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How do you get that really smooth effect on your sim edits? I really love it, it gives them an animated kinda feel!

Hi nonny! ✨❤️

hmm… there’s nothing specific about it, it is just a set of circumstances that makes the sims look smooth:

1. The skin

I really love skins that makes my sims’ skin smooth and soft, I use this default one by @madmono and then I usually use another skin as an “overlay” depending on the vibe of my sim, but all of them are very smooth/maxis match ones

My tip: to provide a smooth base, always use “mattifying” / maxis match skin, you can always add some glow later!

2. Topaz Clean

I always use topaz clean for all my edits, I haven’t found any tool that gives such smooth finish to my pictures, so if you haven’t used it, give it a try! Actually, I don’t use the same topaz settings for my edits, I go back and forth, depending on the sims, their skin details, hair… but If you’re curious, this are the settings that I used in my last post

3. Finishing touches

At this point your sim’s skin should be looking pretty smooth, but I really like to add some extra touches that gives it that “animated feel” as you said. I used to do contour and all that stuff, but lately I’ve been skipping that and focusing on highlight touches on the higher points, such as cheeks and shoulders. It can be as subtle as you want, I think it gives a beautiful finish to the skin.

The way I do it is by using the dodge tool in photoshop, and I pick the midtones range 

here’s a before and after, as you can see just a few light touches (nose, forehead, cheeks, cleavage, shoulder) make all the difference, also I added some contrast to the picture, It really helps the glow to pop! ✨

well, I hope this was helpful nonny, there’s not much about it ❤️✨

Sooooooo somethin’ a little different this time, some artwork of Steven Universe! I don’t actually watch the show all that religiously but the times I have watched, I enjoyed it. My favorite gem by far is Garnet, I love her so much, but I’m also pretty interested in the whole complication of Steven being the son/sorta-kinda reincarnation of Rose Quartz. So I did this!

There was originally gonna be thorny vines looping the rose arch but I ultimately decided against it. Anyway the basic idea behind the image is “inheritance”. Steven, as Rose’s son, seems to inherit all the good and the bad that came from her life, and whether or not it’s fair he’ll have to deal with the legacy left for him. I could be wrong; like I said I don’t actively watch the show, but I thought this would make for a cool painting.

This was 4 hours of work, using acrylics and watercolor, then touched up a bit in Photoshop. The original will be on sale at Bronycon, too, but I haven’t decided if I should make prints of this or nah. I guess I’ll take note of the reaction and see from there. o3o

Buuuuuuuuuuut yeah. Something different and a bit out of my comfort zone but so much fun to work on. I hope you all like it! ^.^



So, I have many ways of cutting out characters, and I pick which way to use depending on the scene. In this tutorial I will show you 3 ways to cut out characters for gifs. Let’s get started!

  • Program: Photoshop CS6 Portable
  • Difficulty: Easy (it’s just time consuming) 
  • Previous Knowledge: Basic knowledge on how to make gifs (any PS resource blog will have tutorials on how to make them)

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#100 and space? Love your art!!

sleeping is for losers

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“Dr Levin is a researcher from Tufts University in Massachusetts, whose work focuses on organ placement in the body.

He believes that his work could soon extend beyond animals and into humans. For example, it could allow soldiers to regrow arms on the battlefield if lost to a bomb…

In 2013, Dr Levin surgically removed the eyes of donor tadpoles and grafted them onto the backs of recipient tadpoles, which induced the growth of ectopic - or abnormally placed - eyes. Recipient tadpoles had their natural eyes removed, so only the ectopic, spinal cord-connected eyes remained.

Dr Levin said: ‘The [tadpole’s] ability to see when ectopic eyes are connected to spinal cord and not directly to the brain was stunning.

‘A primary goal in medicine is to one day be able to restore the function of damaged or missing sensory structures through the use of biological or artificial replacement components…’

Another of Dr Levin’s experiments in 2015 saw free-living flatworms growing specific head shapes and brains characteristic of other species of flatworm, and the changes were beyond skin deep.

By interrupting protein channels called gap junctions, which pass electrical signals between cells, Dr Levin changed the distribution of the worm’s adult stem cells, along with the shape of the head and brain.

