Bands in 2016
  • MCR:Mcrx
  • FOB:Bloom
  • OM&M:New album and tour
  • PTV:New album and tour
  • Issues:New album
  • Young Guns:New album
  • CTE:New album
  • MIW:New album
  • ATL:Announce "straight to DVD II"
  • TØP:Cover mcr and leak their cover
  • AA:Cover mcr and slipknot and tour
  • YMAS:Announce new album to be released in 2017
  • Me:Y'all gotta chill please I'm already broke
url giveaway

ALRIGHT SO. i dont have any intent on using this blog anymore and i know there are a few people that would kill for 2 of the urls i have so why not give them away right?

i have this one (barakat) + jagk

all you have to do to enter is reblog this post! you can do it however many times you like. i probably don’t have to mention this, but you don’t have to follow me, i won’t be using this blog anymore like i said. i’ll end the giveaway on october 1st!

So Kimchi was one of the worst organized shows I have been to. the queens and performers were on it, but no one was MCing and there was so much downtime. The spare time caused the crowd to get a little antsy and a verbal spat broke out behind us. Idk seeing Kimchi for 5 seconds was fantastic tho.


give me therapy, i’m a walking travesty, but i’m smiling at everything
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York (2009) // Wembley Arena, London (2015)