things i’ll never get over:

  • tarjei getting absolutely pissed and disappearing in the first 10 minutes
  • henrik’s jacket
  • ulrikke falch taking her shoes off to walk down the stairs
  • lisa’s face
  • cengiz wanting to marry everyone and fuck even
  • julie andem dancing in the front row and singing fy faen
  • siv calling isak (tarjei) son in law
  • iman meskini in general
  • herman’s dance moves

Just to sum up my feelings so far on series 10: solid. It’s not the most ambitious run. It doesn’t have the spark the best of Moffat does for me, inspiring the kind of enthusiasm the likes of the rough but wonderful series 6 does. But most of the episodes feel methodical in what they add to the more standard narratives (stuff like Thin Ice or Empress of Mars), particularly through the lens of representation, and the risks, while not always successful, have been interesting and worthwhile gambles. I’m not sure this will get the most love of any run from me at this point, but I’m certainly not sad to have gotten it, either. Honestly, an undemanding, competent run is probably good for the show after a year off, and it’s reassuring after all that’s gone down in the world since series 9.

I expect great, weird things from the finale and Christmas. But even without them, this has been a perfectly pleasant return from my favorite show and a welcome victory lap for a favorite showrunner.

I wanted to try out animating again after a uhh… 8? 10? month hiatus. it’s not good and right now I don’t have time to commit to it tbh.

also apparently i forgot that i’m going to an animation SCHOOL soon so I shouldn’t sweat it either.

Seikaisuru KADO: Of Male Author & Female Characters?? (Ep 11 spoilers)

After my rant post about stereotypical female characters in Seikaisuru KADO’s Episode 10, here comes my rant for Episode 11…. I CAN’T EVEN!!! I can’t… to the point where I’m just going to list down my reactions of Tsukai Saraka as I watched:

“Woman, you HAVE your own clothes, so WHY use Shindou’s shirt in the previous episode? YOU OPPORTUNISTIC PERVERT!!”

“That detached hand crawling inside Shindou’s shirt is sexual harassment!! YOU PERVERT!!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO BE REPORTED TO THE GALACTIC UNIVERSAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT ..not to mention, it’s creepy AF!!”

“Why is Shindou a huge idiot for wanting to negotiate with zaShunina by bombarding him with information? IT’S ACTUALLY BRILLIANT because (1) the entire world’s army and weaponry won’t stand a chance against zaShunina, so pew-pew-pew is definitely out of the question, (2) our only chance of doing about it by force is through YOU, and you’re severely underpowered. Because the world was introduced and exposed to all 4 anisotropic technology, zaShunina definitely won’t leave us alone without getting anything in return, and even if there is a verdict by the world to ignore zaShunina, I’m sure there are many who will cooperate with him anyway (I’ll volunteer as tribute!) , so we really only have one option to deal with him without starting a new world war: to do as he says and hope he leaves. So, I don’t get why it’s a stupid idea, woman!”

“Woman, why are you crying!? I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON IN TSUKAI SARAKA’S MIND EVEN AS A FELLOW WOMAN!!! Yes!! Shindou might die but you aren’t going to FIGHT by force, nor SUPPORT the idea of negotiating with zaShunina!! WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST WE DO INSTEAD? At least volunteer yourself to protect Shindou with that “power of love” BS.”

“Why and how did THAT lead to a kiss scene?!? WTF!!!!!???????? Please don’t force a canon…… ”

“Oddball physicist Shinawa successfully did everything and ask questions later. I am questioning her priority and morality here……..”

Is this how male authors see females in general?? As incoherent and selfish human beings? I’m not saying that women aren’t, some are, but so are men. It’s just….. why????????? Women are logical beings too, although we can be clouded by emotions, but who isn’t? Men can be clouded by emotions too, and if I were to pick a stereotypical emotion, I’d choose ANGER, and maybe REVENGE (for example, Eren Yaeger in Attack on Titan).

