hey so i took my rat to the vet yesterday and they said it would cost $310 to remove her mammary tumor (which is something i can’t even dream of paying for w/no income in my house at all). she doesn’t have a lot of time left and if i don’t get her taken care of i’m going to be forced to put her down which i REALLY don’t want to do because aside from the giant tumor she is just so full of life and energetic. i made a gofundme for her and i REALLY appreciate any kind of support whether it’s a few bucks or just a reblog or even just a prayer if ur that kind of guy. 


Transient Living: Armitage & McMillan in Denver, Colorado

If you want to know the heart of a person, peek inside his/her wardrobe! And no, nobody famous said that; I only just made it up. But really, don’t you think it’s true? After all, the way we dress screams our personality; at least for most of us. And that is why, as soon as I land on a new city, one of the things I absolutely must do is find the local boutiques. Sure, I love the fancy chain boutiques as much as the next person, but there’s just something else about a local clothing store. It’s unique! bit.ly/1stk6E9

Okay but what if Alec had agreed to the “You” deal that Magnus had thrown his way.

And Magnus instead of just sleeping with him like Alec thought he wanted, Magnus takes him out to a fancy restaurant. Alec just sitting there awkwardly waiting for Magnus to make a move or something, but Magnus just talks as if it is normal date- out and about as if nothing has changed. And at the end, Alec is just like, “Okay… wtf Magnus?”

And Magnus just shrugs and is like, “I never said what I would do with you. Plus showing off a sexy Shadowhunter is a fun for me.” And then he just says goodnight and leaves a very confused Alec on the doorstep of the Institute.

“Do Not Disturb”

Spoilery Talk Below

And then Spike was grounded until season 6. Seriously, this guy seems to do the same things repeatedly, either getting in over his head or too big for his britches (or both), and causes a catastrophe every time. It gets kind of old. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great, funny moments, and some wonderful reaction shots. It was great seeing Cadance and Fancy Pants again. I wouldn’t even call this episode objectively weak, really. It was just too… similar. That said, the Rude Goldberg machine that led to the hall getting flooded was both unbelievable and entertaining, so… I don’t know, this episode gets a pass, I guess. I just want Spike to do something right for once. Give us a sign that he’s maturing.

MLP:FiM is © Hasbro, etc.

I get that people really like having Cosette and Marius getting really into Les Amis and activism and that’s great, I do too, but sometimes I just really want these two to be pretty much separate from revolution and all that shit and, aside from Marius being Courfeyrac’s roommate, they don’t mix much.

So they’ll be walking through the park one day and Cosette says, “Hey, how’s your roomie doing? Courf, right?”

And Marius is all “Oh yeah, last time I spoke to him he said he and his friends are building a barricade or something? Guess they’re going to IKEA.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”
“Mmmm. Fancy going to brunch?”

Good evening everyone! Before we begin the show tonight, I’d like to make a special announcement. There’s been some speculation in the press recently about the state of late night television and who does what and where they’re going to be doing it. I can’t help myself. So, I want to address my position in all of that because, it’s time.

About two years ago, I had decided, after eight years of doing the show, that it was probably time for me to move on and do something else. And CBS came to me at that time and said ‘Well, you can hang around and we’ll give you a fancy new studio, and a podium for your gay robot skeleton, and a stable for your horse, and an invisible band behind a curtain. We’ll give you all the trappings of late night television!’ And I said 'okay,’ and so I’ve stayed for another two years. But, that two years is up, and, at the end of this year, I will be stepping down as the host of this show. [AUDIENCE 'AWWW’S] Thanks everybody, that was quite convincing! I’ll be stepping down at the end of this year in December, and then I’ll go and do something else. Probably, I’m thinking, carpentry. But I haven’t made my mind up yet. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I feel like, doing this show for ten years, that’s enough. So, I’m letting you know. That’s the way it is. That’s it.

Now, let me just add something on a personal note, because I have noticed, both with the CBS market research and my own experience going around the country, that this show has the most fanatical and really passionate audience of any show in late night television. So, I would ask you to understand that what’s happening here is this is my decision to go. This is not Jay and Conan at NBC, this is not Dave and Jay all these years ago, it’s not that. Now, you will read that in areas of the internet where truth is of absolutely of no interest and you will read that in the 'informed’ entertainment press, where the truth is of absolutely no interest but in bigger words.

