Why Libraries are Important Now More Than Ever

With Net Neutrality possibly getting the ax very soon, I want people to go to their local Libraries and get a Library Card. 

Why? Because Libraries have and always will be the most reliable source for information and entertainment. If the internet is taken away from low income families or individuals who can’t pay to use the internet, Libraries are the best havens you could ask for. 

You shouldn’t be denied access to information or entertainment just because you can’t pay for it. Give the FCC the middle finger and support your local Library now more than ever before! Because they’re the ones who wouldn’t deny someone based on their social or financial status. 

Go to the Library, explore it’s wonders! 

I’m happy about this but kind of cynical because of the upcoming Ontario election.

If the Ontario PC’s win the election in 2018, that minimum wage promise is either going to be delayed until 2022 or disbanded entirely.

I’m excited, but this win is largely dependent on the Ontario Liberals or Ontario NDP doing well in the next provincial election (the two parties that now support a $15 minimum wage). The party that largely opposes this move is leading in the polls.

But at least even if the PC’s win, the minimum wage will rise to at least $14/hour before the election. So that’s progress at the very least.


The hell you doing, Karen? Going after a guy like this. Because he chose me. It made me angry that he thinks I’d agree with his actions. (requested by serendipitous)

Imagine an apologetic Thor bringing home a very drunk and swaying Loki, sheepishly explaining that ‘things may have gotten a bit out of hand’ before you are left with the task of herding Loki to bed, who of course fights you every step of the way, never mind that he can barely stand on his own. Naturally, when you finally get there, sleep is the last thing on his mind…

Two Tutors

TITLE: Two Tutors


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine somehow obtaining magical powers and watching Loki and Doctor Strange fight over who gets to take you as their apprentice.


NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings to speak of except for a single reference to Thor: Ragnarok without being too specific. As well as police stations and daggers if anyone is uncomfortable with either of those. Side note: Tumbler is actually a last name that is, apparently, on the brink of extinction?(I’d have to fact-check that but that’s one of two reasons I chose it.)-(Oh MAN it’s been a long time since I wrote for this blog! Good to be back!)


I sat boredly on the chair in the police station and stared straight ahead at the wall opposite me, chin in my hand. I was just grateful they hadn’t handcuffed me. The officer sitting on the other side of the table repeated his question. “Where were you the night of the meteor shower?”

I glanced at my other hand, which was resting on the table. “Yes,” I said.

“Yes?” the officer challenged. “Yes what? You’re finally going to answer?”

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Tweek & Craig: *cuddling on Craig’s couch*

Thomas Tucker: “So when the two of you get married, which family name will you be carrying?”

Tweek & Craig: “Mine.”

Tweek: *squints at Craig*

Craig: *squints at Tweek*

Tricia: *plays western standoff music from her phone*