''happy birthday mom. also there is no god.''

Chat Noir was not fucking around today

His dad was in trouble and he just went and kicked ass. Everytime I thought Chat Noir was going to have one of those “Haha Chat Noir failed at fighting” moments, he just plowed right through. He had one goal, and that was protect the last parent he had. He didn’t get brainwashed by the akuma villain. He didn’t trip up. Didn’t even give Jacksays the chance to speak. His rage was visible guys. I’m surprised Ladybug didn’t say anything cuz the whole time I was like “God damn how the fuck is that our precious cinnamon roll in that suit?” 

Also best friends: 

Nino is such a precious friend. I mean he turned into an akuma villian just to give his best friend a happy birthday. 

Since everyone already went over the other cutest moments *ahem, dad hug, Adrien’s mom, cute kids in love, “You have her smile”* I decided to talk about these two things.