''i think that instinct to kill it comes from being almost angry that something can move you that much.''

topaz-rabbit  asked:

You know how Mr Alan Ituriel joked about being Black Hat's dad. Okay, what if that were true, and Mr Ituriel was his dad and raised him since he was a barely sentient eldritch squid baby monster thing. How's that possible if BH is probably really fucking old. Easy Mr Ituriel would be some immortal that one day was like"yep, I'm going to raise this demon. Sounds fun." But he's the most suburban of dads ever, but never tried stifling BH's evil tendencies, he encouraged them even.

(Continued) Like Mr Ituriel has seen his son kill several men, and was just like ‘eh, kids will be kids.’ He is an immortal that gives no fucks. He is one of the few humans BH can say he’s ‘fond’ of (will never say it out loud) The one time he visited his son, because he’s a proud pop pop of his sons success and see how he’s doing because HE NEVER CALLS. So as a slight act of payback, he tells EMBARRASSING stories ‘Remember when your powers started to come in Hattie? You scared yourself silly!’

((I am torn between staying consistent with my personal theories and completely abandoning them for this great hc. So let’s just say I’m gonna be very contradictory with whatever the fuck I post, because oh man Normal Dad Alan Ituriel is a very good idea indeed.))

  • Alan, an immortal demi-human with abnormal morals who lives in the Mexican suburbs, is walking by an alleyway or something when he hears some kind of blood-curdling screech
  • naturally his first instinct is ‘oooh what the fuck is that let’s go find out.’ so he looks in a dumpster, and finds one dead-looking prostitute with some kind of Alien-franchise-esque parasite abomination thing crawling out of her chest cavity. It’s covered in blood, seems to be only made of wriggling black tentacles, and hissing.
  • “Aww, cute! Come on little guy, let’s get you cleaned up.” He kinda scoops him up with a shopping bag; he may be immortal, but fuck touching whatever fluids those are. Alan casually carries his writhing, screaming horrorterror baby home in a yellow plastic bag, and promptly throws it into the tub.
  • (Cue the insane bathtime montage where Alan locks it in the bathroom and sprays it with the showerhead until it’s clean enough to touch. BH tries to “kill” him (his hand) several times. Alan laughs.)
  • Once BH is thoroughly doused, he resembles a drenched eldritch cat, a soggy, angry bundle of wriggling flesh, multiple eyes, and gnashing teeth. He has not stopped trying to bite Alan.
  • Alan grabs him by the “scruff” and he immediately starts fighting back. He puts him in a cage until BH tires himself out from screaming and pounding at the bars. The two just stare at each other for a moment, silently regarding the other.
  • Alan sits in front of it and throws a small piece of raw meat into the cage. BH devours it in seconds. Alan unlocks the cage. BH instantly tries to attack him again. Alan puts him back in the cage. He waits a few minutes for the tantrum to end, then repeats the process.
  • eventually BH realizes he can get more food if he stays still for longer. so he stops fighting back and let’s Alan lure him closer, piece by piece. Eventually Alan has BH practically in his lap, literally eating out of the palm of his hand. With more food in him, he’s calmed down a bit. Alan smiles. Okay, this is pretty cute.
  • Only Alan would find BH eating cute tbh, it’s quite fucking disgusting how much raw meat has been spilled all over the place
  • Eventually BH is sated, becoming sleepy and much more complacent. He bites very, very weakly when Alan picks him up. Alan kind of cradles him like a baby, then pets him like a cat. The tentacles quiver. “Weird.” He thinks that means he likes it? BH falls asleep in Alan’s arms. “Cool.”
  • Fast forward a couple months, when BH exits the “larval stage.” That outer casing of tentacles is basically a cocoon, and BH eats and grows and eats and grows until he goes from small cat-sized to human-toddler sized. Then he stops fucking moving.
  • Alan freaks out thinking that he’s killed his adopted son after poking him with a stick for a day doesn’t do anything. Then, the outer casing splits open. BH re-emerges from his “pupal stage” as a fully-grown juvenile, basically a one-year old child. He looks like a miniature version of his current form, but without the dapper clothes or any teeth, and with two open eyes. Alan literally squeals and hugs him. BH tries to bite him again. Some things never change.
  • From there it’s basically like raising a baby, with a couple more eldritch aspects. BH grows twice as fast as an ordinary human. Alan dresses him in adorable baby clothes, not because he needs them, but because it makes him look “soooooo cuuuuute!!!”
  • BH’s teeth grow in, and Alan has to use metal teething rings when normal plastic doesn’t work. BH’s learns how to walk with Alan holding his hands. BH’s claws grow in and Alan files them down for him so he doesn’t hurt himself.
  • It takes about a month or so for BH to start talking. Normally he makes little eldritch blurbles that would make a human’s bones melt. Alan just repeats normal words that sound vaguely similar. Eventually BH gets the hang of it. (BH always claims that his first word was “evil”, but it’s his and Alan’s closest-kept secret that it was actually “papá”)
  • Black Hat’s powers come in during his “evil puberty.” He wakes up one morning feeling a little odd and… shimmery? It feels like his body isn’t quite there, like he’s almost floating outside of his flesh. Then he looks down, focusing on his arm. It solidifies more, feels less fuzzy. He focuses again, bringing the fuzziness back, and watches as it changes
  • Alan is kind of nervous as BH demonstrates how he can turn his arm into an actual, functioning snake. He gets even more nervous when BH starts sleep-teleporting. Alan wakes up with BH on the roof, BH in the garden, BH on the floor of his room, and BH a couple streets away. He always manages to find his son though, he just has to hurry before BH wakes up. (The first time Black Hat woke up after a sleep-teleport, he was confused and scared and started ripping dimensional holes trying to get home. Alan found him about a town over, but it had been quite the scare.)
  • Shortly after this, BH’s “edgy” phase started. (“MY NAME IS MR. WUT NOW DAD”) Alan never really tried to talk him out of it, instead just giving him the eldritch version of “The Talk.”
  • “Now I know that lately your body has been going through some… changes, and I know that might be scary. But any, uh, urges you feel are completely natural, and–” “DAD FOR FUCK’S SAKE I KNOW ALREADY, OKAY?? I’ve been murdering people for like, five months now.” “Oh, okay, if you ever need any, protection, or help hiding a body, you know you can always ask–” “GET OUT OF MY FUCKING ROOM!

It’s a great relationship they have. BH moves out a couple years later to start his business, and refuses to call Alan (out of pride? probably??) Alan doesn’t let him get away that easily, and each year he makes several unannounced visits. It almost always results in some kind of one-sided yelling match between the angry Black Hat and his cheerful dad, as his horrified employees listen on…

safe now || min yoongi

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: You almost get attacked on your way home, and luckily Yoongi is there to help you through the panic, paranoia, and fear that comes afterwards. He always will be.

Genre: angst/fluff/comfort

Words: 2198

warning - panic attacks, catcalling/street harassment (?)

sorry :(((((

Originally posted by syubangel

I sat with my head in my hands on the sofa, my eyes closed and my breathing erratic, as I desperately tried to get what had just happened out of my head.

I had been pestered by some people on the way home, a group of men and a few women shouting derogatory things at me. They stopped me from walking and when I tried to walk away they wouldn’t let me. I stood in the middle of their circle, my head spinning as they threw words at me and grabbed parts of my body, and all I was trying to do was walk home. 

When I eventually broke free of them and hurriedly walked away I was shaking, but it wasn’t until I got home and put down my bags that I really thought about what had just happened. I could feel their hands on me, and every word they said echoed in my head as I shakily sat down and bit my lip. I took deep breaths to try and calm myself down, but I could feel tears building in my eyes.

I heard someone unlocking the front door and I panicked, trying to compose myself as I realised that my boyfriend, Yoongi, was home. He walked in with headphones on, and carrying several bags. He had put them down and was taking off his headphones when he finally saw me, sitting in the partially dark room.

“Ah- you scared me.” He started, before he looked at my face properly, knowing immediately that there was something wrong. He frowned quickly as I tried to smile at him, not trusting my voice to speak, but it was watery and unconvincing.

“Y/N?” His voice was suddenly very soft as he came over slowly and sat next to me on the sofa, trying to get a better look at my face. His hand came to touch my cheek as he looked at me concerned, “Y/N, what’s wrong?” I couldn’t stop the tears that fell from my eyes as I began to cry, remembering what those people had said to me.

I turned my head away from him, and he tried to touch me, but suddenly his hands were their hands and I didn’t want them anywhere near me. I jerked away from him and he held his hands up in defence, his eyebrows furrowed. “Woah, woah, it’s just me.”

I took a deep breath as I realised that it was just Yoongi, and he wasn’t going to hurt me. Tears continued to slip down my cheeks and this time I didn’t stop him when he slowly moved towards me and put an arm around me. Once he had me, he held me tight. He pushed my head into the crook of his neck, and I instinctively leant into him as he kept one arm tightly around my body and the other on the back of my head.

“Hey, shh, it’s okay. You’re fine.” He murmured, trying desperately to calm me down. I continued to cry, hating how weak I was being, but not being able to forget the hands touching me and the words hitting me from all sides. They had kept touching my hair and my arms and nauseatingly given me what were meant to be compliments, but they sounded more like insults. My breaths quickened as I remembered how trapped I had felt, surrounded by strangers that wouldn’t leave me alone. I was powerless and pathetic, and I hated it.

“Y/N, please calm down, please stop crying.” Yoongi whispered, worried and confused, and he squeezed me tighter, brushing his lips on the top of my head as he spoke. I tried to take deep breaths but the tears kept coming and I wound myself up, almost hyperventilating.

