''we shall see''

i have a shit ton of unanswered asks in my inbox atm and  i’m really sorry for not getting back to them, but my life has been heading in a much better direction lately, and i can’t remember the last time i was this happy/content, so tumblr has become less of a priority and safe space haha
bUT i will try and be better and reply to you guys more from now on!!

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Ziam will release music with days of each other. Right street the baby is born. But Zayn will have his released first.

Hi anon,

Is this a guess or? I do think their music will compliment each other’s but about this colour me sceptical especially as the baby could be imminent but we’ll see. 

That said It would sort of fit in with all that’s happened so far, in terms of the music and that side of Liam taking centre stage over the baby chatter on his social media in particular so the music becomes the focus.

I suppose it depends what happens when the baby is announced and where Liam’s involvement is mentioned and taken.  

I don’t think they’d be very close to each other in terms of the releases tho would like to be wrong or even more directly involved would be boss, but yeah the complimenting each other aspect I can see. 

My favourite three words:  we shall see

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A source just told E! News that they are just friends. I hope this is true.

I’d like to know who this “source” is but good. We’ll see what happens in the future. Either way, if he’s seen with her again, it’ll be this same mess repeated just like it is every time he has any dealings with her. Like I said, we shall see.

as much as i enjoy the craftsmanship of disney films, whenever i think back to movies whose stories i found memorable, disney is never something that comes to mind

like if i were to think of any disney(not pixar) movies that left me with an impactful story it would be lion king just because of nostalgic value, hunchback of notredame, bolt, and arguably even meet the robinsons..


Day 6: Coran Chef

Baking the Unknown Cookies, which contain berries that change flavour every time they are bitten into. Though they still need to cool down Lance. 

Unknown Cookies become the Squads fave and they love to help out Coran when he starts making em.


T E E N A G E  G I R L S  +  M Y T H O L O G Y: Sekhmet

She fights for power. For the right to be heard. Painted lips pull back to reveal a jaw of dazzling teeth, words snarled as she defies her peers, her teachers, her parents. She strives to make them all tremble, to remind them of what can be achieved should you shake off the expectations of others. Hackles raised, prey becomes caught in the sight of eyes so dark and deep that they seem to swallow you whole, even from the end of the empty school corridor. In her vocabulary the word hunt does not mean to pursue for sport, not like the football team with their brutish strength and ungraceful nature, but instead to seek what is yours, to snatch it fiercely and with elegance from those who dare say otherwise. But under the gentlest of smiles and the squeeze of a silky hand, she becomes soft. A protector; licking the wounds of her pride - the lionesses who stand at her side and chew hungrily at tasteless bubblegum. The world is theirs.

vilde and compulsory heterosexuality: a theory

‘lesbian vilde’ has been a hot topic of discussion lately in the fandom and it’s definitely something i’d noticed/thought about while watching the show the first time around but i figured i’d compile a list of reasons/textual evidence from the show that stuck out to me:

1. vilde’s preoccupation with the idea of noora being gay/having a girlfriend in the first season.

2. vilde seeming more hung up on the idea of william (’he’s the hottest guy in school everyone says so’) as opposed to actually being attracted to him on a deeper level. everything about how she talks about william seems very superficial and it always seemed to me that, by pursuing william so aggressively, vilde was trying to create/maintain a certain image rather than actually being into william as a person separate from him being one of the ‘cool older guys every girl wants to be with’.

3. this is just my interpretation, but i feel like vilde wasn’t actually all that crushed about finding out about william and noora. i think her pride was hurt more than anything and she was upset that noora was keeping such a big secret from her but it didn’t seem like she was heartbroken over william

4. vilde making out with eva at that party and seeming way more into it than any time we’ve seen her with a guy

5. vilde’s comments after making out with eva at that party

6. and this could just be me reaching but i’m going to include it anyhow - vilde’s  love of cats. yes it was a running joke that ~magnus loves pussy~ (the cat hooker thing and then the cat hooker and his friends group chat) in season 3 but it’s interesting that we’re explicitly told that vilde also loves cats in the finale. i mean, we know they love their metaphors (isak’s locker = the closet) so i wouldn’t put it past them to subvert what they’ve built up with magnus by then applying it to vilde too.

7. and this isn’t textual evidence but definitely worth noting - julie andem’s very pointed ‘no comment’ when asked about vilde being a lesbian in a recent interview.

i’ve thought a lot about season 4 (as we all have) and i don’t think vilde is going to be the main (my gut feeling says she’ll be the main in the final season).

what i do think is going to happen in season 4 (regardless of whether the main is sana or even or whoever) is that vilde will be forced to confront and work through the compulsory heterosexuality that has guided her actions for the previous 3 seasons. 

I think she and magnus will actually try dating but vilde will realize that, unlike william (who she knew never actually had feelings for her), magnus is actually into *her*. 

there are so many stories in real life and in fiction of people who haven’t come out yet (even to themselves) crushing on people who they believe are out of their league or who will never like them back because they’re a ‘safe’ option. 

i think that was a huge factor in the vilde/william story and i think that, in the new season, the vilde/magnus thing will be a turning point because suddenly vilde has this guy who’s attracted to her and likes her and she’s going to be forced to realize that - oh shit - she doesn’t feel the same way.

Victor Victorious

Can’t believe it’s been 10 episodes and it just occured to me that Victor’s surname is Nikiforov, which comes from the Greek name Νικηφόρος (Nikifóros) and means Bringer of Victory.

So his name is Victor Who Brings Victory or (loosely translated) Victor Victorious.

