''you write left to right; i write right to left''

“I told you so!” She shouted as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

“That’s what you want to say, isn’t it? You told me so. You knew it from the start. You told me I would be left standing there empty handed pouring my heart out to him just to have him walk away. You told me he would leave me, you were right. That’s what you want to hear, isn’t it? I was wrong. You were right. I should’ve listened. I poured my fucking heart out to him and he left me, just like you always said he would. Boys like him aren’t worth my time you say. But he was my everything and more, I’m so god damn in love with him and he doesn’t care. So go right ahead, laugh at the girl who loved too easily.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

“He’s not the one for you, I know you and that’s not you.” I laugh coldly and stare hard into the green eyes that I used to love so much.

“Really? You’re going to tell me who’s not right for me now? This is the first time you’ve spoken to me in months, after you left me. You left me for my best friend and you think you’re in the right place to tell me who I can and can not be with? I loved you and you broke me. There’s no other boy who could hurt me more than that.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1132

“(Left) We are sisters, but I am studying abroad, so we hang out like this only once in a while when I come back to Korea.”
“(Right) We only meet once a year.”
“When you’re studying abroad, do you usually exchange letters?”
“(Left) Oh, who writes letters these days?”
“(Right) We don’t even send letters to our boyfriends. Even sending KakaoTalk* messages to each other longer than three lines is a pain in the butt.
“What do you write to each other?”
“(Right) ‘You still alive?’”

*KakaoTalk is a free mobile instant message application widely used in Korea.

“(왼쪽) 저희는 자매인데 제가 유학을 다녀서, 한국 오면 가끔씩만 이렇게 놀러나와요.”
“(오른쪽) 일 년에 한 번씩만 만나요.”
“그럼 평소에 유학 중일 때 서로 편지를 주고 받나요?”
“(왼쪽) 에이, 요새 누가 편지를 쓰나요.”
“(오른쪽) 남자친구한테도 안 쓰는 편지를요? 우리끼린 카톡 세줄 이상 쓰기도 어려워 죽겠어요.”
“뭐라고 쓰시는데요?”
“(오른쪽) ‘살아있음?’”

Left Hand

request; hi! my name is layla and i was wondering if you could write a bucky imagine with #39? thank you!!

prompt; 39. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

a/n; guys!! i finally wrote a request, sorry for the long wait, and i’ll have the rest up eventually. just been in a bit of a writing-rut lately.. i hope this is good!! :-) {slightly changed the request a lil bit}

warnings; allusions to nightmares, like one swear.. think thats it

Bucky never used his left hand.

She noticed this, watching him walking around the kitchen of the compound. She watched him prepare himself a sandwich, using his right hand to open the fridge, grab something from the fridge, and use his right elbow to nudge it closed. His left arm laid limp by his side, only moving with a slight sway as he maneuvered around the kitchen. Layla wanted to question him, but the two weren’t exactly on that stage of their friendship. She took a sip from her coffee mug, her eyebrows furrowed in concern at this sight, opting to question him on a later date.

The next time she noticed this was at pool party Tony held, the group gathering at the huge inground pool he had installed. The boys found an old soccer ball from inside, opting to a game of soccer as most of the girls sat by the pool. Layla found herself sitting on the “sidelines” of the match, Buck sat in goal on one side, Scott in the other. She watched as the game started, the first goal flying to Bucky’s left side, seeing him desperately try to grab for it with his right, but missing by inches.

“Oh, c’mon, frosty! Pick up the pace!” Tony shouted, rolling his eyes as the other team celebrated their goal, causing for Bucky to roll his eyes. Layla rolled her bottom lip between her teeth, seeing a split second of sadness on Bucky’s face before getting into position. She noticed his eyes flicker to her, noticing the furrow of her eyebrows, before quickly turning back to the field in front of him.

At this point, she questioned if she had ever seen him use his left hand. As she noticed the pattern, she couldn’t remember a time that she had seen him use it. Until, she found herself fighting by his side in a mission.

“On your left!” She shouted to Bucky, watching as a quick elbow jab with his left arm sent the man to the ground. Her eyes widened as she continue to fight, his eyes falling on the shocked expression on Layla’s face. He elected to ignore this, snapping his hair back to rid the hair from his face. They cleared their area, a small frown on Layla’s lips as shock still wired through her body. 

Layla woke one night, a shutter falling through her body at the cold temperature in the air. She tried pulling her duvet closer to her body, but it didn’t completely eliminate the cold temperature from prickling at her skin. Layla let out a groan, pulling her robe around her body, the thumping of her feet against the hardwood filling her ears as she walked to the closest thermostat.

“Jesus,” she muttered, her teeth chattered as she saw it was set to 55 degrees. “Who the hell-” she stopped her sentence, hearing snoring coming from the kitchen. She turned the thermostat up, then walked into the kitchen, seeing a figure slumped over the island, small snores falling from the presence. Layla recognized it as Bucky, seeing his hair pulled into a bun at the nape of his neck. Layla noticed his plaid pajama bottoms, matched with a black sleeveless shirt.  She frowned slightly, seeing his left arm slung by his side as his head rested in his right. Layla looked over him for a minute before taking a few steps to stand next to him, hesitantly placing her hand on his back.

