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anonymous asked:

This is a stupid question: Is abuelita taller than Keith?

Woah I haven’t even tHOUGHT ABOUT THAT

I think so, yes? Keith is taller than Rosa but shorter than Abuelita.


I was tagged by the majestic @mulattobeast, thank you kind beast.

Rules: Answer the questions and tag

How tall are you?: 6'2"

What color and style is your hair?: brown and elusive

What color are your eyes?: also brown

Do you wear glasses?: yes

Do you have braces?: nope

What is your fashion sense?: also elusive 

Do you have any siblings?: yes

What kind of student are you?: i was a last minuter

What are your favorite subjects?: i can’t remember liking much. History for a while i think, sometimes PE.

What are your favorite TV shows?: I only really watch sports, news and quizzes on’ telly at the moment. Netflix on the other hand…

Favorite books?: I like travel writing, biographies, short stories. 

Favorite pass time?: drawing

Any regrets?: ha, yeah, don’t

What is your dream job?: travelling masseur/tattoo artist. Pleasure or pain, it’s your call

Do you want to get married?: not right now, dear

Do you want to have kids and how many?: depends who ends up with me

How many countries have you visited?: 6ish, I think

What is the scariest dream you have?: i dunnooo, shit the bed?

Do you have any enemies?: i hope so

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? no

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  • Gabriel:Emma, can you get me that roll of fabric over there?
  • Louis:I got it.
  • Gabriel:Thank you, but Emma is actually taller.
  • Louis:what? No she's not. We're the same height. We've always been the same height.
  • Gabriel:let us check again. *takes out measuring tape and measures Emma and then Louis* yes. She has exactly one inch on you.
  • Louis:What?
  • Emma:Woah... Don't you see what's happening here? This inch is just the beginning. I'm evolving into the superior sibling ... Bigger. Stronger! *stretches arms into the air and shakes them*
  • Gabriel:like an alpha twin.
  • Emma:*chanting* ALPHA TWIN! ALPHA TWIN!
  • Louis:Oh come on, we both know grandfather's measuring has always been a bit off...
  • Emma:You know, I've always wanted a little brother. Who knew I already had one!
  • Adrien:I was awoken by the sounds of laughter. Go on, show me the object of humor.
  • Emma:I'm taller than Louis!
  • Louis:By one inch!
  • Adrien:Hey. Hey don't get- short with your sister *laughs*
  • Emma:now, dad, I hope you don't think LITTLE of him *laughs*
  • Gabriel:*slightly disappointed* perhaps you should lay off a tiny bit.
  • Adrien:HA! Tiny! Even your grandfather is in on it!
  • Gabriel:No, no I didn't mean that-
  • Emma:Louis will forget, he's got a
  • Emma and Adrien together:Short term memory!
  • Emma:Boom! We are on fire! *high fives Adrien*

cottonghostpng  asked:

could you use a different term than genderbend,,? Sorry but i don't wanna be the person but ?? Genderbend is bad ?? so please use a different term,,



this is a term i was using on deviantart when i was younger.

like. for seriously so many years. i never saw a bad thing behind that OAO!!!!!!!!!



when i was on Da, i was selling adoptables, and i saw so many ppl sayin’ the word ‘’ genderbender ‘’ .( As french person, i guessed it was the word for sayin’ ‘changing the gender’’ ) BUT WOAH.



uuHHhhh awkward moment of mah frenchy life. SORRY. T-thanks for have told meh that. i will never use it again !

It’s like dah trigger thing. oh shiet. i feel so stoopid. sorry again.

anonymous asked:

Woah there, in reference to your last Drabble, make way hoe prince because here comes Killer Emperor

nnnnnnnghghgn he’s pretty not good but he’s also kind of soft in a sense

His eyes have been yellow for weeks. Months. It’s been a long while since the last time he stared into the mirror to find dark brown gazing steadily back. Now instead they are aureolin; fierce and bright.

She has been shying from his sickly amber eyes, looking everywhere but at him when she addressed him. Had she been a servant or a new acquaintance, that behavior would have been acceptable. But she was his bride, arranged but still his wife, and her action was going beyond the point of manners.

“Is something the matter with my face?” he asks bluntly one night, sitting in the armchair by the bed. He has a datapad before him and he does not glance above to see her reaction.

She is under the covers, trying lamely to fall asleep. “I’m sorry?”

“You never look me in the eye when we speak. I am asking if there is something about my appearance that you find displeasing.”

“Well,” she started after a long pause, “you frighten me. I’d rather not give you cause to anger.”

“I have no intentions to cause you harm.”

“I know, but…your eyes aren’t human.”

And she is right, in a sense.

He sets the pad down and clicks off his light with a sigh. There’s no forcing her to be comfortable around him, and there’s no helping this more tonight. He slips under the duvet beside her, but not near her, careful to keep his distance. No reason to spook the woman forced to marry him more than she is already.

“Did I upset you?” Her voice is soft.

“A little, but nothing to gripe over.”

There’s a hand on his shoulder. It’s tentative and cautious, hovering just above exposed skin, unsure of what to do next. “I apologize.”

His breath stops cold. “May I face you?”


He rolls over slowly and takes her in, trying to make out the planes of her face in the dim night lights. Her fingers are hesitating over his skin again. “No one’s touched me in years.”

Her hand shoots back and she tucks it under her pillow. “I’m sorry, I hadn’t known.”

“No, it…I want you to, if you want to. It feels…nice.”

Carefully, nervously, she brushes a stray lock from his cheek. “Are you sure?”

He leans into her palm, would turn his head to kiss it had he not thought it would startle her. “I’m sure.”

Her fingers grow more confident in their actions the more they brush across his body, limiting themselves to his cheek, neck, and back. They trace small patterns on him, little lines in the dusk. Before long, he finds he has crept closer, has nuzzled his way across the mattress and is only a few inches from her now. Her body heat is overwhelming, but he itches to touch her as well.

“May I…?” he says softly.

She nods. He buries his head into the hollow space under her jaw and hums, having found a sliver of peace in the night. There, in her arms, he sleeps without fear.


Roosje: Woah I feel so woozy!

Ocean: Eeep…. I mean, Cheerio, me too! I think we’ve had too much. 

Roosje: We’ve definitely had too much. We’re so wasted! Turn up! 

Bartender: Your drinks didn’t have any alcohol in it…. at all…

Roosje: Are you sure because I feel drunk! 

Ocean: Yep, we’re definitely drunk! 

Bartender: …. 

askgothitelle  asked:

Cesare @ Caelum: That's a really cool ship you got there. Like, woah. Is it real? Like, have you actually visited other planets, were they nice? Or could you not actually get near them due to hostile environments or something?

“But I uh… Yes to all of those and sometimes to the last one–. I mean, yes I’m not from around here, far from it actually.” He laughs. “How about you? A Gothitelle from here…? Or are you not of this planet as well?”

woah!! i can remember when i had just gotten 100 followers and my mind was BLOWN tysm ya’ll i love ya’ll!! u guys are real sweethearts for stickin up with me and followin my blog lmao 💗 so as a thanks for the 500 i decided to do a follow for ever! i’ll include my friends and ofc some blogs that i just adore and have been following for,well ever! thank u guys lots for everything and i hope u have a swell day! (oh and this won’t be in abc order im way too lazy for that)

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