So, what I have to tell you is this: It’s my decision to leave, CBS have been fine with me, you know. In fact more than that, they’ve been great with me. I have a good relationship with them; I’m still in business with them on other stuff! So, please don’t picket them, or go up to CBS with flaming touches. Unless you’re angry at me, and then, you know, get in line!

So, there’s none of that. This is… This is about time. It’ll be 10 years. 10 years. Me doing – I can’t ask for a picture of Paul McCartney anymore.

So there you are, that’s it, I look forward to everyone going 'Oh well, he’s gone. Who’d you think it’s gonna be?! Here’s the 10 people that we think it should be! Here’s the 8 people that it shouldn’t be but it should be if there was no justice in the world!’ Whatever everyone’s going to do, I hope you enjoy doing it. I, on the other-hand, after the commercial break that’s coming up, still have about another – 150 or so is it, Michael, of these? About another 150 or so of what I like to think is the strangest show on late night television.

We’ll be right back everybody, we’ll be right back!

—  Craig Ferguson - The Late Late Show - 20 April 2014 - Cold Open
Sehun x reader fluff

You were having dinner with your group of friends. You were celebrating one of your friends’ birthday at a really fancy restaurant in the VIP room.

“Let’s toast to Suho!”, someone named Sehun said. Everyone did. He suddenly came over to sit with you and you moved over to make room.

“Do you want anything? Something to drink?”

You hadn’t really talked to Sehun other than stuttering forward some syllables, so this was particularily weird. This guy was drop dead gorgeous and you had only been watching him from afar.

“Uhm, yes… I mean no I can’t… mhm”, you stuttered forward.

“I’ll take that as a ‘not decided yet’”, he chuckled.

The awkward conversation didn’t stop there and it turned out that he was quite nice to talk to. Not the flirty kind of guy, actually rather cold, but he was openly speaking to you about his life and worries for quite a while.


That was the beginning of your friendship. You developed from being friends who every now and then hung out, to friends who needed to call eachother before sleeping every night.

After a while, an epiphany stroke you in the middle of nowhere. You had a huge crush on him. You didn’t quite know how to act around him after that, so you eventually let him slip away. You didn’t want to get hurt.

You noticed that everytime you and Sehun hung out, he had a cold vibe and kept his sentences short. Your feelings were obviously unrequited.


Your phone was buzzing.

“Mhhh…. yes, hello…?”

“Yeobo, were you sleeping?”

“Of course I was sleeping, it’s three in the morning, Sehun. And don’t call me that unless you mean it”, you had a grumpy and hoarse voice. The last part you said only to yourself so Sehun couldn’t hear it.

“Let me in.”


He hung up. It had been two weeks since you last called eachother. Or had even spoken in any way for that matter. You felt mean, but knew that it was the right thing to do.


You dragged yourself out of bed and down to the first floor to open the door. A puffy cheeked Sehun was standing there. You hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights so only a silver beam lit up the two of you. Sehun was so beautiful. The silence was eternal and you didn’t know what to say until he broke the silence.

“This can’t go on anymore!”, he almost shouted, in a very angry and hurt tone.


“No! I can’t stand it. The person who is supposed to be my best friend decides to just block me out? Don’t you see how messed up that is?”

“Well, the person who is supposed to be my best friend shows no interest in me whatsoever!”, you replied.

“But, you don’t know what’s going on with me okay? Things I can’t explain…”, he showed a side of himself you hadn’t seen. The vulnerable one.

“So start talking to me, and make me feel wanted. I’m not just some prop in your private show”, you were afraid your eyes and throat would let you down. Don’t cry in front of him Y/N.

“I have been acting like this because it is who I am. If the person I love can’t handle who I am then-”, he stopped and realised what he had just said.

“L-Love…?”, you stuttered forward and looked at him in disbelief.

“N-no. Why would I say that, I don’t love you?”, his voice was shaking a bit and you felt the fury from his words build up inside you.

