''you write left to right; i write right to left''

  • Yoongi: All right, you know what?! I know how to settle this! All right, here, this is what we're gonna do! I'm gonna write, Taehyung on one napkin, and i'm gonna write Hoseok on the other napkin. And we are going to pick one! And that person is gonna be our marriage back up! Okay?
  • Taehyung: Okay, that's fair.
  • Hoseok: Fine.
  • Jungkook: Good!
  • Yoongi: Pick one.
  • Jungkook: Left [Yoongi hands him the napkin in his left hand and they both unfold and read them]
  • Jungkook: Hoseok!
  • Yoongi: Taehyung!
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi:
  • Jungkook: We should just switch.
  • Yoongi: Yeah, absolutely.
Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 19x03

Yet another solid episode! This season is going to be a winner. Also, THE BARISI CORNER IS OFFICIALLY BACK :D

But first:

Overall Thoughts

OK, this wasn’t much to write home about, but it was more than serviceable. All three actresses were very good so they kept me engaged, the case was pleasantly twisty but not convoluted, Sonny had significant input as a lawyer (and I loved how Liv was all “we’ll follow Carisi’s suggestion!”) and Barba delivered a heated and eloquent closing argument. I enjoyed it.

Squad Thoughts

More sharing of personal information! I swear, Sonny and Fin have talked to each other more in these last two episodes than they did in the previous 3 2 seasons! And they didn’t need some random case-related segue, either. This week, they were just driving to a crime scene, and they were shooting the breeze on the way there. You know, like normal colleagues do. Like real people do. Not cardboard cutouts. Something small like that, something as silly as stealing candy as a little boy, it can breathe life into a scene which would otherwise be mundane.

The thing is, even when an episode is not as exciting, it’s still worth watching just to see our characters interacting and being friends. That’s what SVU seemed to have forgotten, and it’s also the key to making a watchable procedural. Let’s face it, all the cases have been done before (often by SVU itself, because it’s been on for a hundred years), but the team interactions can )and should) be enough to maintain the viewers’ interest. This season, it’s clear the team dynamics are being cultivated, instead of being ignored, and that makes me happy.

The Barisi Corner


Just like I hoped, it’s like S18 never happened. We’re back to the S17 Barisi dynamic of friendly teasing and inside jokes. In the deleted scene from the premiere, we got the classic “booyah, Fordham law” type of interaction, except in its advanced S17 form. Where in S16 Barba would be biting with his remarks, in S17 and in the 19x01 deleted scene he was just making a joke for the sake of a joke, because that’s what they do. Sonny tries to impress Barba, Barba is totally impressed, and then he makes a joke to pretend he’s not actually appreciative of Sonny’s input.

In this episode, we got an even more advanced interaction. We got Sonny making a smart legal observation not just to impress Barba, but because he wanted to contribute to the case. And, just like in S17, Barba was impressed, and then he used a joke not to diss Sonny, but to praise him.

See, there are two kinds of humorous Barisi interactions.

There’s “Sassy Sonny Tries to Impress Barba” which comes complete with Sonny’s dimples, and Sonny’s smirks, and Sonny’s cocky remarks like, “Oh, Rafael, are you mad you didn’t think about it first?” This type of Barisi interaction always ends with a Barba side-eye and a snarky comeback. When Barba knows that Sonny is flaunting, he’s always quick to shut it down. That’s the joke. Sonny starts blathering on about a hypothetical argument, just to show off his legal skillz, and Barba is amused, but he also acknowledges the alterior motive, i.e. Sonny’s desire to get Barba’s approval.

But then there’s “Dedicated Sonny Tries to Crack the Case” which comes with Sonny’s frown and Sonny’s desire to get justice, and Sonny’s casual use of legal terminology like “obfuscated.” This type of Barisi interaction always ends with Barba subtly praising Sonny, using a joke to cover up a genuine compliment. When Barba knows that Sonny is trying to be helpful, he’s always quick to encourage it. That’s Barba’s favorite thing. Seeing Sonny creatively solving a legal problem with no ulterior motive. Sure, their games are fun, and they’ve been fun for 3 2 seasons now, but at the end of the day they’re both trying to get justice, and Barba loves it when Sonny focuses on their work.

