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back (niklaus mikaelson drabble)

another short little thing I wanted to get out today. for the purpose of this fic, Kol is dead but can be brought back. this is the first time klaus has his humanity off and let’s say he gets it back this quickly. fluff and slight angst, fyi.

(no gifs are mine!!)

“Niklaus Mikaelson, how many times do I have to tell you this?” You scream, running from the kitchen over to the living room and nearly bumping into Klaus.

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“What is it with all the ruckus, love? What have I done now?” Klaus walks into the hallway, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.

“What have you done?” You grab his hand and lead him to the kitchen while he clutches the towel.

“Love, if this towel falls, I won’t pick it up,” Klaus presses his face against your head and you pull away, pointing at the mess on the floor.

“Klaus what is this?” You let go of him and cross your arms over your chest.

“Oh, this,” he chuckles, unashamed by the sight before him. “Your little friends will wake up before you know it. Oh, and those others girls are still alive… I think.”

“You THINK?!” You rush over to said girls and press your fingers against their neck. “God damn it, Nik. They’re dead.”

“Oops?” He shrugs and grabs a bottle of water. “This no humanity deal is great.”

“Look, Niklaus. I know that this is the first time you’ve ever turned your humanity off, but you need to stop leaving dead bodies in my kitchen! Please!” You sigh, looking at Klaus with furrowed brows.

“You know this is all your fault, right?” He raises his brows at you and you curse under your breath.

“Yes, I know, Nik, but–”

“No buts! I turned off my humanity because you left me. You turned your back on me when I needed you,” he shrugs and looks at you unapologetically.

“I didn’t have a choice!” You yell, walking over to the man you once loved. “I had to walk away from you. You practically placed Kol on his deathbed. If you can do that to your own flesh and blood, how do I know you wouldn’t do that to me? Kol was trying to make things right! HE DIED FOR YOU, FOR YOUR FAMILY! HE DIED FOR HOPE, NIKLAUS!”

“MY BROTHER WILL BE AVENGED!” Klaus throws the water bottle away, breaking a window in the process. “I will avenge my brother, you don’t have to worry about that.”

“You can’t avenge Kol this way. You can’t avenge him if all you do is throw dead people on my kitchen floor. Maybe you need to let me go to avenge Kol. You can plot your revenge on me afterwards, I don’t care Klaus,” you shrug, finally meeting Klaus’s golden specs. “Find a way to bring Kol back and make things right. And then you two can plot ways to get rid of me.”

“What did you just say?” Klaus whispers, eyes narrowed as he walks closer to you.

“I said bring Kol back and plot ways to get rid of me. I’ll work around your killer plans, pun intended,” you let out a light chuckle, unable to meet Klaus’s dark gaze.

“You think I’d kill you? That I’d let Kol kill you or that he’d let me? Are you out of your mind?” His voice is lower than before, sending chills down your spine.

“All I’m saying is I’d rather have that happen than you mope around like this. I’m sorry I left Klaus. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you, but I’m not important right now. Kol is–”

“How can you say that?” Klaus curses under his breath and runs a hand down his face. “I love you, Y/N. That’s why I’m so hung up on you! That’s why it hurt me so much when you left. That’s why it hurts when you think I had a hand in Kol’s death. I would never kill my siblings. You know that.”

You stared at him, not knowing what to say or how to react after Klaus’s little confession. He tilts his head to face you, a sea of turmoil in his eyes.

“I love you,” he whispers again and you see the humanity switch turn back on, a sigh of relief leaving your lips. “Y/N, I’m so–I’m so sorry about the mess. I’ll clean it up, I prom–”

“Hey, hey,” you whisper and walk up to Klaus, gently cupping his face and forcing him to look into your eyes. “I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Really?” He whispers, an impish grin forming on his face.

“Really,” you chuckle and press your lips against his briefly. “I love you.”

Austin Swift (Yes, Brother of Taylor) Is Finding His Own Path to the Limelight
The burgeoning actor talks to Vanity Fair about his passion for cinema and what he’s learned from his big sister.
By Josh Duboff

June 2017

When Austin Swift was a sophomore in high school he weighed 250 pounds and, as he tells it, “didn’t have a lot of friends.” The younger brother of an internationally renowned pop star (her first name’s Taylor—you may have heard of her), Swift recounts that there was one place during his childhood where he was able to find refuge: the cinema. “I would go to the movies, and Daniel Craig was my friend, and Christian Bale was my friend, and Clive Owen was my friend, and Viggo Mortensen was my friend.”

Now 25, Swift—sinewy and with an Old Hollywood sheen about him—is well on his way to becoming the sort of actor whom high-school sophomores may someday also feel simpatico with. He appeared in Ben Affleck’s crime drama Live by Night, which landed in theaters last January, and co-stars in Todd Berger’s Cover Versions, out later this year. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, in 2015, he filmed a role alongside Pierce Brosnan in John Moore’s I.T., before arriving in Los Angeles, where, he says, he “found a group of cool people” and completed an internship at Lionsgate, for which his responsibilities included making and sending out DVD screeners.

Swift—gentle, brainy, and measured in person—has, especially considering the enormous fame of his sister, a notably low-key presence. He is the sort of guy to offer you a copy of a play right out of his bag when you’re parting ways (“I think you’ll like this one—I just read it”). Austin speaks about Taylor with the admiration and brightness of a classic younger sibling, describing his own journey as more meandering by comparison: “She found singing, and I knew from very early on that that was her direction. She was never going to quit; that was her thing, that was her life … and I was always a little bit, you know, doing this, doing that.” He says that watching her achieve, to borrow one of her song titles, her wildest dreams has helped to motivate him on his own artistic path. “Something I learned myself, and learned through watching her, is respect,” he explains. “You just respect everyone’s time, everyone that you’re working with. They’re all there, it’s all their lives, and you need to put the work in to be worth that.”

Red Roses (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

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Anon Requested: Hey! I really loved your 5+1 imagine for Cheryl <3 It was amazing! I was wondering could you maybe do one for her where her new girlfriend’s family is actually really nice and with time they almost kind of „adopt“ her? (For example, the little sister asking for make up tips, the big brother being protective of her too, the parents giving advice/comforting her/reproaching her because they were actually worried about her…) Just a little healing and warmth for Cher really, please? <3

Word Count: 3504

Summary: You meet Cheryl’s parents by accident and they are far from happy to learn about you. Cheryl meets your family by accident and they are beyond happy to accept the new person in your life.

