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The 14 Weirdest Quantum Leap Episodes of All Time
Time-traveling problem-solver Dr. Sam Beckett experienced plenty of bizarre situations over five seasons of Quantum Leap, but certain episodes stand out as pushing the boundaries of weirdness to the extreme. They are, of course, our very favorite QL episodes, and with a little help from Ziggy, we’ve gathered them here.
By Cheryl Eddy

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What are you attracting? I spent two hours today studying quantum mechanics and the law of attraction and I think I love myself more because of it. I’m usually a lot darker in my mind than I appear on Instagram- I feel most of us are. But if every thought I have has a frequency, I want to try harder to make them light and soft, attracting the light vibrations back to me. This might sound really odd but I’m understanding myself down to the mirror neuron level. The mirror neuron does not know the difference between itself and others. This is why we are stuck in a duality of how we perceive ourselves vs how other people see us. And this leads to the concept of social validation. I’m not sure where I’m going with this but it reminds me of the social anxiety I’ve experienced most of my life. I’ve gotten much better at talking to people now since I don’t imagine what they must think of me. Idk. I have to choose a semester long project to work on for my illustration senior project and I think this is it. I’m going to turn the subatomic shit we can’t see into something tangible and it will be really bad ass if I can pull it off. *when I pull it off (law of attraction hehe)

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If you have a restless intellect, it is very likely that you have played at some point with the idea of investigating the meaning and conceptual foundations of quantum mechanics. It is also probable (albeit not certain) that your intentions have been stopped on their tracks by an encounter with some version of the "Shut up and calculate!" command. You may have heard that everything is already understood. That understanding is not your job. Or, if it is, it is either impossible or very difficult. Maybe somebody explained to you that physics is concerned with "hows" and not with "whys"; that whys are the business of "philosophy" ---you know, that dirty word. That what you call "understanding" is just being Newtonian; which of course you cannot ask quantum mechanics to be. Perhaps they also added some norms: The important thing a theory must do is predict; a theory must only talk about measurable quantities. It may also be the case that you almost asked "OK, and why is that?", but you finally bit your tongue. If you persisted in your intentions and the debate got a little heated up, it is even possible that it was suggested that you suffered of some type of moral or epistemic weakness that tend to disappear as you grow up. Maybe you received some job advice such as "Don't work in that if you ever want to own a house". I have certainly met all these objections in my short career, and I think that they are all just wrong. In this somewhat personal document, I try to defend that making sense of quantum mechanics is an exciting, challenging, important and open scientific endeavor. I do this by compulsively quoting Feynman (and others), and I provide some arguments that you might want to use the next time you confront the mentioned "opinions". By analogy with the anti-rationalistic Copenhagen command, all the arguments are subsumed in a standard answer to it: "Shut up and let me think!"



this article is absolute garbage but this trans lady sounds extremely cool & she described her dysphoria with a quantum leap reference what a perfect human being