What Is Poppy?

She is part bubblegum pop star, part performance artist … and part robot?

She is a YouTube phenomenon with more than 200 million views.


She is Poppy. And her fans are called “Poppy Seeds.”

But exactly who (or what) is Poppy?

NPR’s Scott Simon endeavored to find out.

“I’m from the Internet,” Poppy tells Simon on NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday.

Poppy posted her first YouTube video in 2015 after teaming up with self-proclaimed director Titanic Sinclair. The video is titled “Poppy Eats Cotton Candy,” and she does just that. The bleach-blond woman sits in front of a white backdrop eating baby-pink cotton candy for one minute and 22 seconds.

Her most popular video, “I’m Poppy,” has garnered 12 million views. It’s 10 minutes of Poppy saying her name over and over again.

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I made this back in July, never posted it
There’s one more image but there’s a 10 picture limit so it would just remain un shown
Hope you like it :)

Key: - Light Blue - First - Reddish-Brown - Second - Blue - Third - White - Their Thoughts *(I messed up on two of them there’s no color just all the words are white)*
“You’re the Same Kind of Bad as Me”

Ok, forget Salt Lake City. The havoc I wreaked on you.
All unintentional –
honest to god. Your body kept bending away from mine while you
slept, like instinct. Like silent revolt.
That’s fair.

I would bend away from myself if I could. My brain sits
in my head like a captive. Slowly chisels a hole
to escape through. Collapses
into itself like a wet towel out of protest.

This will all look so boring and laughable when
we’re old,
I just know it. How we took the great unsayable thing, and
shook the life out of it.

Spinning away away away from each other like two dumb kids:
brave enough to want something we couldn’t have
but not brave enough to get it.

It’s June. It’s 10 pm. There’s still light.
Let’s always tell the version of the story where you’re the
I like it best.

I love Sara as an actress so damn much. I didn’t think I’d enjoy her as much on Madam Secretary as I did on Grey’s. I thought it’s Callie. That’s just Callie, I fucking LOVE Callie. But turns out, it was Sara playing Callie that I loved. I may have not even loved Callie as much if she was played by anyone else. Honestly, I’m so relieved. She was on Grey’s for 10 years and literally did NOTHING else that whole time. I’m really loving this. She’s so good. She is so good. I also thought I’d only see Callie with a haircut in Kat. But that’s not the case either. She’s so natural. 


Wow!!! So honored to walk my 7th #VSfashionshow (!!) in this amazing @Swarovski outfit with my fellow angels, all the beyond gorgeous models and the incredible performers last night. WHAT A NIGHT! Shanghai was on fire😍 Thank you for another life-time memory, i still have goosebumps😭 @ed_razek @monica.mitro@10magazine @johndavidpfeiffer@victoriassecret ❤️🙏

SWAROVSKI : Victoria’s Secret : 10 Magazine : Ed Razek : Monica Mitro


The third dimension is a light Matrix. Time is purely a construct of the actual Matrix programming. It is what gives us an arrow took point and say this was in the past or this is going to be in the future. It’s a vital part of how we navigate in the 3rd dimension using the Cartesian coordinates and the Cardinal points plus time. I am trying to teach you that outside of the 3rd dimension time does not exist. Also, Inside the 3rd dimension you are literally creating your own time line Planck moment by planck moment.
A Planck unit is the time required for light to travel in a vacuum a distance of 1 Planck length, which is approximately 5.39 × 10 −44 s. This is a very miniscule amount of time. Millions of times faster than you can blink her eye. The only moment that You can experience as real is the moment of NOW. For some of you trying to grasp this in several Instagram posts might not be possible. You may need to go and do some research to get a better understanding of the lesson being taught here. I feel it is time to take my teaching to another level. I have dabbled with Esoteric wisdom at a level that most should be able to grasp for 7 years. The crawling stage is over and it is time to learn how to walk. #4biddenknowledge

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Closing the Distance - Part 3

Pairing: Monochrome
Long Distance AU
Chat log fic
(Pictures included)
Part: 3  (Read the other parts here!)

Another month, and it’s much easier to talk. Finally Weiss and Blake take their first unintentional steps on getting to know each other to a more personal level, and a friendship is beginning to form between them.

White Glyph #1402 at 10:30am
How’s things going?

Little Black Bow #2203 at 10:42am
-lays down-
not great
i’ve been stuck on this line on the next chapter for a few hours now.
think I’m getting writers block :(

White Glyph #1402 at 10:49am
Oh no! :(

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November 21, 2017

12:10 am

What’s wrong with getting my hopes up?

Nothing wrong with a little flirt

Not like I’m not over my breakup

It’s alright if she ghosts and I get a little hurt

There’s something about this feeling

The beginning of something that could be

Wouldn’t mind if my heart she was stealing

She’s ridiculously beautifully stunningly pretty

But if I’m being honest

I’m putting too much thought into it

Exchanging a few words isn’t a promise

Unless she gives me a reason I won’t quit

I’m not afraid to feel

Or at least I’m learning to

What if shit gets real?

I wonder if this is something she also wants to do

First Impression of Monsta X by my friend

A/n: I just thought it would be funny to share my friend’s first Impressions of Monsta X!



Originally posted by minhyuk1

-Buff boi in the streets

-soft boi in the sheets



Originally posted by sarangdongie

-looks like that guy in a bar

-will use a lame ass pick up line

-becomes offended if you turn him down



Originally posted by wonhontology

-he’s the boi that looks hella good

-you wanna bang him

-but he is innocent bean and doesn’t know how to do the diddle.



Originally posted by kihyuon

-he’s that judgy soccer mom

-yells a ton



Originally posted by jooheonbebe

-seems like he’d be in a gang

-but actually isn’t 

-is lowkey a scaredy cat



Originally posted by hyungwvn

-looks lowkey gay

-but will also stab you if you call him gay

-solid 8.8/10


Originally posted by ckyun

-he seems like he’d slide into your dms

-actually has good puns though


Overall rating of Monsta X:


You know, I was really hoping for a more fluffy reunion. It sounds like it’s been 10 years for Mon-El, but I just really don’t like when another woman is used to keep two people apart. I’ve just seen the trope done way too many times over the years, and it’s exhausting. I think this is a really poor decision from TPTB.

Barista Yan Qing
  • The barista that literally remembers every regular’s name and order. Heck, he may even remember what time you normally come in at if it’s that frequent.
  • A friendly man who often asks about your day as you’re ordering. He’s the ideal barista and always gets employee of the month. No surprise there.
  • Once he gets to really know you,  don’t be surprised when he starts recommending drinks that you end up falling in love with.
    • This boy’s got your taste down to the T.
  • If you sit and study at the coffee shop he works at, if he’s really fond of you, don’t be surprised if he suddenly just gives you something on the house.
  • Unsurprisingly enough, he’s great at latte art and foam art. So if you’re looking for a cute drink to cheer you up; go find him.
  • Honestly, if there’s no one at the coffee shop besides him and you, I can guarantee you, 10/10, he’s gonna get you to spill some of the juicy gossip in your life.
    • But no worries, it won’t go anywhere else past his eyes and ears.