''there there. we totally like you better anyway.''

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Hi chris! (idk if its okay to call you like that or do you prefer actually christine?) I'm really sick as hell and i was wondering if you knew any good sterek fics where one of them is. sick and the other one takes care of him?

Aww hun I’m so sorry you feel icky :(  Its totally ok! my friends call me Chris and we’re friends now :) Chris is very gender neutral and Christine is more like hi I’m a girl :p 

Anyways, have some sick sterek :) And feel better!

Sticky Notes and Silent Words by  Bellakitse | 1.6K

Stiles has laryngitis, everyone thinks it’s funny, except Derek, his misses Stiles’ voice.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by  chase_acow | 2.4K

Stiles is sick and Derek takes care of him. Kinda. And mostly despite himself.

Have It All by  doc_sock | 5.8K

Derek is glad that he and Stiles are fuck buddies, really. So he wants more than that. So what? It’s not like what he wants is important.

(Love) Sick and Dying by  har1ey_quinn | 5.4K

“Do you need me to carry you?” Derek looks like anything Stiles says in an affirmative response will only result in him being thrown out the window.

“I-” Stiles squints at Derek. Apparently his lack of response is not good enough for the werewolf, so he takes it upon himself to try and shift Stiles into a sitting position on the bed. “Whoa, head rush. Ow.” Stiles brings his hands to rub at his temples, eyes shut in pain. The throbbing is getting unbearable now.

An impossible illness by  MemeKon | 3.3K

“D'you know what feels amazing when you’re sick?” He exclaims, taking Derek’s empty soup bowl from his shaky grip.

“A bullet through the brain?”

“What? No. What the fuck, Derek. Way to be drastic.” He rolls his eyes at him, putting the bowl on his bedside table. “A sponge bath. I was going to say a sponge bath.” Derek’s eyebrows do a sort of ritual dance at his words, over dark feverish eyes. “I don’t know what you’re saying, I’m not fluent in Eyebrow-ish.”

Stiles has the Flu | tumblr ficlet

Stiles gets the flu or something, and Derek comes over and takes care of him, but is so hostile and mean about it that Stiles thinks Derek’s there to kill him via alphabet soup burns or give him an overdose of cough syrup. When Derek’s just mad because Stiles let himself get sick in the first place.

Holiday Shopping With Sirius

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request by: @v0ldemortsbooty

-him complaining almost the entire time

-”why are we getting a gift for this guy anyway? he’s a total d-”


-him always wondering around the stores

-you trying to find him

-becoming even more lost

-you guys in an outlet mall, coffees in hand and getting too distracted with talking

-you trying to pick out clothes for your friends and Sirius constantly interrupting

-”I think that’d look better on you. *crosses arms*”

-”It’s for Lily!”

-Him really finding a liking to a pair of boots or a jacket and you secretly get it for him.

-Basically shopping with him will be super stressful but also fun

-you probably couldn’t get anything done without him convincing you to go back home with him

-In another clothing store he keeps trying on clothes to try and make you laugh

-*walks out in a dress*”

-”hey hey y/n, am I sexy yet?”

-”the thing is, you were before you put on the dress.”

-”are you flirting with me?”

-”shut up and put the dress back, unless youre planning on getting it.”


-you fall and Sirius picks you up

-”we gotta put the important stuff up front”

-”okay that one was a bit of a stretch.”

-Sirius giving you a little gift he’s been hiding for you

-You giving him the thing he wanted

-”How did you know?!”


Okay!! I thought this was super cute for the holidays!! Hope you guys are having a great one!

Requests are open :)

Time for a bias list!!! 700………. I honestly don’t know what to say. I never thought I’d have that many when I started this shitpost of a blog way back in August. But I did, so here we are!!! I totally made this graphic in 5 minutes please forgive me. 