“Hey, breathe, baby, breathe.” He said a bit louder, noticing my laboured breaths. He pulled back from me and put his hands on either side of my face. I tried to turn my head away again but he held me firmly. I couldn’t breathe.

“No no no, look at me.” He stroked my cheeks as his eyes studied my face, concern and pain evident in his expression. “Breathe with me, okay?” He asked and I nodded, choking on air. He took deep breaths in and out slowly, softly rubbing my cheeks with his thumbs and keeping his eyes locked on mine. I tried to match my breathing with his and felt oxygen begin to fill my lungs a bit as I took shaky breaths. He gave me a small, worried smile.

“There you go, that’s it. Keep breathing.” He said quietly, nodding as he still took slow breaths in and out. After a minute, I felt my breathing even out and brought my hands up to cover his that were still holding my face. I closed my eyes, relishing in the feeling of being able to breathe again, and his hands moved from my cheeks to my lap, taking my hands in his larger ones.

“Y/N, what happened?” He asked quietly, and I opened my eyes to look into his concerned ones. I shook my head, realising how stupid it was. They had barely touched me, and here I was acting as if I’d nearly been killed. He would think I was pathetic.

“It was nothing.” I said, my voice still hoarse and weak, knowing it sounded ridiculous after the state I had just been in. He gave me an incredulous look, letting out a breathless and frustrated laugh.

“Yeah, like I’m going to believe that. Seriously, Y/N?” He asked disbelievingly. I sighed, he knew me too well to believe any lies I could tell him.

“I’m sorry, it’s just…” I struggled, looking away from him. “You won’t think it’s a big deal.” I tried to take back my hands from him but he held them tight. He shook his head.

“Don’t do that Y/N. Don’t do that thing where you don’t tell me things because you think you’re weak, or that they aren’t important.” He looked me firmly in the eye. “If it’s enough to make you that upset, then it is important. You are important Y/N, and it doesn’t matter how big or small of a problem it is, you tell me, okay?” I felt my throat close up again at his words. He was looking at me with such determination and strength, and I couldn’t help but feel as though I didn’t deserve this amount of care, this amount of love. I nodded.

“Okay.” I said hoarsely, and took a deep breath as he waited for me to continue. “I was walking home and these people… they…”

“Did they hurt you?” He asked immediately, suddenly alert. I shook my head but it didn’t seem to relax him at all.

“Not really, they just… shouted at me.” A few tears slipped out of my eyes as I remembered. “Stuff they wanted to do to me.” I saw his jaw clench and his grip on my hand tightened at my words. “There were loads of them Yoongi, and they wouldn’t let me leave.” I began to cry again, this time softly and quietly, and I was immediately brought into him again. He held me so tightly that I began to wonder if he was okay as I managed to calm myself down again.

“Where was this?” He asked, still gripping my body against him, his voice steady but angry. I shook my head.

“I’m not telling you.” He pulled back to look at me, and I was alarmed at the amount of fury in his eyes.

“Y/N, they harassed you.” He said, outraged. “I can’t just let them walk away.”

“Yes, you can.” I said firmly, knowing his anger got the best of him sometimes. “I’m fine now,” He gave me a look. “…and you’ll only cause more trouble going over there.” I finished, taking his hand.

“But…” He looked less angry and more desperate now. “they hurt you.” He almost whispered, and I gave him a sad smile.

“I don’t want you getting hurt.” I squeezed his hand. He looked at my face for a while, and I could see how badly he wanted to do something, but as much as he was angry, I could also tell he knew I was right. Going after them would only provoke them further. He sighed and nodded, giving in. He sat back on the sofa and opened his arms.

“Just come here then.” I gladly obliged, curling into his side and letting him wrap his arms around me once more. He pressed his lips to the top of my head.

“If I can’t go after them, I can sure as hell hug the hell out of you.” He said angrily, squeezing me tight and I laughed weakly, still feeling watery-eyed as I pressed my face into his side.

“I’m not against that.”

We sat quietly for a while as I finally calmed down, feeling safe with him next to me. He gently drew shapes on my bare arm and told me about his day, and I could tell he was trying to calm himself down, too.

When we finally stood up to head to bed, I glanced at the door nervously, wondering if they knew where I lived. It wasn’t too far from here, and they easily could have followed me.


I turned to see Yoongi standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking at me worriedly. He seemed to understand my train of thought.

“No one’s getting in. I promise.” He said reassuringly, holding out his hand. I spared one glance back at the door before nodding and taking his hand, letting him lead me upstairs.

We didn’t talk anymore about it but I couldn’t shake the unsettled feeling I had. I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling and fiddling with my fingers, not able to relax. I turned my head to look at Yoongi’s sleeping form and sighed. Biting my lip, my anxiety grew as I imagined them slamming our front door down and running in. I imagined their hands on me again, still able to feel them on my skin, and I imagined what they would do to me if they got in.

Had we locked the front door?

My breath caught as the thought came to me. I remember seeing Yoongi doing it: I wouldn’t have gone to bed if I hadn’t seen him turn the key. But maybe I hadn’t. I wasn’t sure. I clenched my fists, turning to Yoongi again. I decided I had to get up and check myself, not wanting to wake him up or worry him anymore.

“Y/N?” I stopped where I was, halfway out of bed, and turned back to Yoongi. He was still lying down but his eyes were open and alert, watching me carefully.

“Where are you going?” He asked as if he knew. I shook my head desperately at him.

“I just need to check that we locked the front door.” I whispered, my voice shaky. He shook his head at me.

“I locked it, Y/N.” He said steadily. I bit my lip, not believing him.

“Are you sure?” He gave me a small smile.

“Positive.” He lifted up his arm, nodding his head towards the bed. “Get back in here.” I sighed, knowing he was right, and got back in, shuffling under his arm, revelling in the warmth he was giving off. He didn’t say anything, but he held me against him again.

“Yoongi.” I whispered shakily.

“Hm?” He murmured in response, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“I’m scared.”

He shifted slightly, moving back so he could see my face, but keeping our legs tangled and our bodies close. He looked me in the eyes genuinely.

“I know.” He said gently, touching my cheek lightly. “But you need to understand that nothing bad is going to happen to you. Not tonight, not ever, as long as I can help it.” I took a deep breath in. “Do you trust me?” He asked quietly and I immediately nodded, no doubt in my mind. He nodded back at me. “Then trust that for as long as you keep me around, I won’t let anyone near you that you don’t want near you, and I won’t let anyone hurt you. And God knows I won’t let you walk home alone again.” He let out a breathless chuckle at the end, but I could see the concern and sincerity in his eyes. 

I believed him. I stared at him for a moment before leaning forward and pressing my lips against his, feeling considerable calmer as he returned the kiss gently.

“Thank you.” I said as I pulled away, and he gave me a small smile. I moved closer to him and he obligingly wrapped me in his arms again. His warm breath fanned the back of my neck as my head curled into his chest and our bodies entangled. His hand came to rest at my hairline, and his words were so soft I barely heard them, but just managed catch them in the silence of the room.

“You’re safe.”

And I knew I was.


Taehyung Scenario: Fire To The Heart.

Request: I would like to request a scenario where the reader & tae are royal vampires! And he loves her since babies, but she has a besfren (hoseok) & he’s a werewolf! (u know vampires & werewolves are rivals). PLIS WRITE TAE SUPER CUTE LIKE ALWAYS STOLEN KISSES, BEING JEALOUS AND A LOT OF CUDDLES 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Saying no to Taehyung was always hard. You had known each other for as long as you could remember, and in that time spam you hadn’t exactly figured it out, although you tried, but when he stared fixedly at you, when he touched you you felt your whole body giving in. But for the sake of not letting Taehyung go ahead of himself you knew there were times when you had to say it, in the decades you had knowing each other you two had grown so much together it was difficult to set you apart, Taehyung hated it, you suffered when being away from him for too long, but you had also learned that you liked to be with other people too. Perhaps your choices in friendship were nothing but scandalous for the vampire court, but for you it was ok.

Taehyung and you didn’t live together, as much as both of you wanted that although for you it was a bit harder to admit, but you couldn’t do that until you were formally and publicly engaged to each other, as prince and princess of two powerful vampire clans your liaison was more than suited, expected even, but vampire tradition was strong even in the middle of the twentieth one century.

-Please, stay with me tonight- he whispered in your ear making you have goosebumps. You were at his manor for a social gathering, something small between just a group and when they were all gone and you thought it was time for you to do so as well Taehyung opposed.

So you had stayed for a few more hours, dawn would break anytime as the time with him ran fast, too fast, it was almost your one hundred birthday and you had barely noticed. -The morning, you mean-

He grinned. -Stay- he whispered again, this time pecking your ear after he spoke, going down slowly tracing your neck with his lips. -Let’s sleep together-

As much as you were delighting yourself with his touch your hands went to his chest, you knew you had to set a limit. -I can’t- you kissed his cheek and Taehyung groaned cutely, too cute for a one hundred and fifty year old vampire, but then you thought even after reaching his first thousand Taehyung would still be cute.  

-It’s not like is the first time of us sleeping together- he smiled mischievously. -It will be just sleep, I promise-

-I can’t, you know we must be a bit more diligent now that the party is almost here-

Taehyung huffed. -To hell with diligent, you are going to be mine anyway, I don’t understand all this prudery-

You laughed. -It is the rules of the court- you leaned closer to kiss his lips, this time allowing the kiss to go a bit further as you let your tongues play for a while. -Not mine-

-Pure rubbish- 

You laughed again. -Besides, you know that evil uncle of yours doesn’t like me that much, he’s looking for all kinds of motives to set me aside-

-That won’t happen- Taehyung assured more seriously. -It doesn’t matter what he or anybody say, you and I will be together, we will rule together- You nodded, letting him hug you and nuzzle you as you felt safe in his arms. -We belong together, I don’t understand why so many rules at this point- he smiled mischievously and you knew he was remembering something.


