which one should i work on?

  • L'appel du vide ((Void Frisk Story))
  • Home At Heart ((Frisk aboveground short stories))
  • Aesthetic ((oneshot of sans meeting the human who used to own his jacket before it was thrown into the dump underground))
  • Absence ((part four of my main series, one shot sans-frisk-issue sentric))
  • Monster Medical ((idea following Doctor-Reader-Insert whos studying monsters for the medical prospective and will eventually turn into some shitty ethics psychology story))
  • Neighbor ((story from the point of view of a human neighbor of our favorite monster family))
  • Peace ((autistic-reader-insert X autistic papyrus story))
  • Safe Keeping ((sans has to take care of a small frisk who hallucenates other AU sanses and monsters))
  • SlaveTale ((moral, society and emotion centric story in a monsters-are-slaves universe))
  • whICH ONE

This is my story for @imwithdavidbowiearentyou.

The aim of this project (created by @the-girl-with-the-mousey-hair) is to record what David Bowie means to his fans - you should join in too!

Name or handle? MiMi (known as meemalee on the interwebs)

Age? 37

Where are you from? London

How did you discover David Bowie?

When I first heard “China Girl” in the Eighties.

For how long have you been a fan?

Casual fan since the Eighties. Devotee since 11 January.

What has David Bowie meant to you and how has he helped you?

I was only 4 when “China Girl” came out, and I hadn’t actually seen the video until recently (I know it’s controversial), but constant airplay throughout the Eighties made me a big fan.

Not just because it’s infuriatingly catchy, but because it was the first time I had ever heard a love-song where the object of affection was Asian, and of a ridiculously handsome rock god, no less.

Growing up in suburban England, in a world where not one of the actresses or popstars looked like me was incredibly isolating.

The lyrics to this song felt like some kind of a breakthrough, especially as I think it was inevitable that the man I would end up falling in love with would not look like me, since the only other Asians I really knew were family.

So “China Girl” was the very first sign that I had that such a relationship could ever be possible, and thus Bowie opened up a whole new world to me. I will always be grateful to him for that.

After that epiphany, I was always fond of his work, but I didn’t become a proper fan, I guess, until 11 January this year, when I suddenly felt like I was personally bereaved and I couldn’t work out why.

I think being pregnant at the time was making me very emotional, but I wanted to find out what I’d actually been missing all these years.

I ended up buying every one of his albums and films, and completely immersed myself in his work, and since then I have become a bit of a collector. I’ve even started this Bowie-centric Tumblr, for my sins.

Then the day that my son was born (June 27), I found out it was also the 30th Anniversary of “Labyrinth”. Even weirder, the hospital we were in was just outside Elstree where it was filmed. All that seemed like a good omen to me.

But no, we didn’t name our son Toby, though his internet name is Ziggy ;)

Are there any Bowie songs or lyrics that really speak to you and why?

- “China Girl” - see above!
- “I Can’t Give Everything Away” for its melancholic beauty.
- “Absolute Beginners” for its hopeful and innocent depiction of love.
- The whole of “Low”, but especially “A New Career in a New Town” for its bright optimism - I could listen to that on loop forever.

What did you particularly admire about Bowie?

He didn’t take himself seriously, and had the same ridiculous sense of humour as me (he liked Harry Hill, for Christ’s sake!), but at the same time he was one of the most creative people that ever existed.

What do you see as the most important part of Bowie’s legacy?

His timeless, genre-defying, breathtaking music.

Oh, and not giving a f*ck about what people think as long as you’re happy.

What would you like to do or picture yourself doing to introduce Bowie to others and to keep honouring him?

I’m bringing up the next generation of Bowie fans ;)

My three year old daughter already loves Labyrinth, and I play his music to both my kids.

I hope they’ll be as fond of him and his work as I am.

Are there any other specific Bowie stories you’d like to share?

Just over a decade ago, I was a trainee solicitor in the Music department of a law firm whose clients included Bowie (fun fact - I once translated a Norwegian bank statement for Tina Turner. I do not speak Norwegian).