This series started off vastly different from any other alien anime or movies I’ve seen, where every country on planet Earth will unite against all odds and go Independence Day on Evil Aliens. But when it comes to female characters, why aren’t they depicted differently too? Even Shindou is not an angsty teenager burdened with the destiny to save the world. Personally, female co-worker Natsume is probably the most believable in her straightforward personality.

Even Hanamori’s reluctance to cooperate and subsequent dramatic runaway in this episode actually made more sense to me than everything else Saraka has done in the entire series so far -_-

That said, the script writer Nozaki Mado still deserve praise for the concept of this anime. The plot twist and romance for this story line, however, is up for discussion….  

Lastly, putting on my fujoshi lenses:

Did anyone notice that when zaShunina was looking at the bookmark Shindou gave him, he was reading Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet at the pier?

That “surprise” (that Antagonics body suit)… is Shindou making a present for zaShunina? Is that why Saraka got jealous and started to literally cry for attention?

And notice how gentle Shindou’s voice was when he appeared towards the end of the episode and called out to zaShunina? …and how he softened and said “I’ve missed you” as soon as he realize that Shindou came in peace????  

Yes, I am biased, but I prefer the Shindou x zaShunina slowburn relationship to a forced canon relationship.

Being on a diet for a week has taught me a few things,

1. You really don’t need that much food
2. Vegetarian food isn’t that bad and is actually tasty
3. You feel alot better after meals
4. It can be a little painful but it’s gonna be worth it
6. Having cold showers has made it easier to talk to my friends(helping me get rid of anxiety and depression)
8. You get motivated and feel less lazy
9. Sleeping gets alot more easier as does waking up early
10. It’s easier if you’re doing it because you love yourself and want to improve, rather than doing it because you hate yourself and want to change.

badgopher  asked:

61: Have you ever TPd someone’s house? 67: Do you curse around your parents?

61: Have you ever TPd someone’s house?

God, no, even though it seems like something I would do. I saw my dad (and his shotgun) run after two boys from my school who were trying to TP my house when I was 10-11, and it’s never really been appealing since.

67: Do you curse around your parents?

Nah. I had a very traditional and conservative upbringing. I think I said “shit” in front of my mom once, and they might have heard me swear in an improv show, but swearing is up there with calling them by their first names in the “things other people do with their parents but I absolutely 100% would never” category.

Like, literally every other episode has been good? So many. I’ve been calling Series 10′s praises all this time. I love Bill. This series has made me love the Twelfth Doctor, Capaldi’s Doctor. I’ve been loving Missy more, and Nardole more, each episode they’ve been in. 

But this one episode… wow, it earned such a vicious hatred from me. 

Doctor’s Who’s supposed to be about hiding behind the sofa because you’re scared, but you know that there’s always going to be something good at the end, that the Doctor will save the day somehow, or something will. With this, I felt literally sick watching it. Trapped. Attacked personally.

Bill is the point of view character. She is the one we’re supposed to see the Doctor’s world through. They didn’t just do that to her - they did that to all of us. And if that’s not enough, they specifically did that to a queer, black companion.

eddiesarm  asked:

question: i dont know shit abt jefree star but what has he done? i listened to like 2 of his songs in like 2013 and i know he has a makeup line but whatd he do??

He’s had a history for being blatantly racist and overall rude - harassing people, bullying fans, threatening and/or performing violent acts on people (mainly women, as he’s very misogynistic), and in a video made 10 years ago he’s said he’ll throw battery acid on a black girl’s face to lighten her skin (note: this wasn’t towards any black girl in particular, it was a comedy skit but still just as offensive). There’s also cases where he’s went after smaller indie brands, ignore customer complaints, and if he did give the customer complaints attention it would be him bullying or blocking them. At one point he’s even harassed an 18 yr old girl that found hair in her highlighter from the brand and claimed she was lying about everything. There’s more details to these stories and entire list of more stories but this is just the watered down summary of it all.