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sorry to bother you but I was wondering how you managed to make friends on the interwebs. I always feel so awkward whenever I try like I'm not doing it right >v>;;

Oh, gracious, Nonie.

I am the most awkward person under the sun. 

It sort of just… happened. 

Okay, story time with Anna. I created my blog with the intent of being a lurker. It was a way to keep up with other people’s fabulous ideas. I was never, ever going to interact with anyone.

Well, I got a little drunk and wrote this rambling post about why Bones’ nickname is Len, and not Leo. 

It got a hell of a lot more attention than I intended. Some lovely people had eloquent responses for me to think about - shoutout to @outside-the-government, @gracieminabox, and @lurkch, you guys were my first tumblr buddies - and we continued the conversation.

That’s what did it, I think. I had wonderful folks who were not afraid of starting a conversation reach out to me, and it evolved into.. well, what you see today.

It was mostly random chance. 

Do not do what I did

My advice to you is to reach out to one of us. Shoot me a message, let me know that you’re new and you’d like to make some friends. I’d be happy to follow you, and I’d send you a signal boost, too.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there a little. To quote Dr. Seuss, we’re all a little weird, here. We don’t judge - fuck, we can’t. 

I’ll leave you with two thoughts. 

One - there is no wrong way to make friends. See the above example. 

Two, and most importantly - 

You are never a bother.

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Hey, try one for me! You know I won't be mean! :)

you sweetheart omg

Dear Ryan,

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met you through this crazy thing the kids call the interwebs.

Your support and kindness and love mean the world to me, and I always smile when I see your little icon, either on my dash or in my inbox.

Your love for the world and your curiosity of life and passion for learning and understanding is so inspirational. So many people in this world pretend to know much more than they do, and you’re never afraid to ask questions when there’s something you want to learn more about or understand better. I think we could all take a couple pages from your book.

Thank you for being a light in my life 💙

Lots of Love,

~Emily Grace

Tumblr is the only place were you can ship

Skeletons with fucking robots and Goat moms
Demons with normal people…
God and Lucifer…
Birds and Fishes…

So I caved and finally got a tablet… and of course, the first thing I draw is @therealjacksepticeye  (obviously because he is awesome psshhhh :D )

This whole thing was inspired by a Spyro kigurumi I saw while browsing the interwebs and thought that would be perfect considering I loved Jack’s playthrough of Spyro so much! (it’s seriously a great LP, go check it out) 

The signs as out of context quotes from my teachers/professors
  • ARIES: I said you could chew gum, but not if you're going to chew it like a cow. SPIT IT OUT.
  • TAURUS: I'm losing faith in you, George.
  • GEMINI: *sings* Bitching and moaning, bitching and moaning.
  • CANCER: I'm supposed to go out and PROCURE cookies?? WHAT??
  • VIRGO: Here's a very common quick and dirty way to ask a multiple choice question.
  • LIBRA: I don't care about 98% of things.
  • SCORPIO: This meme from the interwebs.
  • SAGITTARIUS: I would use all sorts of swear words in front of my students. Especially the f word! Love that one!
  • CAPRICORN: I should stop drinking before noon.
  • AQUARIUS: Oh dear god, that man is always shirtless!
  • PISCES: This is why I need aspirin after this group.
Women’s Work

There is a story going around the interwebs about a pair of professionals who traded their electronic signatures for a few weeks and about how the male then discovered that the female was treated differently and about how hard women have it in the professional world.

It reveals how much trouble women have being taken seriously as experts. On anything. In reading the comments left on this story, I discovered the same sad narrative in nearly every one. Women, strong, intelligent women, were doubted at every step, on a daily basis, because no one believed they could possibly know what they were talking about.

Reading through these stories I thought, well, at least that doesn’t happen to teachers. As women in a traditionally female field, we are less likely to be immediately doubted when we speak, less likely to be dismissed purely because we are female.


Until it hit me.

The whole teaching profession is constantly being asked to see its manager. The whole profession is constantly being doubted. The whole profession is seen as being ill-informed. Teachers are never seen as experts. We are regarded as something between babysitters and lazy, spoiled whiners, who just want our summers off.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Teaching is seen, by in large, as a feminine pursuit. And as such, teachers, while well-educated, well-trained, and well-read, are seen as less PROFESSIONAL and worthy of respect than our counterparts in other fields. When people DO praise teachers it is often with the kind of nostalgic affection reserved for things which are cute and sweet, not with the kind of respect given to others in other, more male dominated fields.

Everyone thinks they know what is best for education. Education policy, education critique, education reform: all are dominated by a kind of condescending man-splaining which would be abhorrent and vilified were it not accepted as the status quo.

Watch the video of the president signing his nomination for Betsy DeVos. He says, “Betsy…education, right?” like it could be any little honorarium he is throwing to any billionaire with a checkbook. Because education doesn’t need to be overseen by an expert. It is just women’s work. Put a nice, grandmotherly looking, well-coiffed lady in charge and it’ll be all good.

And when I have spoken out against this (and I have pretty much not stopped doing so for awhile now) people have pointed out to me that you do not need to have been a teacher to run a the Department of Education.

Really? Why? Because the base assumption is that teachers do not really understand big, important things like running a government bureaucracy. Our only purvey is the classroom, which like the home is to be paid respectful lip service, but not to be seen as a venue for real work.