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Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader try to define what it means to be a hero.

A/N:  This is for Ana’s ( @percywinchester27 ) ‘s PJO Quotes Challenge.  My Percy Jackson prompt was “Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.”

Word Count: 1326

Warnings:  Flangst-ish

Originally posted by daengerously-intaense


The windows rattle as Dean slams the door of the motel room. Adrenaline pumps through him, a potent and explosive mix of rage and fear. Stalking across the room, he clenches his fists at his sides, feeling desperately helpless. Kicking the foot of the bed does nothing to dispel all this toxic energy. He needs to hit something really hard.  

Tentatively, you open the door and poke your head into the room, looking remorseful. The expression on his face sets a chaotic mass of emotion swirling within you. You feel terrible, but you also know that you did what you had to do.

“How could you?” he whispers.

“I - I didn’t think, Dean,” you say softly, stepping into the room and closing the door. “I just…reacted.”

“It was careless, you could have died!” his voice trembles. You can feel the vulnerability in his despair. It’s a foreign feeling to both of you, it’s strange and uncomfortable and fascinating. “(Y/N), being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible.”

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Property of Newt Scamander

Request: “newt imagine where he’s comforting the reader bc she got dumped and he ends up accidentally saying something along the lines of “i would have never done this to u” which leads to dominant possessive smut bc newt had to watch the reader, who he was in love with, be in a relationship with someone else so he had a lot of pent up jealousy?”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2284


Originally posted by lovershub

Newt had been searching for you for hours. As soon as Queenie had told him you were at their place, he raced over, apparating in broad daylight. He didn’t care if he was spotted, he just wanted to be with you. He knew something was up as soon as your boyfriend had shown up at your shared apartment without you. Normally, after a night out together, you would both stumble home. He would open the door, his heart would shatter at the sight of you in another’s arms, and then he would have to go sleep in his case to avoid hearing the sounds you would make in your bedroom.

But in the early hours of the morning today, you hadn’t been by your boyfriend’s side when he knocked.

“Where’s (y/n)?” Newt asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. The clock read 4am.

“Don’t know, don’t care. I’m just here to pick up some of my things that I left here.” The tall brutish man responded coldly, pushing past Newt.

Now Newt had reached the Goldstein sisters’ apartment block. He ran up the stairs, not worrying about making a ruckus and alerting Mrs. Esposito to his presence. He knocked loudly on the door, it swinging open to reveal a frazzled Tina, with bags under her eyes and a cup of coffee in her hands. He had forgotten that it was only just 6am.

“Where is she?”

“Roof.” She croaked. Newt moved to go but Tina gripped the sleeve of his coat. “I think she needs to be alone for a while.”

“No, she needs me.” Newt continued up the stairs, slowly opening the door to the roof. He winced as it noisily creaked, but the hunched over figure didn’t move.

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Imagine you being the one to piece Ivar back together

 Hey you write for Ivar from vikings yeah? 😊 If so please can I make a request for Ivar x female!reader where they get into a bad argument about something and at one point he raises his voice/raises his arms and the reader instinctively flinches away from the movement. He immediately comforts her but feels guilty because he thinks she’s scared of him, but reader reassures him she still trusts and loves him? Thank you so much, appreciate it! X
Note: A little inspired because of that gifset from Ivar and Margrethe @whenimaunicorn posted recently. Hope  this is any good and it was like you imagined. I really loved writing it, have a weak heart for Ivar his vulnerability. <3

Words: 1715

Ragnar being back wasn’t really a present for the boys, especially when he asked each one of them to come with him back to England except for Ivar. You always hated it, how some people treated Ivar as the weak one while you knew for sure he was mentally the strongest of them all. But everywhere you came there was that silence, that tensing. Alsaug hardly talked, Sigurd and Ivar had more conflict that before and Ubbe and Hvitserk really didn’t care, they were drinking and eating while Ivar just looked in front of him, almost waiting for someone to take on his bad mood. But nobody did, being a friend of him, being in love with him maked you feel compassionate with his situation. If you had a bigger mouth you would confront Ragnar with the fact but you knew Ivar wouldn’t like that. And it wasn’t your business so you just stayed put, listening to the conversation that went fort and back between the brothers … except for Ivar. It felt like he wasn’t there, a ghost on a table for his brothers and mother while he was the most visible person for you. But you stayed out of it, knowing those  family matters weren’t easy to handle, centainly not when Aslaug stood in charge and Sigurd and Ivar were in the same room. Over the years you learned a big deal over the sons of Ragnar. It got you quite close in a friendship with Ivar, what started with him being so dominant around you. But you learned to handle and respect him in a certain way, evolving to a friendship. Althrought you felt more for him.

You were home, having no mother since bird and a father that was half the time away, you felt quite hollow in this house, scared almost. You were just pulling of your dress when you startled from the knocking on the door.
‘Who is it?’ You asked, pulling back that dress on.
‘You don’t get much visitors except for me so take a wild guess.’ The door swung open, you hand’t even the time to get it open for him before he crawled in. 
‘Ivar.’ You greeted him carefully. He was right, you didn’t got much visitors, you weren’t one of those popular slavegirls where Ubbe and Hvitserk ran after all the time. Maybe that’s why Ivar hang around you much, he had at least some kind of claim on you.
‘Father came,’ he began. You tied your dress back together and looked how he pulled himself on to your bed … althrought their was a table and chairs.
‘I’m going to England with him.’ He said with that confident smirk on his face. You opened your mouth, instincly wanting to congratulate him but on second thoughts you didn’t. Why would you? He was going away with his father, back to England, knowing out of the stories they weren’t that eager on inviting vikings, certainly not Ragnar. Half England probarbly wanted him dead. And Ivar was gonna join him, he couldn’t really blame you for being skeptical. ‘What is it?’ He signed. You opened your mouth, shut it again and went to sit aside him on the bed.
‘I just have my doubts.’
‘Wich doubts?’ He asked. You were glad he at least wanted to listen to your opninion on the matter.
‘It’s that your father isn’t really a hero over there, there are many christians who want him dead. And you are going with him,’ You didn’t finish your sentence, hoping he would get it on his own. But he didn’t or he didn’t want to admit to it.
‘What are you saying Y/n.’ He said almost inpatient. You sighed and took a deep breath.
‘Being concerned about you I don’t think it’s a good idea to go . It could get you killed, or worse captured.’ You explained in one large breath. His bleu eyes almost pierced through yours and you swallowed slowly, knowing this could go two ways. He was mostly calm around you but the last couple of days, since Ragnar returned he was a little short tempered. You saw him do already some things with his brother, you weren’t really jumping to meet that side of him to.
‘Because I’m a cripple, is that what you are saying?’ He asked you rather sharp. You looked down to the wooden floor, thinking how you could get this strarting argument turned in to no argument at all. When you looked back at him he was still looking at you with those almost harened hollow eyes.
‘No,’ you began steady. ‘I would say it to everybody. I’m just not sure if it is wise.’ You constructed your sentences in a way he could pick an insult out of it.
‘It’s my one change to go with my father.’
‘And maybe your last.’ You reacted on that, being honest now maybe wasn’t your best move.
‘I would rather die there aside my father than here among the people that so disgust me.’ He pointed to the door.
‘Ivar, you’re not thinking with a straight mind. Ragnar his return maked you all so tensed, placing your emotions into the situation. I don’t think you thought about it.’
‘Who are you to say what I can and can’t do!’ He yelled, trewing his arms up like he was going to hit you. And in a reflex you pulled away from the bed, away from him, away from his anger. While doing it you thought about the consequenties this could have. You never believed that he would hurt you. But you saw already so much of his anger towards others that it was an instinct your body produced being around him. And that instinct frooze him right on his place. You stayed on that distant, five steps away maybe, hardly more while you looked at him. He looked so distant, so angry while he slowly lowered his arms before his eyes looked back at you and your tensed body standing there. In seconds his mood turned around, you saw that vulnerability, that pain, the uncertainty in his always looking strong blue eyes. ‘You thought I would hurt you.’ He said. You felt your heart cracking open a little, afraid that the previous argument would change everything between you.
‘Why did you jump away then?’ He asked, not looking to you but to the floor. You felt guilty for still standing there while he got all wrapped up in his emotions. You walked back to the bed, sitting aside him, turning your body towards him.
‘It was a reflex Ivar. It didn’t mean a thing.’ You tried to reassure him. He looked at you, his strong blue eyes not so strong anymore.
‘You thought I was going to hurt you, like I do with everybody I know.’ He turned his eyes back to the wooden floor. You layed two fingers carefully under his chin, pulling his eyes right back to you.
‘Everybody is a little afraid of Ivar The Boneless, it isn’t a bad thing, you will do powerfull things with it. My body just reacted on the violence I already saw in my life. It has nothing to do with you, I know you won’t hurt me.’ You explained on a soft tone. His eyes traveled to your hand still stabilitating his fragile face.
‘But you are scared of me?’
‘Everybody always is Ivar. That doesn’t mean it effects me. You are my friend, I,’ you felt silence, looking away for a moment, doubting if you would say that. But when you turned back, saw that vulnerability again you knew it wasn’t something he showed everybody. ‘I love you more than I’m scared of you.’ You finally said. ‘And I don’t want you to go because I’m afraid that you will die, won’t return.’ You went futher. He cracked a little under those words. You hand fell back in your lap while some kind of disbelief filled his face. Aside his mother and brothers nobody really loved Ivar the Boneless, except for you. Because you saw his potential, the greatness, the tenderness of his heart. And surly now, the uncertainty in his eyes maked it even a better feeling than it already was. ‘You don’t believe me?’ You asked with a small smile on your lips. He looked back at you. You layed your hand against his jaw and pulled him closer, placing a kiss on his lips. His first reaction was to do nothing, but while you brought more pressure on his lips he opened them a little and answered yours in so much uncertainty. When you pulled back you let your forehead rest against his. He blincked his eyes, looked at you and a small uncertain smile came on his lips. ‘Go if you want to. Be great, be fearless, come back with fame. I will be here waiting.’ You stroke his jawline before you lost the contact with him and pulled back completly.
‘I will.’ He whispered. He looked aside to you and you smiled, a loving smile and he just watched you do it.
‘You can stay, if you want to.’ You nodded to the bed. He nodded, still in conflict with everything he felt of emotions.

