ok but when i clicked play and saw that it was in fucking. slow-motion i was so pissed like wtf we only get 6 minutes and this is how you treat us and then they showed The Montage and i was like “wow..this is the most beautiful fanvid i’ve ever seen i’m tearing up but we don’t have time for this” but then that final scene happened and….i’m sorry i take it all back i’m sorry i ever doubted you thank you for bringing meaning into my life and this is a story of how i found God in a norwegian writer and director Julie Andem

I hope my future relationship unfolds like yoi fandom expectations

Like, okay, there’ll be ‘hints,’ but she’ll never say it’s a real relationship- totally is, includes love confession

But she’ll never kiss me- totally does in front of a bunch of people.

Alright, but it’s not like she’ll marry me- you have engagement rings and people are clapping. All hopes have been exceeded.

ok s O today i think i figured out why su’s plot hasnt happened in season 4

when su was renewed for a 4th and 5th season, they actually just split up season 2 and 3 into two seasons each. to keep out of confusion, i’ll be calling our season 2 season 2a, our season 3 season 2b, our season 4 season 3a and our season 5 season 3b

if we look back at season 2a, the first ten or so episodes were really slow and not plot centric (see: joy ride, say uncle, love letters, rising tides/crashing skies) but then we got the second and third steven bomb when things started to pick up.

so then at the end of season 2a we got the peridot arc, then in season 2b we got jasper’s whole arc, mr greg, bismuth and more i cant think of off the top of my head. season 2 took about ten episodes to start, but then the other fourty or so (because 2 and 3 were produced as “2”) were a lot of plot and stuff.

and now we’re on season 3a. notice that the first ten or so episodes have been largely filler, just like in season 2a. and you COULD argue we got reformed and sworn to the sword in 2a, but we’ve gotten mindful education and last one out of beach city in 3a.

i’d also like to point out we have chille tid, a major plot episode, after we need to talk, a greg flashback episode. we also had gem huht, a major plot episode, right after greg the babysitter, a greg flashback episode. the last episode was a greg flashback episode. if the trend continues, we’re getting back to the plot next episode

just me rambling...

so, i watched Yuri on Ice, and now all i want it a Sterek Ice Skating AU with stiles being a young figure skaters that wants to win on a World Championship (or sth like that, probably bc his mom was a really good skater herself and her biggest dream was to compete on a World Championship but she never got to bc she gave birth to Stiles and retired to focuse on family) and the new coach he gets is no other than Derek!

Derek was once one of the best figure skaters on the world and almost won on the World Championship, but didn’t bc of an injury (??? sth like that- idk i’m coming up with this as i go xD?? haha) and quit competing after that, kind of also stopped skating?? even tho his sisters (Cora and Laura- yes laura is alive) are tyring to change his mind bc he’s really good and he’s not doing well after he stopped skating! of course Cora is also into figure skating (wanted to be like her older brother), so that is how she meets Stiles (they become good friends) and one day Derek comes to pick up Cora from her Ice Skating practice and after waiting for her for more than 20 minutes he steps into the arena to find her- and that’s when he first sees Stiles, practising some jumps and all that stuff and derek gets mesmerized…

of course after stiles ends skating he notices Derek and, being stiles, he trips and falls on his ass because DEREK freaking HALE is standing just 10 meters away from him and he was kind of an idol for him as a figure skater (he watched him compete and was a big fan of his- similar to Yuri and Victor’s situation i guess?) and he gets all nervous and stuff

i don’t know what all happens next (i’m not good at story telling :’D) but i do know that derek finds somthing in stiles that he has been missing for a long time and after weeks/months of spending days with Stiles he finds his love for skating again!! after that he also starts to coach stiles!!?? or maybe he was coaching stiles (bc his sister made him xD!!) before he found his love for skating again! he was coaching him but never once stepped on ice! and then one day he puts on his skates and just goes for it!!!?

there would be a lot of angst and fluff involved and then an estamblished relationship once they pulled their heards out off their asses and just realized how perfect they are for eachother xD!! haha

ughhhh I JUST NEED THIS SO BAD!!! so sorry for all of this! i had to put this off of my chest xD it’s possible that noone even read it but if you did, first thanks (for putting up w my grammar mistakes :’D haha) and second

does anyone know of any good Sterek Ice Skating AUs i could read??