''okay little drunk in the house''

Easter was lovely, thanks
  • Me:Okay, I just got the best compliment ever from my brother's mother-in-law
  • Me:I asked her if she was coming over for Easter dinner and she said yes and "I don't celebrate Easter but I do celebrate [my last name]!"
  • Me:And I said "I'm a little punch drunk from lack of food and sleep, but I should be right as rain by the time you get to my house. :)"
  • Me:And then I got this and nearly shivered out of my skin with happiness: "Ohh this is going to be fun. You are very entertaining when punchy. Bon mots spill from your mouth often perplexing the inattentive audience."
  • Me:My brother is so lucky in his mother-in-law
  • Me:All my son's Lola ever says to me is back handed compliments about how unexpectedly well I managed to turn out.
  • ---
  • My sister:Remember when I was going to do a farmer market booth selling almond milk and call it The Joyful Almond?
  • Me:And then you made almond milk exactly once.
  • My sister:All that came of that was a bunch of flavored almond recipes pins on my pinterest.
  • ---
  • My sister:... I guess I didn't need to make seven potatoes for twice baked potatoes, we are only going to eat half each.
  • Me:... Left overs?
  • My sister:*makes a considering face* Left overs.
  • For the record, each and every one of the twice baked potatoes got eaten. No left overs.
  • ---
  • My brother-in-law:Hey baby what's the name of that one country song I like?
  • Me:*starts singing Country Roads*
  • My sister:... Cause that helps.
  • ---
  • My sister:I need to put on make up if you're going to keep taking pictures.
  • Me:Why? They are just going on Facebook.
  • My sister:*Yeah.* Facebook.
  • ---
  • Me:Where's my niece?
  • My sister:In the back with the boys.
  • Me:Are they watching her?
  • My sister:As well as men ever do.
  • Me:... Fair enough.
  • ---
  • My brother's mother-in-law:Oh, I'll drink anything, unlike Lielabell. She has exclusive taste.
  • Me:That's a fancy way to say I don't like wine.
  • My brother's mother-in-law:No, you do like wine. I've seen you drink it.
  • Me:Only those nice bottles from Danza.
  • My brother's mother-in-law:See, exclusive taste.
  • My sister:I feel that applies to everything in Lielabell's life.
  • Me:I like what I like.
  • ---
  • Me:Also: for the record, five hours of heavy impact play followed by a morning of whipping cream by hand = intense bicep workout.
  • Me:Ouchies.
  • ---
  • Me:I don't care. I don't care. This egg is messed up and I don't care.
  • My sister:How about you not care in silence?
  • ---
  • My niece:*bangs on the screen door* Inside, Mommy, inside.
  • My sister:Stay outside with the boys, baby, there will be years and years of you being inside cooking for family events.
  • Me:Listen to your mother, darling, she telling the truth.
  • ---
  • My sister:OH! NO!
  • Me:What happened?
  • My brother:The biscuits fell.
  • Me:All the biscuits?
  • My sister:All the biscuits.
  • Me:Are they salvageable?
  • My sister:No.
  • My brother:Yes.
  • My sister:You wouldn't eat them.
  • My brother:The hell I won't.
  • Me:Put them in the oven. Tell no one.
  • My brother:Siblings secret?
  • My sister:Siblings secret.

🌸Chapter 38🌸

Lydia’s POV

I stumble a little around the house to find Nash. I wasn’t drunk I was just a little tipsy. “Tay! Taylor!” I yelled over the music. “Have you seen Nash!?” “Ummmmm last time I saw him he was walking upstairs!” He yelled. “Okay thanks” I walked upstairs to find him. He wasn’t in any of the rooms. I walked down the hall to the bathroom. I knocked on it “hey is Nash in here!?” I said. I heard someone giggling. That annoying giggle sound so fucking familiar. I opened the door slowly and saw Nash and some girl shirtless and his lips all over her. I couldn’t tell who she was until Nash backed away from here. “RACHEL……really Nash RACHEL! What the fuck is this stupid bitch doing here! And why the fuck are you hooking up with her!” I yelled. “No! No babe it’s not what it looks like” Nash said. “Ohhhh really? Well it looks like you’re hooking up with this stupid ass slut!” I said. “Ummmmm excuse me honey I’m no slut!” Rachel said. “Ohhhh really hooking up with someone else’s boyfriend in a bathroom doesn’t make you a slut.!” “You better watch it honey or you’ll be flyin down those stairs face first.” Rachel said. Then out of anger I threw a punch. I was on top of her punchin her in here face. “LYDIA STOP!” Nash yelled. I didn’t listen.

