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melonnie you kno what it is ღ it is vkook time!!

  • Who’s the first to wake up in the morning: totally Tae
  • Who’s the one to make breakfast: Jk!!
  • Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed: still Jk lmfao
  • Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work: Tae :^)
  • Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day: i feel like they both would, depends, mostly Tae?
  • Who chooses the movies: Jk, watching iron man forever surely
  • Who initiates kissing during the moving, thus distracting the other from the movie all together: Tae
  • Who orders lunch: Tae
  • Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking: Jk lol
  • Who curls up next to the other and falls asleep due to a full tummy: (this is the cutest thing what the heck i just imagINED) Jk
  • Who distracts the other from trying to work at home: still Jk fight me on this
  • Who asks to go get ice cream like a five year old: Tae
  • Who takes pictures of their partner eating ice cream: Jk lol
  • Who makes a sexual joke about the dripping ice cream on their partner’s face: Tae
  • Who cooks dinner: Jk
  • Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards: Jk because i feel like Tae would just be like ‘i’m lazy now’ and leave him lol
  • Who stays up until 2 reading: Tae, gotta catch up on those webtoons rite
  • Who stares at their partner while their sleeping: Jk, he’s too soft for Tae
  • Who kisses their partner while they sleep: Jk!! 
♪ GALAVANT ♪ sentence meme


  • “Ah, true love was never this ecstasic!”
  • “In a few moments, we shall marry, and you will instantly become the richest, most powerful woman in the land.”
  • “You will join me in my bed.”
  • “We’re going to do it!”
  • “We’re… doing… it.”
  • “I suggest you fall.”
  • “I’m gonna go with the fame and fortune.”
  • “Best squireship in the land.”
  • “Well, that’s a mouthful.”
  • “I’m sorry. What is that smell?”
  • “Nice meeting you. Door’s on the wall.”
  • “I’m nobody, princess.”
  • “That man is an animal!”
  • “I’d love to learn a little more about how you, uh… craft a joke.”
  • “I’m such a bully. I’m under a terrible amount of pressure, you have to understand that!”
  • “We could start a genocidal war!”
  • “I could get back to all my hobbies, like raising taxes and tormenting the poor.”
  • “Well, that was ripping!”
  • “There appears to be a rather large hole in my bucket, and I would very much like for you to fix it.”
  • “You’re embarrassing yourself.”
  • “I’m embarrassing yourself.”
  • “Totally understand. Totally empathize.”
  • “It’s about to get very messy in here.”
  • “I come from a long family of lovers. You can’t fight genetics.”
  • “I’m sort of out of the whole ‘damsel in distress’ business at the moment, so…”
  • “I like skinny. Like, really unhealthy skinny.”
  • “Pack lightly. There’s a long journey ahead.”
  • “Stop with the singing and get back to what you’re good at!”
  • “Still stings, doesn’t it, hero?”
  • “How can you be a hero if you’re not wearing any pants?”
  • “Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have to go get freaky.”
  • “You’ve been screaming like a castrated hyena for the past ten minutes.”
  • “Ah, my pants are on. My pants are definitely on.”
  • “That was a long song.”
  • “Can we swap horses? Yours look so much softer.”
  • “There’s gonna be some legendary hero-ing happening around here pretty damn soon.”
  • “Never start a marriage with a kidnapping.”
  • “I am Mr. Butch!
  • “Oh, poop! I got gravy on my tummy flowers.”
  • “I’ve only ever hugged one man in my life, and it was the day my father died. I squeezed that rotten bastard to death.”
  • “Nice beard. I’m talking about her, of course, but the facial hair is nice, as well.”
  • “Oh, yes. I want to bail… your mama out of prison when she gets arrested for prostitution.”
  • “It’s 1256. The ‘your mama’ jokes are getting really old.”
  • “Does this strap go on the front or the back?”
  • “Oh, good God. Do I have to do everything?”
  • “What… you’re gonna train me?”
  • “You’re just gonna humilliate me all day, or…”
  • “Any man can get knocked up. The hero is the man who gets back up.”
  • “Oh. Absinthe. It’s not strong.”
  • “I’ll be drinking an ale… from the bottle.”
  • “Yeah, I burped. Do you whiff it?”
  • “I slept on the horse.”
  • “So, are we keeping the rooster or eating the rooster? ‘Cause I’m not naming him if we’re eating him.”
  • “Maybe you’re not the worst thing ever.”
  • “Don’t make me always have to be the bad guy.”
  • “I need a hug!”
Gravity Falls sentence starters #4

“I’m ____ and I was wrong. I’m singing the _____ Wrong Song.”

“Aww, you sneeze like a kitten.”

“Grappling hook!”

“Winners never lose.”

“Remember everyone, we’ve got to look out for the triangle guy.”