That’s the thing. Both Sonny and Barba have evolved. Sonny used to thirst for Barba’s approval, early on, in S16, but soon after that he found his confidence, and his footing, and his place on the team. He still tries to show off for Barba, because it’s fun, but that’s no longer his main motivator when he speaks legalese. Sonny isn’t a law student looking to get that A, he’s a lawyer looking to get that D. And his actions and words have come to reflect that. Now he doesn’t just state the obvious as Barba jokes “save it for night school.” Now, Sonny has original ideas which can actually help SVU.

And Barba, who treated Sonny so condescendingly at first, Barba has come to see the change in Sonny as well. The humorous element of their interactions persists, because Barba is a snarky bastard, but now those same interactions are loaded with respect. With friendship. With flirtation. Barba is no longer dismissive of Sonny, and hasn’t been for a long while. Barba sees Sonny as a useful presence in the squad, with legal knowledge the other cops don’t possess, and it’s clear he welcomes Sonny’s observations. It’s right there in his smile smirk. Barba is willing to listen, and he’s even willing to entertain the notion that Sonny just might think of something he didn’t, which is beautiful to see :’)

Barisi Hopes

Now all I want is that other type of S17 interaction, the quiet support. Sonny always supported Barba in tougher moments, like the death threats (what death threats lol?), or a trial gone wrong, but Barba also supported Sonny, especially during that Catholic Church case, as we all remember. I’m loving the new showrunner’s tendency to use humor to display the bonds between our characters, it’s just the perfect thing to balance out the grim nature of the cases, but I’d love to see some more muted, more emotional moments between them (between all of them, but Barba/Carisi especially, lol). We have an entire season ahead, so there’s still plenty of time. I’ll be waiting.

For now, I’m just happy the classic Barisi dynamic is back.

I’ve said it time and time again, and I don’t even mean romantically (that’s what fic is for). Those two characters, Barba and Carisi, they have a dynamic that’s gold. Clashing personalities (Sonny is dorkier, Barba is more sarcastic), contrasting temperaments (Sonny is sunnier, Barba is a little more bitter), common interests (the law), a reluctant mentor-mentee relationship (which has evolved now that the student is no longer a student, though he’s far from being a master), a constant willingness to joke back-and-forth (which keeps building up their relationship and strengthens their bond), fundamental differences which breed a potential for unexpectedly emotional moments (“I admire your…”, because Sonny is an openly affectionate person, and Barba and his wide eyes tend to shy away from affection), it’s all there.

Good writing, plus a willingness to explore that bond, plus the natural ease Peter and Raul have with each other as actors, plus Sonny’s sweetness and Barba’s sass = television gold. And Barisi gold :’)

Yummy Thoughts

Barba was flirting. End of story. Textbook “there is no heterosexual explanation for this.” And I’m grateful.

Barba Thoughts

I’ve always said it, I prefer seeing “shrewd legal mind” Barba instead of “slave to his emotions” Barba, but the latter sure is fun to watch. That closing was intense, and you could see that Raul really dug his teeth into those lines.  I mean, damn. It’s not every week that he gets to really show off, with more than an eyebrow raise or a smirk, but when he does, wow.  I was just thinking, they rarely let Raul have a legitimate monologue, even though he’s a lawyer and theoretically we could be watching his opening and/or closing arguments every week. This episode tells me that the writers might be saving those moments, and using them sparingly, so they’ll have more of an impact. And I think they’re right.

That said, I wonder if we’ll be seeing a focus on Barba’s more emotional side, to better juxtapose him to the upcoming ADA, who’ll be more black-and-white and (I’m assuming) less emotional. If so, this was a smart way to start doing that. In this episode, we still saw how smart Barba was, but we also saw a passion we don’t often see from him. I’m assuming Barba and Peter Stone will clash on more than their positions, they’ll clash on philosophy, as well, and I hope this was an example of that. We have to see the “new” (but old) Barba, he has to be established first, under the new showrunner’s reign, and then we can be introduced to Stone, and see what they have in common and what they’ll never agree on.