Author’s Note: Hi this is really cute. There’s also more kissing because the request said warmth and what’s warmer than a loving kiss. Also i didn’t give your family any names because no, so sorry if it get’s repetitive. The ending is kinda bleh so sorry about that but yknow, happens. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry for any mistakes)

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Haunted House

Pairing: Wanda x F!Reader


Hello! Idk if the requests are still open or if you do holiday stuff like way ahead of the actual holiday, but could you please do a Wanda x f!reader where the avengers go to a haunted house and they all get separated and some of them freak out while the others can’t be bothered. I also wanted to say these chat rooms never fail to make me smile and I hope you have a nice day :)  (a/n: Thank you, I hope you’re having a great day! <3)

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Y/N, Bruce, Wanda, Thor, Natasha, Steve, Clint, Pietro.

Tony: Get ready! We’re going to a haunted house.

Pietro: gonna fight some ghosts

Clint: Don’t fight your kind.

Pietro: gonna fight clint

Steve: Why are we going to a haunted house?

Tony: Gotta get into that Halloween spirit.

Steve: It’s SEPTEMBER.

Tony: It’s Pre Halloween, you heathen.

Bruce: I thought you’d understand his love for Halloween considering you’re the same but for Christmas.

You: Steve buys all his gifts months before.

Natasha: He also starts decorating early.

Clint: Tony is justified, since Halloween isn’t that far away. But you, Steve? You’re some Christmas elf.

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Aberrations || 1

Author: RandomBTSPrincessa


Summary: You meet Min Yoongi in one of the most popular and your favourite club. First Impressions are important as they say and Min Yoongi gives you the worst impression for a first meet.

It wasn’t supposed to go this way, I thought to myself dimly as I sat on the edge of the seat, the cold glass of pink liquid swirling in my hand. If it had been any other day of the week, I would’ve just let it all go to hell and taken up my girls on their offer to get me a drink and just spend the night away lazing in the club we were a part of.

I’d decked up in a slinky tank top, a pair of tight glittery pants and knee length heeled boots that would’ve turned heads, especially that of my boyfriend’s, if he’d been here. I took another disgruntled sip from the intoxicating drink and leaned back into my seat, putting my leg up on the glass table in front of the leather couch.

The club Dark Wild lived up to its name with roaring purpose. They kept the exterior simple, black and white brick façade with a neon black and red sign with a withering rose over the entry. It was dark and the cold patchwork tiling around the club gave it a high end feel, which made you feel good about going there. The interior was dark, with flashing lights that allowed complete privacy and yet no one could miss anything. The music thrummed and pulsated in my veins, the trance music lulling me in a welcomed daze.

I loved Dark Wild, I loved coming to the majestic scene that even though could be considered cheap, but it wasn’t. At least not with the amount they charged for a membership.

I remembered the first time I’d come to the club. It had been my first week at college and my best friends Doona and Ara had managed to push and prod me into going to the freshman party which had been held at Dark Wild. There we’d met Yerin and hit it off immediately. The four of us were inseparable now and it had only been a few months till Yerin had managed to convince us all to become members at the club since we never really went anywhere else and you could never be bored at Dark Wild.

Five months later, I’d been the designated driver for the group and while I tried to maintain my slightly more than tipsy friends, I’d bumped into my now boyfriend.

I frowned, the memory going slightly hazy in my buzzed mind.

This was new. I remembered the day I’d met Sehun crystal clearly. I could repeat it in my sleep but lately…

Lately, it had been feeling like the memories of our glory days, the good old days were slipping out of my fingers, like they’d never even been in my grasp. I was scared of that, because the good old days were what I was holding on to in defense to all the time he was losing with me now.

I would never call him out on it.

I wasn’t that girl; the clingy, obsessed girl who couldn’t handle herself without her man for even a few hours.

Sehun was busy, he was trying to get his performing arts degree and it was difficult. He was a dancer and actor and took singing lessons for that added boost so by the time he walked out the class doors and to me, he was only good to flop into my bed and pass out.

It wasn’t like I wasn’t busy either. I had my writing classes, music theory classes, singing, literature and other classes. If anything, recently I’d been feeling busier than Sehun and while he whined that his three classes were taking his soul away, I’d bitten my tongue to keep from complaining about how I was losing both my physical and mental energy.

I had been happy with just singing and writing as extra classes, since they were something I loved doing but since Sehun had once commented about how I’d need more of an added punch I’d signed up for music making classes too. It turned out; I enjoyed them, so naturally I didn’t mind. I was getting ahead and Sehun was happy, it was perfect.

Now, I wasn’t so sure.

He never seemed to be around to seem happy, or maybe that was just me.

“Please, tell me you are not still moping around for Sehun.” A voice moaned from behind me and a sweaty and red faced Yerin dropped down next to me, soon followed by Ara and Doona who looked more than drained. Weekday partying was definitely not down our alleys.

“I’m not moping. You know, I don’t do that.” I pointed out as she neatly plucked my glass out of my hand and threw it down her throat in a neat and almost graceful fling.

“Oh sure, you just haven’t been as cheerful and wild because you’re drowning in classes. Oh wait, that’s not you. Seriously, you’re supposed to be having fun.” Yerin said.

“I am having fun!” I protested.

“Sitting in a corner couch with a single drink is not constituted as fun, Y/N.” Doona drawled. I sighed. Drunken Doona was always cockier than sober Doona.

“She’s right. You look hot today; you should go show off your stuff.” Ara agreed, snuggling into Doona’s side.

“As opposed to how I usually look…?” I asked amused, even as Yerin threw me a disparaging look.

“I did not throw on this awesome dress and drag your butts here for you to sit on yours for the entire night. You will get up, you will go get another drink, you will forget about Sehun for now and you will dance with some random guy who will buy you drinks but you won’t leave with him. Problem solved. Plus, if one of our friend’s here, news will maybe get back to Sehun and he’ll be jealous and he will give you more attention. That’s an added bonus. I’m a goddamn genius.” Yerin let out a wide yawn.

“Or a goddamn idiot,” I muttered.

Sehun very rarely got jealous, he was way too confident, way too knowing of his position in the world and even if he did get jealous, it was never over me. He might get jealous because a spot he wanted in a dance or act was given to someone else or if someone performed better than him and got more praise. These would lead to him showing up on my doorstep and ranting about how the person was clearly a suck-up and how he might have been off his game that day but he was certain to do better and the teacher would see that.