“Stop playing with me! Don’t just go around saying stuff you don’t mean! It can hurt people! Why d-”, was all you could say before his soft lips crashed into yours.

Hands were on your neck and in your hair. You stood there stiff, but noticed that you were kissing him back. Something warm touched your lips. A tear. He immediately stopped and turned around.

“Was that a… Are you-”

“No! I’m not crying!”, he said angrily.

You couldn’t help but chuckle. You hugged him from behind.

“My new boyfriend seems to be a bit of a softie, huh?”

He turned around with the grumpiest looking face you had ever seen.

“I’m not a softie!”

His look softened.

“But I am your boyfriend”.

-admin Glitterddong

Rivet Does Everything~ 1000 Follower Special!

Hey everyone! So to celebrate the 1000 Followers, I’m making a video! I dabble a bit in video editing (nothing advanced; my computer crashes -3-). 

I want to make a video under the similar vein of something like Pewdiepie’s Pewds Does Everything/Ask Videos. ^^ I don’t have a due date for when it will be done, nor any overly fancy equipment, but I hope it’ll be fun none the less.

But to do it I need help from YOU!


  • You can submit anything to me! Any question, request, or command in a sense (check the link above for examples)
  • I would request that they stay relatively SFW, but if you do submit an NSFW, don’t be surprised if I am sarcastic/witty in my answer. That being said…
  • I have the right to not do a ask or request if I don’t feel like I can do it, or am not comfortable doing that
  • But really! Suggest whatever you like ^^ I’ll mark them all down~ I’ll stop when I feel like I have enough~

How To Submit an Ask/Request

 Really, no suggestion is too ridiculous! Send whatever you like! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask! Can’t wait to see the suggestions, and thank you  to all 1000+ of my amazing followers! ^///^

“ay everybody’s waiting for you downstairs” Mickey said as he walked into the boys’ room. It was dark.

“okay” a quiet voice from the corner said

Mickey walked over and sat on the edge of ian’s bed. “did you hear me?”

it took a long time for Ian to answer “mhm”

“Ian look at me”

Ian finally turned over and sat up “want to go to another party? I can text around and see what’s going on tonight. I think Brian said he might have something” he said quickly

Mickey shook his head in confusion. “what? No,Ian I thought you said you wanted to stay in tonight and watch movies? We’ve been waiting for you,you said you were coming back”

Ian looked down"I changed my mind…“ he said angrily

Mickey laughed sarcastically "what,so now you wanna go out? And do what,get wasted on that shit fancy beer? Maybe do some lines in a bathroom when you think I’m not looking?” he scoffed

“no! Fuck you!” Ian gritted

“c'mon Ian,you been the life of the party, now you don’t want to? What’s wrong with you?” Mickey edged harshly  

Ian glared at him for about a minute before sinking down and turning over,curling in on himself and starting to cry


anonymous asked:



“ i think doodler once said that the scifell wedding would be filled with so many puns papyrus would leave and I’m honestly in agreement “

“ edge carries Sci out just bcus “

(mentions something about a angst fanfic but she said ants instead of angst by accident and was like wtf ants?)

“It’d b probably not a v big wedding in terms of attendance since how many people do they even actually want to invite “

“classic attends because at this point he’s beyond giving a damn “

edge’s face when he sees sci :

“ fuckin dork :D”

“ so like, nothing rly fancy but small and cute and good “

  “ blue is sci’s best man or whatever just because and he starts crying during the wedding juST BECAUSE “

“ Error claim she HE didn’t cry “

“this could be us geno”  "…alright"    "heh…waIT REALLY?“ - death and geno conversation 

“sci and edge not even listening to anything that’s being said and just staring at each other



“*heavy breathing* hand…holding





“ THEN FUCK wait I didn’t mean that literally maybe i did pFFT WHATEVER  GAY IT UP THEY KISS A LOT AN SHIT OVERALL RLY HAPPY they just fuckin leave and go cuddle somewhere” (im just leaving in that first part cause it made me laugh)

“ shows up for afterparty and do the slowdance HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I AM WEAK FOR FLUFF LET THEM DANCE TOGETHER “

“ Then they go off and do God knows what ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

thats at least 50 messages right”