‘It is commonly thought that the sequence and structure of chromatin - material that makes up chromosomes - determine the shape of an organism, but these results show that the function of physiological networks can override the species-specific default anatomy,’ said Dr Levin.

‘By modulating the connectivity of cells via electrical synapses, we were able to derive head morphology and brain patterning belonging to a completely different species from an animal with a normal genome…’

Most recently in May 2016, Dr Levin used lasers to reprogram tumour cells to become harmless again.

Cancer cells emit 'faulty’ electrical signals, that leads them to divide uncontrollably.

Dr Levin used gene therapy to make these cells 'light-sensitive’ meaning lasers could then alter their cancer-causing signals.

But Dr Levin has bigger hopes for regenerative medicine.

He told Popular Science: 'The endgame of this field is complete specification of shape.

'You’d be able to sit down on a computer, like in Photoshop, and draw what you want, and out it comes.

'If you said, “I want a triangular frog with seven legs, and the eyes should be over here,” I don’t see any reason you couldn’t do that…’

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4071096/Meet-modern-day-Dr-Frankenstein-Scientist-rewires-frogs-grow-extra-limbs-says-use-technique-HUMANS-lifetime.html?ITO=applenews

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Could u do a tutorial on how u make your gifs please?

Okay, here goes. This is only one of many methods. I use Windows. Here are some useful tips before we get started:

  • Whatever clip you’re going to use from any episode, I’d recommend it to be at least 480p. 720p and 1080p are best suited for the best looking GIFs. When I torrent episodes I ensure that they’re decent quality before downloading.
  • Tumblr GIF sizes have a maximum of 3MB. In order for them to actually play, make sure your GIF size is under 3MB (2.99MB is fine, just as long as it’s not 3MB or more!)
  • Make sure when you go to export, you have ‘forever’ selected, instead of ‘once’. If you have once selected, this means that’s all your GIF will play for - once.

With that said, let’s get into the tutorial. If you would like me to reiterate any points, just let me know.

¬ So, first and foremost, I’m going to open Photoshop. I use CC 2017. Then I’m going to open Windows Movie Maker. This is so I can trim down parts of the episode to a clip I want to import. 4.43 seconds would be appropriate for the GIF size I am making.

¬ Once the clip has saved, I am then going to go to Window and select Animation. The timeline should open along the bottom panel, which we will need. Then I’m going to go to File, Import, then select Video Frames To Layers… and import my clips and it will convert into frames and layers. It will be displayed like so:

¬ Using the shift key, I’m going to select the first two frames and delete them (sorry Alex!), then repeat the same to any frames that include her at the end. Now all of my frames only include Nicky. Now, clicking the crop tool, or tapping C on my keypad will bring up the dimensions. To get rid of the black lines around the edge of the clip, I’m going to select 1366x768px and crop out what I don’t want.

¬ Once cropped, I’m going to move onto the size of the GIF. Go to Image, then Image Size. Make sure you you have the middle icon selected. Put in the width size you’d like. I’d recommend 268px, since this is tumblr’s default width size. You can see more about default sizes here.

¬ Now we’ve done that, we can move onto the adjustments. Here I’ve increased the brightness and contrast. You can use multiple effects such as saturation, curves, and exposure - as well as many more. Make sure that your adjustment layers at at the top of your layers, otherwise they will not be present for all the frames of your GIF.

¬ Here is what my GIF looks like with the adjustments I selected:

¬ Using the black and white adjustment or gradients, I can also turn it black and white.

¬ Now let’s talk PSDs. PSD stands for ‘Photoshop Document’, they consist of adjustments/colouring techniques and filters. Usually they’re a saved file, like an uncompleted one for you to work on from where you left off if it ain’t no 15 minute job. Although, many people kindly share them here and online to basically, well, make your GIFs/edits look pretty. I don’t save mine, but I get them from here. That said, I’m going to explain how to put one onto your GIF. In short - It’s simple. Open the file where you have your PSD saved and drag it to the top bar next to ‘Untitled-1′:

¬ Now drag the PSD file into the work space, and drag the file onto your GIF like so. Now the file will appear at the top of my layers - if it doesn’t drag it to the top.