Stray Thoughts

Just like I thought, last week’s dramatic ending (and Sonny’s potential subsequent trauma) was not directly referenced. It may come up again in the future, but again, as I said in last week’s post, this is classic Original L&O stuff, a self-contained dramatic episode which ends and is never mentioned again. L&O in its earlier seasons was much less serialized, and I think the new showrunner is bringing that back. I don’t mind it.

Another thing I didn’t mind? Flirty Sonny using his masculine wiles to cozy up to that witness and get her to help. Now that’s how you use your assets :D

“CONFIRMED.” I love Fin.

That old high school pic? I love that NBC employs people who have a passion for graphic design :’)

More background on Sonny’s family! The show remembers he has a niece! His mom used to cover for him for childhood shenanigans! He went to confession for stealing candy! Classic Carisi material. And continuity galore. This is the Sonny we know and love.

Amanda dismissively saying “pills, booze” to judge a woman who was on prescribed anxiety meds and enjoyed, like, a beer? Never change, Amanda. actually, please change (that said, yay for continuity!)

What a waste of Annabeth Gish.

So Brooke Shields is the grandma? Wasn’t that what everyone guessed? I was trying to come up with other guesses because I actually believed them when they said “no one has guessed who she’ll play”. Oh well. That said, she looked amazing, and I’ve always liked her. It’ll be nice to have someone with a (seemingly) kinder demeanor fighting against Liv. Not a criminal or a lawyer, you know? We haven’t seen that before.

Amanda and Liv’s jackets keep slaying my existence every week.


Did I write more than 900 words of this post about a 5-second Barisi interaction? HELL YEAH I DID :D

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this is really specific asssahfhs im sorry but i was thinking of one of my fav songs and realized hey i know most of the words for one of these lyrics in japanese!! but i know SHIT about japanese grammar. here's the sentence: 僕のお父さんが愛は世界できいれい物一番言う. i was trying to say "my father says that love is the most beautiful thing in the world" and idk if i got the order of nouns right. would it be ok to ask if u could point out my mistakes and rewrite it correctly for my future reference? :> ty..

to express someone saying something, there’s a grammatical structure for quoting. i dunno how to properly explain it (& also im by no means fluent) but i think it’d be better written something like this:


its been ages since i lived there so like, my sense of natural flow is a little rusty & my textbook knowledge is fuckall, but it’s at least something like that.

Mal: All right, you know what?! I know-I know how to settle this! All right, here, this is what we’re gonna do! I’m gonna write, Carlos on one napkin and I’m going to write Evie on the other napkin and we are going to pick one! And that person is gonna be our backup! Ok?

Carlos: Ok that sounds fair.

Evie: Fine.

Jay: Good!

Mal: Pick one.

Jay: Left! (Mal hands her the napkin in her left hand and they both unfold and read them.)Thank you.

Mal: You’re welcome.

Jay: Evie!

Mal: Carlos!… We should just switch.

Jay: Yeah absolutely! 

don’t let this destroy you|| old man logan

Originally posted by sirsusblack

Okay, so I’m about 70% better and I’m doing everything in my power to get out as many of these today as possible. I really hope you’re all still enjoying them, because I for one happen to love writing for Old Man Logan. 

** Masterlist: If you are ever in my masterlist and can’t find a fic I wrote, it’s probably because I took it off of there. I normally tag all of my fanfics under #Kayla Grace writes imagines so all of them should be under that tag!

This one was third place in my poll the other day, so here it is! I hope you all enjoy! Probably mostly angst.. Also Platonic. No romance here.


y/p – your powers

Requested by Anon: Logan and Laura find the reader and find out she’s just like them and on the run as well, so they agree to take her in. One night Logan and the reader are talking about their past and the reader becomes emotional and says.. “If I was a success, then why do I feel like such a failure?”

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blue night radio ♡ 170328
translation: cosmicsticks

jonghyun: the one way from which makes me feel very confidently is… that i’m a genius in my handwriting. my handwriting is really bad. i’m also a left hander but i can write with both. i’m ambidextrous! i can write with my right but, when i do, most people are like: “ah …, so this is what your handwriting looks like when you write with your left”, and i’m like: “no?! that was written with my right hand?!

