Fic idea where a lonely person sells their soul to Satan to be their friend. And Satan just rolls with it until he realizes at the time of their death he genuinely likes them.

Since he can’t renege on the contract he takes them to Hell and puts them in a high position of power. Demons hardened by millenia of torture now have to answer to a shy, self-conscious, quiet, depressed, lonely person who has unintentionally become Satan’s #1

Reid I want to do some responses OTHER than the ones I have for Morgan, can you stop being so damn finicky???




Reid come on man I just want to be productive


Reid you are such an asshole ugh

“-hurt reid noises-”


that time tai and i were writing that one red/vico scene that we thought would be hella fun to play out but it just turned out being awful and painfully uncomfortable and horrible for everyone involved is one of my fondest memories of the rp just because of how HORRIBLY WRONG WE WERE ABOUT THAT SCENE

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it’s not really the way they rp that gets me. just, if the mun is rude, i end up not liking their character in turn, if that makes sense??? yeah! that’s how i came to like yosuke so much. ubauwa let me love you omg. i am replying to souji today!

Oooh, I understand how you feel, yes. I’ve seen some muns being horrible to others so I decided not to try and roleplay with them which is why I didn’t end up hating any charac-….oh, except Yukari.I, uh, don’t hate her in the game per se, I just usually hate how she is roleplayed.I haven’t seen people doing it right yet. 

I can’t think of Yosuke as a serious character pffffff

The first mun of his I’ve ever come into contact was doing  crack roleplay so he’s just a homo child that cries when looking up for bikes okay

I-I’m sorry if I can’t be as quality as you ; A; I’m also not entirely sure how to react to Adachi since Souji is supposed to be silent……….

can i just

reply with dots

yeah that would be cool