I usually dealt with these situations with silent affirmations and feeding him until he wanted to go to bed or take me to bed. Those were one of the better sexy nights because he needed to prove himself somewhere and what better place to do that but in my bed?

Still, even if those nights were hot, I loved the nights when he would randomly show up with take out, place a sweet kiss on my forehead and we’d eat in front of my TV and then just go to sleep, his head nuzzling mine as he told me about scripts he was working on or a new song. Those were perfect nights with him, nights that never happened anymore.

I had lost my loving, caring boyfriend somewhere in the span of a year and I had no idea how to bring him back, something I now realized my friends had noticed.

I was happy for their support and love. I was also dreading that if they saw this in my relationship; what would it mean for Sehun and me?

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard Ara suddenly screech. “I know! They say the oldest son is going to take over for MYG enterprises soon. He graduated a few years back and rumors are that no one was hotter on the scene than him.” Ara said.

“Didn’t he have a brother?” Doona mumbled sleepily. I wondered if it was time to get them home as Yerin spoke up. “Yes, he’s probably still in college. Here or somewhere else, I don’t know, but I’m sure he’s hot too.” She said.

“Who…?” I asked. 

“The company that owns this place, Y/N. MYG Enterprises, talk is it’s going to change hands soon and that maybe the guy will make a round or two here, if we’re lucky we might be able to see Yoonjin and his brother around.” Yerin said.

“I thought Yoonjin was a single child.” I frowned.

“Yeah, he let out in an interview accidentally that he had a younger brother.” Yerin smirked and I knew that whoever this guy was, he’d better beware because she wasn’t about to spare any expense at her disposal.

“Ok enough about this, can we go get Y/N drunk and on the dance floor, now?” Ara burst out and Doona’s drooping eyes snapped open wide.

“If I’m drunk, who the hell is going to get you guys home?” I asked.

“I’ll call someone; you’re the main priority here.” Yerin waved a hand and I was about to open my mouth to protest but I felt my arms being grabbed and my body being lifted out of the seat and towards the bar.

I have no idea how many shots went down my throat. Maybe it was five, maybe it was ten but by the time Yerin finally raised my arms up and hollered “Who’s the champion?” I had lost all count.

My throat burned, my eyes stung, my head spun, my body thrummed…and I had never felt so amazing in the entire week, which is if you don’t count me deliberately sleeping through my alarm, for 11 hours straight and not regretting a single thing. This was as good as that, even if I was going to be punished by a massive hangover and a patronizing speech from Sehun, if he came around that is.

That was when I’d had enough. It was fine if he showed up, smashed and hammered and I had to take care of him. However, if it was me who was messed up, he grudgingly put me to bed and laughed it off when I suffered the next day, followed by how I shouldn’t be drinking if I couldn’t hold my liquor. Well, I was going to show him I could hold my liquor.

“You know what, Sehun can go to hell! I want to dance!” I screamed and the three girls let out loud screams before tugging each other onto the dance floor.

Turns out, the shots weren’t as much as I thought because they wore off as I came back out from my second bathroom break. My lipstick was refreshed and hair back into place, my top pulled back up where it had been exposing a little too much of my cleavage than I’d have liked.

Ara and Doona were already dancing with new guys while Yerin was clearly chatting up some guy. I watched as the guy, looking star struck, raised a hand and almost in a second a pink cocktail was in Yerin’s hand. 

She sipped it with a smirk and looked up straight at me, raising her eyebrows. I looked at her confusedly until she pointedly widened her eyes, her head tilting ever so slight until I understood.

“Get some random guy to buy you a drink but don’t leave with him.”

Her words rang in my head as I looked around but there was not one single guy who was unattended at the bar. I knew Yerin was still watching me so I subtly avoided her gaze, going to sit at the bar, behind the glass partition where she wouldn’t see that I wasn’t chatting up a guy, I was just sitting alone. 

I sipped on the custom red drink slowly, trying not to lose the heady buzz in my head. I knew that the second it wore off, I would feel guilty.

I would feel guilty for sitting here; sipping on a drink while my friends encouraged me to use a guy to get more drinks and not going against it while my boyfriend probably slept back home. I would feel guilty for actually waiting for some guy to look good enough to my dazed brain to flirt with while my boyfriend slogged in his work.

Speaking of the devil, my phone buzzed at the same time and one glance at it told me it was my boyfriend, asking me if I was going to come over. Sober me would have said no. Drunk me was going to be petty and ignore the text completely, followed with a snort of disgust and shake of head. Even then, I should’ve felt guilty.

I should’ve also most definitely felt guilty when my eyes caught a boy who looked almost perfect to be the ‘guy’ for the night.

I should’ve felt guilty for noticing the way he slumped in his seat, a single glass of some clear liquid in front of him, as if he was doing the club a favor by sitting in one of its barstools. He was sitting four seats away from me; at the bend of the rectangular bar counter and it gave me the perfect vantage point to study him.

He wasn’t jacked up, or even slightly bulky, instead his body seemed to comprise of smooth muscles, his legs, slim and encased in pale blue jeans that someone seemed to have painstakingly ripped. The sleeves of a grey shirt that clearly emphasized his chest peeked from under his jacket, frayed. The jacket was black, badges stuck on it like medals. I didn’t know if it was the club lighting or the alcohol in my system but his hair was ridiculous. It looked like it was mint green.

Normally, I was the type of person who could curb my curious urges. They always seemed to kill the cat more often than satisfy but I was drunk enough to ignore that small voice that told me not to go and talk to him.

I tossed back my drink, relishing the way it rested, coolly on my tongue but burned its way down my throat, finally ending with spice in my stomach. It added a small boost to my step as I walked to him.

I told myself I wasn’t blatantly checking him out as I neared. I had to admit that the features that looked so small from afar, sharpened nicely with closure. By the time I was standing right next to him, I could tell he was a good-looking man. His hair was also, as I said before actually a shade of pale mint green.

I was so caught up in staring at the hair; I didn’t notice that the boy had turned his head, watching me stare at him.

“Can I help you?”

I started slightly at the gruff voice before I realized that he was speaking to me. My eyes darted to his face to see him turned towards me, eyebrows raised. His eyes were distinctly cat like, the ends angling up, the dark color glinting in the flashing lights. His skin was pale and smooth, almost like porcelain; I couldn’t help but think it looked pretty.