  • Riley: All right, you know what?! I know-I know how to settle this! All right, here, this is what we’re gonna do! I’m gonna write, Lucas on one napkin, and I’m going to write Farkle on the other napkin. And we are going to pick one! And that person is gonna be our marriage backup! Ok?
  • Lucas: Okay, that sounds fair.
  • Farkle: Fine.
  • Maya: Good!
  • Riley: Pick one.
  • Maya: Left! [Riley hands her the napkin in her left hand and they both unfold and read them] Thank you.
  • Riley: You’re welcome.
  • Maya: Farkle!
  • Riley: Lucas!
  • Maya:
  • Riley:
  • Maya:
  • Riley: We should just switch.
  • Maya: Yeah, absolutely.
Snippet of the unrequited Shizaya fic

Warning: Angst. 

A/N: I need to share this cause my heart hurts no Shizu-chan. Also implication of Izaya being in a relationship with someone who’s not Shizuo (because it’s unrequited Shizaya)

We’re adults.

It hit him like a sudden epiphany.

…I never really realized it until now.

It’s normal for a man to be in a relationship.

Even if it’s not with a woman…

It’s Izaya, so if he’s seriously in a relationship, he has his own reasons.

…Reasons I don’t even know.

The rain continued to fall onto him as Shizuo dissolved his emotions away in his thoughts.

Izaya was still disliked by the city.

But the people he and Shizuo knew still supported him when he had told them he was in a relationship.

Humans were supportive of other humans in matters of romance.

There were people who would condemn Izaya for being in a relationship with a man, but it was nothing to the man.

He had already been condemned by the city for being who he was.

It was nothing new to him, only now he had an angel by his side.

Nothing had changed.

It felt like everything around him remained the same.

He still saw Celty going around as the Black Bike, with Shinra sometimes behind her. He saw the Raira kid whom he had told he was quitting the Dollars, and the girl he couldn’t remember the name of. He saw the blond boy who had apologized to him for the Yellow Scarves incident, and a girl who was probably his girlfriend.

He saw the guy whom had honestly approached him for a fight, Rokujou Chikage, around with his girlfriends. He saw Izaya’s sisters exploring the city together. He saw Kasuka with Ruri in their disguises.

He himself still went around with Tom and his kouhai Vorona in their debt collecting job.

Vorona would eventually return to Russia, but he would still be going around collecting debts with Tom.

Tom would eventually retire if he found a better job with his qualifications, and Shizuo would be moving onto the next job to earn his keep.

Nothing would change.

It was a realization that would have made him shed tears –

But Shizuo didn’t care about himself enough to cry.

 …I see.

Izaya is normal.

He’s abnormal as a human, but he’s not a monster like me.

Izaya is human.

And humans move on.

a masterpost solely dedicated to notes part 2: actual types of notes

Heyooo everyone!

I am back with part 2 of this masterpost series yaaayy so let’s gooo notes are waitiiiing

Check out part 1!

There are so many types of notes and methods how to take them and I’m not gonna lie, covering all of them would be impossible, especially when most of these types are not known cause human everyone is different and has different needs and do stuff differently yaaay I love differences wait how did i get here *looks around in confusion* Anyway, I’ll make a deal with you here ‘kay? I’ll sum up the types that are mostly used in terms of  how you do it and for which subjects and I might add some personal experience with the type and if you have your own kinda method or like something that you do, please do send me asks and messages and reply to this post and tell me more about what you do! I think it would be really interesting to compile all of your methods in a big post afterwards! So please please??

Anyway let’s start~~


This is a method which is used mostly by visual learners. Basically you write your main idea/topic in the center and then make kinda branches from it to expand it and add other subtopics and ideas, of course with using as much color as possible. Mind-mapping is an awesome technique for connecting ideas - you can do this to get a better understanding of the links between the topics you have. I’m not a big fan of mind-mapping, since it unfortunately looks like a mess to me, but I do use it and that’s when I write essays. I put the topic in the middle and think of ideas/arguments that I can use in the essay. It’s cool cause it doesn’t get as messy as if I was writing actual notes and also, I can see how many ideas I got and what I want to cover in my essay. Anyway you can use mind-maps in biology, chemistry, but also like almost anything else :D