I have had WOMEN, whom I LOVE, say things to me about educators like, “He is trying to run a company and she is worried about pipe cleaner art. Not really the same thing.”

The whole problem with the way our country talks about teachers is that, by in large, we are seen as a group of women, and therefore, the work we do is not seen to be really that challenging. There are whole books and television shows dedicated to the idea that a man, having excelled in another field, can stop by a classroom for a short period, for the purpose of entertainment or self-gratification, and somehow this is okay. No one thinks this about courtrooms or operating theaters.

I wonder why.

Butterfly effect in Yuri!!! on ICE?

Are you ready for yet another super-extra theory about this stupid anime?

Because damn do I have one.

I think i should tell you that if you didn’t watch the whole Yuri!!! on ICE anime (or at least up until EP10) don’t read this.

First of all, I gotta say I am the one who laughs at all the crazy analysis that are roaming around the interwebs about Yuri!!! on Ice, but listen, listen.

This is for real.

With my little knowledge in psychology I could deduce some stuff from YOI, so let me ask you: why do you think Yuuri asked Victor to be his coach at the banquet so out of the blue? There is an actual reason and you can see it in EP1.

At the very beginning, Yuuri introduces himself to us. He tells us that he’s 23 years old and one of the dime-a-dozen skaters certified by the JSF. He’s been abroad being coached by Celestino while going to uni, his dog passed away back in Hasetsu and he started binge-eating. And the cherry to the pie is that he finished last in that year’s GPF.

Now, even the dumbest person would think that this kid is depressed as fuck. You’re right, but he was also starting to contemplate the chance of retiring.

You can see here, his face while reading the news. He was shocked. He read the title slow, trying to take up the idea of it. Not even the local news back in Japan believed in him, then why would he believe in himself?

He goes to the bathroom to call his mother and is embarrassed to know that they threw a public viewing of the GPF. He breaks down, and begs for his mother’s pardon. He felt like a failure.

Yurio comes in, and destroys what’s left of his hopes. “Incompetents like you should just retire already” Yurio says. I mean, not even a 15 year old punk kid believed in him. Because yes, he could be the gold medalist of the junior GPF and whatever, but at the end of it all he was just a kid.

“Even if I left the sport, there’d be tons of talented young skaters rising through the ranks” he feels insignificant. He should retire.

The reason why he was actually contemplating the idea of retiring and not just thinking about it as a backup plan is simple: He didn’t talk about it, he thought about it.

The mind is the most powerful tool of someone. If there is one good thing I learned from my mom, is that when she was working at a psychiatric clinic her boss teached her one important lesson in life: if somebody comes at you and tells you they’re going to kill themselves, they won’t. DONT GET OFFENDED, this is actually true. Mostly because they’re seeking for help so they’re not that hopeless (now you can choose to believe them or not, and to help them or not. If you don’t help, they kill themselves, ya feel me?)

But how can I apply that to this anime? Yuuri was about to kill his own career. He didn’t say a word about it, not even to Celestino, he was hopeless.

Even when Morooka asked him about the matter, Yuuri just discarded it. He probably didn’t want to worry people. But again, who could worry about a dime-a-dozen skater?

Now here is where everything crumbles down for Yuuri. This little scene between Victor, Yurio, and him. First, he hears Victor calling his name, and gets surprised. Does Victor know him? How can that be possible? When he turns around, he finds himself heartbroken because Victor wasn’t talking to him. Victor was giving Yurio advice about his step sequence. Yurio, as always, doesn’t give a flying fuck about it i love my son.

Yuuri starts to think about Yurio, while Yakov screamed at the punk. He thought about how he wished, if he had the chance, to be Victor’s protegée and for Victor to coach him.

Now this is the turning point of the whole anime. The little detail that made this story possible. The reason why drunk!Yuuri begged Victor to become his coach-

The little fucker Victor cut his trail of thought.

Victor didn’t let him finish his thinking, he cut it because he looked at him. Yuuri (as any other big fan of anyone) was SHOOK, and totally forgot about what he was thinking.

Now what could little-fucker Victor Nikiforov do to make it all worse? Treat him as a fan. I know, I know that he didn’t know how to treat people other than as his fans because he was a living legend and he couldn’t grab the idea of somebody not seeing him as a fucking God. And I know he didn’t know what life and love was. We all knew that ok? ok.

But the fact that he destroyed every chance Yuuri had to meet him as equals is heartbreaking. Look at his poor little face.

Now, what do I mean with all of this yak? What I mean is that Victor played himself. By cutting his trail of thought, that little thought of Yuuri got repressed. It went straight to his uncouncious; and that night at the banquet, Yuuri’s uncouncious went fucking OFF. By that I mean, who knows why but he fucking pole danced with Chris and he probably challenged Yurio to a dance-off because “fuck you you think I’m old and incompetent? I’LL SEE YOU AT THE DANCE FLOOR, KIDDO”.

Every thought and action he repressed came out like a fucking wrecking ball, incluiding the thought of Victor becoming his coach.

Now let’s imagine if Victor hadn’t interrupted Yuuri’s trail of thought:

Yuuri would’ve retired.
Victor would keep proskating without a reason.
Yurio would’ve never gotten enough strenght and reasons to break Victor’s record.
And who knows what else.

*dries the sweat off of her forehead* well, that was a trainwreck.

I hope i could get my point across about how such a little movement of Victor unchained this whole story. Gals, lads, and nonbinary pals, the butterfly effect in its purest form.

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