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Movie Nights Are Made for Sleeping (Dean x Reader)

A/N: Okay this is a totally random drabble I did for the sake of relieving my own stress. We had quarter exams and stuff today, plus tonight’s episode (!!!) just. Phew. It isn’t my greatest work– personally, I could probably do better, but I developed a huge migraine right in the middle of writing! So, fun fun. Anyway, here’s something for all of you Dean fluff lovers (like myself.) If there are any grammar mistakes, I’m really sorry. Tagged blogs that I think will appreciate Dean-stuff are at the bottom! -Admin Sammi

P.S.: (Don’t be afraid to inbox us or message us or anything– and send in asks, submissions, requests, whatever! Feedback and stuff is super duper appreciated!) 

Word Count: 909 (Holy crap this is short lol. Shortest thing I’ve ever written.)

Warnings: None, really? Fluff fluff fluff. This is all just fluff. 

This is basically from Dean’s PoV. 

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader

When Dean pulled [y/n] down onto his bed that Friday night, he’d had every intention to finish the movie they had been watching. He’d followed the beginning scenes with a childlike enthusiasm, his eyes flicking over the screen as he frantically absorbed everything that was happening. But when the stroking of her fingers against the scarred skin of his arm– a habit she exercised on him subconsciously– began to slow and soften, he couldn’t help but to glance over at her. She lay against one of his pillows, her free arm cradling it against her head while the other reached out to him and lay across his lap. From where he sat, he could see the fluttering of her eyelids; the soft line between her brows began to relax as her countenance slowly slackened with oncoming unconsciousness. When she released a long, soft breath, and when the tension slowly eased from her shoulders, Dean lowered the volume of the television until the noise was merely a background static.

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“Guys this is my girlfriend, y/n. She knows about our whole superhero business. Anyways we have webhead over there, better known as your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.”
“Buckethead, really? You could do so much better than him.”
“Ignore him. Anyways, we have Iron Fist totally chill, Power Man, and White Tiger. We all get along or at least try to. They’re like my family.”


Prompt: I want to get along with you roomie… but I like star wars… and you like star trek… this isn’t going to work.

Warnings: nerd fights

Author’s Note: I, Liv, am a TOTAL trekkie. Like Data is my spirit animal. But anyway, I thought after seeing Star Trek Beyond Monday and seeing this prompt, it was perfect. (Also, I do love both though I prefer Trek if I had to choose. This is not supposed to offend anyone, it’s just for fun)

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Abby didn’t move. She stood perfectly still. She didn’t nod, or breath, or blink. It was like talking to a…well, a statue. 

Rita: “Jeez, you’re really dedicated to your craft. You can relax, I don’t have any money to tip you anyways. When do you get off? We should hang!”

Silence. Rita was beginning to feel like Abby was trying to blow her off. She could say something at least. 

All of a sudden, Rita bounded forward, threw her arms in the air, and shouted, “Boo!” The statue’s leg quivered at the knee. Her finger twitched. She blinked. 

Sterling: “Ah, she totally moved! Best statue in this city, my ass. I’ve see way better performers than her.”

Rita: “Pft. This isn’t Abby. It’s some other girl. I didn’t even notice because of all the face paint. This confirms it though. Abby wouldn’t twitch over a simple jump scare. Like I said, she’s the best statue in San Myshuno. Sorry to bother you miss. I thought you were by friend. I-I would tip you, but like I said, I haven’t got any money. Have a good evening, though.”

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This blog is so nice <3 bless the mods, your posts make me feel so better in some days... ^^ you're all doing a great work -- please keep up like that, I'm sure more people are feeling grateful for all you've done, like me!~ I hope you have a great day!!

aaaaaa thank you! I’m sorry we haven’t posted as much stuff as of late (I’d like to get at least daily post total, maybe more when the blog picks up) but we’re thankful you enjoy our posts! Any interaction with followers or anons or whoever is welcome, we just wanted some a source of ~good vibes~ and advice for BSD so I jumped at the opportunity. But it’s nice to see it’s brightening people’s days!