But in the end of that night you laid aside him, gazing into the room and thinking of what you had accomplished while you listened to his steady breating aside you. You broke him a little, by pulling back on his reaction …. But you pieced him back together, even more than before. You felt him turn, a hand sneaking over your waist, pulling you closer. You turned his side. It was hard to see if he was sleeping, or preteding he was sleeping but it was a nice feeling. His lips rested against your shoulder, you felt his warm breath on your skin while his hand layed on your stomach, holding you close. Maybe somebody as ruthless and disturbed as Ivar needed some love in his life, maybe he had to learn how to love before he could grow even bigger. You knew one thing, Ivar wasn’t a bad person, it was the world that maked him bad.

cool ✧ peter parker

summary: …

wc: about 1.5k

a/n: warning for rape themes, cursing. no tag list for this one.


“What kind of lame-ass name is Spider-Man, anyway? What a loser.”

These are the words that come out of your mouth after school on Friday, cold and unforgiving. Your friends laugh loudly despite what they really think, because you’re cool. You run your fingers through your hair, smirking at their laughter as you spy someone out of the corner of your eye.

You turn to spot Peter Parker and Ned Leeds, and in an instant, your so-called ‘friends’ are abandoned. You walk to catch up with them, sliding up the sleeves of your hoodie. “‘Sup, Peter, Ned,” you mutter.

“Y/N!” Peter grins widely at the sight of you, but his expression looks a little off. Ned smiles in greeting, but he doesn’t look quite right, either. They both adjust their backpack straps in awkward silence. You narrow your eyes in suspicion.

“What happened?” You ask, reaching into your pocket for gum. You offer a stick to both; you’re denied twice. This strikes you to be even stranger. You pop a piece into your mouth, the sugary peppermint starting to give you a headache.

Peter side-eyes you. “Hm? Oh, noth-”

You’re quick to cut him off. You don’t put up with things like this. “I said, what happened?” You say, through gritted teeth. More often than not, you come off as angrier than you really are. Either people get used to it and stay friends with you, or they get pissed off themselves and leave. But for some reason, Peter seems to get frightened every time you even raise your voice. So you try to cut down around him.

“Peter just wants to know what your deal with Spider-Man is,” Ned says, noticing that Peter is starting to lose his confidence.

“My deal with Spider-Man?” You raise your eyebrows. It’s blazing hot, the sun punishing as ever. But this doesn’t stop you from wearing your hoodie. You have an aesthetic to maintain, after all. “He’s just annoying. Like, we have the Avengers in case anything really bad happens. He’s not even an Avenger, so what does he do? Oh that’s right, he stops petty crime. As if a policeman couldn’t do the same thing, with a lot less bravado.”

You pause and look over at Peter. He looks conflicted, like he’s trying very hard not to say something he might regret. “Uh, sorry. Didn’t mean to get in the way of your schoolboy crush,” you say, but you don’t sound as apologetic as you really are.

“I don’t…it’s okay,” he replies. He’s even more distant now. “I think I’m gonna head home now. See you.” Without waiting for a response, he and Ned make a sudden departure. You open your mouth to call after him, and then close it, sighing.

You can almost make out their conversation as they turn the corner.

“…Don’t get it…who hates Spider-Man?” That must be Peter.

“…See…she’ll…do it!” Ned.

None of this makes very much sense to you. Annoyed, you spit out your gum into the nearest bush. It’s only been a few minutes since you starting chewing it. What a waste of a good piece of gum.

You start walking homeward, sliding your earbuds in and scrolling through your phone. Yolanda’s yelling about her cat again, Mark’s ranting about some girl who left him on read like the blockhead he is, Ashwini wants the world to know about her crush on some actor in a movie that came out two months ago…nothing new. You double tap without thinking, scrolling through Instagram mindlessly. Everyone thinks you should pay more attention when you’re walking, but it’s not a big deal to you. People move around you, so it’s fine.

You stop to grab something to eat, and then you sit in a park for a while. You don’t really feel like going home, honestly. Going home means being forced to do homework by your overbearing parents. So you sit at the edge of a fountain and watch the sun dip towards the horizon, scrolling through your phone for a while. When you get bored of that, you read a little. As you shoulder back on your backpack, you take pictures of the sunset to post with deep quotes.

You continue your walk home, your music turned way up so you can’t hear anything. In fact, you don’t even hear the footsteps behind you. You register the breath on your neck as the warm breeze of the fading day. You don’t even notice anything wrong until you’re suddenly dragged into the alleyway, a firm hand over your mouth. Your first instinct is to scream, but no sound escapes the hand. You feel your arm being forced into a position where your veins are visible, and out of the corner of your eye, you see the flash of a hypodermic needle in the darkness. You start struggling as hard as you possibly can, kicking and shoving and doing everything you possibly.

The woman holding you groans when you elbow her, but her grip only tightens. Your throat hoarse, glistening tears start slipping from your eyes. You can feel an uncomfortably warm, pervasive hand slide underneath your hoodie, palm against your bare stomach as fingers begin unbuttoning your jeans. The needle gets closer to the crook of your elbow.

You don’t know what to do. One wrong movement, and they could shove the needle in. Or worse. You suddenly remember something from your sex ed class at school. Ketamine is a colorless, odorless drug that is often used in date-rape situations. Maybe if they’d told you how to get out of those situations rather than giving you useless facts…

Your breathing is getting shallower and shallower as they finish unbuttoning your jeans, reaching for your zipper.

This is it. This is the end. You’ll never get to kiss anyone, or grow up, or go to Asia like you always dreamed. Your parents will blame it on themselves, and all your friends…well, maybe they won’t care that much. Peter…you wish you could go and apologize to him for talking shit about Spider-Man. Ned, too. They matter a lot more to you than they might think. Especially Peter. In this moment, you find your heart aching for one more look at his face. At his soft lips and his excited eyes that sink when he’s upset, at his hair that always smells like that cherry blossom shampoo his aunt buys him, at his laughter that makes you feel alive again. You shut your eyes tight and imagine, hope you’ll be alive long enough to tell him how much he means to you.

And then…nothing happens. You hear a few thwips and thuds against the wall behind you. You’re too frightened to open your eyes, and then you hear a soft, quiet voice. “It’s okay.” Carefully, you open your eyes and stare up at Spider-Man, your gaze untrusting and frightened. He turns to look at your attackers, who appear to be unconscious and affixed to the wall with webs.

You can’t help yourself. The first thing you do is hug him, tight as you possibly can. You’re hiccuping from sobbing so hard, chin digging into his shoulder and cheeks wet. You don’t know why, but he’s holding you just as tightly. You stand there for what must be an eternity, and then you pull away, quickly wiping away your tears and buttoning your jeans.

You watch him for the longest time, cheeks flushed deep red and eyes bloodshot. You sniffle, and then you speak. “Don’t come near me again.”

The words tumble out of your mouth before you can take them back. Your hostility for Spider-Man used to be so strong, and now you’re confused. You’re angry at him for confusing you. You’re so angry that you push him away, and he stumbles, caught by surprise.

You run the whole way back home, constant fear petrifying your mind. You can’t stop looking over your shoulder as the pitch black night takes over. You’re late; your parents are definitely going to kill you now. You don’t even care about how your shoulders complain from the weight of your backpack, or how you’re starting to sweat even though it’s getting cold.

You don’t know what to think. You lock yourself in your room, hand fumbling. You shut your window and close the blinds, but you can’t make your thoughts go away. It’s on a constant loop: the hand sliding to the waistband of your jeans, the glint of the needle inches away from your skin. If Spider-Man hadn’t been there…you don’t even want to imagine what would have happened. You feel sick just thinking about it.

But most of all, you feel twisted inside for ever saying a mean word about him.

The next day at school, Peter is nowhere to be found. He’s not at your normal meeting spot, so you reluctantly walk over to your clique. As soon as they see you, they start making fun of Spider-Man, like you normally would. You suddenly regret coming to school today.

At one point, you can’t handle it anymore. “Shut up,” you snap. And you walk away.

Remind Me

(Crosses out June 14 and scribbles June 15th over it) 

Intro: Hellohello see I am alive, but I am a little late haha.  So this is for @outside-the-government​‘s Trek Fest 2017!  For Spock week!  Which ended yesterday but I fell asleep at like 9pm so I couldn’t finish this fic lol. 