¬ Here’s what my GIF looks like with the PSD:

¬ Nice, right? What about text? Let’s move onto that! Pressing T on the keypad, or clicking on the Text tool will bring up the options. I use Ariel Bold Italic. 14pt is too large, so I’m going to reduce it to 9pt.

¬ After typing her dialogue, here’s what it looks like. Again, in order for your text to appear on all frames, make sure it’s at the top of your layers. Using the Move tool, or pressing V on your keypad, move the text on you GIF to position it. Photoshop will present lines to determine where the center position is, like so:

¬ But, I want to make the text stand out more in order for it to be easier to read. Right clicking on the text layer, select Blending Options:

¬ This will open a panel. I want to select a stroke and drop shadow to my text. Here are my settings:

¬ Now we’re going to export. Go to File, Export and Save For Web. It will bring up this panel:

¬ Make sure it’s under 3MB and the looping option selected to ‘Forever’ and finito! Here’s what it looks like:

“How do you know all this, Meg Giry?”

“Never you mind how I know I just do that’s all. We know a lot about the Opera Ghost, Ma and I, but it isn’t safe to talk about it here. And you’d better believe me for your own good- he doesn’t like people who don’t know how to show a proper respect, and when he’s angry terrible things happen.”

“What sort of things?” I heard real alarm enter the other voice now.

“Awful things!” said Meg cheerfully, “truly awful. The floor in our dressing room starts to run with blood…”

Up in box five I blinked in surprised amusement. That was a new one! Little Giry should be writing Gothic novels, not prancing around the stage dressed as a water nymph!

- Susan Kay, Phantom

More photoshop color practice with my favorite headcanon Leroux!Meg Giry as the subject. Finally starting to get the hang of it, I think! I used an image of the lovely Felicity Jones for reference on this one.

Bayonetta and Lucas

OK. Everything should be back on track now. No more mishaps; no more issues. On top of my tablet misbehaving, the program I use to draw (a watered-down version of Corel Painter) began acting up too(?). So, I just said to myself “forget it”, and sprung for Photoshop. That is why the comic may look a little bit different. I did try to replicate its usual look as best I could. I may need more practice.

All that being said, it’s nice to get back into the swing of things. It’s a shame I couldn’t get a comic out for Valentine’s, though. I did have an idea for Villager going on a date with his sweetheart, but maybe I’ll use it later.

Alright, this is going on too long (which is what happens when you unexpectedly have to skip a week), so I’ll summarize the rest of my ramblings in an easy-to-skim bullet point list:

  • Lucas shouldn’t hang around Bayonetta so much. She has a potty mouth.
  • I know this is out-of-character for Bayonetta, but who wouldn’t feel bad for Lucas?
  • Mother 3 might come to the US this year, and that’s just awesome.
  • Deadpool was hilarious.
  • Gravity Falls was a wonderful show and I’m going to miss it.

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Hello dear Nipuni! First of all, Happy New Year! (both 2017 and also the upcoming Chinese one in a few days xD). I was wondering if... you could tell me who you color the lineart, I mean, how you do color the line >///< Call me silly, I've tried a lot of things and when I paint, it always ends up changing the line color :S I've even watched Matt Rhodes painting and couldn't figure out how he did it. Could you please help me? Sorry if I disturb you! U_U" I really love how color clean your art is!

Hello! Happy new year to you too!! It depends on the software you are using, make sure your lines are in a separate layer, then lock the transparency of said layer and paint over them, the color should only affect the lines this way (or whatever you have in that layer). In photoshop it is this button

and in SAI it is here

It will allow you to do this

I would show you more programs but I only have these two, I hope it helps!

//I should clarify, I think, because I do have mutuals who do these things in said post, and I don’t intend by any means for this to become some call-out bs. 

The point is if you have the small font, the photoshop skills, etc, that’s fine*. I use small text myself, and although I am not one of them, there are some very talented graphic designers in the community. If you’ve got the talent, flaunt it man. 

But I think the rp culture nowadays is such that style gets praised over content. The players who get the most attention are the people with beautiful graphic designs, regardless of writing skill. You could be the most talented writer, but if your theme isn’t up to snuff? God rest your soul. 