“I’m sorry, I was just…your hair,” I mumbled out, watching as his eyebrows climbed higher. He reached towards his glass and raised it to his mouth, taking a gulp, his tongue sliding out and running across his lower lip. My eyes watched the motion before meeting his eyes again.

“Yeah, what about it?” he asked.

“It looks cool. I’ve never seen that kind of color before.” I said.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, running his fingers through his hair, turning back, glancing at me once when a ring blared around us. It took me a moment to realize it was my phone and I dug it out quickly, looking disgruntled at the ID.


Why was he calling me now? Did he get home and was looking for some time with me? That happened rarely nowadays. What, did he expect that I would always be around for him to spread out his fingers and I would come to him like a dog? He could stew today.

I let the call go to voicemail, looking back up at the handsome stranger to see him smirking.

“Boyfriend troubles?”

I frowned at that. Why would he jump to that conclusion? No matter the fact that he was in fact correct.

“What, no, I just –”

“You’re just mad at your man so you troll around the club, commenting on people’s hairs? Or were you trying to see if I’d offer you a drink?” he asked.

I blanched, the haze slowly reducing as shock at his rude bluntness fought with the alcohol.

“Just so you know I don’t do that. I’m not into buying drinks for any odd girl who comes about saying my hair looks cool.” He said coldly. I clenched my fist, glaring at the stranger.

Maybe that was why I’d originally sat around but there was no way I’d gone to him for a drink. I was just drunk…and stupid, now it seems. Suddenly it struck me that maybe taking Sehun’s call would’ve been better.

“Of course not! I told you, I thought your hair looked cool. I don’t use that line on people I want buying my drinks.” I said.

“What do you do then? You don’t seem to be like the girl who uses pick-up lines, do you maybe flash them?” he smirked again, his eyes hovering around my neck area.

I backed up, my shock easily melting into outrage.

“What the hell is your problem?” I asked my voice close to screeching.

Had I done something wrong? The only thing I’d done was gawk at him and comment on his stupid hair. Was it a touchy subject?

“My problem? I’m not the one hanging about a club looking for free drinks. Maybe you should move ahead. I hear the guys over there are into that kind of thing. You probably won’t even need to flash them. They’ll let you do that later.” He waved his now empty glass somewhere towards the back where usually the rich kids with no personality at all hung out.

“Screw you…” I trailed off when I realized that I didn’t even know his name.

He laughed, a raspy, caustic laughter that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and a shiver run down my spine at the acid in it. “Sorry, sweetheart, but it’s not your night.” He said, standing up and making me back up as he towered over me, looking me over once with mocking vehemence.

The proximity between us only made my breath catch and I gritted my teeth as my slow and dumb body tried to combat the hypnotic aura oozing out of the man. It definitely wasn’t helping. I could already feel blind hatred cloud his beautiful image in my mind.

I wanted to slap him. Hard, the kind of slap that would echo in the club, draw a few eyes and leave a red mark on his cheek, serving a reminder to never talk to girls like that. He’d basically called me a slut, in way too many sentences.

He smoothly slid away from me as if he could read my mind, zipping up his jacket and tossing me one last smile which would’ve passed for a soft, fond smile between two close friends parting if it wasn’t for the horrible things he’d said to me just a few minutes before.

“Oh, the name’s Min Yoongi.”

With that he turned on his heel and vanished somewhere in the darker depths of the club.

Around me the music kept on thrumming as I tried to hold back an expletive that would most likely be very loud and get me into trouble. Not to mention, if the girls saw me like that, they would ask questions.

There was no way Yerin was going to let some guy call me out on something that degrading and let him walk away. I had his name. She would find him and she would make him wish he’d never been born. Although, it didn’t seem like Min Goddamn Yoongi was the type to wish he’d never been born. He definitely thought he was a gift to God’s green earth.

My phone rang again and this time, I pushed past people to get out of the club before accepting Sehun’s call.

“Y/N? Baby, what’s wrong? Why didn’t you answer earlier?” he asked immediately, his voice going from concerned to demanding in a millisecond.

“Sorry Sehun, Yerin and the girls dragged me to Dark Wild today, I didn’t hear the first call.” I said through pursed lips. “Oh, ok…well, if you’re done, do you want to come over? I’m exhausted and I have your favorite food and movie. We could have a quiet night in.” he said.

I almost sighed in delight. This was my boyfriend, the one who cared about these things for me. Small, meaningful things that made me smile. I nodded even when he couldn’t see me. “Yes please, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I muttered, walking towards the main road and hailing a taxi. I hung up and sent the girls a quick text, letting them know I was tired and going home.

Leaning my head back on the soft leather, I spat a mental ‘fuck you’ to Min Yoongi again and returned to thoughts of Sehun, pushing back any image of stupid mint green hair that my mind threw at me.

A/N: The first chapter of Aberrations!

What did you think? Should I make it a full length fanfiction?

A/N For the person who requested the Carl Grimes imagine based on the song Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, I hope this is okay!

Summary: Carl finds reader fixing a CD player in the library, when she does she forces him to dance with her

Warnings: None

Carl Grimes

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow

Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I’m singing like

“Hey, Carl!” You grinned as you noticed the teen walking into the library that you sort of worked at. He looked up at the sound of your voice, a small smile on his lips.

“Hey.” He spoke, a small smile on his face. “Is it okay if I sit with you for a bit? I’ve got nothing to do.” You gave him a nod before going back to the CD player you’d found, attempting to make it work. “Yeah, that’s fine. I was pretty bored anyways.”

Carl sat down next to you at the table, setting Judith down so that she could play with some toys that you’d set out for her the last time she and Carl had come to visit you. The library had sort of been your ‘safe haven’ if you will, it was always the place you went if you needed some peace and quiet or just needed away from everyone else. Not a lot of people went there, but you practically lived there. And thankfully, it was the one place the saviors hadn’t completely raided.

“What’re you doing?” He questioned, glancing to Judith every few seconds to make sure she was alright. Your eyebrows were furrowed and your bottom lip was half sucked into your mouth in concentration as you worked on the CD player,“I’m trying to get this stupid thing to work. I haven’t heard actual music in a long time and it’d be nice to hear some.” He nodded, leaning back in his chair,“Yeah, it would. I didn’t realize how much I took it for granted.”

