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Any fics where Steve is Bucky's personal trainer instead of the other way round?

i know of

Trained on You by 70SecretKinks

Bucky Barnes is disabled veteran who’s trying to learn how to live his life now without his left arm. His best friend Natasha pushes him to build up the strength and confidence he’d lost along with his limb at the Rally Health and Wellness Center with the help of top notch trainer/physical therapist Sam Wilson.

Bucky knew it’d be hard work. What he didn’t realize was just how difficult it’d be to concentrate on his own rehabilitation at the innocuous, easygoing gym. But after he first lays eyes on new trainer and walking wet dream Steve Rogers, it’s all he can do not to fall face first on the treadmill.

Working out had never gotten Bucky so worked up before. Go hard or go home? Yeah, he’s definitely going home hard.

Take Me On, I Dare You by Siberienne (WIP)

Captain Steve Rogers is frustrated because no one can keep up with his stamina in bed.

Sergeant James Barnes is also frustrated, but because he wants to be dominated and no one has the strength to keep him down.

It’s a match made at Liberty Fitness and Personal Training.

Couch to Marathon Training Plan by BoldlyLuckyCheesecake

Bucky Barnes is missing something. Since he’s gotten out of the army (not a choice he got to make), he’s checked off all the boxes to Successfully Adult. But between work and seeing his sister and soon-to-be-parent friends he’s gotten into a rut.

Maybe joining a gym for veterans and being paired up with human Adonis Steve Rogers is what he needs to fill that missing something.

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Do you have any 'The Bronze' au's? Or au's where either one of the boys are gymnasts? Thank you!

And Now We’re Here by Nejinee 

Bucky Barnes is coach of the American Women’s Gymnastics Team and he’s taking them to the top, even if it kills him. He’s also a previous Olympic medallist with a solid reputation of success behind him. He’s known for his lady-killer looks, historic rise to fame and his frankly horrific temperament and personality.

Steve Rogers, however, is new and irritating and Bucky fucking hates him to hell and back.

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