Let’s just all agree to make a conscious effort to not judge blogs based on the cover. That’s all. 

*everything in moderation. Please do not give people eyestrain. 

I’ve never had big problems with my nose. Few years ago I didn’t care about myapperance so it wasn’t important to me how big or small my nose is. Today, when I’m 19 and see a lot of people who get whatever they want because of their flawless face or body I’m not suprised but quite sad. I think it’s not fair and every time when I take a photo myself I’m extremely dissatisfied. I don’t have good profile of my face (imo) because of my nose. I photoshopped once a pic with smaller nose and I felt guilty. You know why? Because it wasn’t me. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. This sentence slapped me in my face and also my friends that I showed photoshopped pic said they don’t see difference between my nose and this smaller. It’s heart-warming and I think we should fight with ours hung-ups, complexs cause we are the most beautiful only when we are yourself. And as we all can see, they’re so many people who look like us, with the same “problems” but for us they’re pretty, quite like you and me! :)

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when I first saw meghan's curly hair in her teenager years I said she had better looking than now then asked myself why ? Because she has tried to change her black gens omg I mean she must burn her curly hair to have that much straight hair and she has used it nearly 20 years lol . She had nose surgery to remove black figures on her nose . She photoshops her skin color on twitter . Meghan can be talking about racism but dislikes her half black side actually. People should be aware of it.

Correct anon she has done so much work to escape her true colour and then uses the RACE card when things don’t go her way. Personally she looked way better with her natural look then what she has become know with all the facial surgeries and plus she has been known to ask photographers to Photoshop her freckles on her face in shots when she was doing fashion modelling a couple of years ago.

Have a great day anon.

thanks 😊👍

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Hello again, I would like a critique for this picture: fav(.)me/dbh159u ; The picture turned out in a bad quality sadly (My laptop has awful graphics so I need to check images on my phone and export it afterwards). Before this image I always used Photoshop to edit these kind of pictures ,this time I only tried to use MMD. I want to continue like this, that's why I want to know what I should change. Thank you!

Okay! So!

First thing’s first! I absolutely l o v e the feel and the outcome of the picture itself is actually super nice! As you said yourself, it fits the image.

I’m a really big fan of the Gothic feel you went for, it really captures the feel of a creepy old building, but the softness and almost doll-like quality of the girl (I’m assuming it’s Miku, but just in case it isn’t, I’ll just say “girl”). All round, it’s super duper nice.

The thing I’d probably nitpick is the image does look a little dark. What I’d suggest is finding some way to brighten it up a little. If you want to avoid using Photoshop or other external editors, there are plenty of effects that can help with brightening an image. The effects you already used (especially PostMovie) have controllers that control things like contrast and brightness so my advice would be to just play around with them more.

As a final statement, honestly I think this picture came out really nice, and I hope I helped you in some way (I don’t give critiques often, sorry if it’s a little awkward)

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Hey ho! I adore your graphics so I was wondering if you could give someone who wants to try making graphics for the first time some advice. Like, what are the basics I should know about? (such as, which programs to use, where to find resources, how to cut out specific portions of a picture your using. Stuff like that) I have these really specific ideas in my mind and I really want to do them justice. I hope this isn't bothering you. Again, I adore your work! ❤❤❤

Hello lovely anon! Sorry for the delay in responding, I wanted to give this answer a full reply, and I’ve been run off my feet this weekend.

I’ve said a lot of this before, so if you want, you can check out my photoshop questions tag or, for more specific queries, my tutorial tag.

As you can probably tell, I use Photoshop. I’ve had every version of photoshop since Photoshop 7 over a decade ago, and I’m completely self-taught. So there’s still a lot of features I don’t know how to use myself, so don’t worry about learning everything at once. The most important thing to do is to learn what each tool does. I’d personally recommend spending some time focusing on adjustment layers and the layer blending modes. Both of these are your best friends for graphics.

As for how to cut out specific portions of pictures, everyone does it differently. Some people use the pen tool, but for the life of me I can’t do a neat cut with the pen tool on photoshop. Some people also use the quick select tool and refine the edge to make it neater. I personally add a layer mask and erase the background with a small, soft brush (around 5px or smaller). I have an example tutorial here if you’re interested. It’s for icons, but it works the same.

