Twerking Medics by Blackmoonrose13

Song used youtu.be/VrSzlXCWekQ

I blame this video youtu.be/wpXsF2-FtZU because its been blowing up on Tumblr and I was thinking of it while in the doctor’s waiting room and I doodle it….and some people in the waiting room looked at the doodle funny….and some of my friends where like wtf for it.

Any way after I doddled it I decided to make it into a full image and speed paint to use it to entertain the masses.

And as per usual both red and blu medics….will I ever stop being miss predictable. I kinda did….I did a disco floor. See look me trying to be different. wooo.

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1: Write your name in song titles:

rise above – black flag

one – metallica

suicide machine – death

yellow – coldplay

2: Why did you choose your URL?

It’s a song and I couldn’t come up with anything

3: What’s your middle name?

I hate it

4: If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?


5: Favorite color?


6: Favorite song?

rn its: boys don’t cry by the cure

7: Top 4 fandoms?

Tokyo Ghoul, Gangasta, Free!, and Orange

8: Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I just use it to escape my boring life

9: Tag 9 of your mutuals 


do this if you want to!! 


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Miley’s new spot for MTV VMAs 2015 😝

It’s Christmas in July! New Ben (retracingben) mix tape!

Getting these mixes feels like Christmas morning every month, and I say that as someone who was raised Jewish with only a few Christmas morning experiences at other relatives’ homes. I always had a bit of Christmas morning envy. Except without the religious stuff or that sitting-on-Santa’s-lap thing. 

I’m only on track 4 but holy shiz, there is some serious shoulder shimmying going on at my desk right now. Which is my gift to everyone at the office. Obviously. For that, everyone at the office says thanks, Ben! (and I do, too.)

Click here for his July To Me 15 mix!