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Hi! I made this little guide thing because I’ve noticed throughout high school and college that students, including myself, with disabilities often have trouble with teachers that use PowerPoints. Many people do not know how to make an accessible PowerPoint.

Having an accessible PowerPoint benefits everyone! Not to mention, it is a right protected by (Federal and State) law that people with disabilities have accessibility to electronic documents. So please, after reading this little guide, I HIGHLY encourage you to do some research on how to make electronic documents accessible (especially if you are a teacher or college student). Accessible documents do not only apply to PowerPoint, but Word, Excel, and a countless number of other programs.

I want to mention one thing though: I broke a big rule that I didn’t include on my little guide. Try to keep eight or less lines of text per slide. Each line should have less than ten words. I broke this rule because Tumblr allows only 10 photos for photosets, so I couldn’t break the text up anymore. I’m really sorry. :(  Also, this is not a be-all and end-all guide! I seriously encourage you to look into making any and all documents more accessible (go on YouTube, there is a ton of great tutorials).


Q: To CL, what kind of existence are Blackjacks?

CL: Yes, uh, to me, CL , Blackjacks are… Umm… like family and like friends… They’re like that. Or! They’re also like another part of me. Always, no matter what… Like for our 3rd year anniversary, they wrote a letter to me, Carefully stating the reasons why I AM BEAUTIFUL They wrote that… and I read it. I felt like they… like they really really loved me. And although crying isn’t my style, I got teary from that. By myself. I got all teary like that because of a fan letter. I began to think I should love myself more so that the fans will see that and do the same, and love me more. Really, they’re like another part of me. The fans, all the Blackjacks. Sometimes, there are things that I forget (about myself)… and through these fans, I am reminded again. So I’m always thankful and from now on, With things I do wrong and with happy moments. I hope they will stay beside me and support me. As my friend-like Blackjacks. Thank you.

Let’s not forget how much CL loves blackjacks and even if she did something wrong, she didn’t do it on purpose. Stop cursing her and let’s support her and show her that we love her too. STAYSTRONGCHAE true blackjacks are always beside you.

Character Generator Tutorial

I’ve gotten some questions about how I make my generators, so I thought I’d throw together a quick tutorial in case any of you want to give it a try. It’s actually quite easy if you’re familiar with Photoshop, so I hope this tutorial doesn’t make it look more complicated than it really is!

It’s a little long with the pictures so here it is under the cut:

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@heliosapphic replied to your photoset “Pt. 2 of my godsfall season 1 liveblog!! Some more overtly plot…”

Honestly as a lesbian I was really relieved that Phryane’s treatment of Sirena wasn’t just brushed off as “kinda bad but necessary” esp now that Sirena’s part of the core team. It felt really validating to have that harm addressed and taken seriously.

yeah like, to be honest my initial reaction was this sense of irritation and betrayal that the only female character on the team had just been written off but then like…I thought about it and was like…oh wait, what she did was actually pretty bad. i still wish it had been addressed with Phryane as opposed to taking off with no more interaction with her whatsoever….but my initial flare of outrage was definitely tempered when I got over my kneejerk defensiveness over the only female player character and actually thought about the harm of her actions


Part 2 - Behind the Scenes of The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit

More excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

We’re shooting the climax of The Satan Pit, with the Doctor confronting the Beast.  It’s essentially a monologue for David, so I really want to give him as much time as possible to get it right.  Best laid plans!  We’re desperately behind […] With time desperately running out, we ask poor David to do this important solo performance under incredible pressure, and completely against the clock.  Thankfully, he’s a brilliant actor, and turns in a truly remarkable performance, time after time, as we desperately get the necessary shots.  I’m so grateful for his patience and understanding in the most demanding of circumstances.

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