Nash’s POV

“DUDE! TAY HELP MAN RACHEL AND LYDIA ARE FIGHTING!!!” We ran upstairs to stop them. “LYDIA STOP!” I finally got her off Rachel. “Damn Lydia you can fight. What the hell happened?” Taylor said. “This stupid bitch was hooking up with this asshole” Lydia said. Rachel tried to jump at her but Taylor held her back. “Whyyyy?! Nash you dumb ass you have Lydia!” Tay said. “I know I don’t know what I was thinking.” I said. “Nash you obviously belong with me some dump this hoe and we can be together” Rachel said. She grabbed my hand and I pulled away. “You know what you can have him. Nash fuck you and this little hoe of yours. I’m done. You hear me!!! THIS……….US WE ARE DONE!” She yelled and walked downstairs. I tired to go after her but Tay stopped me. “Dude no. You really gotta give her some time.” I walked away and punched the wall leaving a big hole

Teenage Crisis: The Senior Year Expectation

           It’s amazing how going to high school can impact my whole life in just 4 years, it’s even more crazy how senior year can impact my whole life in just 1 year… Seriously I’m just on my second semester before I graduate and I probably tired a little bit of life.  first kiss, first make out session,  first time getting drunk, first time I tried weed, first time to stay out late, first time to sleepover and from that one sleepover, I sleepover at people’s house without telling my parents, first time to get friend zoned, first time i found out someone cute, first time i found out that the person that I hated so much turned out to be okay in the end, and all that other shit that I went and soon will encounter in the future.  And the sad part about my senior is that I don’t have a Boyfriend.  I’ve always wanted that high school musical end, when Troy and Gabriella graduated with there friends, and going to prom together and being together till the end.  But I’m not in a hurry.  I just wonder why we expect senior year to be like the other high school stories we’ve seen in the movies?  A simple girl going to senior year with her friends, have the perfect grades, getting accepted by her long time dream of a university, being the most popular person in school, who happens to end up with the most hottest guy in school, and graduates.  CAN SOME ONE HELP ME IN GETTING THAT FOR MY HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR YEAR PLEASE!!!

Gonna be RULL HONEST, RULL FAST, but today is the first day in years that I’ve really wanted to talk to my (most significant) ex. It’s raining, I’m thinking about my move in August, Columbia just took my deposit money out of my account (BYEEEEE MONEYYYYYYY), and my parents are gone from the house so you know I’m already a little tipsy…it’s just one of those days. I’m SO excited to be moving on with my life fucking finally, but he was always so good at listening to me when I was being irrationally anxious. And now I’m thinking about how crazy it is that people drift into your life, you burn so brightly together, and then they fizzle away into the night and you don’t talk for a long time, if ever. 

It’s just weird. I’m tipsy. Message if you wanna chat or hang or whatever while I chill out bingeing on HBONow.

inquisitorsophie asked:

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why) !! ;u;

Aaah okay this is a hard one, but I think I’ll have to say Merilin Surana, or a older OC I made back in high school named Kai. 

Kai is my broken child. I think I’ve given him the most rough childhood than any other OC I have. His dad left him when he was little. His mom is a drunk. His uncle beats him when he visits. He prefers to sleep at friends houses or the street rather than going home. 
He skips school a lot.
He’s 18. He’s homosexual. He’s a goth-emo-kid (I created him when that was a thing). He sleeps around a lot (mostly to get someplace to sleep). 

Then one day he meets a guy called Simon, who’s a psycho and a vampire (but Kai doesn’t get to know that until it’s too late). 
The short story is that Simon bites Kai, but Kai manage to escape shortly after that (even thou he’s tiny). 
Kai meets another (kinder) vampire while he’s about to die and become undead, and it’s after his death he truly starts to live. 

I can’t really put the finger on why I still like Kai so much. He’s just my baby. 

And I also want to say that I created Kai the vampire before Twilight came and ruined everything…

My life is so insane right now. My dad is dead. My nana who has basically been my mother for the last 13 years is dead. The night of her funeral my grandfather kicked me out of my home in maine and I was forced to move back to my mom’s house in Massachusetts. Keep in mind I’m 19 and hadn’t lived in mass since i was around 10 and I hadn’t lived with my mom since I was 5 and I hadn’t seen any of her family in 13 years either. My mom and her boyfriend turned out to be major drunks. He hates everyone and they fight a lot so I moved in with my grandma two aunts and my little cousin. It was okay for a while and now my aunt and her friend and her friends daughter and little brother and my cousin and me all just moved into our own apartment. Except I don’t feel like it’s mine at all. Everyone has their own room or bed and I don’t. And I can’t really complain about it because it’s not my aunts job to take care of me because my mom doesn’t want to. It’s just that six months ago I had my own room, my own tv, my own bed. I had a job and I could see my friends and my niece any time I wanted. I don’t start my job for two months and I don’t have money or transportation or clothes and i just really want to die.

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2, 13, 15, 54.

-last person I said I love you to would be my little brother
-I have 3 kitties and 1 dog at my moms house, 5 kitties and 2 dogs at my dads
-hate is a very strong word, my friend. So, yes.
- cheating is never necessary if you know what you’re doing. I can see it being an accident. I can see how someone could truly be apologetic if they were drunk or drugged, which still doesn’t mean it’s okay and you should still fess up to it. But if you’re aware of what you’re doing, no way.

march 29th 2015- today was okay. i went to my aunt’s house for a “spring fling” party where i basically ate a bunch of unhealthy shit and pretended to enjoy myself. we spent hours there. when we got back home, i practiced my clarinet and stole some vodka from my parents alcohol cabinet. i brought it to mar’s house when i went there at 5 pm. we made “poor man’s white russians”. it was good and i was drunk as fuck! her mom brought us pizza and chocolate lava cakes. we slept a little after dinner and then went for a walk. afterwards we ate the lava cakes and watched some videos on mar’s computer. a little while later i threw up in the toilet twice. i had the shakes for a while, but i fell asleep quick. i hate myself.