''here odin is riding the horse sleipner. it is the best of all horses.''

“But it is true what you said: a mighty one is Odin. There is much evidence that points to this. Thus it says here in the words of the Æsir themselves:

‘The ash Yggdrasil, this is the foremost of trees, and Skidbladnir of ships, Odin of the Æsir, of horses Sleipnir, Bifrost of bridges, and Bragi of poets, Habrok of hawks and of dogs Garm.’”

   Then spoke Gangleri: “Whose is the horse Sleipnir? And what is there to tell about it?”
   High said: “You do not know details of Sleipnir and are not acquainted with the circumstances of its origin!—but you will find this worth listening to.”
—Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda (trans. Anthony Faulkes; 1987)