Pairing: Spock x reader

Word Count: 4,401 (I tried to keep it short I promise but it ran away on me)

Warning: Short description of a needle and needle insertion (like the ones from Divergent lol)

Summary: Going on your first away mission alone is a scary thing, but you have your best friend Spock to look out for you, so you know you’re going to be fine.  But when you are captured by the leader of the planet and forced to participate in his twisted game that includes you and Spock fighting to the death, can anyone save you?

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about this one.  I rewrote it a little, changing it from an existing relationship to the beginning of one, and I kinda like this one better.  I feel like I’m a little off my game lately, but I promise I’ll be back on the horse soon (or at least I’ll try to be!).

Also for some reason my brain won’t let me actually process words long enough to edit this so I hope it makes sense. 


“I’m going to be fine, Spock, stop being such a worry wort.” You clipped the last of your gear into place and stood to face him. 

“The likelihood of you getting injured is…” Spock started his brows almost furrowed as you tucked your helmet under your arm. 

“54.3% I know.  You’ve told me a million times.” 

“I only told you six times, and as your first solo mission the percentage could be even higher.” Spock’s eyes grew glassy as he processed the math. 

You stepped forward, your boots clanking against the metal floor of the ship hanger, and poked at his arm, “Spock?  Earth to Spock!” His eyes flicked to you and you felt your heart stutter in your chest, “I’m going to be fine.  Okay? So stop looking so worried and help me with the clasp at the back of this stupid suit, I can’t reach it.”

Spinning around, you were grateful to be out of Spock’s worried gaze, as it was starting to make you nervous.  The planet was a dangerous one, and the inhabitants were not very well studied so it was hard to tell if they would be violent or not.  Taking a breath, you straightened your spine and turned back to Spock. 

“Thanks.  Now you go, monitor my frequency or whatever, I’ll see you in a bit.” You smiled up at him, wishing his expression of worry would morph into something more calm, but it didn’t. 

His hand suddenly reached up and grabbed your upper arm, over the hard metal of the suit, and you found yourself wishing that there were not so many layers between you. 

“Be careful, Y/N.  If anything is not what it seems, we can beam you back immediately.” Spock’s form loomed over you and you leaned into his touch for a moment. 

“The plan is to come back all in one piece, don’t you worry.”

That’s the last thing you could remember as your eyes split open, to dark nothingness.  Your bare limbs were pressed into smooth, cold stone, and your arms were bound behind you.  

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you've done one like this before, but could you maybe do a fic where Karen has been trying to avoid Frank because she has a bruise and or cuts due to investigating too far into something and she knows Frank will get angry, however he finally catches up to her? (Your writing has given me lots of late nights by the way I can't get enough)

It’s a habit she has, gazing at herself in the mirror before bed, trying to find answers in the shadows under her eyes. The bathroom feels strange after she steps out of the shower. Cocoon-like, warm and close. It feels like a time capsule straight from her childhood. The tile here is different though, pristine and white. She tries to focus on the difference, but it’s futile. She can hear her mother crying softly in the echoey bathroom, can see the way she’d gently dabbed at her own cuts and bruises in the soft light. The memory sends anger surging through Karen, and she tries to blink it away, but her reflection doesn’t lie. There are unwelcome flashes of her father swimming in the blue depths of her eyes, a hint of violence simmering just below the surface. It’s hard to push it away, to breathe deeply and ignore what’s been taken from her… what she’s taken.

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Bad Ideas (Chapter 15)

I honestly can’t tell you how amazing it was to receive so many sweet messages about this fic yesterday, I love my readers you guys are the best!!!

This is a long update (4000+) and Peter has to work through what happened so he is pretty much all over the place. Wade tries to comfort him as best as he can. A few NSFW moments because its Wade and Peter so they need some loving!

Only one (maybe two?) chapters after this one, so if you need to catch up, catch up HERE!!

It was dark when they managed to find their way out of the abandoned building where they had been kept, and after realizing they were just in the next town over from home, Wade hot wired one of the trucks in the lot and they headed back  to see what was left of their lives.

It was gone.

“Jesus Christ.” Wade threw the stolen truck in park and jumped out of the cab, staring in disbelief.

His house and at least three fourths of the shop had been basically vaporized in the blast. A few chunks of the fridge had survived, there was maybe half of a bathtub lying in the yard. The apartment above the garage was non existent, and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment was lying twisted and burnt in half melted piles.
What little was left standing was still faintly smoking, and the whole thing had been cordoned off by the police and firefighters for safety.

Wade wondered idly when he’d be getting a check from the insurance company, and if he could blame this whole thing on a faulty gas line.

“Seen if there is anything worth saving.” Wade instructed and took off towards what was left of the office, looking for his safe and the secret panel underneath it.

“There you are.” He tipped the burnt and blackened safe over on it’s side, impressed that it had survived at all. There was a little bit of cash in there but he wasn’t worried about that. No, he needed what the safe had hidden.
Buried in the ground was another safe, this one smaller, and Wade opened it hurriedly, pulling out several stacks of bills, an extra gun, and another set of IDs and paperwork for himself as well as a new cell phone.
It was an emergency fund if he ever had to pick up and run, and now seemed like a good time for that sort of thing.

“Pete!” He tossed it all in a bag in the truck and called for Peter who had been searching through the house for anything good. “Let’s go. We will stay in a hotel for tonight and tomorrow take off to a safe house I have across state lines.”

Peter just nodded, dropping whatever he was holding and brushing his hands off before climbing in the truck.

“Are you alright?” Wade asked finally, because Peter hadn’t said anything since they had escaped. Wade was willing to give him space to deal with whatever the fuck had happened back there, but he was also getting worried because the anger, frustration, bitter rolling from his omegas shoulders hadn’t lessened at all.

“It’s fine, Pete. We will just pick up and move on and start over. I’ve done it before, you’ve done it before. It’s fine. We can work out… all of this. Okay? Nothing we can’t get through. We’re gonna be fine. We’ll make it, baby boy.”

But Peter didn’t even look at him, just leaned back on the seat and closed his eyes.

“Alright then.” Wade gave one last look at what had been his home for almost five years now, and sped off down the drive.

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anonymous asked:

I loved how you wrote my alpha Tamaki request 💓💓 I have another one if that's ok. Alpha Tamaki's omega getting badly hurt by a villian and he is finally able to get to her and hold her close trying to protect her while maybe letting out a snarl at the villian letting his alpha side really show. Bonus points if Kirishima shows up to help out his sempai and his sempai's omega. Sorry if its really specific ^^; I adore your writing so much!

Ahhh thank you, thank you !  I’m so happy you liked it ♥ This ended up being the typical “hey buddy let me smash your girl” “no i must protect my girl!”, so rather than a villain the antagonists ended up being some asshole drunks. I hope this is still okay, haha I feel like I didn’t follow the ask well enough - feel free to request again if that’s the case !! ;_;

Your alpha is a strange case. He isn’t intimidating, he isn’t super masculine, and the scent that he gives off is usually not one that wards off potential threats. You had even been surprised when you first found out your mate is an alpha, since your first assumption was that he is in fact a beta or even an omega like yourself.

However, it became apparent that the reason for this is because he suppresses his alpha instincts and nature. The smell, the actions, the voice - all because he doesn’t want any more attention on him than necessary. 

You don’t want an alpha that’s ready to snap at any other male that comes your way anyways, and it quickly became apparent that he shows his alpha side in various subtle ways. It’s through small things, mostly. Sometimes he feels a dire need to mark you, usually when it seems any claims to possession have faded. Other times he finds ways to very sneakily scent you just to lay claim. Then there are his ruts, which really show his alpha nature.

But until now, you’ve never seen him angry. Never heard him growl, never experienced what it’s like to be around an alpha that will do anything to protect their omega and what they care about. Now that you’re experiencing it, you realize how lucky, scared, and oddly turned on you are.

You two went on a regular night out, hitting up a ramen place on one of the busier streets where Fatgum’s office is located. Kirishima, Tamaki’s kouhai as well as a younger male that didn’t pose much of a threat to him - Kirishima looks up to his senpai too much to try anything on you anyways. The nightlife here is pretty wild but, usually, it’s calm. Tonight just happened to be one of those nights were life proves to be unpredictable. 

After you finished your food and began walking around, a typical villain and two of his friends approached you from behind and, not getting any sense that you’re already mated or out with two alphas, grabbed you from behind. Kirishima was the first to react, saying ‘Hey, don’t touch her!’, but that’s because Tamaki almost couldn’t believe what had just happened and was still reeling. Is his presence really so weak that they didn’t even notice you’re with your alpha?

Something about that and seeing anyone touching you this way, his omega shrieking and struggling to get out of the cocky male’s grasp, set Tamaki off.

“What’re you so mad about? She’s not mated is she? Even if she is, it doesn’t look like her mate’s around.” Clearly this man and his two buddies don’t care about Kirishima and Tamaki, not until now. “Now c’mon, we’ve been looking for an omega like you all night.” The alcohol on his breath reaches your nose, making you wince and look away.

“He-he’s my mate! Let me go!” You pushed at the unwanted male’s chest but it was Tamaki who finally got you away by grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand off of you. Then he stepped between the two of you to distance you from he aggressors. You notice how he’s standing taller than he usually does, as opposed to his usual slouch. 

You’re her mate? No wonder she’s so desperate, showing herself off like she is. How about I show you a real alpha, huh?” He looks past Tamaki and then to you, and when Kirishima is about to speak up, Tamaki does first. Louder than Kirishima would have. 

“Apologize to her and then get out of here.” It sounds more like a threat than anything else, and there’s a dangerous look in his eyes. 