Flashcards are the key to mastering vocabulary. Like legit. You put the word on one side, turn the card and put the definition and examples on the other side. Easy as it is. Actually, you can use it to summarize topics, too, which is awesome and you can quiz yourself by reading the term and then explaining it and things like that. I don’t use flashcards that often, but they really helped me a long time ago, when I took a law class and it was full of weird words :D so this method is useful in any subject which uses terms - biology, law, languages (I was learning kanji with flashcards), physics, history… anything really


This is a notebook version of the flashcards system and it’s done like this: you take a smaller notebook and on the left page, you write your term and on the right page, you explain it. Easy. Or you can also take a bigger notebook and split the page into two columns and do the same thing – in the left one you write your term and in the right one you explain it.


This one is the easiest thing you can do. You take a piece of paper (or a notebook) and a pen, write a heading, make a bullet point and just write. That’s it guys that’s everything. Actually not really, because you can make subheadings! And extra types of bullet points and lists and everything! And not only is this the easiest method, it’s also the most effective one. You can use it in any subject and it’s just really fast to write your notes. I actually use some kind of an outline method with additional things like adding a column for more stuff and textbook notes etc. and tbh after trying the cornell method I can say that I prefer this one better and I’m going to tell you more about why when I talk about the cornell method.


Here it is, the famous cornell notetaking method! What you do is that you basically split your page into three sections - a column on the left for questions, topics and subheadings, a section at the bottom of the page for the summary and a section in the middle (basically what is left of the page) for your actual notes. And here it gets creative. 

You can write your notes either in a format of question-answer, so you put the question in the left column and the answer in the notes section. That means you write in sentences and if you remember what I said in part 1 of this masterpost series, please do this only when revising at home.

You can also write your notes in bullet points, which means you can actually use this at school. Then you write your topics/vocab in the left column.

And now let’s focus on the summary section. This is basically the reason I stopped using the cornell method. The summary section is cool when your topic perfectly fits in one page. But when your topic is on ten pages and you kinda have to summarize every single one, it gets first of all annoying (at least for me) and secondly, I just get confused about how should I summarize it? Should I sum up every single page or can I just mix it? But wait can I write about a completely different thing on this page?

Basically, I got confused and omitted the summary section and kept the column on the left for like additional notes from my teachers. But then I took away the column, too, and that was simply because the outline was enough for all of my subjects (almost, except for czech, i was just lazy hahaha rip me) and most of my professors don’t say additional stuff so… that’s how I ended exactly where I began :D

That’s everything for this part! Make sure to reply/send messages and asks with how you take notes, I’m really looking forward to those and I’ll be making a post from these!



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How to kickstart your new semester

You left.
I guess I always knew you would,
but that doesn’t make it hurt any less.

Just because I knew that you’d walk away,
that doesn’t mean that when the words left your lips,
your fingers didn’t curl around my heart and pull at the strings that held it together.

I feel empty-
everything hurts.

Since you left,
whenever I close my eyes I see a silhouette of you;
I hear your voice bouncing off the walls in my head;
My eyes wander whenever I walk through the halls, searching for you;
My fingers constantly curl, grasping for the hands that they no longer hold,
Or twirl looking for the lochs of you hair that they used to nimbly run through.

Now that you’re gone I can’t walk around the same;
I can’t go through the halls that we used to.
I can’t head straight down the narrow sidewalk getting out of physics-
I have to turn right so I don’t hear the sound of your footsteps next to mine,
Accompanied by the ghostly floating remains of long forgotten conversations and laughs we shared.
I can’t climb the southernmost staircase of the new building-
Not without stopping on the third platform just before climbing the last flight of stairs to reach the third floor;
Not without feeling the fleeting graze of your lips against my own for the first time.
I can’t walk along the straight walkway that leads from the cafeteria to the red awning-
Whenever I do I stop at the second to last pole piling and hug my backpack straps a little closer,
Pretending that they’re your arms around me as you pull me in and call me a goof for checking to see if I could see you again later;
Always, you would say.

It’s a funny word.
It implies no end,
and yet to those after class meetings,
there was an end.