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Some designs for my South Park Vaccine: South Side AU B3

With his city in a panic over the recent outbreak of a deadly disease and his desperate father threatened with debt, Kyle finds himself, along with his younger brother, Ike, at the mercy of a group claiming to have the new cure for the virus. Discovering their dark secrets and cruel ways, the two boys escape with the company in pursuit. Separated from their family with no one else to turn to, they have no choice but to try to trust anyone who says they’re willing to help, earning their own path of friendships and distrusts along the way. The strife between children and adults is on.

Why, yes, it does take place in the same world as my other one x 

I haven’t shown much of it, but I love the world I built for it and I definitely wanted to make another story centered around the SP kids. More to come I need to actually work on these :U

Jealous Speedster

Warning: cussing, SMUT, Unprotected SMUT (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT)

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader, the team

Request:  can you wrote a Pietro (Avengers) x Reader smut where he gets really jealous.   ~anonny

A/n: I wrote this today, sorry it took me a while to do it but hey better late than never. Pietro Smut just in time for Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s birthday (He’s is literally like 4 months older than me). I hope you like it. First time writing smut for him, i’ve read it but first time writing it.

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               “Wanda do you really think he’ll like this?” You looked at yourself in the mirror on the back of your closet door. The blue and silver dress that you wore clung to your curves and barely covered your ass.

               “Of course, возлюбленная (sweetheart). I know he will.” Wanda’s accent came from the bathroom. “If he hasn’t done anything by the end of tonight, well. I’ll have to hurt him and date you myself.” You could hear the amused tone in her voice. You were glad to have her as your best friend besides Natasha.

               “There’s no need for violence, Wan. Plus, I love you like a sister. There is no way I could be with you like that.” You loved her like the sister you never had and Nat, well she made herself your older sister/mother figure when you joined the team.

               “You almost ready? The party is starting soon.” Thinking of Nat, there she was yelling in at you two.

               “Almost Nat, just second guessing this dress.” Nat opened the door to your room, seeing you looking at yourself in the mirror while running your hands over your dress. “Does this really look good on me? I honestly think it clings to my body a little much.” You never really liked your body but Wanda assured you that Pietro loved you, every inch and every aspect of you.

               “Don’t worry little one. He’s going to love it just like he loves you. You should really see how he looks at you. It almost makes me sick with how cute it is.” Nat walked up behind you, setting her chin on your bare shoulder with a smile played across her red lips.

               “Really?” You turned and looked at her, your eyes were wide like a dear caught in headlights almost.

               “Really. Now put your heels on and let’s go.” She handed you your black peep-toe heels. You slipped them on and all three of you walked out of your room.

               The three of you made your way down to the party room, as Tony called it. Nat wearing a simple formfitting red dress that matched her hair and lipstick and Wanda wore a deep violet dress that you assumed matched Visions skin tone. The party was in full swing when you got there, which didn’t really bother you. You were really one for parties but Tony said everyone had to go, no ands ifs or buts about it. You and Nat walked over to the bar while Wanda went to sit with Vision, she was almost always found with him if not with you or her brother.

               At the bar, you and Nat ordered a drink. You decided to sit there at the bar while Nat decided to go torment Tony, which was always fun to watch more so when he was drunk. As you scanned the room, your eyes landed on the Sokovian who stole your heart the moment you met him. He had his hair combed back, it almost looked like his hair was all dark brown if you looked at him straight on, he wore a nice button up shirt that looked amazing on him, and a pair of dark slacks as well as his trainers, which Tony would more in likely yell at him for later. Tony was known to be a bit of a drama queen when it came to clothes.

               As time passed, a couple of guys decided it was a good idea to start talking to you. They bought you a few drinks and started to flirt with you, which you didn’t flirt back. You couldn’t, you didn’t find what they said to be ether cute nor funny. You would rather be flirted with by your Sokovian crush. But alas, he was being swarmed by a group of giddy blondes and all they wanted was to hear him talk or wanted to see if one of them could take him home with them. You could see him smiling at what one of the slutty looking blondes had said, you couldn’t help but feel a small pain in your chest. You hoped he would have seen you, at least look at you but you couldn’t always get what you want. You knew Wanda was always lurking in the back of your mind, so you sent her a message telling her to help you out with the two jock wannabes. She came along and practically stole you from them, pleasing you and causing them to groan displeased.

               She dragged you onto the dance floor in hopes to make you smile some. Which it did for some time. “You know, there is always one way to get his attention.”

               “Really Wanda? You really think making him jealous of someone would make him look at me?”

               “Yes and just so you know. He has seen you, he is completely awestruck by you just doesn’t know what to do.”

               “Are you sure. I mean, I’m not doubting your twin link but still. He has more courage than I do.” You were a bit shy but you couldn’t help it, you were like that with every guy you like before and now that it’s Pietro, well shyness didn’t begin to cover it.

               “Come on, let’s go find Barton and have him help.” ‘Fuck, she was really going to drag him in this.’ She dragged you to where the others were sitting. Wanda sat next to Clint and whispered something in his ear causing him to smile widely. That’s when you regretted telling Wanda that you haven’t been with a guy for almost ever and with the look on Clint’s face, well needless to say you were screwed and soon probably literally.

               “Come on (Y/n).” Clint stood up and held out his hand. You took his hand and you took the drink that was in his other hand, tossing back like it was water when it was straight hard liquor. After setting the glass down, you followed Clint back out on the dance floor. “So we need to make Speedy jealous? I can do that.” He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you close to him. Despite being a fatherly figure to you, this was kind of weird. Dancing this close to him, he maybe strong but Pietro was the one whose arms you wanted to be in.


*Pietro’s POV*


               ‘Why was she dancing with that old man?’ I thought. The way she looks tonight, god she was beautiful. None of these women were any match to her. Her (h/c) was stunning, her (e/c) brighter than ever, and her curves in that blue and silver dress. Ugh, she could stop a train. I know my sister had something to do with the dress. (Y/n) was adorably shy around me and I couldn’t place why. When she is with my sister, she is confident in herself but once I’m near it’s like she second guesses everything. Why?

               “Sorry ladies but I have to go.” I hear groans from all of them as I step away and make my way onto the dance floor.

               ‘She is beautiful, yes?’ I hear Wanda in my head.

               ‘Yes. Do you know why she is dancing with the old man?’

               ‘Of course I do, brother. You just have to find out on your own.’ What the hell, my own sister is up to something. ‘I know you want her, brother. I’ve seen your thoughts of her. She wants you too.’