I recommend applying for my visualresourcesnet! I’ve added all of my resources into a communal dropbox and I’ve collected over 20,000 textures over the last two or three years, along with a bunch of PSD’s and other stuff. If you’re not interested in that, there’s also thespngraphicmakersnet. It’s a wonderful network where you can post your incomplete graphic for feedback, or even to ask for a specific resource you might be looking for! Mirthfulcas runs that, so after you’ve made a few graphics, I definitely recommend applying for that.

As for where to find resources communally, there are a few good places I like to check. For screencaps, I use screencapped and homeofthenutty on a frequent basis, but you can also check out fandomtransparents if you want to try something with ready-cut screencaps. Just remember to colour your caps to match the graphic colour scheme, or it can ruin the whole thing.

For actions, texture packs, psds, and the like, there are two places I recommend checking out: deviantart and tumblr itself. There are amazing blogs like chaoticresources, itsphotoshop and yeahps that all have tags for different resources. Download everything you have the storage for and test things out to see what works for you and what does.

There’s no right or wrong way to make a graphic. Just find out what works for you and own it.

(P.S. anon,, if you ever have a specific question on how to do something for one of your three specific ideas, message me off anon, and I’ll do my best to help you!)

If you have anymore questions, let me know :) happy to help!


“I take this is goodbye?”

“For now. You can always go to New Orleans and visit, you know. Klaus has always been a generous host…”

“(Inhales)…If I ask you not to go with him –”

“Enzo – please don’t.”

“- Of course. Forget I said anything, sweetheart, your last memory of Mystic Falls should be better than listening to some arrant cad beg you not to leave.”

“No. If I hear you say it – if I hear you say it, I might stay. And I can’t do that to Klaus - not after everything he’s gone through for me, for us. So please, Enzo… don’t.”


I should have said something that night, but I didn’t. I guess I was… surprised. I’ve been thinking about it ever since. About what you said. It’s like you were asking me to decide something right then, and I couldn’t do that. I mean, you don’t know anything about me, really. And I don’t know anything about you. Except I know you’re good at what you do. Really, gifted. I know that sometimes that makes things lonely. I know what that’s like. To be alone. To be lonely.

Happy New Year! 2017!!!

Everyonnnnnnneeeee! Happy New Year!!!! \(≧▽≦)/

Originally posted by yamaming

There were lots of wonderful things that happened!!!! Really so many….but since it’s life and nothing’s perfect, of course there were some not so great things…and some of those things might continue from 2016 into 2017…but we got through 2016 and now 2017 is here before us!!! We made it!!! Like Mamo-chan would say, we’re all human, so we’re all walking together and getting past our hardships through life together!

To everyone I’m friends/mutuals with, I’M SORRY FOR BEING SO BAD AT KEEPING UP WITH COMMUNICATING. I love all of you and wish the best for all of you ^^ I’ll try to do a better job of keeping in contact and not taking forever to reply this new year!!! To those I have yet to talk with/haven’t talked very much with, I’m looking forward to getting to know you or getting to know you better this year! Ah…! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of my friends better this year as well, of course! ^^

Messages to a few specific people!!! 

@aishiteruitsumo6 Keelllyyy-chan~! I’m so blessed to have been able to get to know you this year…AND THEN MEET YOU “IRL” AS WELL!! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆ Though I haven’t responded to that part of our message-conversation yet, I am thankful to have grown up in the states and have learned English fluently ^^;;; because really, if I had stayed in Japan……well…it would have it’s perks!!!!! but, then, you’re right, I wouldn’t have gotten to know you…and honestly…it makes me really sad to think of that…I’m really, really happy that we found each other and that we are friends…(and maybe we knew each other and were friends in a different lifetime? :3333? I do sorta believe in that, like we’d talked about before~ X3) Thank you~ for everything! I’m so happy to know you, and I hope we get to hang out again soon~ My New Year’s resolution…(not quite sure if it counts) IS TO LIVE IN JAPAN BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! OFFICIALLY!! AND NEVER LEAVE!!!! RAWRR!!! I’ve said it before…probably countless times now but…本当に本当にありがとうー!私を待ってくださいね〜!もうすぐ戻るから。。。絶対、今年、この2017年終わる前に戻るから。。。また、一緒に遊ぼう!そして、マモちゃんとしょーたんの場所に行こうねー!☆ヾ(*´・∀・)ノヾ(・∀・`*)ノ☆

