''okay little drunk in the house''

Entertainment - Yoongi Smut

Summary -  At a college party, phones aren’t the only source of entertainment you can find

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“C’mon y/n! It’ll be so much fun!” you roll your eyes at your friend’s statement, knowing damn well what would end up happening. Sophia, one of your best friends was urging you to come to the next party she was attending. Sophia was a loud and social girl, always going out whenever possible. You on the other hand preferred staying indoors, talking to little people. 

“Remember last time?” you asked her, remembering how she ended up bringing a guy home, and you had to find your own ride.

“That was only one time!” she protests, still trying to convince you.

“Okay how about the time before that? You were so drunk I had to practically drag you out of that house!” there were plenty other bad experiences you could use, and you were not looking forward to making any more. 

“Is this how you’re going to spend your college years? Go out and have some fun for once!” you sighed, knowing there was no way you could back out from this one. Besides, you knew there would be trouble if Sophia went to that party alone. 

“Fine, but I’m only going to look after you.” Sophia squeals, and drags your arm off to get you ready. She ruffles through your closet, trying to find something acceptable. You’d be fine with just wearing a pair of skinny jeans and t-shirt, but you knew Sophia would not stand for it. 

“Hey this dress looks nice!” she pulls out a bodycon dress, making your eyes widen.

“No way in hell I’m ever wearing that.” the dress was a black color with lacing in the middle that exposed skin. 

“Does it look like I’m giving you a choice?” Sophia shoves the dress into your arms, and pushes you into the bathroom to change. You eye the thin piece of clothing, disgusted by its skimpiness. Reluctantly, you slipped it on muttering to yourself why on earth you decided to follow through with this.

“Oh my god, you look absolutely stunning!” Sophia exclaims once she sees you, but you could only focus on how much skin the dress was showing. The tight dress accentuated curves you didn’t know you had, and nearly exposed your womanly areas. You started to tug the dress down, but Sophia batted your hand away and gave you a stern look.

“Now let’s go get this party started!” Sophia’s tone made it seem like she was already drunk, and you sighed knowing you were in for a long night.

You could hear the loud music from blocks away, and you were surprised no one’s shut it down yet. They probably bribed the neighbors, or the community was already used to it by now. Once you reached the house, drunk kids were already passed out on the front of the lawn, while others were shoving their tongues down each other’s throats. Yep, seemed like the typical college party. 

“Who even threw this party?” you screamed, trying to get through to Sophia.

“Some kid named Yoongi!” she yells back, her voice almost being drowned out by the strong bass. Seeing the house, or more like mansion, you could Yoongi was wealthy. You maneuvered your way inside, trying to dodge as many drink offerings as possible. 

Sophia being the typical party girl already managed to disappear onto the dance floor, leaving you to awkwardly sit on the couch with your phone. Unfortunately, some people did not understand the idea of personal space, resulting in you being shoved aside rudely. At this point, you were about ready to completely ditch Sophia, and drive home. 

Looking around the massive house, you realize there could be some quiet areas. You decide to look for an empty room, which proved to be hard as most of them were occupied by horny people. Finally finding a quiet room, you quickly close the door behind you, and plop down on the bed. It seemed to be an extensively large room, connecting to a bathroom, and supplied with a couch. Now you just had to stay here for a few more hours, and all would be okay.

Alas, your phone decides to run out of battery right then, leaving you with no source of entertainment. Your first instinct was to look for a charger, so you got up and started finding all the outlets. However, you could only find a charger that wasn’t compatible with your own device. 

“Didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to snoop in people’s rooms?” you turn around to see the owner of the voice, a boy around your age with dyed grey hair. He was hot to the say the least, and you find yourself drooling over his attractive smile. 

“If you think that’s rude than you obviously don’t know what’s happening in the other rooms.” you snort, remembering your search for an empty area. His laugh sounded sweet and gentle, unlike his deep, sensual voice. 

“What’s your name?” he asks you, and joins you besides the bed. You didn’t make any attempt to back away.

“I don’t think you reserve the right to know that.” you reply, going for the hard to get style. 

“Well, I am the host of this party. I should at least be able to know who you are.” so it was Yoongi himself, the kid who caused you to be forced out of the house. 

“My name’s y/n, but you can call me anything you’d like.” you try sounding seductive, trying your luck with the attractive guy who sat beside you. Yoongi smirks at your comment, knowing he could be in for a great time. 

“Since you’ve been such a good girl waiting in my bed, let’s give you a reward.” without hesitation, he smashes his lips into yours, attacking them forcefully. You hungrily kissed back, letting his tongue explore the surface area inside your mouth. 