               Just like that I feel her presence in my mind vanish. I continue my walk to where they were dancing. Clint had pulled her close to him, his hands dangerously close to her ass. Her ass in that dress looked amazing.

               “What are you doing with my printessa old man?” I tapped him on the shoulder, he smirked at me.


*Normal POV*


               “What are you doing with my printessa old man?” ‘Did he really call me that?’ You couldn’t help but smile. The next thing you knew you were in your room pressed against the back of your door. “You are mine, моя любовь (my love).” His voice sent shivers down your spine. His lips connected to your neck as his hands settled on your hips, holding you firmly against the door. Soft whimpers left your lips as his were on you, moving up and along your jaw until they found yours. Silencing you as he ground into you, making you feel just how hard he was. He pulled away, needing air. He looked down at you, his eyes were blown with lust. You could feel yourself getting wetter just by looking at the speedster in front of you.

               “Piet.” You barely got out before his lips were on yours again. You loved the way his lips fit perfectly with yours. You slid your hands into his neat hair, carding your fingers through the soft stands of dark brown and silver. He angled his head, deepening the kiss. You pushed your lower body into him causing him to groan into the kiss. His hands slid down to the back of your thighs. He whispered jump against your lips and you did as told. Wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you easily to your bed. He gently laid you down, he looked down at you like you were pray. You needed him, now. You kicked your heels off and scooted up to the pillows on your bed. The fabric of your dress was bunched up high enough to show Pietro your electric blue panties. You looked up at him and you can clearly notice that he saw them because you hear an animalistic growl emanate from the back of his throat.

               “Now, printessa. Did you really think that making me jealous was a good idea?” His accent was thicker and it sent shivers down your spine again. He made quick work of his shirt, showing off his sculpted abs that you have been dying to touch. He crawled up the bed and hovered over you. He ran a hand up your back and pulled at the material of your dress, ripping it. With his other hand he continued to tear your dress, tossing the remnants of fabric over his shoulder and on to the floor. You were now laying there under him in just your panties. You loved the way his muscles moved under his skin.

               “Pietro, please.” You looked up at him, looking innocently into his eyes. You were set up by his sister to make him jealous. His eyes narrowed as he looked at you. His lips attached themselves to your neck, sucking on your sweet causing you to moan loudly. His hand slid down your body, coming to a stop at your cloth covered clit. He applied slight pressure to it with a single finger, drawing small circles on it. Pulling more moans from you. His lips started moving down, nibbling on your collar bone before taking one of your nipples into his mouth. His free hand came up and started to tweak the other, causing you to get louder. You buried your hands in his hair again as he continued his assault on your breasts, pulling him closer to you. He switched sides as his hand left the apex of your legs, causing you to whimper at the loss. You felt him smirk against you, he was enjoying this. He was enjoying the fact that he was causing you pleasure, need and want.

               He let your nipple go with a slight wet pop before he continued his descent down your body. Once he reached your hip, he ripped your panties off you causing you to gasp. “Those were my favorite pair.”

               “I’ll get you a new pair, printessa.” He ran a finger through your folds, the simple action caused you to throw your head back and moan softly. “So wet for me, моя любовь (my love).”

               Without warning, he slid two fingers inside you as he dove in with his tongue to your clit. You practically screamed in pleasure. Pietro started to finger fuck you fast and hard as he licked, sucked and nibbled your clit. In no time, you were on the brink of your orgasm. With the sounds you were making, he knew you were close. He sped up a little and sucked just hard enough, causing you to cum. He removed his fingers and slid his tongue inside you, working you through your orgasm. Your hands clinging to him like he was your only link to this world. He lapped up everything you had to offer him, he took everything and then some. As you came down from your high, he crawled up your body. His lips attached to yours causing you to moan at the taste of yourself there, he took the opportunity and slipped his tongue into your mouth. You were able to really taste yourself now, causing you to moan again.

               You didn’t know when he removed the rest of his clothes but at this point you didn’t care, you needed him inside you. “Pietro, please. I need you, inside me. Now!” He slide the head of his cock inside of you and slowly started to push forward. He took his time working himself into you, not wanting to hurt you. He was bigger than any guy you had been with. You both moaned as he worked himself inside you. He stopped moving when he was completely seated inside you. He gave you a few moments to adjust to his size before he really started to move. You nodded your head as he looked into your eyes as if asking if you were ready.

               He pulled back and slammed into you. He kept this up for a few moments before picking up pace. This was something that you never thought you would ever feel and here you were, getting fucked into your mattress by the man you have come to love. His pace didn’t falter, not even once. You’ve hit your high again as he continued to fuck you. Your hands slid over his shoulders and your nails started to dig into his skin which caused him to fuck you harder. You were screaming at this point, not caring if the people at the party heard you.

               Pietro lifted one of your legs which caused him to slide deeper into you. Pietro was tapping into his speed to fuck you and you loved every second of it. He slid a hand in between your bodies and landing on your clit. He moved so fast, his finger started to vibrate causing you to clamp down on his cock. Your orgasm shot through you like a bullet from a gun. Your back arched off the bed and you silently screamed as you came completely undone under the silver haired speedster. With a few thrusts later, he spilt himself inside you before collapsing on top of you. He laid there for a few moments to catch his breath and come down from his own high.

               “That was,”

               “Wow.” He looked at you. His eyes full of love and adoration. “Printessa, I don’t want this to be a one-time thing.”

               “Neither do I, Piet.” You rolled onto your side facing Pietro, placing a hand on his cheek.

               “Would you mind being my girlfriend?” He looked down at you as you laid in his arms.

               “Of course, my love.” You leaned up and placed your lips to his. Only leaving them there for a moment. You laid your head on his chest and he started to run his fingers through your hair. Moments later the two of you were asleep.

               The next morning you woke up before Pietro. Neither one of you had nightmares which was great for a change. You managed to get out of bed without waking your now speedster boyfriend. You grabbed his button up shirt from last night and pulled it on, buttoning it up. It fell to your mid-thigh and you had to roll up the sleeves some. You dug through your drawer to find a new pair of panties since the ones you were wearing were ripped off you by the man who was still asleep in your bed.            

               You made the walk down to the kitchen where the rest of the team sat, all ether eating or drinking coffee. You didn’t pay attention to the stares as you made yourself a cup of coffee with a huge smile on your face.

               “How was your night last night (Y/n)?” Tony looked like shit, probably nursing a hangover but he smirked anyway.