“Huh, apologize? You’re a dumbass if you think I’m apologizing. She wouldn’t be walking around like that if she didn’t want some attention.”

It’s hard to tell exactly how things escalated from there and why. At one point you’re standing behind Tamaki, hoping the situation is resolved quickly and the next you’re clutching your face  as you’re laying on the ground in shock and pain. One of the villains, he had some sort of quirk similar to super strength. Things got more heated and the moment you attempted to get in between the situation to sate it, he had thrown a punch to both get you away as well as provoke Tamaki.

Blood ran down your from face both your nose and forehead, and when you recoiled back from the attack you hit your back and head rather hard against the wall. 

At that point, Tamaki wasn’t holding back anymore. The fear of being watched by the crowd now surrounding the situation (Frustratingly preferring to just watch instead of help), went away. Right now, all he can think about is you. You, who was just attacked and are now writhing in pain and the three assholes who are now as good as dead.

Unfortunately he can’t actually kill them though, and he knows this, but he can use his quirk. Tamaki extended five giant octopus tentacles from his fingers, wrapping them around the two aggressors while one of them was able to escape and run over to you, trying to grab you and use you as leverage against Tamaki. Seeing this, Tamaki swings the two he has in his grasp and hits the last with them, knocking all three to the ground with his oversized tentacles. A low angry growl came from his throat as he stalked over, and when he released his tentacles from the now pained villains, he realized how weak they are. It seems sometimes the alphas that do the most talking have the least to back up their words.

Not even Kirishima had been fast enough on his feet to act, since everything happened so fast, but he ran over to one of the males and punched him straight in the jaw, immediately knocking him out. “(Y/N), are you okay?!” He’s happy to be able to do something to help – he cares about his senpai and his senpai’s omega, and seeing you hurt really doesn’t sit right with him.

Tamaki’s rare expression of pure and unadulterated anger softened the instant he saw you, immediately switching to a caring and overprotective mode. However, one of the villains was still able to move, and from the corner of his eye Tamaki saw him make a move. Without a second thought, Tamaki is in front of him and grabbing him by the collar. “Don’t even think about getting up!” He snarls, shaking the weaker male. His voice is unlike anything you’d heard it sound like before. It’s loud and abrasive and there’s a threatening alpha growl in the back of his throat that’s sure to make anyone around you shake in their boots. Tamaki’s expression if filled with rage yet again, and the veins in his forearms are pronounced as he cocks his arm back and knocks the man out with a punch that was perhaps even stronger than Kirishima’s.

By this point, Kirishima had gone to your side, however he didn’t dare touch you in case he caught Tamaki’s wrath. This isn’t a side Tamaki likes to show but seeing you hurt just set him off completely. The moment he turned his head and saw you, everyone still crowded around and watching (Surely one of them has called the police by now), Tamaki felt more at ease knowing all threats are dealt with.

Before you know it you’re in your alpha’s safe arms, which are holding you around your waist with a grasp that’s torn between wanting to squeeze you and or treat you like you’re a fragile relic. You whimper, clinging to Tamaki’s shirt and burying your still stinging and bleeding face against his shoulder. You reek of fear, and that tears him apart.

As for Tamaki, he’s never smelled so masculine before, terrifying and safe all at the same time. He never let go of you and he didn’t say anything for a while either, instead just letting you know that he’s here, that you’re safe, and that he won’t let anything else happen to you.

By the time the cops arrive, Kirishima handles talking to them as the three drunk males are courted away to jail. Tamaki, a pro-hero in training, of course went unpunished and even received praise for what he did. Feeling overwhelmed with said praise, Tamaki was quick to shrink away from the eyes of everyone around him. He never once let you out of his sight for the rest of the night, though he was quick to take you to the ER just to get treated for your injuries – a broken nose, concussion, and black eye, as well as a bruised rib.

You’d never doubted Tamaki before, never seen him as weak but simply an alpha that is so strong that he doesn’t have to show off to others. However if there is anyone who’s ever doubted him before, they sure were proven wrong tonight.


Super angst for @blondielovesr5-blog

“They’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out,” Rick started.
“Find out what?” You asked.
“That they’re fucking with the wrong people,” he replied, looking out of the slit in the carriage door. You looked at Rick and smirked, knowing he was right. The group had been through so much since the beginning of the new world, and yet here you all were, stronger than ever. It was a few hours before you heard the carriage door open, Rick stepping forward first, Gareth eyeing him up.
“Nope, not you,” he said, looking into the shadows of the carriage. “You.” He pointed directly at you and wiggled his finger for you to walk towards him.
“Don’t,” Daryl whispered, trying to get you to stay.
“It’s okay, you’ll still be able to hear her scream,” Gareth smiled at Daryl, seeing his hand instinctively go for yours. As soon as you got near enough, Gareth pulled you out of the cart making you fall to the ground. Daryl stepped forward then was met with the carriage door closing in his face. He pulled you up by your hair, then dragged you over to some crates opposite the cart you were in.
“Sit,” he directed. You sat down on a small pile of wooden crates then he tied your hands behind your back and your ankles together.
“I’m gonna need you to be really still for me,” Gareth smiles devilishly as he moves around behind you to a container. He opens the door and a walker appears with a rope around its neck. Gareth leads it around to the front of you, the rope like a leash, and it starts snapping at you, Gareth keeping it just enough away from your skin.
“Stop, please,” you start to cry, not wanting to go this way.
“Don’t worry, this is just an experiment,” he says calmly. Every time the walker gets too near you shout out, tears rolling down your face as you think of how the group will find you wandering around as one of these creatures.

Daryl hears everything inside the metal carriage. He bangs on the walls and door, kicking it with all of his strength. Everyone looks at him, hearing it too, not being able to do anything from inside this thing.
“Daryl, cover your ears,” Rick says, trying to calm him.
“I can’t! I can’t let her go through this alone!” He cries, face screwed up, hair covering it a little so that not everyone can see.

“Stop!” You scream as the walker almost takes a bite, and you fall backwards off of the pallets. Gareth drops the rope momentarily to make sure you aren’t escaping, and the walker latches onto your shoe.
“GET. OFF.” You shout as you try and kick its head away. Gareth gets a hold of it again and lifts it up from your foot, putting it back into the container. He helps you sit up again and pats your back.
“There. Wasn’t so bad was it?” He asks. “Now I need your help, you need to pick which person we’ll be making soup out of today. It’s easy really, just nod to the one you want.”
“What?” You ask shocked.
“Oh don’t worry, not from your group yet,” he laughs, “bring ‘em out!” He yells, then two men with bags over their heads are pushed out of the building next to you, then forced to kneel in front of both you and Gareth.
“Remove the bags,” he orders to the men standing behind the prisoners. They do as they’re told and the men’s faces are revealed. You don’t recognise either of them, but they look at you with pleading eyes, as if you could save them.
“Now all you have to do is nod. Left or right. You have 30 seconds to make your decision, or someone from your carriage is being killed,” he explains. You look at him and shake your head.
“Why?” You ask.
“Because it’s no fun choosing your own meal every night. Sometimes we want a surprise!” He laughs, and you feel bile rise up in your throat. “Now please stop wasting time and decide. 20 seconds left.”
You look between the two men, panicking at the seconds ticking by.
“I can’t…”
“Lets get your boyfriend out then.”
“No!” You shout. “Him!” You nod to the one on the left and shut your eyes tight so you don’t have to see him. The other one is taken away and the bag is put back on the one you chose.
“Open your eyes,” Gareth demands. You do as he says and there’s a knife against the man’s throat, then in one swift movement it’s cut open, blood spraying your face, and he’s dragged away somewhere. You hear a scream and realise that it’s coming from your mouth. Gareth’s hand clamps over your face to shut you up and he looks down at you with angry eyes.

Inside the cart Daryl’s freaking out more than ever. He’d never heard you scream like that before, and you were muffled by something.
“What if they’re killing her?” He asks, frantically looking at Rick for him to do something.
“Then we kill them. All of them,” he says. Daryl continues banging on the door, the group just staring as they all wonder what’s happening to you.

Gareth looks down at you and slowly takes his hand away from your mouth now that you’ve stopped screaming. He takes his belt off and wraps it around your neck.
“NO!” You shout, “NO STOP!”
“Shhh, it’ll all be over in a minute,” he whispers, tightening the belt until you pass out. He goes and gets the walker again, it hovers over you but has nowhere near enough interest as last time. You start coming round, gasping for air and the walker starts snarling and biting the air in front of your face.
“AH!” You scream, waking up to this thing millimetres away from your nose. Gareth laughs and mumbles something to himself then puts it back in the container again. He sits you up and looks at your body, eyes scanning you from head to toe. It makes you feel sick and you heave.
“It’s okay, you’re my little guinea pig,” he says.