@tsukinokakera Kirakira-chaan! I’m really happy that you’re in my life~ Thank you for being there to listen to me when I was, LOL, breaking down… And really just being there for me in general~ Life has gotten busy for us lately, so we’re not talking as much as we used to before, but that doesn’t mean that our friendship has suffered from that at all!!! I hope that this year, we’ll find more time to talk with each other and I really hope this year is better for you…I hope that you’re doing okay and that your family is doing okay…remember to keep breathing and to take breaks away from everything if you can when you need it! If you ever need anything, know that I’m here for you. ^^ One of these days, I hope that we’ll be able to meet each other “irl”~ I’m wishing that you have a wonderful new year, Kirakira-chan! ^^ 大丈夫だよー!絶対大丈夫になるよー!信じてるー!(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

@jennshaiel Nana-chan! I’m praying that your 2017 will be better than all other years, especially 2016. I feel like you’ve been really struggling this past year, and I’m so sorry…I really wish there was more I could help you with…but I really believe, I’m really hoping that this year is better than all other years for you. Thank you for always been such an encouragement for me…Thank you for pointing out things to me…LIKEMAMO’SARMSFOREXAMPLE, Nana-chan is the reason why I always think YUMMY WHEN I SEE MAMO-CHAN’S ARMS SOMETIMES. LIKE IN SUGER, SUGER WHEN MAMO WAS SHOWING HIS SHOULDER ATTRACTIVELY TO THE AUDIENCE I HAD A STUPID URGE TO NIBBLE ON IT???!!! AND I THINK IT MIGHT BE BECAUSE OF NANA-CHAN’S INFLUENCE????!!! ANYWAYS. I FEEL LIKE I’VE LEARNED SEVERAL ODD THINGS FROM YOU….xDDDD;;;;;;;; but really though, Nana-chan is such an amazing person, (and Nana-chan’s boyfriend is as well x,D), thank you for everything you’ve said to me, your encouragements and your findings, and your gifs and photoshops, they’re all a gift~ Thank you so much~ I’m looking forward to our conversation and what Mamo has in store for us this coming year~ (≧◡≦) 

There are really so many more people I’d like to write messages for…maybe I should make more posts with messages~ ^^; 
@ace-of-derp, @carpedenarium, @cncordia, @thefaunusfox, @aruarudayo

@shuuchans-jollly-pajimmyjams, @tokiyasstar, @atutsie, @anitafishikela, @doaaradwan, @lavandeperles, @natsustarrevolution, @gloriouscrowncreator, @ms-c0ld, @fallinlovewithmiyanomamoru, @koto-wari, @yuurinikiforov, @mee-sosoup, @arellethram, @aquilalyra, @these-dorks-stole-my-heart, @winterchocolate, @kirisako, @kyzaness, @getthreecoffinsready, @amazing-rin, @nekomas-heart, @takomoshimochi, @chiisaii-otaku@shirobatheprincess, @sakurawatching and @tinklefish also anyone else that sees this~! 
Whether we talk a lot, or we’ve only talked once or twice…or we talked for a bit and then I was a terrible person and never got back to your messages because OTL……T_T……OTL……o(〒﹏〒)o

I hope that we get to talk more this year and that this year is really better than all previous years. I pray that each and every one of you are able to get a little closer, if not reach your goals and dreams as well as go beyond that in this year, 2017~ I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone a little better and walk step by step into the future with everyone! I hope this first day (or…second day…depending on where you are…!!) into the New Year was a wonderful one, and that each day you all live your fullest with no regrets~ And though it’s impossible not to have challenges and hardships, I hope that you go through each day with a smile and have lots of wonderful things happen~

Here’s to 2017!!!! (≧◡≦) ♡


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