I saw you today, and you looked fine,
but I know you’re a fake-
I know behind that cocky, twisted, crooked smile, is an insecure boy who wants to be loved.
He wants to be loved,
but I believe he’s too scared to give love himself.

Maybe that’s why it seemed so easy to walk away.
Maybe some parts of you were slowly starting to fall for me,
and maybe that terrified you.

I memorized the words that you said to me that one day in February-
you called me a thief.
You asked me if stealing your heart wasn’t enough for me-
You admitted that I was on my way to doing that.

Just a little fyi,
I never stole it.
You built up a wall, pushed me out, and ran away.
I wonder who hurt you,
Who made you afraid to fall in love?

But that’s all just hypothetical.
Right now all I know for sure, is you’re gone.
You walked away.
You left me behind,
and right now it’s killing me.

—  The boy who was too scared to love

So….. I keep noticing a trend of me being blocked by VIII specific blogs, RP or otherwise.

You know… If I’m doing something wrong here, coming forward and talking to me about this Wrong Thing™ is an option too. Maybe by doing so it not only clears the air but helps me to correct any err I’ve made during my time here on tumblr?

anonymous asked:

Since you are left handed, were you ever forced to write with your right?

Yes. Vulgar superstition, that. I write perfectly well with my right hand, but I prefer the left.

One would think that the devil has more pressing matters with which to occupy his time than meddling with left handed penmanship.

How to write a solid personal statement, Part 3

In my previous two posts (here and here), I outlined some of the tenets of creative non-fiction writing and provided some tips on how to translate those gobbits of wisdom into a real live, in-the-flesh, super-fantastic personal statement. 

But I’ve saved the best for last.

Mmm. Wait, sorry. I got distracted for a second.

Now that you’ve got some tools in your college essay toolbox, here are some exercises to help get you started with the actual writing of the thing.

Exercise 1: The Thirty Random Facts List

This brainstorming exercise is pretty much what it sounds like, but let me give you an example of what I mean by “random.” I don’t mean it in the sense of: “that grilled cheese gif is totally random.” (Although it is.)

do mean it in this sense:

“I once poured soapy water all over the kitchen floor so I could make an ice rink in my house” (from a student who used to be a competitive ice skater)

Here’s another:

“I don’t like to match my socks” (from a student whose essay ended up talking a lot about the importance of diversity in her life)

How about one more?

“I like to imagine I’m shooting orcs and trolls during archery practice” (from a student who loves The Lord of the Rings and is a competitive archer. Duh)

Q: What’s the point?

A: The point is to fish out some of the more unique and interesting details in your life that might be useful as you craft your story. Most of your random facts probably won’t make the final cut of your essay-movie, but the one or two that do will likely add a lot of color and “pop” to it. 

Q: How do I know which details to use in my essay?

A: Use the ones that show a specific quality or value that you are developing in your story (for the “ice rink” student above, the qualities that her anecdote evokes are imagination, ingenuity, and independence; for the “socks” student, the values are an appreciation for diversity and offbeat creativity). 

Even if you don’t use the details you list, they serve the very important purpose of highlighting particular qualities and values, not to mention quirks, that you most likely will be developing in your essay.

Exercise 2: Your “Lifeline”

This brainstorming exercise is essentially a timeline of your life, your lifeline. Maybe you’ve seen those biographical timelines that sometimes appear in the back of anthologies of a particular author’s works? No? Just me? 

Well, nevermind. Yours can follow a simple pattern, like this:

Start with your birth, but fill in the rest of the timeline with meaningful memories or significant events, like “moved to the US from China” or “broke my ankle playing soccer.” Most of the timeline should cluster around your middle school and high school years, since that’s when meaningful things start to happen with more frequency (or at least that’s the way it feels, right?), but also because your essay will be telescoping in on those four or five years much more closely and extensively than on your childhood years. 

The end result might look something like this:

OK, it doesn’t have to be this epic, but why not let it all hang out? The boring old template I shared above is way less interesting and absorbing than this wonderland of liveliness and color. Get into the spirit of the thing and make it a project. At the very least, your essay should evoke this kind of vibrancy and drama, so think of this exercise as the “map,” or even the “screenplay,” of your essay-movie.