“I haven’t heard her in a while,” Daryl panics, pressing his ear to the door.
“Doesn’t mean she’s dead,” Abe nods, “she’s a fighter, won’t go down that easy.”
Daryl looks at him, almost angry that he’s saying this about you, not knowing you that well, but he knows he’s right. He nods back to him and turns his attention to door again.
“STOP! STOP PLEASE. AHHH!” The group hears you cry out. Daryl can almost see the tears rolling down your face as you scream at Gareth. Rick turns to Daryl, putting his hand on his shoulder.
“She’s alive,” he says.
“For now,” Daryl replies. Another scream cuts through the air and now Rick presses himself against the door as well. They hear you whimper in pain, then sobbing. It feels like hours to Daryl until he hears your crying getting nearer and nearer the cart. The door opens slightly, and you’re shoved in with your group again, hands and ankles still bound. The door slams shut and you lay there unable to move, a mixture of strangers blood and your own on your face, and more of your own blood soaking your jeans.
“(Y/N)! What happened? What did he do to ya?” Daryl asks, kneeling next to you and untying your restraints. You shake your head and close your eyes.
“Nothing,” you mumble.
“Tell me!” Daryl pleads, voice raised slightly.
“I can’t,” you sigh.
“Ya can. Please.”
“I can’t because they’ll kill you. Just leave it,” you say, exhausted from what’s happened. Once the restraints are off, you sit up and shiver, your body in shock from what he did. Daryl looks at you, the blood soaking your jeans, the blood on your face, some splattered across it, some coming from your nose and mouth. He knows they beat you, and he assumes they used a knife from the looks of the amount of blood on your legs.
“Jus’ lemme take a look,” he whispers, holding you against his chest.
“Nah, just leave it,” you say, pulling away from him and crawling over to a corner.
“(Y/N), can you let me take a look?” Maggie asks softly, crouching down beside you. You nod and both turn to the corner, you showing her what happened. She winces and nods, then gets Glenn to rip the bottom of a shirt to dress your wound with. Carved into your hip are Gareth’s initials.
“A little something to remember me by if you don’t get killed,” he’d smiled as he did it, “most guinea pigs have owners.”


Café Rendez-vous

Prompt: Reader meets up the boys at the coffee shop, and Alexander is in a heated argument with Jefferson. Also, fluff? Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad ft Jefferson X Burr (X Madison, but he’s MIA) 

 TW: Cursing, alluding to getting beaten up in a fight, black eye, sassy ham arguing with jeff, fluff??? Mention of drinking?

 A/N thank you so much for all of the positive encouragement and love! I didn’t know y'all liked Brawl in the Streets that much, so I’m pleasantly surprised! Thank you for everything! If you want me to tag anything, let me know! I want you to feel safe! Don’t be afraid to send in some requests! Please enjoy! 

 Word Count: 2456

 It was embarrassing to show up to work on Monday with a black eye, but after explaining what had happened to your boss, Mariah, she sent you home on a paid vacation. You didn’t think it was necessary, but she insisted. She said that it was just a token of thanks to her gallant knight in shining armor. You did recall her mentioning her girlfriend at some point… what was her name again? Betsy? Betty? Elizabeth? Whatever. It wasn’t really your business anyways. 

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Blood of Passage: Part Twelve


She could feel Adrien’s eyes on her, his lips mouthing numbers, counting each freckle she had. She kept her focus on the wound rounding his side. It was so deep, nearly to his ribs. He sucked in a breath as she ran the water through it one last time. “What number are you at?” Distract him from the pain.

She looked up at him, some of the pain starting to ebb away from his eyes, the tawny color starting to return back to his features. There was still that bone deep fear for his wings.“twenty-three. There’s a total of sixty-four. On your face at least.”

She rose a brow, “Do you make it a habit of counting everything?”

A glimmer cut through the pain in his hazel-gold eyes. “Just your freckles.”

She scrunched up her nose, “That’s so sappy.” Adrien’s lips twitched.

Cyrian snorted behind them, “You are so whipped, Adrien. It’s pathetic.”

Zev nudged him, “Don’t be a dick.”

Cyrian glared at him, “if you do that again I’m taking off your arm. Then your head.”

Zev rose his brows, holding up his hands, “Sorry.”

“You boys are stupid.” She finished the bandaging. “Try not to undo my work.”

Cyrian rolled his own eyes, “People are coming. Two of them.”

Adrien struggled, trying to sit further up. “Don’t move,” she snapped. “You’ll rip open your wound again. You need to heal.”

He glared at her, “It’s Blake and that Tarus male.”

She stiffened. “The Dawn Court male?” His blood, it could save Adrien’s wings.

“Yes.” he tried to straighten again.

“Damn it, Adrien. I told you to not move!” She stood. “I’m going to go find them.” She turned to Zev. “Make sure he doesn’t move.” She looked back down at Adrien. “Don’t make me kick your ass for ruining my bandages. It wouldn’t be a fair fight.”

“Zevakyn isn’t my keeper,” Adrien muttered. “I’m coming with you.”

Zev lowered down to his haunches, meeting his eyes. “I suggest you do what the lady said, Adrien.”

Her boyfriend glared at him; she rolled her eyes. “If your idiocy is coming back, you must be healing.” She looked at Cyrian, his face impassive. “Keep guard. I’ll be back.”

He rose a brow, “Are you giving me orders?”

She rolled her eyes and walked away. She knew he’d do it. “I’ll be back.”


Zevakyn kept Adrien from moving any further. “You’ll open your wounds. Stay still until she gets back.” He could hear her footsteps getting quieter and quieter. His heart flipped. Harboring feelings for Mazakynn stressed him out.

Adrien tried getting back up, pain sliced through his face. “I need to follow her to make sure she stays okay.”

“You are in no shape to fight, Friend.” He warned, “I will force you to stay down.”

Adrien bared his teeth, “I’d like to see you try.”

“A five year old could kick your ass, Ade.” Cyrian said lightly, “But if you want to get yourself killed or completely ruin your wings, we won’t stop you,”

He sighed, “I’ll stop you.” He glared at the male, “You are not a good friend, Cyrian.”

Cyrian shrugged. “I don’t have friends.”

“No? Then what do you call you and Maze’s relationship?”

“Fuck buddies.”

Adrien growled, trying to get back up. “He was kidding, Adrien.” He wasn’t kidding and an unwelcome pang of jealousy wormed its way through him. “Stay down.” Adrien glared at him but stayed to the ground. “Focus on your breathing.” The wound at his side was deep enough, it had to hurt like hell.

Cyrian shrugged. “Was I?”

He glared at him. “You are not helping.”

“What gave it away?” Cyrian smiled down at Adrien. “If it helps it happened when you weren’t together.” he shrugged.Zev sighed, his eyes cast heavenward. Cyrian continued, “You know that thing she does with her teeth?” He smirked, “She learned that from me.”

World ending fury contorted in Adrien’s face and Zev was on top of him, holding him down; careful of his wings and wounds. “Adrien, you are going to destroy your wings beyond use. You need to wait until Tarus gets here to heal your wings before you kill him. You will die in the progress otherwise.”

Adrien growled beneath him and Zev held him down. If he wasn’t larger than him and Adrien was fully healed…he’d be dead. Very, very dead. 

He grunted, “Think. About. Your wings.”


He stiffened beneath Zevakyn. His wings. Would he be an Illyrian without them? Would he even be a male without them? He let loose a breath, trying to calm himself down. Tarus would heal his wings. They’ll be okay and then he could kill Cyrian for talking about Maze like that. All he needed was Tarus to heal them and everything will be okay.

Cyrian quirked a brow. “Right now, you’re wishing you were on top of Maze and not her idiot boyfriend, don’t you, Zevakyn?”

He tried to not react, he knew about Zev’s feelings for his girlfriend. He was a Shadowsinger after all, one of the best. It didn’t help his case with the smiles that he gave Maze but he knew that Zev wouldn’t make a move. One couldn’t help their own feelings. Still, that primal part of him that told him that Maze was his tried to worm its way through his brain. HIs own instincts irritated the fuck out of him.

Zevakyn glared up at the male, his voice a warning. “Shut up, Cyrian.”

“‘Shut up Cyrian.’” he mocked. “Got any other sage words of advice? Perhaps some pointers on how to deal with being in love with your best friend’s girl?”

He’s baiting you, Adrien, he thought. Think about your wings.

“I know that you are angry and in grief over Tania, Cyrian. But if you don’t stop, I will kill you before Adrien gets the chance.” Adrien glared up at Zevakyn, trying to get out from beneath him. If anyone was killing that prick, it was him.

“Say her name again and I will take your head off your shoulders.” He smirked, “Big words though, think you can back them up?”

Shadows formed over Zevakyn’s face. His voice was almost a whisper. “You hear about the warrior who got thrown out of his camp for slaughtering five males because killed his female? The male that can no longer step foot in that camp without forfeiting his life because one of the males he killed was the camp lord’s son? That was me, Cyrian Inferos. I will make that look like child’s play if you don’t shut up.”

Blood drained from Adrien’s face. He knew that story. A warrior found his girl dead in the woods surrounding the camp and he snapped, brutally killing each male who touched her. And one of those males was the camp lord’s son.  A viciously cruel male who made Cyrian look kind. He just didn’t realize that it was Zevakyn.

Zev got off him, his eyes giving him a firm warning to not get up; to not let his injuries get any worse. His wounds were still healing, a wrong move would rip them open. It was that fear that kept him on the ground, near defenseless, at Cyrian’s mercy. His own stupidity put him there. He would kill him without blinking.

Cyrian rose a brow, “You? That was you? So much for being such a nice guy. You’re the most brutal of us all. Well, next to me that is. Congratulations.” Adrien rolled his eyes, trying to not wince at the pain in the back of his head.

“It’s not something to be proud of. I don’t enjoy killing people,” Zevakyn said quietly. “I would have been dead for killing the Camp Lord’s son but the High Lord and his mate took pity on me for why I did it. So he stripped my ranking and sent me to your camp.”

“What was your ranking?” He asked, “why go after your girl?”

“I was ranked higher than the Camp Lord’s son. He wanted me punished for being ranked first in that camp. He went after Chelia. She wasn’t a fighter, she wasn’t able to fly even. Her wings were clipped. She was unusually kind, always picking flowers, singing songs, bandaging my wounds and scolding me for being stupid.” Zev shook his head. “They took her from me so I took their lives.” Cyrian went quiet and the only sound that could be heard was that incessant dripping.