               “Wouldn’t you like to know, Tin Man?” You didn’t let your smile falter. You heard a soft smack, figuring Nat smacked him. “How was yours, Nat?”

               “It was great. Messing with Tony was fun.” She smiled over the rim of her coffee cup. Wanda had a smile on her face as well, knowing full well what happened last night. You knew you had to thank her.

               ‘You’re welcome.’ You looked at her and couldn’t help but smile more.

               “(Y/n) how are you even able to walk this morning? From what we heard last night, he must have been using his speed.” Bruce looked at you pretty confused. The rest of the team did except Nat, Wanda and Clint, as well as Pietro.

               “Did you guys really forget that I have enhanced healing?” You let a mock hurt expression fall on your face. “That hurts knowing that my own team can’t remember my own healing ability.”

               “Speaking of the speedster, where is he?” Seconds later he was at your side.

               “I’m wear I need to be old man.” He looked at Clint as if he was going to punch him.

               “Brother, don’t look at Clint like that. What he did last night was because of me.” Pietro looked at his sister, shocked that his own sister would do such a thing.

               “Really Wanda, you had this old man that close to my printessa?”

               “Yes, she was scared that you didn’t like her the way she loves you.” Wanda smiled at herself and so did Nat. They both had a part to play in it but they knew to keep that to themselves.

               “Thank you for last night Wan.” You leaned your head against Pietro’s shoulder as he stood there eating some candy. Where he got it, you didn’t want to ask.

               All you cared about was you now had the man you loved.

Until It’s Gone - Ch.6

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: mild language, hunting vibes, protective Winchesters (yay!)

Word Count: 1,880

A/N: This is the sixth chapter in my newest ongoing series. Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for being my letter checkers and fellow fangirls :) My writing soulmate and sole sister…life wouldn’t be the same without you. There’s a good bit more Dean in this chapter, and it ends with a bang. We’re going hunting… Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

Read (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5)

My tags are way down below. Let me know if you want to be added to anything that I write :)

Sam felt Y/N slowly slip out of his arms in the morning, but he kept his eyes shut and remained motionless to feign sleep. He heard her make her way to the bathroom and close the door behind her before the sound of running water reached his ears. Sam smiled to himself. Y/N always took a shower in the mornings. It was a habit that had been lovingly picked at and teased over when she’d lived in the bunker.

Sam got dressed for the day and made up the bed before going to the kitchen to search for breakfast. Y/N joined him a few minutes later, her cheeks still flushed from her shower and her hair pulled back into a neat braid. He noticed her attire and set down the second half of the bagel he had been working on.

“Y/N… why are you dressed to go hunting?” It was her lace up, waterproof boots that gave it away. She always and only wore them on hunts.

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The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 10

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Word Count: 3128

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

The scene was familiar but the roles were switched. Instead of Wonwoo sleepily watching you pour your drinks, you were watching as Wonwoo drank several bottles by himself, only offering you some when you reached out for it. It didn’t take much until you were buzzed though and you found yourself silent as you stared at Wonwoo, drinking his sorrows away.

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Sweetheart - Final Chapter

Summary: Muffet repays Papyrus for saving a spider by giving him a special bar of chocolate. The secret family recipe keeps customers coming back for more. Papyrus uses it as an ingredient for his brother’s birthday cake, which leads to some…interesting…results.

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A/N: Nobody asked for this but I couldn’t just not do it because it wouldn’t leave me alone so here we go!

Strike Commander Morrison had assured you it wasn’t a punishment.

Commander Reyes had said it most definitely was.

Your lips were pulled in a frown as you watched your fingers tap against the solid wood of a table. Covert operations were one thing you’d definitely excelled at during your time with Blackwatch, but this one offered no excitement. You’d been sent to Japan to monitor the growing influence of the yakuza. The Shimada Clan, which was at the forefront of illegal activity, was a point of interest. Since you were pretty much on Overwatch timeout, they’d sent you instead of McCree.

Then again, you definitely have covert ops down, McCree doesn’t. He’s too set in his aesthetic.

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waterlilyvioletfog  asked:

Hi Turtle! I've been wondering for a while, why the start of AGoT for Littlefinger to murder Jon Arryn? Was it plot or did Littlefinger have a personal reason or was LF just being LF? Had Jon figured out something? Was it because Jon figured out Twincest? What's going on there?

The short answer is that yes, it’s because Jon Arryn figured out the twincest. The line between that, Littlefinger’s self-interest, and the decision to kill Arryn then is a bit more twisty.

Recall how Jon Arryn got directly involved in this mess.

“Lord Stannis,” she asked, “if you knew the queen to be guilty of such monstrous crimes, why did you keep silent?”

“I did not keep silent,” Stannis declared. “I brought my suspicions to Jon Arryn.” 

“Rather than your own brother?”

“My brother’s regard for me was never more than dutiful,” said Stannis. “From me, such accusations would have seemed peevish and selfserving, a means of placing myself first in the line of succession. I believed Robert would be more disposed to listen if the charges came from Lord Arryn, whom he loved.”

- Catelyn III, ACoK

Unlike Renly, who knew about the incest and was waiting to pull the trigger until he could pull off a seamless Margaery-for-Cersei switch in such a way to enhance his own standing at court, Stannis had no queen alternatives ready to go. If Stannis and Jon Arryn fired off this scandal of scandals, there’s a crucial delay between deposing and executing Cersei and her children, and the nearest possible time Robert could have a legitimate heir. Months more than in Renly’s plan.

And that’s months longer in which Stannis is next in line for the throne. Months longer in which Robert’s extraordinarily grateful to Jon Arryn for revealing this. And Littlefinger?

Slynt’s neck was purpling. “Lies, all lies! A strong man makes enemies, Your Grace knows that, they whisper lies behind your back. Naught was ever proven, not a man came forward…”

“Two men who were prepared to come forward died suddenly on their rounds.” Stannis narrowed his eyes. “Do not trifle with me, my lord. I saw the proof Jon Arryn laid before the small council. If I had been king you would have lost more than your office, I promise you, but Robert shrugged away your little lapses. ‘They all steal’ I recall him saying. ‘Better a thief we know than one we don’t, the next man might be worse.’ Lord Petyr’s words in my brother’s mouth, I’ll warrant. Littlefinger had a nose for gold, and I’m certain he arranged matters so the crown profited as much from your corruption as you did yourself.”

