''prince of pudding''

SanNami hints continued at chapter 858

Nami is bathing before wedding, the scene reminds me when Absalom peek and harass her. She’s so thankful to Lola in TB and in Seducing Woods. If only she knew it’s Sanji who crashed her wedding with Absalom, she’d be more than thankful. At least, not just Lola is Big Mom’s daughter, but we also get a wedding reference as TB and WCI connection.

Fufufufufu, Nami. Chasing after the man you like round and round? You are here for that, right?

It implies Nami’s type of man: A prince! Not an asshole prince like Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji of course but a prince with kind heart; although Ichiji may propose her with glory (that money is something she would never worry about by marrying a prince). Kinda ironic, remember what Pudding said about Sanji? “At least bring me a proper Prince for the heaven’s sake!” 

Classic fairy tale is included in One Piece afterall, and Nami is kinda the lucky girl coming from poor family who’d marry a prince charming who fall in love with her at the first sight. LOL, remember Baratie when Sanji ran into Nami, guys?  

Chiffon is talking a bride substitute. Could it be this is a hint?

Look at Nami’s hair style now.

Sanji will leave 2 hours earlier so he may not come up with the plan detail and preparation. I’m sure Oda will skip them discussing the plan. Dont forget we have Brulee.

And this scene, the same pose, the same face, even the same comment .Seems Sanji and Nami indeed sit in distance and they don’t talk with each other yet face to face because they aren’t reconciled enough. So juicy.

I think that’s all.

One Piece 862. Third Impression.

Well, I am very dissapointed and hurt by today’s chapter.

The truth is that I don’t have much desire to comment on a chapter that, except for two curious moments, I didn’t like much. Also, I beg your pardon because my Bi-Shiper heart is hurt and may not be too objective.

Let’s see:

1) The name of the chapter: “The Intelligent Type”

The “Intelligent Type” this week and “The Consumated Actor” las week…: 

It makes me think that the smart guy, who is Sanji, had it “all planned”. 

We know that Sanji has a powerful haki and a sixth sense towards women’s feelings, so maybe -and only maybe-, Sanji knew from the beginning that Pudding had self-esteem problems and decided to remedy them.

2) Love the cover: just love Shanks and Buggy together.

3) Luffy, Idiot (… but I love him anyway)

4) The Wedding Cake: a creepy piece of art.

The cake is premonitory and shows that the queen of psychopaths is Big Mom.

 The wedding cake full of blood on its second floor, crosses and skulls as if it were a ossuary, or a hearse,is the perfect metaphor to bury the Germa and the Vinsmokes which are represented by a castle. 

I don’t know if you have been in Paris, but the cake have reminded me of the catacombs where hundreds of thousands of skeletons lay, most of them decapitated in the French Revolution.

5) The fucking Wedding: this moment, broke my heart. 

Whoever follows me will know that I am bi-shiper: I love ZoSan and also SanNa. I believe in both ships and my heart can’t decide for one … Those are my ONLY two One Piece ships.(I respect all the ships, ever)


This moment, in which Sanji is looking at Pudding as if he loved her has broken my heart and still feel that they are nailing needles in my chest.

Just no. I know Sanji is super kind, and a true prince, and cool, and everything, but no. I can’t stand this pic. (No offense PxS shipers, please, is just my feel)

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6) Oh, Oda, come on, really? ¡Venga ya! 

This is too easy for you. Are you tired? Need another rest? Then rest.

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7) Reiju is adorable. 

Sincerely worried about her bro… Love her.

8) Kagebunshin no jutsu. 

Oda sensei loves Kishimoto sensei so much. (I’ll ship them xDD)

And finally, Yonji bonus track:

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Writing all this nonsense has made me feel better and now, I even see the chapter with other eyes. What is clear is that Oda never leaves us indifferent.

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Thanks for reading and… sorry my english!

See you next chapter!!

Baek Ah is a gift and I just wish that if anything, he’s happy in the end

Maybe he gets with Woo Hee, maybe he doesn’t

I just hope he’s happy, painting, playing music and killing it in his pink robes. 