Exercise 3: The Values Diptych

What the heck is a diptych?! Aside from being one of my favorite words (it just barely misses sounding like an expletive, i.e. “don’t be such a diptych!”), it was originally a painting or tablet in two hinged pieces representing related scenes, often religious or ritual in nature, like so:

Your diptych will take this principle and break it down to its essence. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. At the top of the left column, write “What I’ve done.” At the top of the right column, write “Qualities / values I possess.” Now, start filling in the space in each column. The activities and interests on the left should map onto the qualities and values on the right. Draw lines connecting the activity with the value/quality, and you now have an image of how the things you do speak of the person your are. Simple as that.

Q: What’s the point?

A: The point is to visualize the way your activities and accomplishments and passions and hobbies manifest your values and characteristics, your personality.

What you do + why you do it = who you are.

Your essay, your personal statement, should be a word-picture of the person who is you. Many schools, like the UC, don’t interview applicants, and many of those that do offer only alumni interviews, which are conducted not by admissions counselors but rather by graduates of the institution. These alums will report back to the admissions committee, but the fact remains:

Your essay is your best chance to present yourself as a three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood, coherent, interesting, vibrant, curious, intelligent individual.

The Values Diptych is a great way to start to see how the pieces of your life, outside and inside, on campus and off campus, fit together like complex, many-sided puzzle pieces. 

Exercise 4: Desert Island Objects List

If you were banished to a desert island, what would you bring with you that keeps you connected to home? What objects, ideas, memories, experiences are more than mere objects, ideas, etc., because they carry with them feelings of significance and familiarity and comfort and happiness? Because they represent who you are?

I would bring my 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom electric guitar, not only because it reminds me of the years I spent as a musician in my teens and twenties, but also because it connects me to my dad, whose passion for 60s soul and R&B, and music in general, infected me at a very young age and set me on a path that would shape who I am today. I taught myself to play listening to old Albert King blues records and joined my first band when I was 15. I’ve been writing songs ever since. Obvi, it’s got both real and symbolic meaning for me.

I’d also include a little yearbook photograph of my wife when she was in tenth grade. I didn’t know her then, but I like to look at it and imagine what it would have been like if I did. The pic is also kind of goofy, like most high school photos, and makes me laugh and reminds me of how warm and loving and adorable she is, so I keep it in my wallet and look at it whenever I need a mental hug.

I’d also put my memory of traveling cross country with my family when I was 11. It was the most epicly awesome trip ever. We ate a ton of great food (ribs in Memphis! fried ravioli in St. Louis! roadside burgers in Flagstaff!) and I got to see so much of the country. It’s one of my favorite memories, and represents how close I am with my family, how traveling and food and music and sing-alongs have defined who we are as unit for my whole life. It also represents the fact that most of most vivid memories are tied to meals I’ve eaten.

Whether or not any of these “objects” ends up in your essay, getting them down on the page and reflecting on what they mean to you and why they mean that to you will inevitably help you discover the building blocks of your story.

Now, get writing!

onesongbeforeigo  asked:

John Laurens fluffy headcanons for an s/o with anxiety?

Yo yo yo some John laurens hc’s would be 👌👌👏👍👐👌👌 fantastic rn

boss’ memo : ye!! i gotcha! <3 anon, i hope you don’t mind that i combined these !! also, i interpreted what you said as general hcs for john laurens, but if you wanted a part two for s/o headcanons, then i will redo this for you <3

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general headcanons

  • if you sincerely hurt his feelings, he’s very obvious about the fact and will push you to apologize for what you did by bringing it up–though, given enough time, he steps back and tries to be the bigger person,,,
    • he has some problems with apologizing, though !
  • he’s left handed, but was made to write with his right–so he does everything with his left hand, and only writes with his right !
  • he’s very open to trying new foods and likes to bring home something he randomly found so he can try and cook it,,
  • draws a bit in his free time, likes to sketch clothing designs with hercules
  • he’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie!! ‘s why he gets into so many fights!
    • don’t bring him to an amusement park unless you’re ready to suffer the consequences…
      • although, he’s also content with just walking around and eating !!
    • he’s the one giggling at your look of terror when he points to the roller coasters
      • he has no fear,
  • he loves!! seeing people smile because of him !!!
  • trans boy john laurens, anyone ??
    • (i promised myself i wouldn’t do gender or sexuality hcs but i still went there,,)

