Grappling Hooks Cause Death

Our Rogue was fighting with a grappling hook against a zombie. She speared it in the chest. We all passed our turns so we could watch her whip this thing against the walls.

She failed her Dex Check to smash the zombie against the walls, and ended up hitting it against our young, small, Halfling. (Note- this was the halfling’s first time playing with us.)
“Roll to attack.”
The Rogue rolled a nat 20.
“Roll for damage.”
The Rogue rolled a four-sided die and- surprise, it was a 4. Add bonuses and it was 8 damage.
The Halfling had 9 health and ended up falling off the balcony we were fighting on.

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Britney Spears may not be as big as Beyonce right now, but Drake certainly is! Drake is a bigger artist than Beyonce. He even got a #1 where lemon juice failed to get one. Bey is not on Drake's level so you need to accept that

The only way Drake is a bigger artist than Beyoncé is by height

and since you want to be brave so bad to talk about #1′s, let me put your ass in check real quick.

Y’all JUST gave him his FIRST #1 song meanwhile Beyoncé has about 9-10 of them (and a plethora of top 10 - top 20 - top 200 hits but I won’t go into those. It’ll be overkill) ALL of her albums debuted CONSECUTIVELY at #1 AND managed to win at least 1 Grammy, giving her a grand total of 20. Drake has been nominated an astonishing 27 times (so he had a lot of potential to beat her with the amount of Grammys); however, he only won ONCE

and I’m not even done with being petty. 

Drake and his award stats

Beyoncé and her award stats


And the album is called Lemonade, but you can refer to it as the BEST SELLING ALBUM OF 2016, topping, yes, Drake and VIEWS

When it comes to album gross: the combination of EVERY. SINGLE. DRAKE. ALBUM. fails to outsell Beyoncé’s FIRST album

I won’t even go into tour gross because that’s embarrassing at this point

Long story short: It is ok to like Drake more than Beyoncé. You can say he has talent or whatever, but you will NOT compare him to Beyoncé. That’s not even an option. You are right about the last line! Beyoncé is not on Drake’s level. She’s WAY above him

Did you know that spiders can 'tune' their webs for love?

Spiders can control the tension and stiffness of their webs to optimize their sensory powers, helping them locate and identify prey as well as partners, according to researchers at Oxford University.

Much in same way that notes travel along a plucked guitar string, spider silk transmits vibrations in different frequencies, sending information back to the spider.

“A lot of males will actually generate a very specific kind of musical pattern which the females can use to determine not only that they’re a male but they’re the right species and whether she might want to mate with them as well.”

Photograph: EPA/Alamy

List of beautiful streets with pastel-colored houses

I compiled up a list through my own research of very nice-looking places that have beautiful pastel-colored houses and I thought it’d be nice to share these wonderful places (along with links to the street view if you click the bolded street name) with everyone

1) Sea Dreams Drive, North Carolina

pic source

2) Bywater Street, Chelsea, London

pic source

3) Chalcot Crescent, NW1, London

pic source

4) 75 Portobello RD, London

pic source

5)  Monroe Street, NW, in Washington, DC

pic source

6) Lullwater Beach On Gulf Of Mexico, Panama City Beach, Florida

pic source

7) Cabin Rentals at Hatteras Village, Outerbanks, North Carolina

pic source

8) Yacht Charter at Nassau, Bahamas (no street view since its by ocean)

pic source

9) “Rainbow Row”  East Bay Street, Charleston, North Carolina

pic source and wikipedia article

(based on this post)

Courfeyrac: (in a high pitched, whiny voice) Look what you’ve done to my peonies!

Montparnasse: (angrily) They’re marigolds!

Combeferre: God! I think he’s right! They are marigolds!

Courfeyrac: I may not know my flowers, but I know a (yells in Mont’s direction) bitch when I see one!

Me @ mice in the live trap waiting to be relocated: “I literally despise you. You’re gross and you ruin everything.  ………………………….You’ve been waiting a while, are you thirsty? Do you need water? Here’s some water and seed. Is it too cold by the door? BUT ALSO I hate you so much you dirty bastard stay out of my house.”


161021 ‘Books’ in Fukuoka Day 1 -  Yesung cried while singing the last song, Sky, because at the back, a Super Show video was shown. He said that he cried because he misses the members.

Yesung: “ My heart slightly felt like crying because a Super Show video was shown. It’s been so long since i’ve properly done a Super Show and did activities together with the members. Yes, i’m in a state where it feels like a long time since the members’ positions have been empty. That is why i always joke about the members, and asking to raise your hands if you are a fan of another member, things like that. If i make conversations that way, it is to express how i long for the members. Because i miss them.. “ (c)

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