“Bucky,” Layla muttered, her hand gliding from his back to his right arm, squeezing it slightly. His head snapped up suddenly, Layla jumping slightly, their eyes meeting as she realized just how tired she looked. “Hey,” she spoke softly, a small smile on her face as Bucky’s eyes darted over her face, as if he was trying to figure out where he was.

“What are you doing up?” he asked, coming to his senses within seconds. Layla’s hand still laid on his arm, concern masking her features as she shrugged, pulling the hand from his upper arm and running it through her hair.

“Someone decided to set the thermostat to 55 degrees-” she stopped herself from continuing, a bashful look falling upon his face as she smiled slightly, realizing it was him who had done so. “Why so cold?” She asked, sitting in the stool diagonal from him. She and him weren’t close, barely speaking unless they were on missions. It’s not that they didn’t like each other, but that they just didn’t think of going out of their ways to talk to the other.

“I uh, I woke up and I was really hot,” he explained and Layla knew he wasn’t telling the truth, watching the way he avoided her gaze. Layla pursed her lips slightly, standing and filling the tea kettle with water. “What are you doing?” She noticed how he sat slightly uncomfortable, not being completely comfortable with her yet.

“I’m making us some tea, it always helps me sleep,” she explained, her back to him as she reached for the box of tea above her, pulling a few bags out of the container. She turned to him, placing her palms against the granite countertop. “So, tell me the real reason why you woke up, and maybe I can talk you through it.”

The rest of the night, the two sat; sipping their tea and speaking of their dreams.

“Hey, have you seen Buck- Oh,” Steve began to question before spotting him and Layla on the couch, her head on his lap, and the fingers of his left hand entangled in her hair. A small smile etched on Steve’s face at the sight, Bucky never used his left hand.

The two characters in love/lust with Sherlock are both left-handed

John shoots right but writes and eats with his left.

Moriarty as “Richard Brook” in Kitty Riley’s flat is right-handed.

John as Victorian Mind Palace Watson in TAB writes right-handed: See alternating narration scenes of Lestrade telling them about Ricoletti (I think editing slipped a little with continuity here, since the alternating scenes show Watson as writing-not-writing repeatedly).

Ergo, when something is NOT real, one clue is that these two characters are right-handed.

John Watson, you keep me right. Literally.

  1. First date/Sherlock seduces John with his mind in the cab in ASiP.
  2. Sherlock realizes it was John who saved him from the cabbie.
  3. When shown these two by the 221B fireplace, Sherlock sits on the right, John on the left.
  4. Same for the desk in between the windows.
  5. Buckingham Palace.
  6. The kitchen table during meal times.
  7. The TSoT greeting-guests scene.
  8. The table at the TSoT wedding.
  9. The stag night staircase scene.
  10. The train ride in TAB.

When we see their usual blocking reversed, something’s bound to be off.

  1. Jerkface Sebastian Wilkes humiliating Sherlock in his office.
  2. The bickering in TGG: Don’t make people into heroes, John.
  3. Sherlock overhearing at Battersea and Irene stopping John from comforting Sherlock.
  4. John lying to Sherlock about Irene’s “death” while still insanely jealous.
  5. Sitting position in The Cross Keys Inn fireplace when Sherlock tells John he has no friends.
  6. That fucking TRF scene: The whole call basically, up to the jump and pavement.
  7. TEH Sherlock trying to stall explaining the fall to John in increasingly shabbier establishments.
  8. Everything from The Empty House scene up to the Watson Domestic in 221B.
  9. Magnussen’s Appledore after finding out that there are no vaults, from the face flicking up to CAM’s death.
  10. Sherlock and John on the plane in TAB.

If Sherlock is on the left and John is on the right of our screens, take note. Blocking is important. Blocking is a clue.

Additional left-right blocking examples:

John keeps Sherlock right

  1. First crime scene
  2. Not-a-date at Angelo’s
  3. Pure joy at the hallway of 221 below the staircase, after the cabbie chase
  4. John putting Sherlock to bed after getting drugged and assaulted by Irene
  5. John pulling rank at Baskerville and Sherlock a little bit too gleeful
  6. Make-up breakfast after the case in The Cross Keys Inn
  7. Only time they share the couch: Listening to Tessa about Mayfly Man
  8. MP John while Sherlock talks to the women who dated Mayfly Man
  9. John and Sherlock on the bench watching the changing of the guards away from Mary
  10. GAY BARS

Sherlock is NOT right

  1. Sherlock abandons John in first crime scene (starts from the stairs)
  2. John punches Sherlock with his right hand near Irene’s house (also, John is on the right of the screen)
  3. John leaves Sherlock to his “mourning over Irene” on Christmas Day
  4. Sherlock drugs (thinks he drugs) John’s tea
  5. Sherlock watching John panic in Baskerville lab
  6. John announcing “He’s back” to Sherlock in TRF (kitchen)
  7. TSoT “You’re pregnant Mary” scene up to Sherlock leaving
  8. John finding Sherlock in a drug den up to Bart’s drug test
  9. Entirety of Janine in 221B Baker Street (as soon as she leaves, camera shows Sherlock on the right again)
  10. TAB graveyard scene: “Spoken like an addict” up to “Mary’s taking me home”

John Hamish Watson: Keeping Sherlock right since 2010

pianopumpkin  asked:

10 and 11? :0

10. Are you right or left handed?

right handed!! 

i tried to teach myself how to write with my left hand tho, as a backup plan if i ever fucked up my right hand, but i didn’t even get to writing the alphabet properly before giving up lmao

I’m ambidextrous, I can write with both hands! 