“Yeah, look out for the triangle guy.”

“It’s funny how dumb you are.”

“Time to use my old man powers.”

“Can I have my hands back now? I have a certain gesture I’d like to share with you."  

"There are those who call me ____. This is because _____ is my name.”

“It’s not my fault your pig is potentially delicious.”

“Eeny meeny miney… you.”

“So you want to eat the freak to gain it’s mutant powers. I respect that.”

“It all adds up. The bleeding, the limp. He never blinks! Have you noticed that?”

“Pat. Pat.”

“I high-five hard.”

“I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of humiliation.”

“Get this on tape, in case I die or whatever.”

“What a little dummy. Glued to the… to the… oh, I love this movie.”

“______, I will pay you to put your shirt back on.”

“And theory #3, my personal favorite: he’s normal, and ____’s just crazy.”

“The people in this town are literally the dumbest people in the world. Literally.”

“I’m down! _____ down!”

“Stop making that noise! I hate you! This is definitely not an accident!”

“I make my own economy.”

“Plus, there’s snacks for the kids. You can eat that. Try and stop… you.”

“It’s time to throw that thing out. It’s face reminds everyone of the inevitably of death.”


“Did somebody say ‘Crombie’? What is that? 'Crombie’. It’s not even a word. You’re losing your mind.”

“We have an axe. Ree! Ree! Ree!”

“What are you all doing here? And why was I dreaming about two brightly colored and radical young men?”

“It’s a day when the whole family can come together and celebrate what’s really important: pure evil! Mwahahaha!”

“I ate a man alive tonight.”

“Just use your mouth to say words that makes romance happen.”

“So, you’re probably a girl, right? Wrong? No, I was right the first time. Wrong?”

“And you too could see, if you was li'l ol’ me.”

“I can buy and sell you, Old Man!”

“I’m off to get a huggy wuvvy tummy bundle!”

“I’m not acting suspicious. You’re acting suspicious. What’s a pig?”

“I ate it, because I have little to no concern for other people’s possessions or emotions.”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m a jerk.”

#Twenty-Two (#Four P/BS) - First Ultrasound

| Harry |

Today was the day of the first ultrasound and Harry’s not as excited as I thought he’d be. He’s been complaining all day how it’s not that big of a deal, wondering why he has to go. Thanks Harry, thought you were the father for a few minutes. I don’t know if it’s the stress of the baby or stress from work. Maybe it’s just that he hasn’t really been happy with his life, as he says. He tells me his life is perfect when he’s referring to myself and our baby who knows these days.

I promised him it would be worth the go. Getting to see the earliest of our developing baby will be a milestone that he can’t just miss! “C’mon you’ll love it. We’ll go get the ultrasound and then get lunch at that place on the water you love.” I kissed his back as he brushed his teeth silently. He split out the toothpaste and walked away from me.

“{Y/N} I’m serious please just go by yourself. I don’t feel up for it. I’ll come to the next one.” He went into his closet to pick out some clothes.

“Whatever prick.” anger had come over me and so many rude words wanted to come out of my mouth and I chose one at random to say. I don’t care if he heard me. He can sit here at home alone by himself, all sad because he doesn’t get to see the baby and I do.

I stripped my clothes off using the restroom yet again this morning due to my bladder needing to be emptied every fifteen minutes. I climbed into the shower, washing my body and hair. When I found myself talking to my very, very small baby bump asking it questions. Anyone could say its weird but it’s keeping my mind off other things. I finished up and dried off thinking of a million new things. About the baby’s room or the baby book.

I got some clothes and went into the bedroom to change finding Harry on his computer on the bed. I ignored him, I pulled my clothes on after wrapping my towel around my body. “You’re beautiful.” I heard my husbands voice from the bed.

“Thanks.” I finished getting ready, grabbing my purse and heading out, “I’m leaving. I’m gonna go by some stores and pick up lunch. See youu.” I left without letting him respond.

The doctors was intimidating, seeing mothers with busting tummies and other with their only week old babies. It made me nervous - some woman had a man by their side or a woman. They all had someone with them except me it felt like.

I was called into the room and they did the routine. Lifted my shirt, put some gel on my stomach, moved around this half moon looking tool and watched a screen. There was slight movement and it made my eyes tear up. I created this baby and in only a few months I’ll be able to hold him or her. It was expected that I cry at this, there are no words to explain how amazing this is.

Once I had gotten the hard-to-make-out picture of my baby I went to a baby store to get a baby book. I made sure that it was a neutral color and then picked up lunch. When I came through the door, Harry was sitting at the table with his leg across his other. His eyes closed and his foot shaking.

“Baby?” I asked. His eyelids fluttered open to his bloodshot eyes. “What happened to you?”

“I should have gone with you, I’m so, so, so sorry {Y/N}.”

