“Pretty Girl” - Hayley Kiyoko

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I'm so confused about how this is all being done?? Everything's coming from radio stations nothing from Niall or his team whoever they are

I too am confused. I’m interested to see what happens right around the single dropping. He’s got to announce it himself somehow, right? Video? Tweet? Golf balls with the name of the single on them? What are we going to get? 

Reasons To Love Achievement Hunter: G e o f f  R a m s e y

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  • Best boss ™
  • Total badass 
  • But also a giant teddy bear
  • Gets to be the father of five+ children all day
  • Then goes home to another child who is more responsible than previous mentioned five+ children 
  • Mustache
  • His bard skills during Heroes and Halfwits 
  • His l a u g h 
  • Heart of gold
  • His tattoos are masterpieces 
  • His weird ass stories 
  • A Hufflepuff if I ever saw one
  • Much more 

“I’m just excited you guys got to see a real life big foot.”