One of the first stories I was fondly told when I was there was that Bowie and Mick Jagger were once discovered play-wrestling in our lobby and no one blinked an eye. It was also there that I was definitively told that his surname rhymed with “doughy” and not “Howie”.

That December, Bowie sent a Christmas card to all of us - come January, I was asked to throw it out with all of the other cards, but I squirrelled it away, greedily.

It’s in a box somewhere in my attic - just knowing that I still have that Christmas card makes me feel a bit happier every day.

Good morning, lovely people the interwebs! I woke up with the worstttt headache possible, but I’m hoping a good cup of coffee will set me right. ❣ I’m reading The Girl on the Train right now and I’m loving it. It’s totally different than I expected, which is always a pleasant surprise. I’m definitely excited for the movie now! Anybody else currently experiencing that summer is basically over feeling? It’s cloudy and wet outside and it certainly feels like it today. 😫

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Tim Hedrick talks Shiro and Keith
  • Tim Hedrick talks Shiro and Keith

I just got round to listening to the latest Let’s Voltron ep and hoooo boy. I figure everyone’s already heard about this since it’s been out a day and news travels lightspeed on the interwebs, but thought I’d rip the audio anyway since I seem to be making a habit of posting podcast clips. 

I think this is something we had probably all inferred already, but still it’s nice to get conformation straight from the lion’s mouth, to bend a metaphor.

As always I encourage you to go listen to the full episode here (show Marc and Greg some love with your clicks!) 


Hi guys, I’m back with more recolors. I’m on this maxis-match kick lately and I love this crop top by @pxelburrito​. These lil babies just have a whole bunch of cute gimmicky sayings and stuff all in simlish. I made all of these by hand along with inspiration from the interwebs and some sim icons.

  • Maxis Match.
  • 20 Swatches!
  • Teen to Elder
  • Custom Catalog Thumbnails.

Download, swatches, mesh and other information under the cut.

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i cant wait for renjuns entire life to be dished out in 10 minutes

all the nct stans while waiting for a teaser of new members on stand by before cracking their whips on the interweb 

Here are some Susan Pevensie YouTube channel headcanons because I can’t get over the idea of her showing her beautiful face to the wide interwebs

- her channel was originally started by lucy
- lucy had asked susan to help her with makeup and had filmed her for future reference
- looking back on the video she realized how great a teacher susan was
- and decided to post the video on youtube
- susan was annoyed at first
- but she got so many views and comments to post more videos
- she decided to continue on with the channel
- her first videos are beginner videos
- she has videos explaining how to apply eyeshadows, contouring, how to clean makeup brushes, how to apply fake eyelashes, etc
- her videos get more complicated as she goes on
- after her first year on youtube she began making hair tutorials
- she starts out with beginner tutorials
- but then gets into complicated hair styles
- during her first Halloween she did Disney themed hair and makeup tutorials
- being the historical fiction nerd she is, she creates period-inspired looks
- (she makes sure that she’s historically accurate)
- she’ll bring in lucy for certain tutorials
- she makes split tutorials where she does her own hair and makeup on herself then transfers the same style of hair and makeup on jill who has natural hair and dark skin
- she’s made several videos talking about how beautiful dark girls are and how they should never listen to people that tell them otherwise
- lucy edits her videos
- she posts makeup and hair hacks that totally save people’s lives
- her channel is what makes her realize that she should go to a beauty school instead of a traditional university
- during her cosmetology classes, she learns how to dye correctly
- she posts videos on how to dye hair on her channel
- she makes monthly makeup haul videos
- (they’re just an excuse for her to buy things she doesn’t really need)
- she also posts unboxing videos
- (also an excuse to buy things she doesn’t really need)
- she made a second channel where she vlogs
- it’s mostly full of her siblings’ daily shennanigans and dealing with them
- she’s a pinterest fanatic and posts her diy pinterest trials on her vlog channel