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The Magnificent Seven

tumblr should love this movie.

First, it takes a classic movie that is favorite of angry old men - I mean, the original had Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson - and puts our creepy multiethnic sjw fingers all over the reboot.

Native American characters being played by Native Americans.

Asian characters being played by Asians.

A Mexican character being played by an actual Mexican. ( Manuel Garcia-Rulfo should get half a dozen pilot offers from the networks based on this one movie alone.)

Now Martin Sensmeier is Tlingit, not Cherokee, but it’s a huge step up from Johnny Depp. And  Byung-hun Lee is Korean, not Chinese, but at least he’s not a white guy with a tan.

It’s so much more historically accurate to have a black, an asian, an hispanic, a native american, and three white guys than a pale white western. And they aren’t perfect. There is lots of casual racism, which is accurate for the time. They’re alcoholic. They insult each other in a variety of languages. They have PTSD. They’re assholes to each other, but they have each others’ backs too.

Also, the movie starts by a beautiful man being killed to fuel the female character’s revenge arc. Yay for womanpain!

Finally, it’s an amazing movie. Really. I love westerns, but this is just a great movie. Everybody puts in amazing performances. The cinematography is beautiful. It would get Oscar noms for the acting if it wasn’t a genre movie. Hell, Denzel might get one. The Academy loves Denzel. D’Onofrio might pull a supporting actor nom, too. The problem the other actors face is that there are so many of them that it prevents any of them from having enough screen time to put together a convincing nomination reel.

Go see it. You won’t regret it.

this little girl has the BEST questions

The National Archives Foundation hosted the 2016 Records of Achievement Award gala in D.C. on Sunday night, and honored historian Ron Chernow, director Thomas Kail, and composer, lyricist and performer Lin-Manuel Miranda for the trio’s work on the Broadway musical “Hamilton.“

The Tommy Show’s Kelly Collis was there with her 10-year-old daughter Kacey, who asked Miranda a few questions, including one he’s never been asked before.

“That was the best interview I’ve ever gotten,” Miranda said afterwards (x, x)