No wonder he was always a champion. This is character naming on a par with Remus Lupin.

“And have you spoken to Molly Hooper? Since that day?”

Sherlock stopped again before opening the door. He turned to face his brother again. “What do you care?”

Mycroft shrugged. “Call it curiosity I suppose. I wondered if perhaps there was more damage than what was done to that ill fated coffin.”

Sherlock’s lips were set in a hard line and his eyes were tired. “Let’s put it this way- that was the last call of mine that she’s answered. And when I’ve seen her in passing, she is indifferent at best. I imagine that I could more easily piece together that stupid coffin than anything resembling a friendship with Molly Hooper.” He smiled wryly at his brother. “Thank you for asking.”

With that, Sherlock took his leave. Mycroft sat there silently for a moment, alone with his thoughts. But finally, he pressed the intercom on his phone.

“Anthea, would you come in here for a moment? I have a small but urgent delivery that I’d like for you to arrange.”

—  Complicated Little Emotions by writingwife83 
If Hamlet took place in a preschool classroom:
  • Hamlet is that kid who won’t stop crying on the first day because he misses his daddy. 
  • Things get worse when his uncle Claudius comes and picks him up after school… a full on tantrum ensues
  • LOTS of parent gossip surrounding that family…….
  • Ophelia gets completely soaked playing at the water table.
  • A game of hide and seek turns violent and Polonius ends up in the nurse’s office. 
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern refer to each other as ‘best friend’. No names. They literally just call out ‘best friend’. 
  • Fortinbras starts school two weeks late.

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How about a Supercorp Groundhog Day AU? Where Lena keeps getting hurt and Kara relives the day until she can save her? Or the other way around?


Picture Medusa, but things keep going wrong: the first time, Kara tries to stop Lillian too soon, and the bomb goes off, and all of the aliens in National City die as the fiery ashes fall from the missile. But when she wakes up and slowly, sadly flies to the DEO the next day, J’onn is there, alive, and everything seems to be happening all over again.

The second time, she shows up at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Lena gets shot, and Kara nods off while sitting next to her hospital bed, wakes up once again on the morning of Medusa.

This keeps happening, and she just can’t get it right: everyone around her keeps getting hurt. It is a dizzy balancing act of who will I fail next, and each day is another aching scar on her heart.

(I’m sorry, she wants to say. I’m so sorry. But they don’t remember, and explaining is impossible, and Kara knows this is her burden to bear alone.)

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The way Magnus kisses him is like art. The careful  hands on his face, painting Alec’s jaw and cheeks as if he’s a canvas, leaving trails of warm blues and purples and reds and pinks with his long fingertips.  Magnus is a painter, a sculptor, and Alec is his masterpiece that he is yearning to explore, to discover, and to complete. He tips his head to get a better angle and chuckles when Alec chases his lips as he pulls away to catch his breath. Magnus chooses his paints and materials precisely in order to create and finesse his vision, sculpting and making imprints in the clay that is Alec’s body and using the brushes that are his fingers as he holds Alec in his arms and decorates him through  traces and touches. Magnus’ lips are insistent but focused like he’s working and the way he is moving his mouth against Alec’s is like an artistic technique that only Magnus has been able to master, but at the same time he’s delicate and gentle, like Michelangelo working on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. It leaves Alec breathless. “You are my muse and a work of art, darling,” Magnus whispers in Alec’s ear, before pressing his mouth against it and causing Alec to beam at him.

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back to black [m]

Pairing: Reader x Jin

Genre: smut, tattooed!jin, cheating, angst

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: I have been listening to a lot of Amy Winehouse lately and this is what happens. I’m tempted to turn this into a series, but we shall see.

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We only said goodbye with words, I died a hundred times
You go back to her, and I go back to black

-Amy Winehouse

“Hey! What’s your name?” someone shouted at you from across the bar. His words barely louder than the beat pumping through the speakers.

The bartender handed over your drink, exchanging whiskey for your bills. The whiskey ginger burned on your tongue as you took a sip, preparing yourself to face the owner of the voice. He was handsome, but the look in his eyes told you that your name was the last thing on his mind. “No thanks.” You smiled, slipping off the bar stool to make your way through the crowd.

You felt your phone vibrate in your back pocket, the screen sticking out like a sore thumb in the dim lights of the bar your best friend had dragged you too. And as if the universe was playing a cruel trick on you, his name flashed on your screen. You scoffed as you read the familiar words.

Jin 11:45 PM: Where are you?

You held your phone up to your lips, debating if you should respond. Jin was bad for you and you knew it. That’s why the two of you broke up, to begin with. That’s why you still answered his calls and text messages. You took another sip, hoping to find some wisdom in the bottom of the ice. The screen illuminating the glass in your hand as you sank the rest of your drink. He was not a patient man.

Jin 11:48 PM: Y/N, where the hell are you?

His brashness made you wince, quickly typing out a response. Two could play this game, even though the both of you were never good at following the rules.

Y/N: 11:48 PM: Out

You really must have pissed him off as your phone started to vibrate in your hand, he was calling you.

“Stop playing games, Y/N.” Jin hissed through the phone, interrupting you before you could even say hello.

“I told you last time that this was over between us.” You raised your voice, matching his level of annoyance although for a much different reason.

Jin scoffed, “You and I both know that last time wasn’t enough.”

“Fuck you.” you quipped, annoyed at how easily the sound of his voice turned you into putty. His words pushing and pulling you into shapes that only he could make. “I’m at the bar.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” was all he said before the line on the other end went dead.

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