- Samwell V, ASoS

Jon Arryn investigated goldcloak corruption that led to two murders and put it before Robert to deal with. At the least, Littlefinger’s takeaway from this incident is that Jon Arryn’s current political interests are going to bring him into conflict with Littlefinger’s plans, and that Arryn’s prepared to bring Robert into this matter.

If Jon Arryn fires the incest scandal, he’s got all the receptivity and support he wants from Robert (unless he argues for not killing Lannisters), for whatever anti-corruption shakedown he may choose to undertake, taking whatever scalps. No whispering in Robert’s ear is going to be heard. That’s bad for Littlefinger. If Robert should die and Stannis become king, Littlefinger’s position does not improve. It gets a lot worse.

Littlefinger can’t leave Arryn as Hand, and he can’t leave Stannis as heir. So, clearly, Littlefinger cannot allow Robert to find out about the incest yet, and killing Jon Arryn is the best way to stall. The next step is clear enough too - blame the Lannisters for the murder, and suck the Stark-Tully faction into a war with them. That serves his greater agenda very nicely.

Misspoken Words || Mingyu || Oneshot

Word Count: 1334

Genre: fluff, one shot, extra chapter to The Shattered Camera

Summary: Mingyu was never placed in a situation where he had to watch his words carefully. He was raised preciously and took a job that he was good at and was able to act as he pleased. He spoke his mind and let his emotions run wild and this often got him into trouble, leaving his stepbrother, Wonwoo, to clean up his mess. But when he misspeaks in front of his childhood friend…well, there is little that can be done except apologize. 

(A/N): there are some spoilers to The Shattered Camera if you haven’t read that series before but you don’t need to read it to understand this oneshot.

“Honestly, Kim Mingyu, you’re probably the most impressive person I’ve ever met.”

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Imagine being Dean and Sam’s little sister and Amara bringing you back instead of Mary.

Dean couldn’t understand what Amara meant by saying that she was going to give him what he wanted most. He hadn’t understood it then nor the days after that but then again he didn’t find it in himself to care when he had to look for Sam. He was already worried enough about his little brother to think about what could have possibly happened. And quite honestly it didn’t seem to him like she had done anything in the first place so he willed himself to not think about ‘what if’s… much less what it was that he really wanted and she could give.

But then it all changed and Dean realized everything the moment those were spoken.

“Stay away from my boys!” your voice echoed through the dark place and both Dean and Sam froze in place, just as did the British woman of letters.

It was at that moment everything fell in place. It was the moment you came into view and Dean got to see the little girl, well not so little, but to him you always were that, that he lost all those years ago to the very things he hunted. He blamed himself more than Sam did, because more or less they both felt responsible for not doing something more to save you.

And now, both he and Sam were staring at you like you were going to burst. You ate happily on your pie “Man death got me more hungry than I thought.” you laughed and Dean and Sam chuckled softly at the words that gave away how much of a Winchester you were. You chewed happily on your food before stopping and raising an eyebrow at them “Everything alright?”you asked through a mouth full and Dean grinned widely.

“Nah” he shrugged, sharing a look with Sam “Just remembered that we’ll have to buy double the pies from now on.”

“Oh hell yeah you will!” you grinned after swallowing “And I am definitely getting a room of my own in this huge place, which you till have to tell me how you got by the way.”

“Don’t worry kiddo.” Dean placed a hand on your shoulder “We’ll fill you up on everything.”

“As long as you are willing to stay.” Sam said softly and you gave him a smile.

“Sammy I ain’t going anywhere, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Yeah you better.” Dean clenched his jaw and you gave him a look. You were the youngest one, yes, but you always were the one to support your brothers and be their rock.

“I meant being more careful, not giving up my life for you. That I would do again and again and all over again as long as you two are alright.”

“Yeah well-” Sam sighed, looking at Dean for a moment “We weren’t really.” he confessed and you sighed, dropping your fork.

“I know you weren’t. And I understand but these holes- we can fill them, the way we always had. The Winchester way.” you placed a hand on each of their own.

“And we got plenty of them, don’t we?” Dean muttered and you squeezed his hand, knowing you were quite responsible for it. You could only begin to imagine how they would feel at having to burn your body. Hell even carry to burn it.

“Well- truth is that- having you here?” Sam gave you a weak smile “It feels in the biggest hole.”

Ellaria x Reader....

((Sorry anon that the smut wasn’t very….explicit!! I couldn’t find a way to add it to where it flowed well with the rest of the story!))

Word Count: 2,459

Warning: None, really, suggestive behaviors near the end?

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Diabolik Lovers Lost Eden Ayato Sakamaki [maniac 7]~translation-traducción~

This translation was made by @dj-diabolik-fan
*Esta en español abajo de todo~*

-Yui’s Monologue-

I don’t know how much time it has been since we arrived to the Eden.

But I think it had been a few days.

Ayato-kun’s attitude is the same as ever.
He doesn’t get mad like before.
But somehow, he looks out of his mind.

Since then, we haven’t been receiving more news from Ruki-kun.

I slowly keep watching from my window how devastated the Eden was left…


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Riesling: That’s how you want to spend the day?

Verity Vine: By actually making some progress on our wedding? Yes. I want you to make a honest woman out of me.

Riesling: You mean, owning a house, that we live in, together with our son and dog isn’t honest enough?

Verity Vine: Yup! Also, my mom and brother are here too, sooooo…

Riesling: By choice. They could live with Eggsy if they wanted to.

Verity Vine: Yeah, okay. Anyway, I was thinking we could maybe visit this place and…

Monsters From The Other Side

Have a fic! First one in a long while. Hmm, how should I introduce this one? I’d describe it as a quirky character study focused on Bill and Ford. Annnnnd a bit of a mindfuck. Read and you’ll see. (;・∀・)

Rated G this time around (there are some darkish themes though), Billford if you squint, Pines family shenanigans, Weirdmageddon and post-canon. Existential questions? Maybe. Multiversal pseudoscience? Definitely.

Inspired by this quote @rustedqueen shared with me (she also beta’d the fic so all thanks to her ♡) :

“Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero. Sometimes what it needs is a monster.”

At the call of his name, Ford turned away from the mosaic window. His face lit up at the sight of his family; it was not an expression anyone would expect to see framed with a blazing view of the apocalypse.

“Kids! Stanley! Perfect timing, I was just about to prepare some tea. Would you like to join me? I promise you it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.”

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