Karis’s near-feral grin welcomed cheering from the males; Bay wasn’t surprised when six other males began to surround him. After all, his ranking and as Cassian’s ward, they thought his death would win them glory. He leveled a look at Karis, “Can’t kill the faggot yourself?”

His ear twitched as a male attacked from behind. He kicked a male in front of him  square in the chest, the sound of cracked ribs filled the space; the male fell backwards. Kicking backwards the male behind him fell to the ground. He bent backwards, narrowly missing another male’s weapon. He ducked low, striking the male next to him in the gut. He righted himself as another male behind him came at him. His elbow met the male’s stomach.

As the male doubled over he wrapped his arm around the male’s neck flinging him over his shoulder into a male that was getting ready to strike him. Another male struck with a weapon, Bay bent backwards missing the weapon which would have ended in his throat. He stomped on the male’s foot, the male lurched forward, Bay’s knee crushed the male’s nose.

A fist landed on Bay’s cheek, blood welled. Bay swung forward, his own fist connecting to the male’s mouth, breaking a few teeth. The male staggered backwards. Bodies littered around him, leaving just him and Karis and the smart males who didn’t fight him. “Let’s get this over with, Karis. I need to find my friends.”

His reaction timing was slowed as he caught his breath. Karis launched himself at him. The male’s knee sent a wave of pain through his ribs. Bay fell back a few steps before he punched forward hitting Karis in the jaw. “You needed your lackeys to wear me down before you tried to kill me.” He shook his head, “That’s pathetic.”

“You had an unfair advantage with the Commander raising you.”

“And you had parents to go home to,” Bay said. “Cassian taught you as much as he taught me. I just took it more seriously than you did.”

Karis’ eyes hardened. “You lived with him.”

“He didn’t give me an advantage over anyone else. He wanted me to earn my rank as he did. And that’s what I did.” he punched Karis in the throat; He wheezed. “I earned my rank. Just as you earned your death.” he brought his knee up to Karis’ groin. The male stumbled backwards and Bay’s foot connected with his nose, breaking it hard enough he knew the cartilage would cause internal bleeding and rupture the brain. Karis crumbled to the ground, his eyes filled with pain, blood flowed from his nose and lips.

Karis coughed up blood so dark it was near black, “Please.”

“You made my life hell since I was six years old. Stole my clothes, broke my bones, hurt my friends.” He tried to hurt Maze before she became a better fighter; Cornered him, before he bulked up enough to defend himself, and broke his arm, bruised his ribs, forcing him to have Ash heal him before Cassian found out.“Right now blood is swelling your brain as your healing tries to work in overdrive to save your hateful homophobic ass. You are basically dead already.” Better to put him out of his misery. He broke the male’s neck, Karis’ body went limp in his hands. Pure silence rang out.

He wiped the blood off him and looked at the few remaining males surrounding him. Their eyes were wide, faces were pale. A few of them had glares promising death. “Do I need to keep proving myself? Or have you realized that I earned my place?”

The males were quiet and he stared them each down, wiping the blood from his cheek, and went after Nate.


Blake stiffened, “Someone is coming.” he let loose a breath. “It’s just Maze.”

Tarus took in the small female. Her dark hair was matted down with blood and sweat, her the amber in her eyes were filled with an anger he knew all too well but they were also filled with fear and worry. “You’re from the Dawn Court, your blood isn’t magic, will you help Adrien. That’s why you’re with Blake right? To help him?”

He had a feeling that Mazakynn wasn’t prone to relying on others for help. “I know about his wings. I can’t heal those-” her eyes widened. “But I can keep the infection at bay until we get out of the mountain tomorrow. And I can close his wounds so he could walk. He’ll still be weak and in pain but he’ll live. As for his wings….I’m sorry.” He wasn’t like Aurora with pure healing blood. He has a half breed, his blood diluted due to his mixed heritage.

She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose, he knew she was holding back tears. “Ezekiel got off too easy. Hopefully we can get back to Adrien before he and Cyrian try to kill each other.”


“Told you I’d be fine.”

Nate looked up, Baylor’s face was bleeding and he winced when he breathed but other than that, he appeared fine. The knot of anxiety started to unravel itself. He rose his brows. “Karis actually got a hit in? You are losing your touch.”

Baylor crossed his arms, “Six other males decided to join the fight.”

Uh huh. “I told you Karis fought dirty.”

Baylor snorted, “Well, he won’t be fighting dirty anymore. Neither will they.”

“Is it bad that I find that attractive?”

Baylor rose his brows, his ears turned red. “I-”

He shook his head, “Rendered speechless and I didn’t even have to try.”  

Baylor glared at him, clearing his throat. “Any sign of Adrien? What do your shadows say?”

Nate shook his head, “He’s nowhere near here. Blake and Tarus are closing in on him. We should be able to meet up with them in a few hours and get out of here together.”

“Right on time.”

Nate sighed, “Thank the Cauldron. Right now I’d kill for a decent meal. And for my wings to be free. But really, I’ve been tasting apples in my mouth for the past two days. I need to eat.”

They continued down the corridor, stepping over bodies.

“Are you ever not eating?”

“Sure,” Nate said. “When I’m with cute boys with messy hair and glasses. And freckles, I love freckles. Almost as much as I enjoy food.”

Baylor snorted, “Come on. We need to get you food before your stomach starts feeding on your brain. Then you’ll be as useless as you are pretty.”

Nate tipped his head back and laughed, “you’re so cute when you’re nice to me.”

He laughed despite the redness in his ears, “And when I’m not nice?”

“Considering that’s all the time,” He wrapped his arm around Baylor’s shoulder, “Hot as fuck.”


Here’s the next part! I took inspiration from a scene with Jason Statham in…Transporters I believe for the fight scene with Karis. I hope it turned out alright. Fighting scenes are hard to write. Ugh. 

If you like, please, please leave a comment XO


Stiles/Derek | PG13 | ~3.3k | AO3
Content notes:
 future fic, establlished relationship, canon divergence, angst, hurt/comfort

Summary: They play with their prey. Not in a “let me have a little fun chasing you before I kill and devour you” kind of play either. No, it’s the kind where they capture a werewolf — or sometimes a whole pack — and then torture them in ways that put Kate and the Calaveras’s electrocution methods on the level of having to watch Barney the Purple Dinosaur on repeat.

A/N: Written for the fandomwritingchallenge, June prompt: brand
A/N 2: Once again, sorry about the late posting :/ 

Stiles figures it out by accident.

He’s been researching the latest big bad that is threatening the fragile peace in the supernatural community of the Northern California area when he comes across a hunter pack that seems to be in the area.

“The McKennas? Oh hell,” Chris reacts when Stiles mentions them.

“Well that sounds awesome,” Stiles replies, gearing up for news of the Gerard variety.

“Think Gerard and Kate combined,” Chris says, and Stiles shivers at the thought. “I have some info about them, I’ll get it to you. But it’s not pretty.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve learned that a lot of the hunting side of all this tends to be ugly,” Stiles says with a sigh. “Not that I think we’ll ever reach the rock bottom of either side, to be honest.”

When Chris gives him the info and Stiles starts looking into the hunter family and what they do — besides the typical hunting — he gets really close to declaring it the absolute bottom of the pit. He has seen hunters who were bad. He has seen monsters — Jackson included, back in the kanima days — who were terrifying. But what he’s seeing on the pages makes him almost appreciate Chris’ comparison to Gerard and Kate. Almost, because there’s no way he can genuinely appreciate something that makes his stomach turn just at the thought of it.

They play with their prey. Not in a “let me have a little fun chasing you before I kill and devour you” kind of play either. No, it’s the kind where they capture a werewolf — or sometimes a whole pack — and then torture them in ways that put Kate and the Calaveras’s electrocution methods on the level of having to watch Barney the Purple Dinosaur on repeat. Which in itself is obviously not pleasant, as Stiles has learned now that some of the pack have procreated.

“They do what?”

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Taking My Life Away Part 13

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

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Summary: Reader gets a job in a new city forcing her to leave her best friend behind. Or not.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1367

A/N: So much for being a short series eh? There is some mild violence and some mild angst in this part. Also I can’t explain Gabe, he is literally writing himself.. Thank you again for all of your wonderful comments, I love receiving them! Feedback is also very welcome! Please let me know if you want to be tagged (or untagged!) :)

Previous: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6** Part7 Part8 Part9 Part10*Part11 Part12

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Fire at Will: Trevor Collins

Word Count: 1573

“Gavin! Michael! Someone,” you call loudly as you throw open the door leading into the Achievement Hunter main office. Larry is following behind you with a camera and Trevor is behind him, shaking his head from side to side. Michael doesn’t look up from his monitor but gives you a simple, “Yo?” Gavin, however, whips around immediately to look your way. You can tell by the look in his eyes he’s starting to get the ‘I-need-to-film-something’ itch.

Gavin gets an excited grin when he sees Larry filming, “What’re we doing?”

You clap your hands together once and a grin of your own spreads over your lips. “So, you know that three person water balloon catapult we got on AWHU? Larry, Andy, and I got a bunch of balloons and filled them with stuff but Trevor refuses to hold or shoot the catapult at me,” you explain, cutting your eyes Trevor’s way. He lets out an argumentative noise and shakes his head. “Excuse me for not wanting to hurl shit at my girlfriend,” he huffs, rolling his eyes.

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