 But you’re writing with your left hand.

 I can use my right hand too though, see?

 Oh so you’re right handed?

 No, I’m ambidextrous. Look, I write with my left hand just as easily. 

 Sooo wait, now you’re left handed again? Nice, my cousin is left handed, do you know him?

The point of cursive writing

I was thinking about that Hank said in his last video that cursive writing is useless

I taught a couple of beginner English class to refugees and asylum seekers, who can write Arabic but not our alphabet. So they have the ability to do precise letters and fine motor skills but aren’t familiar with our letters. 

So I teach them how to make a letter. And they copy the letter and it looks the same, but they write it differently. For example, they start writing the ‘V’ on the right and go left. Or for an ‘e’ they make a ‘c’ and then put a line in. And while that’s fine and gets you to your goal, you’re never going to be able to write fast*. Cursive writing forces you to write the letters in a practical way because you *have* to write from left to right, and in as smooth a move as possible. It forces you to write the individual letters with a kind of logical ‘flow’ from one letter to the other. 

So I think cursive writing is beneficial in learning to write, even if you don’t write cursive ever again. 

*of course, writing fast isn’t an essential skill, you’ll manage perfectly fine if each letter takes a second. But it is practical to be able to quickly note something down, in my opinion. 

I’d always loved the simpler things.
Books, long walks, the ocean, the sound of the rain, music… but then I met you. You were so intricate, so complex and intriguing. I made it my goal to solve the mystery that was your soul. But then you left. You left right after you had given me a glimpse into who you truly were, and right before I was able to decipher the conundrum that you’d become. And I wish you would come back because now I can’t even find joy in the simple things without you by my side.
—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #3
On The Outside

((A/N: Ok. So I just really need to get this out of my system and writing helps with that, right? I’m feelin’ like this right now, so if you’ve ever felt this way too, like you’re on the outside, hopefully this helps you. It helped me to write. @aprofoundbondwithdean @redlittlefox @andwhenitwasclear

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Language, alcohol ))

Once more you were currently in a heated debate about whether or not you wanted to marry or murder the inventor of the smartphone. It was a mental debate, of course, but it was one you carried out from time to time. Meeting up with everyone had been more out of pity, you were sure. Friends were in town and you had seen their Facebook posts about meeting up. Being at the same bar as them seemed kismet.

Until they got to talking of course.

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Never rely on someone else to tell you which is the right direction, you’ll often find right to them is left to you.
—  Jennifer Ratcliffe, A fleeting Thought, A fleeting thought, see how they run
I can’t wait for you to see me at 1am when I am dancing in my room like a fool, singing the wrong lyrics to the right songs as if it’s my job.
I want you to see that I have a freckle above my left breast and also one behind my left ear. I want you to learn that I have a birthmark the shape of a heart on my right ankle, and I want you to observe how I sit Indian style in every chair that I sit in.
I want you to see firsthand that I am clumsy, but I will do nothing but laugh about it. Sometimes I’ll cry, but I just need you to hold me for a while. I want you to see that my pupils breathe as if they have a life of their own, especially when I’m talking about something that I am passionate about. Many tell me that they do that when I talk about you.
I want you to see that I am not perfect except for in my own little way. And I want you to love me anyway.
—  Things you can’t see over FaceTime

Right, so… My scanner. It’s terrible. But my writing. It’s also terrible. So I hope you can at least see the left hand notes alright, and I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but the entire right hand is played one octave higher. Anyways, I decided to make some sheet music for the Elegy that Saeki plays because I like it and it’s short. The left hand also killed me I had a lot of fun! (I regret not writing this in 8/8, but I guess there’s no big difference. I also realize that I could have probably fit it all on one page if I had tried hard enough…)

Also, here’s my demonstration of how it sounds. Feel free to use these Sheet Music for your own purposes, and make the appropriate change if necessary! If you also play it, I’d love to hear it!

Please do not re-upload, though!

I don’t understand why people don’t believe in bi people with preferences?
Like if someone is ambidextrous, but they prefer to write with their right hand, doesn’t mean that they can’t write with their left!! You wouldn’t say “lol ur not ambidextrous because you always write in class with ur right hand” No, you would believe them and still consider them to be ambidextrous even though they don’t spend 50% of the time writing with their left hand.
Bi people with preferences are just as valid as bi people with no preferences.