: (plain text) or (json) Click here to see all the illustrations in this book and click here to browse other illustrations published in books in the same year. Order a higher quality version from here.


Check your emails for update #41!

Codes will be distributed via their BackerKit starting today, July 28, 2016, so be sure that the email you want your code to be sent to is updated to the correct one!

Once you receive your code, here’s how you get access to use it on Steam:

  1. Launch Steam and log on to your Steam account.
  2. Select “GAMES” menu.
  4. Follow the instructions that pop up.

And that’s it!


***NOTE: I have yet to receive mine, so they’re probably slowly divvying out the codes to the bajillions of backers - please be patient!

On survival mode

I’m so tired. It’s just about getting through the days.

Yesterday, I got a speeding ticket. 41 in a 35. Survival- fuck it, just pay it and move on.

Bee’s birthday is soon. There was a debacle with the bakery and they don’t have the Frozen rings to put on the cupcakes. Fuck it, I told them to do the cupcakes iced in Frozen blue and I would get the rings. Welp, that involved joining Prime last night and paying $28 to one day ship 48 plastic Frozen rings.

Bee’s school uniform. No time to get it all together and go to the uniform sale at school, so just dropped $200 for a couple of shirts, cardigans and jumpers at Lands End.

Dinner last night. I just couldn’t. Chickfila and playground time it was.

This morning, kids were all out of sorts. So, I’m literally wearing the same blouse I wore yesterday. It’s black. I paired it with a chunky sea glass necklace and black trousers and said fuck it.

Every morning this week I’ve ran through Starbucks for a triple and whatever that has cost $11 each morning.

We just have to survive this week. My mantra. I hate that starting school and birthdays have to be survived and not wholly celebrated.

It won’t always be like this. Right?


Like fall out boy? or all time low? the wonder years? taking back sunday? my chemical romance? blink-182? avril lavigne? green day? jimmy eat world? sum-41?

…so anyway, here’s a mash-up of every song you probably sung along to in high school

thedukeofdoctors  asked:

Can u help explain the "illegal number" to me? There's a lot of unrecognized vocab on the Wikipedia that would require me to do like an hour of research to understand just why it's illegal or what it does. If not, can u direct me to some1 who can?thx

This might be oversimplifying, but basically it’s a number that you use to decrypt something– in this case a movie on a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. But it’s actually just a big number– in this case, it’s  13,256,278,887,989,457,651,018,865,901,401,704,640. (The format that’s in the bot is hexadecimal, meaning base-16, as opposed to what we normally use, which is base-10.)

That number is basically the key* that unlocks the movie itself; the device playing the movie has to have it in order to play it. The Motion Picture Association of America didn’t want people distributing this key, because they could use it to unlock their movies and rip them to their own hard drives, upload them to websites or torrents, etc. (This is a form of Digital Rights Management, or DRM.)

The Motion Picture Association of America started sending out cease and desist orders to people who posted this number online; it was a big deal in the anti-DRM/copyright activism/etc circles at the time. A lot of people thought the idea of having an “illegal number” was ridiculous, and that the idea that you could copyright a *number* was absurd. Since the hexadecimal (09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0) is really easy to fit into plain text posts, people just started posting it all over the internet, becoming a kind of… activist meme, I guess?

I hope that explains it, because that’s about all the detail I know– there’s some more cultural context around why it happened that way, but I’m far from a crypto expert. (There’s got to be a crypto side of tumblr though, right?)

*It’s actually a bit more complicated than this– there are multiple “keys” that you need to unlock the movie’s content, and this number is just one of them.

Color in the Darkroom: A Home Guide

{Bessler Color Enlargers via the Bushwick Community Darkroom}

In this post, we’ll be having a look at the equipment required for working with color in your darkroom as well as the process and subsequent hazards. Let’s be clear on a few things first:

1. Working in a color darkroom can be quite expensive. This doesn’t only include the materials involved, but also the equipment needed to produce quality outputs. Not many people have the resources needed for creating a topnotch black and white darkroom, let alone a color one. And even when they do have the money, color photography is a discipline that is multi-faceted, and as such, it requires a great deal of attention to detail.

2. While there may be many talented individuals out there who are all well capable of doing color in their own darkrooms, many pro photographers mostly keep these secrets to themselves, which is a shame. This is why we’re discussing the ins and outs of color printing to help out all those who are missing valuable information on the subject.

Temperature Control is Important

First things first; the most critical factor about processing color is temperature control. Simply put, if you’re unable to keep your chemistry inside ¼ of a degree of 100 degrees, then you shouldn’t try at all. If  this statement sounds absurd to you, here’s what you should know.

Color materials, unlike the black and white, actually experience a color balance shift even by the tiniest of changes in the developer temperature. This is due to the spectral dyes in the emulsions, which absorb the replacement dyes or transfer from the chemistry in a correct manner at only a certain temperature. When working with C-41, this temperature is 100 degrees. If you fail to meet this tolerance, a scarlet object in the scene might look pink in the final print. So you can understand the importance of temperature.

How to Control the Temperature

There are mainly two ways to control the temperature, but both are quite expensive. The first technique works by using the water regulator valve – a device that accepts both cold and hot water from the supply. It does so in a round dial, quite large in size, which controls the mixing of the water. It also comes with a large round dial thermometer to monitor the temperature. The water regulator valve can cost you anywhere around the $250 range.
The second method of controlling temperature, which is by far the most accurate method, works by using a heated re-circulator pump. This device is specifically designed for photographic purposes. Heated re-circulator pumps regulate the temperature of the water, after taking it from the sink, and then return it back once regulation is done. A unit like this will probably cost you around $500.

Working with a Color Enlarger as Opposed to a Black and White Enlarger

{Beseler Dichro Head Color Enlarger with magenta, yellow and cyan color adjustment dials}

The color enlarger, also called a dichro head, is significantly different from the black and white enlarger. In the former, there’s a color head placed above the negative carrier, which has three filters. The filters are typically of the subtractive variety. In some cases, they may also possess additive filters. The filters are called dichroic filters, which usually graduate from dark to light in all of the colors.

Dials or thumbwheels are generally used for “dialing in” the filter pack, which helps change the level of gradation used within the printing process. The graduations in this technique are in divisions of 5, going from 10 to 90. The numbers represent the corresponding number of a specific filter. For instance, if you’re using individual filters, you will have a Cyan filter of 10 (CP10C), a Yellow filter of 15 (CP15Y), and a Magenta filter of 25 (CP25M). On a given category of paper, this will be your filter pack for a negative.

Of course, it isn’t completely necessary to have color heads on enlargers. You can instead purchase an inexpensive set, or maybe a used one, of color printing filters and do with them using a decent black and white enlarger. This would cost you a lot less.

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