“Here.” was the last thing I said, handing him the picture. 

| Liam |

“C'mon {Y/N} wake up sweetheart your first ultrasound if today.” He whispered right into your ear expecting you to still be asleep.

“I’m awake.” I kept my eyes closed, still being too tired to open my eyes.

“C'mon then {Y/N}.” I opened my eyes to see him with his hair all, raising my hand to his hair. I ran my hand through his hair, smoothing the tangles out. “Tired?”

He whispered.

“Very, I’m not used to being this tired. What time is it?”

“Eight forty-five, time for you to wake up.” He brought on a smile that I couldn’t help smile at.

“I have a very good feeling like you’re going to be a good dad.”

We finally got up, getting ready to go to the doctor. This would be the very first ultrasound and Liam seemed to be more excited than I was. He kept talking about how he thinks it’ll be a boy and that he can’t wait nine months. Certainly one of the cutest sides of Liam there is. As we waited in the room for the woman to come in and do the ultrasound he became silent.

“Something wrong sweetheart?”

“What if something happens?” When we told his parents that I was pregnant they were asking me a lot of questions. Names, color palette and even if I knew of any diseases in my family. I didn’t know of any and it seemed to freak Liam out a bit. He bought a book, Everything Bad That Can Happen During Your Pregnancy… He’s read it three times, looking things up on the Internet and asking me questions. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked the doctor a million things that I couldn’t answer as well as the Internet.

“Stop with all that.” I said sternly, looking back at the machine they look at.

There was silence for about five minutes then he spoke again, “What if you have a miscarriage?” It was almost below a whisper.

“I will send you out of here so fast Payne, shut up.” I slapped him - not hard but it was sturdy. I looked away getting tears in my eyes and then it all came down.

The doctor walked through the door quietly as Liam stayed silent. “I see that your hormones are working just fine. Don’t be worried if you’re mad at one point and the next you’re furious.” She sat down, the rolling chair coming up next to me.

“Excuse me.” I said, feeling ashamed of what I had just done.

There was another silence, this one more awkwards for me than before. “Your baby is doing very well, extremely healthy. Keep that positive attitude up and your baby will be a ball of sunshine.” the doctor told us. I looked over at Liam who was smiling like crazy, like nothing had just happened.

One we had gotten back into the car with the ultrasound picture, I leaned over to Liam and kissed his lips softly. “I love you, I’m very sorry.”

“It’s fine {Y/N}, he took my hand and held it, “I shouldn’t have asked those questions but still. We’re having a baby!” he quickly changed the subject as he spoke, looking at me with the same big smile as before.

| Zayn |

“Do you not want me to come? Why can’t I?” Zayn asked me once I had told him I didn’t want him to come with me. The night before he was being a butt, asking why I needed to reschedule. I didn’t really feel like going to the doctors today. I’d rather go to some shops and see my friend who is pregnant. Even the whole ultrasounds things has been scaring me.

“I just don’t want to go today. It’s not that I don’t want you to come.” I told him in which he backed up and rolled his eyes.

“Then reschedule why am I even here? You clearly don’t want me to come so why should I even bother.” Zayn complained to me, looking at me from the bathroom.

“If you don’t want to act like the father then so be it. Not once did I say I wanted you not to come. I love you and I wanted you to come. I just wanted to go to some baby shops and do the ultrasound next week, ZAYN.” I yelled his name, emphasizing on it.

He stayed silent yet the look on his face clearly wasn’t happy. I walked off, grabbing my keys and purse. “Coming to the doctors!?” I yelled from downstairs.

I waited in the car, as he came and got in a few minutes later. I drove us to the doctors and neither of us spoke one word to each other or at all. I yelled a few times at the traffic, getting more and more frustrated that I wanted to cry. “Baby - doll calm down these fools are only making you anxious and feel bad. He rubbed my arm and then thigh to relax me.

Finally - finally we got to the doctors and went inside, us being the only ones for an appointment at this time. We walked into the room, as they did the ‘whole thing.’ At first the doctor looked disappointed or like something was highly wrong.

"Something wrong?” Zayn swallowed, tapping his foot repeatedly.

“I thought there was no heartbeat…” There was a weird, depressing silence, “though your baby is just very tiny, with a quiet heartbeat.” She smiled at me and Zayn.

“Too small?” I quietly muttered, almost to myself.

“Perfectly fine. You’ll just need to make sure you’re eating lots and lots of good food, even some bad. And a lot of vitamins.” The doctor told us with a small pack of items which I assumed was our plan. Which would tell us that when our baby should come. At least now we can wait some more and figure out what colors we like best.

We got home, after going to a few stores and looking around. We’ve decided we like the idea of animals and stripes. I don’t think I’ve stopped talking to Zayn about what I think our baby will be like for at least five hours. I’m surprised he hasn’t fallen asleep or told me to be quiet. “Zayn? Sex pot?” I whispered to see if he’s still awake.