with an s/o with anxiety

  • he likes to bring you comfort items !
    • got a stuffed animal that makes you feel better? blanket? want him to try and make your favorite food ? (quality will vary but he loves you and that’s the most important part because the food is made with love, so,)
  • he’s not very good at doing anything more than holding you and humming the first few times
    • when he’s more used to you having anxiety attacks, he tells you a funny story or something good that happened to him today while he hugs you !!
      • he sometimes says such sweet things that you start crying because of what he said
      • ^ he panics, a little, when you do that
  • he reasons things out, has you explain your problem until the two of you can work together to diminish it
    • if there’s no problem and you simply feel stressed, he’s good at telling you how strong you are, how you are so much more than only your disorder, that you’re really incredible for fighting like this alone for so long before he was there to help you
  • he always asks if there’s anything more he can do for you, because seeing you in distress hurts him (he’d never tell you this outright, doesn’t want to stress you out any more)
  • he might get you to draw with him,
    • small doodles + he likes to draw a tiny him smooching a tiny you on the cheek–his notebook is filled with that exact drawing, it’s what he defaults to doing
    • he likes playing games such as complete the picture : you draw a line, and he draws a line, and maybe you draw a circle, and the two of you make a masterpiece together
      • he sometimes makes these into actual, detailed drawings that he excitedly shows off to you !!

I’m thinking about that time in kindergarten, our music teacher was making us do a play, during practice she said “alright, do you know which is your right side? You’ll need to turn to the right.” Nobody knew, so she said “it’s the hand you write with, so everyone, turn right” half the class turns left, some do nothing, it’s a disaster, people are spinning, the amulet of kings is gone, everything’s bad. “No..everyone..raise the hand you write with”

Half the class raises both or left hands “oh.”

vxilios  asked:

Do you know if a script has ever changed from reading left-to-right to right-to-left, or vice versa? I had a thought this morning about a deluded southpaw emperor who changes the language just so he doesn't smudge his writing.

Greek was written in boustrophedon style until it settled on a single direction. Egyptian hieroglyphs were written in one of any number of directions, and they seemed to be fine with it. I imagine it wouldn’t be impossible, but it seems unlikely if the script is only LTR or RTL that it’d go to the other.

lynnrosexox  asked:

How do I start losing the weight? These past few months I've been trying to lose weight but I just can't get past day one and give in to binging. I use to be able to exercise daily, drink more then my required amount of water, but ever since I fell off the bandwagon I can't seem to get back on. Any tips you can give me?

I had the same problem, I was on track and then I binged and gained it all back and just couldn’t past the day one… this is what I did: so I bought like a little notebook and every night I would write a plan of what will I eat the next day and I would count the calories and make sure I don’t go over 1200 (depends sometimes I make it 800 sometimes 1000 but never over 1200).. I write that on the left side of the notebook and on the right side I write everything I eat and I try keeping up with my plan. I also eat with my opposite hand (I usually eat with my right hand but I started eating with the left one) because you eat slower, I drink green tea every morning and in the evening and I try walking as much as I can. Oh and I try not to eat after 6 pm so it’s like at least 12 hours fast each day. So yeah I really hope this helps and I’m really sorry for such a late reply.

We fall in and out of love, drift in and out of lives. We’re always moving, always changing. It’s exactly like they’ve been saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” And damn it they’re right. I’m young you know. I don’t have to be who I am right now in a minutes time. I’ll love who I want, when I want, and kiss hundreds of people if I feel like it. I’ll be in your life today but out tomorrow, I’ll be in your arms today but someone else’s tomorrow, keeping your bed warm one night then in my own tomorrow, never to return. That’s how it’ll be till I can find someone who will truly piece me together and hold me down. I’m allowed to love the wrong people because I haven’t found the right one yet. It’s okay to fall, as long as I get back up.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #92