I finally went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and it has RUINED ME.  Just when I thought I was done with fanart, I found myself shipping Reylo SO HARD that I just. couldn’t. resist.  And don’t even talk to me about fanfics - I’m reading them all the damn time!!

So yeah, here’s a mock-up of something I’m playing with right now…

Project Heart You Meg Turney

If you haven’t been watching Meg’s Brain Updates you can watch them here. 

Brain Update #1

Brain Update #2

Brain Update #3

Even though it’s not a lot… Project Heart You Meg Turney is going to be a community project in which we the community film ourselves saying “Heart You” which is how Meg ends her videos and compile it into one video for Meg to watch. If you own a Heart You shirt or scarf you can wear that in your video too if you want. If you want to send a video in, email the video to heartyoumegturney@outlook.com (i’ll be accepting videos for the next week, if the time extends i’ll update) So if you want to be in the video just send your video there. As a community let’s show Meg how much we heart her. 

Raising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child » Why Marlee Matlin Should Have Shared the Stage with Lady Gaga

Well, since they announced Marlee Matlin is going to be Signing the National Anthem… you’d expect it to be SHOWN on TV right? Yeah no wrong. Only 2-3 seconds and back to singing it went with no Signing showing at all. Come on! We are in 2016 and have technology to incorporate both together. Even having Marlee on the same stage/side or beside the Singer is nice, common thing to do. Nope. 

And this isn’t the first time. Last year they had Treshelle in a smaller box signing the anthem. Why not this year? Marlee has done it 3 times. 1993 SuperBowl she was sharing the stage… why not this year? Or even just do a split screen, not that hard!

Well, at least there’s the online version of it… fully showing Marlee’s signing. Show the Deaf Community proud Marlee! But that still doesn’t make it right. Technology/Society, get with it! Include everything that you mentioned and show it too.


*Personal update

ONNO Visual Identity by Ena Bacanovic

2016 has brought me a lot of new adventures and most important one is work related - I have a new full-time job and I also founded my own studio in January, so yay for that! :) You can now follow the daily inspiration on The Design Blog as usual, but you can also follow all of the work updates and new projects on my studio/personal pages. Feel free to support me on all the social channels, as this is a huge deal for me and it would mean a lot - thanks for that!



Danger Zone - bar
community lot
Lot Size: 40x30

Archiv - Bar. But you can give a destination - a cocktail bar, a museum, a nightclub, a basic .. as you wish.
I would also like to thank the Granny Zaza and Ladesire for objects that are converted to the lot.
A huge thank you for it!
THANKS to all the creators whose work I used to create the house

Asyli, JUN SIMS, plasticbox, Pralinesims , leo-sims , Mio, Pilar, pqsim4 , Severinka, SIMcredible!,
msteaqueen, Kresten 22, Sim4fun, Lulu265, daer0n, fran89, LoKoSims, omorfi-mera, mkstudio684,
ohmysims404 , blvck-life-simz, heyllocat, Veranka, BuffyASummers, ohmysims, Cappu, BrialImmortelle,
blackcatphoenix, sim man123, Raiz On, Helen, imadako, j-mzungu, LoveratSims4, simista, g1g2,
necrodog, Dinha, mammut, historicalsimslife, rachelssimstuff, sg5150

other screenshots can be viewed here

DOWNLOAD  (47.13 mb)

ASL Stew!

Alright everyone, so as many of you know…

there’s a Youtube called ASL Stew which has great vlogs discussing about Deaf stuff, ASL stuff, Interpreting stuff…  from Deaf and Hearing perspectives (especially when it comes to Hearing involving in Deaf Culture and Interpreting). Yes their videos are CC, VoiceOver and in ASL - Totally Accessible!

Their Tumblr is @aslstew - Twitter - Youtube - Facebook!

They created a FB group called ASL Practice Pals so those who don’t have anyone to practice with near you there’s that option or want to expand your ASL knowledge as well!

So yeah, you should totally check it out!

anonymous asked:

Do people know how tarot works? I can't answer a yes/no question! That's what pendulum readings are for! I do those too! If you don't know how a thing works, don't ask for a reading! Do two seconds of googling and you! Will! See! I TRY BUT I GET SO FRUSTRATED I HAVE TO BEND OVER BACKWARDS TO MAKE THIS SPREAD AND I FEEL LIKE IT STILL DOESN'T ANSWER YOUR QUESTION I'M SORRY OKAY BUT I'M TRYIIIING BUT YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT SO D I F F I C U L T

maybe you could stand to do two seconds of googling



Art direction & visual identity for Ölend by Querida Studio

“Ölend is a fashion brand creating handmade backpacks from Barcelona.”

Querida is a design studio based in Barcelona, Spain. They develop projects in design and art direction for institutions, brands and individuals, and are proud to have worked with significant clients such as Inditex, Barcelona City Council, Estrella Damm, NiceThings, Fundació MACBA, Story:Weproduce or IDEP University, among others.


Meet The Team: Create & Cultivate

“The goal with Create & Cultivate has always been to create an encouraging but also informative space for female entrepreneurs to grow and learn from each other. You don’t have to do it alone— get the answers from those who have come before you and make it into something of your own. Collaboration is king (or queen in some cases) when it comes to modern living and biz.” While #CreateCultivateDallas may have come to a close, our story with the Create & Cultivate team proves that they’re just getting started… 

Photos by Karen Hernandez for The Style Line

Community Homebrewing

Hello People,

You seemed to be rather positive about the homebrewing as a community thing I suggested yesterday.

This means we’ll do it. So before we can start I have two questions I want you to answer in the comments:

Edit: Also it is the easiest for everyone if you just comment with a number from 1-8 and a yes or no. We will get into the specifics later on.

What would you like to create as a community?

       1. A setting

       2. A weapon

       3. A race

       4. A subclass

       5. A monster

       6. A class

       7. A prestige class

       8. A background

Would you like to see this on a seperate blog?

the ace community is so fucked up lmao like we (aces/aros in other marginalized groups) have been trying to get you to listen to us for literal years and surprise!! no-one did! We literally got “uwuw sweatie we gotta focus on ace/aro awareness b4 we deal with all that other stuff like the hypersexualization of sga women or PoC, or the desexualization of certain disabilities not being award worthy ace/aro representation” but now you wanna fucking use us for your arguments lmfao fuck you


Panificadora Branding by Yarza Twins

“Panificadora is an old bread factory based in one of the main streets of Vigo, Spain, despite being in ruins for over 20 years, it is still considered the most important architectural legacy in the city. This is a project imagining the branding of the centre if Panificadora would have become a centre for arts, culture and youth.”

Eva & Marta Yarza are Spanish twins, designers and artists based in London, UK.  They love applying new technologies, art, fashion and typography to our projects, creating a unique visual experience to whatever we do.

Your Favorite Tabletop Gaming Tumblrs

Of all the tumblrs that are (almost) entirely devoted to tabletop gaming (any system is fine) that you follow, which tumblrs are your favorites?

Things littles hate

1. Being ignored
2. Treated like they’re not important
3. Being forgotten
4. When Daddies/Mommies say mean things to us when they’re mad
5. When you can’t go to your Daddy/Mommy because they’re too busy
6. Feeling like you’re annoying when you’re in your little space
7. When people judge your lifestyle
8. Wanting to be with your Daddy/Mommy but not wanting to be annoying
9. Not getting hugs and kisses before bed
10. Missing Daddy/Mommy