“Go back to your story, I want to know the rest.” he turned towards me.

“I were listening?”

“Why wouldn’t I be? I want to know how you came up with that name. It’ll be perfect if we have a daughter.”  And I continued my story, as I had all of Zayns attention. He’ll be perfect with kids.

| Louis |

Despite the obvious fact that this isn’t my first ultrasound today, it’s the first with Louis. I didn’t get a picture or anything specific at the doctor back with my mom. So today Louis and I should be getting those specifics today and the plan for check ups for the pregnancy.

Louis is really looking forward to the baby’s gender, ultrasound. Which should be in about fourteen weeks. I should be two weeks and at sixteen they may be able to see if it’s a girl or boy. Louis and I both believe they it’s going to be a girl, though we won’t know for awhile! It’s the only bad thing so far with pregnancy - the extensive waiting.

We even have a few names on a list - a girls column and a boys column. Once I told Louis he’s been so excited wondering what it’ll be like to be a father and what it’ll be like for me to be a mother. It’s all exciting like when we were little kids and knew we were going on a trip - we just didn’t know where.

“What’re you writing?” Louis came into the bedroom, a towel around his waist and his hair soaked.  

“I thought maybe I could write some things down for our baby so that when they grow up and wonder what it was like for me to be pregnant with them. I mean I hope they wonder that. - I can show them exactly how I was feeling by giving them these.” I handed Louis a very small stack of about four letters and he went through each one reading them.

“When I found out I was pregnant, when I told my parents I was pregnant, when I told your father and when I went for my first ultrasound. Baby this is a great idea.” he gave them back and kissed my cheek.

“Why thank you. Now I just need to go to the ultrasound to see what I can write down.” I laughed, getting up to get dressed for it.

Sitting in the waiting room for what felt like a few hours we went in to the doctors room or whatever you’d like to call it. Louis held my hand, waiting to see what was going to happen.

Surprisingly it went well, absolutely nothing to be scared about. The tool wasn’t scary not was the fact a new doctor would be seeing my baby develop. Louis didn’t care about those things, only that he was going to be a father in less than nine months. His expressions are enough to get me through this pregnancy I must say though.

After we got out of the doctors appointment with the little picture that’s all Louis has stated at. He sent a picture of it to his family who called and screamed at how cute it was. (I know weird, it only looks like a little bubble but still cute) I don’t blame them though. When my {sister or brother or cousin} had their baby, I freaked out over them. Now I get to freak out over my own baby.

Let’s just say this is the second of many ultrasounds and they’ll be quite eventful.

| Niall |

“Will you two be finding out the gender before you have him or her?” our nurse asked us our preferences from if we’ll keep our baby in our room the whole first year to if we have picked any godparents. I can tell that she’s either in a relationship and not married or is planning on getting pregnant soon, so I asked her.

“Are you planning to have any kids?” I asked her.

“I hope so. I’m engaged and I just cannot wait to have kids.” she smiled widely, her face glowing. It reminded me of myself when Niall and I, I couldn’t stop smiling. She went out after I had pulled my shirt down and gotten my things together. She told me she was getting some forms since we just moved to London, we have a new doctor from the one I had when I was little.

“How was it?” Niall asked, standing up as soon as I got out.

“It was good. Why didn’t you come in?” I took his hand squeezing it softly.

“I didn’t want to be in the way, I thought I could just come in when i really needed me.”

“I thought I’d be okay but you need to come in with me next time!” I laughed, as he kissed my nose. I rolled my eyes at his cuteness, going over to the desk where I was summoned.

“Just sign these - and here is the ultrasound.” she handed Niall the picture and it must have gazed at that for hours. He asked no questions about where the head was or anything like that - he only looked at it.

We went for lunch after the ultrasound to just relax some and talk about things. Niall finally put the picture away, in my purse so we’d have it for the baby book. There were no questions from him which I found off. He is usually jumping at me for answers and wondering this or that. Though while we were eating the only thing related to the baby that he mentioned was the name he wanted.

He wrote it on a napkin, sliding it over to me. It made me smile widely seeing that he could pick any name and picked such a good one. “It’s an adorable-”

“Shh, it’s a secret.”

“It’s only you and I here, Niall.” I tried to suppress a laugh.

“It’s still a secret. The first time anyone will know the name is when we decide to tell them.”

“So I can’t tell anyone the name? I really like it, I think it might be the one if it’s a-”

“Shhh!” Niall said sternly, but playfully.

I’m happy no other woman got to be with Niall as selfish as it may sound. I don’t think anyone else will be able to father my children with how crazy he is. It makes me wonder what it would have been like if I had married a normal man.