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I just finished Endurance and, like the first book, the ending made me weep! There was so much improvement in book two compared to book one (though, obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed both)! But I feel like I need you to know that I could not stop comparing Ren to strawberry pudding after it was first mentioned. He is now eternally Prince Strawberry Pudding in my mind.

Thank you so much! I did go through a lot of developments skill-wise between books 1 and 2 and I’m glad it shows.

Hahahah! Suits him perfectly. Ren is just like strawberry pudding: Soft, pretty and probably tastes like strawberries if you lick him. Wait…

One Piece 851 thoughts

The cover is a blessing. Honestly. In all the past few covers Sanji has this determined, bit cocky expression which I love, and which is so far from the reality of the chapter.

And I don’t think Oda just randomly put Brrok behind him. In this chapter the skeleton makes a very strong statement about him, and like in Zou, he got his back - metaphorically at least.

Back to the timeline… Pudding is a lovely jerk really. 

She’s got everything carefully planned, as the supersoldiers of Germa and the Vinsmoke kids in particular all have reinforced esoskeletons. There is explained why Reiju has blood on her legs, Pudding was simply being extra careful and verifying that her and her brother can actually be harmed by the gun. As I said before, I don’t see it too strange for the Vinsmokes to fall in such a trap:

1. It’s clear already that they don’t suspect a thing - Judge is being attentive, but not enough to act in time

2. Save Reiju and maybe Ichiji at times, the siblings don’t seem too smart - brute force and smaller brains, all the neurons went to Sanji apparently

3. It’s easily done if the plot requires it - see Chopper and Nami in Zou when they were so easily captured.

Then again. Pudding is wicked, plain and simple. I don’t see her easily redeemed, not even her carpet and … Jello (?) Can be saved, but we’ll get to that later. Reiju’s role as Sanji’s helper and only ally within the family would be fundamental, I said so long ago when we saw the flashback. I was even so sure that it would be her to reveal to Nami and Luffy the truth about her brother’s past.

Now it doesn’t seem that necessary anymore: the point of it would have been to reveal of all Sanji’s lies - which Luffy didn’t believe in the first place, my smart son -, which he told to protect them. Pudding kinda absolved to that need, in a not so pleasant way but hey, ASA it works. The little girls spoke too much and got herself in the web not with one, but with three people. Adorable.

Not really. And btw hon, we were there too, he didn’t say “I love you”, nor will he ever, bye Felicia.

And this is where I died. If someone comes to revenge my death, tell them to go after Oda Eiichiro.

Anyways I still think Reiju will absolve to some important role in the end - this one was pretty important already if you ask me, because it sure as hell wouldn’t have had the same impact to put 1,2 or 4 in that chair instead of Reiju. I’m not going as far as to say that Sanji wouldn’t care completely if they died - well, kinda -, but even if he didn’t love his sister - and he does -, he knows he owes her a debt from the past and these things are very important to our gentlemen Cook.

Getting to the hype of the chapter - the first one  - … 

 Having many main characters - and so many characters in general! - is a thing I always admired and envied in writers. People like GRR Martin or Eiichiro Oda that are capable, in such different narrative genres, to deal with many personal POVs at once, earn day by day my respect. Oda, choosing not one, not five, but nine - and growing, Jinbei you’re welcome - main characters to deal with is surely playing with fire. The possible interactions are endless - well no, 81 - and so are the reflections to make.

Here in particular it’s worth noting that out of the SH, Chopper and Brook are the ones who understood that Cook’s intentions immediately. This moments really touch me. When he talks about how Sanji is a “kind man” - hold your tears here Cass, hold them - I’m sure Brook was thinking of Thriller Bark, when Sanji tried to give his life instead of Zoro’s for Luffy. Only Brook and Robin know about that moment, a detail that I can’t wait to see how will play out later in the plot.

Brook understands Sanji. In a way that is entirely different from how Zoro understands Sanji and yet again different from how Luffy understands Sanji. For example Luffy could see through Sanji’s lies, but he is more similar to the Swordsman than to his captain. Brook, thanks to what he knows happened

Oh but I’m forgetting the important part here. Sorry. I’ll get right to it, ahem…


Here, all done. Hype part 1, check.

