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Whole universe AU where nothing changes except now all of the aliens/non-humans are Jim Henson puppets. Like the Klingons are still fearsome warriors but now they're 3ft 6" and made of felt. Garak and Julian still go out to lunch but now it looks more like Alexander Siddig making a guest appearance on Sesame Street to talk about reading. None of the fight choreography gets any better.

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Theory: All of engineering h a t e s Culber with a passion. He's a nice guy, sure, but engineering doesn't have set shifts, they just have to show up when Stamets does. And Paul always lines his shifts up with Hugh's. The doctor's doing three shifts in a row? It's gonna be a long night for engineering. Could be worse, though: when the shifts DON'T line up, Stamets starts throwing things.

oh my GOD YES

because - i theorize that paul hasn’t really had loving relationships before, otherwise he wouldn’t be so abrasive and distancing himself so much.
but now he’s got this amazing guy in his bed who’s there to stay, and paul gets to wake up with him every morning and gets to watch him brush his teeth and put on his socks and do a million ridiculous and unattractive things, and he’s doing them all around paul, which is so stupidly domestic and sweet. paul would happily spend six hours every day watching hugh frown and pick lint off his uniform.
so of course he feels like it’s more than just redundant to be in their (their!!!) quarters when hugh isn’t there, and being woken up every morning by hugh is everything paul never knew he absolutely needed to live.
and then, coming back after a shift, telling hugh about it and asking hugh about his shift, feeling his heart beat like crazy while hugh is detailing a surgery - yeah, that’s all paul needs to be happy. 

not waking up with hugh is just decidedly the worst. it’s a little better if hugh is sleeping next to him and just has to get up later, but if hugh is already gone, then paul is ready to murder. it feels too much like loneliness again, too cold, and he misses hugh fiercely, and if that ensign asks him one damn more time on how to connect that wire he will “bite your head off goddamnit! it’s impossible to believe i’m on one of the most advanced starships in the fleet, with the smartest crew in the fleet, and it’s still like working with toddlers! is there nobody with a brain onboard?!”
the room doesn’t even dare to breathe. the ensign is close to tears.
paul harrumphs and leaves the room.
one of others comforts the ensign, while another one calls hugh down to rein his boyfriend in.

hugh arrives minutes later, his CMO having shoved him out of the door with a good-natured eyeroll and a remark like “please kiss him for at least five minutes straight so he doesn’t start to murder his team”, and he’s immediately pointed to paul’s last known location.
fifteen minutes later (or sometimes more) and a slightly flustered but also happily smiling paul resumes his work, whistling a little.
he never realizes just why exactly hugh keeps getting candy from various sources and just assumes that his team likes hugh almost as much as he does.

they still almost prefer pulling monster shifts.

this is a great thing thank you so much anon!!

Was it worth all that war just to win?
So caught up in speed and the weight of your sin
Don’t forget how the story begins

Overture by Patrick Wolf

A Hundred Sunrises - nerdqueenenterprise - Star Trek: Discovery [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Star Trek: Discovery
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Relationships: Hugh Culber/Paul Stamets
Characters: Hugh Culber, Paul Stamets, Sylvia Tilly, Michael Burnham, Ash Tyler, Gabriel Lorca
Additional Tags: background Michael Burnham/Sylvia Tilly, background Gabriel Lorca/Katrina Cornwell, Alternative Universe - War on an Alien Planet, android!Paul Stamets, Engineer Tilly, Slow Burn, mentions of torture, Mentions of Death, Hugh is still a doctor Michael is still a genius and Lorca is still shady af

It’s the seventh month of the war with the Klingons on Alterra, and either because Captain Lorca is completely mad or the most daring man out there, he’s taking his squadron all the way out to Isthmus, closer to the Klingon bases than any other squadron is stationed. And that means that Dr Hugh Culber has no chance but to pack up his medbay and come with.
Oh, and accept that he’ll be followed everywhere he goes by 19-1026-71, his personal protection android that the captain insisted on. Never mind that 19-1026-71 isn’t a fighter android, or that he very empathically doesn’t want to be here and is being an asshole about it, or that he’s… actually really cute.
Great. Hugh’s life just got a lot, lot worse.

(Each chapter is individually tagged with its triggers in the notes before it.)

it’s here. the android!paul culmets au! you have no idea how excited but also scared i am of the reception. this is going to turn into a 100k+ thing eventually and … holy fuck guys!!!! this is my child, my creation, and i’m so happy to finally share it with you! please be gentle!

and i am so, so, so thankful for @wordssometimesfail, my outstandingly amazing beta who is so good at asking exactly the questions i need to answer!!

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Stamets is a cat person. Culber is a dog person. They have yet to find a compromise between the two, so they have a cat and a dog. Culber can be found most mornings making coffee with the cat on his shoulder, and Stamets can be found most evenings working late with the dog sleeping next to his desk.