Yoongi pushes you onto the bed, dominating in the top position with his hands snaking down your dress. Your kisses were full of passion, leaving you desperate for more of his taste. 

“As much as I love you in this dress, I’d prefer to explore the treasures underneath.” he gives a playful wink before pulling your outfit off. You stares in awe at your beautiful body, making you blush and cover yourself in embarrassment. He quickly yanks your hand away, and quickly bends down to apply his luscious lips onto you. 

Yoongi makes a trail of soft kisses starting from your clavicle, down towards your stomach. You shiver at his touch, and he continues further downwards seeing how responsive you were. Finally reaching your panties, he plays with the straps, snapping it against your hips. 

“Stop teasing and just take it off already!” you begged, desperately needing him to relieve your anticipation. Yoongi happily obliges, and takes off your soaked panties, leaving your glistening womanhood. Yoongi smiles, pleased to see his affect on you. 

He quickly dives in with his intoxicating lips, making you cry out. His tongue worked magically, making long stripes up and down your folds. The tip of his tongue was pointed to apply a considerable amount of pressure. Your back arched as he continued to pleasure you, and you grabbed a fistful of his ash-grey hair. 

“Fuck, you taste so nice!” he breathes out, before going back to attacking your heat. You could only reply in loud moans, and heavy breathing. Yoongi finds your clit, and you roll your eyes back, seeing stars. He attaches his lips to the nub, gently sucking it. 

“Shit, don’t stop!” you scream, raking your fingers through Yoongi’s scalp. You repeatedly shout out profanities, clearly expressing your enjoyment. He gently bites and grazes his teeth against your clit, causing you to buck your hips against him for more. 

As if his mouth wasn’t enough, he plunges two fingers into you, and immediately starts thrusting them quickly. His warm fingers gave friction against your slick walls, and he starts curving them to hit your g-spot. You quake as he strikes it while moaning, no, screaming uncontrollably. 

“I-I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me baby, let me taste more of your sweet juices!” his fingers thrust powerfully, hitting your sweet spot over and over again. The warmth in your lower area bursts, driving you into pleasure. Yoongi quickly licks you clean, and joins you in your breathless state. 

“I’ll definitely invite you to my next fling. It’ll just be you and I, but I’m sure the noise level can top any party.”  

Oh god I can’t believe I just wrote that! I literally had to take small breaks and watch fluffy bangtan bombs just to cleanse my soul. Thank you so much for reading, and hope you enjoyed it! :) ~ Kiwi

P.S. I shall never forgive that anon for making me imagine such unholy things about my bias (jk i love you but srsly you have scarred me)

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A little story

So kaylor has been a little boring the worst couple days so I wanted to share a little story. I told a couple mutuals this already so I’m essentially copying and pasting what I wrote to them cause I’m lazy lol.

So my roommate Victor is dog sitting this dog because this girl he wants to bang asked him to. We’ve literally been watching this dog for like two months lmao.

Okay well my roommates have this alcoholic friend who acts super belligerent when he’s drunk. Like he’s an idiot. He showed up at our house drunk at 6am on a Monday once with like 12 mcmuffins. Like he’s a total mess and needs some help lol.

Anyway, he shows up drunk Sunday evening and Victor (my roommate) and Chris (my other roommate) and another friend were drinking because they were about to leave for a concert. So the guy shows up wasted yelling at them saying they aren’t good friends. So I just went to my room and ignored it. And they talked it out and then invited him to come to the concert with them. Well they all leave for the concert and I’m watching tv in my room and then I just hear music fucking blasting from the living room. And I’m like tf? I thought everyone was gone.

Well I go out in the living room and homeboy didn’t go with them. He’s passed out on our couch blasting music on a Sunday night. So I texted Victor PISSED off because I was like dude you can’t leave your drunk friends here for me to deal with while you go to a concert. Like that’s crossing a line. So he apologized and whatever. WELL homeboy wakes up and starts raiding our fridge and starts chugging beers. Like??! What the fuck.

So he’s in the living room on the couch drinking with the dog that we are supposed to be watching. I go out there like 10 minutes later to make sure he’s still alive and he’s gone and so is the dog. So I thought he accidentally let him out. I walked around the neighborhood (with my dog) and drove around for an hour and couldn’t find the other dog. Meanwhile I’m texting Victor yelling at him.

Well, Monday morning Victor texts me and says the dog was at the Newport Beach police department because his friend got a DUI! He took the dog with him! He drove around drunk with a dog!!! That didn’t belong to him. And that’s his third DUI!

And that was my Sunday night.