I thought that after last chapter he’d flee somehow or she’s be distracted by something or whatever but no, here we are. The first ever Mugi to face a yonkou as enemies is Brook - and I’d like to know if any of us could have seen it coming 200 chapters ago or so. Oda’s giving the skeleton some credit - finally -, much more than some. It was basically obvious they’d meet when Mama’s power was presented - Soul vs soul - and as I said, Brook could contrast her - but I doubt more than this. I honestly have no idea how this could play out now: my guess is that Brook will somehow evade her power with that power of his and most probably and well previously prepared plan.

And speaking of plans. My mind is formulating all kinds of plans for Sanji to execute now in my mind. At this point he MUST have forsaken his resolve to sacrifice himself. 

Or maybe he’ll still sacrifice himself somehow, but not through the fricking marriage. The one thing I hope Oda doesn’t have him do is to simply go to his “family” and explain what is going to happen.

1. They’d never ever believe him

2. They’d mock him and I’m so sick of this

You wanted a real prince, Pudding darling? Want to know what I want? A Mr. Prince. Yup. Sanji as he was in Alabasta or in Skypiea or in …. . A Sanji that swiftly executes brilliant, yet simple plans. You know I’d even settle for a Sanji in Zou - just any Sanji but this.

Getting to Pudding-chan. I am still convinced this isn’t all there is to her, and by this I don’t mean in any way that’s she’s secretly good or something - lol, nope - but that she has other reasons, other wishes. Her power though is terrifying, I dare say one of the worst dangerous of the whole universe. I mean: she could make a yonkou forget he even is a yonkou! And now I have so many more theories in my mind: she could even, willing or not, help the Mugis escape. There are endless possibilities to it.

As for the Carrot and Bropper side, to seem to be doing perfectly fine. After the most recent developments they’d do just fine meeting any of the SW or Pedro. Or even Jinbei’s crew. Or Pekoms. Just anybody is fine, because things are finally taking a turn for the better. 

I love Luffy. This scene is terrible, and I love him. He is really willing to lose his hands. They are just about to … Okay, sorry, it’s terrible. 

As for this interaction, I love it as well. Nami’s being the Gon type here: I don’t wanna die and I don’t wanna spit it out, it must be because of Luffy’s heavy influence lol. And the Fa dude, Opera… he’s the laziest torturer I’ve ever seen. 

Spit it out please. No? Kay, hurt her more.

Wanna spit it out now? Kay. 

I want a donut. 

A few more exchanges like these, and then…

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the so-called “HYPE”. 

We can’t see if he’s completely alright yet - did he not miss anything after Mama’s roulette 20 chapters ago or so? Maybe a leg, since they are not being shown - I’d really hope not, but I think Jinbei’s enough of the smart fella to get himself out of such a situation. 

From Oda’s editor we know that the saga is exactly at its mid point currently. And it makes sense, because things are starting to roll in a positive direction. Jinbei’s was probably the biggest question mark and him solving the situation with Nami and Luffy is brilliant to just let the dices roll again. The only one we’re still awaiting a decision from is Sanji, but I think we’ll get to see the ceremony the next day anyway - Oda would never miss the opportunity to draw such an incredible setting and  gathering of bizarre characters. 

Even after that, the situation would still be kinda crytical with Vinsmokes - would they just let Sanji leave if Mama’s secret plan to annihilate them were uncovered? Would the Cook simply want to leave after all they’ve done to him?

No, Reiju’s positive characterization was introduced for a reason and the shock of the Cook after seeing the clones army wasn’t casual either. But we’ll get to that, for the moment, just let us enjoy the 

Strawhats crashing the wedding. 

I could make a t-shirt. 

On Sanji in chapter 845...