-Mod Yosano

what if steve doesn’t come out to any of his teammates because he assumes they already know he’s bi? he doesn’t exactly hide it

he wonders why natasha only tries to set him up with women, because he knows she isn’t homophobic, but figures she thinks it’s better for his image if he’s in a straight relationship. it makes him a bit uncomfortable but he isn’t going to go out with any of them anyway, so he keeps his mouth shut for once

meanwhile natasha is like goddammit i owe robert in statistics a favor and he’s totally your type I could have settled that and gotten you to go out at the same time this is why we need to tell each other things steve


I had no idea they announced my second cover! I was intending to do this when it was going to be announced, but I totally missed the boat. Maybe you guys would want to see it anyway. So, I decided during comic book cover adventure #02 to document the process a little better for my friends and followers. Especially ‘cuz I only had a week and a couple days to do this one. Generally, we thumbnail out a few drawings, and then we get notes from the show creator. Then I apply the notes, do a linedrawing, and get MORE notes. Then I apply those notes, and color it. Ideally, the less notes you get the better. I only got like 4 on this one so that’s pretty good (and one of the notes was my idea, which was to pull the BG forward so the dark shape of the road didn’t get in the way of the characters). I had a feeling out of my thumbs they would pick this one, although I also really liked the caroling one. My rough drawings are more my style, although they’re pretty good with the comics to let us do what we like. I hope you like seeing this process! It was so much fun to do this cover, Christmas is my favorite holiday so I was STOKED to get the December issue. It’s Issue 6′s regular cover! Pick it up in stores in December.

iKon Reaction: When you fangirl about an artist from your home country

I tried my best to think of artists from other countries but I did my best… I’m sorry…

Hanbin: (P. Diddy)

“Pfft… I can rap better than him any day…”

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Bobby: (Avicii)

“yeah… he’s okay… you know… for being not me..”

Originally posted by daematos

Jinhwan: (Enrique Iglesias)

“Okay, come on… Really? *rolls eyes* You know my vocals are a BILLION TIMES better than his!“

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Junhoe: (Nick Jonas

“*sings Chains in the shower* Yep… I’m 10 times better than Nick Jonas…”

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Donghyuk: (Derek Hough)

“Yeah, he’s a pretty good dancer, I guess… but can he do this?“ *does random dance move*

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Yunhyeong: (Troye Sivan)

“I actually like his voice! We should collab sometime.” *total sweatheart*

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Chanwoo: (Chris Martin)

“Same Fam”

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Not too proud of this one… Sorry :/ but here it is anyway!

I fucked a guy in my bed. Yeah, that one that we used to spend the afternoons at. He was tall and tanned. I’m not sure if he told me that he plays the piano, what I’m sure about is that he does wonderful things with his hands.

I fucked a guy in my bed. Yeah, that one where the only important thing was you and me. Oh god, he looked like my father with that blue sweater but he talked like an angel, and fuck, well, we better not talk about that.

I fucked a guy in my bed. Yeah, that one you used to whisper in my ear that you would never let me go. He was a total jerk but anyway he made the function.

I fucked a guy in my bed just to get you the fuck out of here, but I don’t know why, you always come back.

“I fucked a guy in my bed”

Okay, but imagine:

  • Clint, Sam, and Natasha are on a mission.
  • At one point, Natasha goes on ahead to clear a path
  • They need to agree on a signal to indicate that the coast is clear
  • Clint suggests a bird call and teaches it to Natasha
  • Nathasha’s like “What, no that’s dumb.”
  • Sam goes “She’s right, it’s a bit of a complicated call, she probably won’t pull it off right anyway”
  • “Fuck you, I can totally do it just watch me.”
  • Natasha clears path.
  • Natasha does call.
  • Sam and Clint don’t come.
  • A few seconds later, they shout loudly down the cleared hall way:
  • “Sam, did that sound like a white-breasted nuthatch to you?”
  • “No, that definitely sounded like the a red-breasted nuthatch!”
  • “Well,what do you suppose THAT signal means?”
  • “I have no idea, we better wait here just to be safe.”
  • And that’s the last time Clint and Sam get to pick the signal.