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how it was completely in character for Sanji to give in to the marriage at this point and sacrifice his dream and future for the sake of Zeff and the SHs.  And that still stands.  It is very in line with how he’s always been portrayed as being very self-sacrificing and having little regard for his own life.
However, after rereading the chapter again, I feel I am forced to backtrack a little bit.  While giving in is in character for him, him doing so after the events of chapter 844 is not.

Sanji says here that he was doing all this to protect Zeff as well as the SHs.  Yet, he says that now him giving in to Big Mom on Zou to protect the SHs had been pointless, because they followed him and she is out there attacking them anyway.  Sanji has to know how serious Luffy is about his friends and that when he promises something, he keeps that promise.  Therefore, Sanji has to know that if he doesn’t return, Luffy will die of starvation, which is the last thing he would ever want to have anyone endure.  At first, Sanji only had his hands and Zeff to worry about, so giving in to the marriage would have made complete sense for Sanji to do, prior to Luffy declaring they will not leave.  But now that Luffy declared he will not be leaving, this puts Sanji in a harder place, having to choose between going through with the marriage and saving Zeff, or not going through with the marriage and being able to save the SHs. That’s why, to me, this whole Pudding scene is fishy because there is no way that Sanji would consciously give up on everything when the SH’s lives are at stake. Sanji’s goal with this whole thing is to save everyone he can, and this would not be achievable at this point if he were to truly go through the marriage and leave Luffy there to starve.  The villains would get the alliance they wanted, and the Straw Hats on Whole Cake Island would die or they would become Big Mom’s subordinates.  Therefore, from a narrative perspective, it would not make literal sense for Sanji and Pudding to marry at this point in time under these current circumstances.  

Never mind the fact that there is clearly something going on with Pudding (so much doesn’t add up about her, and she still hasn’t gotten her introduction box, and I have a feeling that she will get that when her “true self” is revealed).  I feel like what’s more curious in this scene is that there is something going on with Sanji.  I could simply be reading too much into this, but after him completely breaking down in the last chapter, he seems awfully calm throughout this whole chapter.  He tells Pudding everything (under the watch of Nitro the Jello and the Carpet Homie whose name escapes me, I might add, even though Pudding said they would be alone).  He talks about how all these people (namely Zeff and his crew) are his saviors and that he owes them.  And again, I can’t reiterate enough that if Luffy and the SHs are his saviors, there is no way he would truly allow them to die here waiting for him.  Not only does he feel like he owes them for bringing him some happiness in his life, but he loves them arguably as much as Zeff and would never want them to get hurt because of him.   Having his friends die has never been an option for Sanji, which is why I think either Sanji already has a plan or he is starting to think of one.  

Sometimes, we forget that this is Mr. Prince we’re talking about.  This is the guy that outsmarted Crocodile, the guy that broke down the Ark Maxim from the inside, the guy that infiltrated the Sea Train and closed the gates at Enies Lobby, and the guy who outsmarted the mafia boss Capone inside of his own body.  Sanji is the most strategic straw hat, and there is no way that this whole “Year of Sanji” arc is gonna go down without him pulling something eventually.  He has to know that he and Pudding are being monitored no matter where they go, so perhaps him saying all these “this is the end” things is a way for Big Mom to let her guard down a little, which she probably would do if she thought Sanji was no longer opposed to the marriage.  He also seems to have already convinced his family that he will not be returning to his crew (“Finally, you’ve severed your useless bonds” is what Judge said in 844.  I’m sure they know he’d like to return, but I think they believe he won’t because of Zeff).  And not that he would ever be one to manipulate women, because I don’t think he would ever use a girl as sweet as Pudding, but I think his surprise in this panel

had less to do with him being genuinely shocked that she cared and more of a realization that she could be his key out of here.   

This could also be why he quickly embraced her right afterwards, and said they’d get married tomorrow after all this time of being so against it.  Again, there is no way at this point in the arc, after hearing that Luffy will not leave, that he would just give up and let them die.  Therefore, the only real option I see here is Sanji coming up with something.

Of course, we’ll have to see.  It’s very possible that I’ve misinterpreted everything and that Sanji really has given up.  I really hope I’m not overestimating Oda on this.

Sorry for the length.  Cheers.