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SNS Week: Sasuke Day

The ABC’s of Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke is:
A – Ambitious in his goals
B – Beautiful in all ways
C – Crafty in his fights
D – Damaged from his past
E – Elegant in his movements
F – Focused on power
G – Guarded in expressions
H – Honest with his words
I – Intelligent beyond belief
J – Justified in his actions
K – Kind even if people can’t see it
L – Loves far too deeply
M – Mysterious to people
N – Neglected after his families death
O – Ornery in his teens
P – Proud to be an Uchiha
Q – Quick like lightning
R – Revolutionary in his views
S – Submissive to no one
T – Tenacious in his efforts
U – Unsatisfied in his “marriage”
V – Vexed by Sakura
W – Watchful with that Sharingan
X – Xenacious about the future
Y – Yearned for Itachi’s attention
Z – Zealous in protecting Naruto

The perspective of a hypothetical witness: Or on CW's Bucharest, by someone actually living there

2 kms from my house, there is a tunnel. My parents use the highway in the area every time they come to visit me.

These are often things that come to mind when I think about the incident in Bucharest. Because, as I told @queenyavengers, I live in Bucharest, and me or my family could have been one of the people in the tunnel that collapsed. I know this scene wasn’t actually filmed in Romania at all, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me, especially since Sebastian Stan speaks Romanian in that scene.

That being said, today I did a lot of thinking on the topic – especially after I wrote the first post. It was difficult to reach a conclusion, because it’s such a complicated situation – perhaps one of the most complicated instances in the movie.

After reviewing the footage of the fighting today, it is my belief that the team sent to Bucharest was going to kill Bucky. Was Steve right to run ahead half-cocked to intercept and save Bucky? Yes and no. It’s an emotional response. He’s trying to save his friend. Those men were only following orders, yes, but they were going to kill an innocent man. Sharon says they have orders to shoot on sight. That’s not okay.

If it would have been my friend in that situation, I would have wanted to do the same. Steve did a lot of stupid things in this movie, but I don’t blame him for trying to prevent this injustice.

The problem isn’t necessarily what Steve did in this scene. It’s what he failed to do. Honestly, for the most part, in Bucharest, he attempts to contain the damage Bucky does, but there are just too many people, and he’s torn between trying to protect his friend and keeping the other people from dying. It’s an impossible situation – one he shouldn’t have been in.

Because you know what? That squad should have never been there. Just the fact that they were sent is incredibly irresponsible. It’s like throwing placing children in front of a bomb and hoping they manage to find a way to deactivate it. They’re more liable to blow themselves up with the bomb than disarm it. They’re trained soldiers – but they’re not qualified to handle someone like the Winter Soldier.

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When you grow up in an abusive environment, you’re often told that the only way to get out is to pull yourself up from your bootstraps, to understand how messed up your home life was all on your own, to recognize your own self-worth and to teach yourself all the skills you were never taught before. Many times, when I would point out that I couldn’t leave my abusive family because I didn’t have the social support in place to do so, people would dismiss that as not a real concern – one time I was told that thinking this way was me thinking that I needed a savior, and I needed to just give up this idea that someone would rescue me and rescue myself.

I don’t know if people understand the implication of this belief though. One of the reasons emotional abuse is so damaging is because other people play a major role in shaping how you see yourself. When those people are positive influences in your life, it’s very easy to believe that how you see yourself is based solely on your own self-creation. But if that were true, then the implication follows that people who were emotional abused were only abused because they were so weak as to rely on others for their self-perception. 

Let me tell you what has been the most healing force in my life – being in an environment where I am only surrounded by positive influences. Where all the abusive messages I received are slowly being overwritten by more positive ones.

I noticed this recently when I was thinking about how I hate how my clothes fit. And my next thought was, “Hmm, I wonder what it takes to learn how to tailor your own clothes,” and, after googling it, my first thought was, “you know, I think one day I could learn to do that.”

Me. The person who grew up to believe that they were inherently stupid, inherently incapable of learning, the person whose mother told them that they had no talent, no skill, no nothing, that no matter what they tried they would fail. I have reached a point where I believe that I can learn things, that I can want to do something and then take the steps to learn how to do it.

It has taken four years – four years! – of being constantly surround by a social support system that encourages me, that tells me I can do things, I can learn, that honestly tells me when I need to improve something while also telling me when I’ve done something well, for my mothers words to lose some of their power. They’re still there, but now there are new words in my life. Because people matter. Because social supports are a necessary part of undoing the damage of abuse.

@laurenjauregui: Last, but not least, I leave you with a photo of myself. This was single handedly the most incredible day of my life. For so long I felt so alone and hopeless in my belief in humanity and love and this day proved to me just how wrong I was in thinking I was alone. I witnessed so many powerful women, men, and queer folk alike of all different genders, races, religions, classes, sexualities, you name it..come together for one common goal, equality and justice and peace. It left a fire in my soul that can never be extinguished and a reminder in my heart that my voice can NEVER be silenced. We ARE the people, THIS IS what Democracy looks like. And I will NEVER be silenced by fear or hatred or bigotry or any other infringement on our rights as human beings because we have one sole purpose in this world and that is to LOVE one another and LOVE ourselves and realize humanity’s potential. FUCK THE SYSTEM AND THE PATRIARCHY. This pussy will never be grabbed or silenced. I MARCH and fight with my brothers and sisters and I will always be proud of my voice. I hope you are too ❤️


Key Terms:
cis: a term for trans and nonbinary people to use to describe people who are not trans or nonbinary
perisex: a term for intersex people to use to describe people who are not intersex; previously known as dyadic
straight: a term to describe someone who is a heteroromantic heterosexual
alloromantic: a term for aromantics to use to describe people who are not aromantic
allosexual: a term for asexuals to use to describe people who are not asexual
monosexism: belief that everyone is only attracted to one sex or gender (i.e. heterosexuality or homosexuality); has nothing to do with polyamory/polygamy (that’s monogamy)
exorsexism: belief that everyone falls on the gender binary and is either wholly, exclusively male or wholly, exclusively female
binarism: belief that sex and gender are two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine (subset of colonialism, not a term for white people to use)


This is hardly an extensive list of all the terms, especially where gender is concerned, but I wanted to try my hand at making a list of common terms and labels for general use.

Edit: fixed bisexual definition, may add new Queer flag.

Elemental Correspondences

This post will consist of elemental associations from modern beliefs, as well as older metaphysical and alchemical ones. Not all of these will be consistent to all Neopagans or Wiccans of course, given that different people from different places and cultures may have different associations.

Note: An Athame is a ritual dagger.


Latin Word: Ventus

Direction: East

Color: Yellow

State of Matter: Gas

Season: Spring

Solar Midpoint: Spring Equinox

Time: Dawn

Weather: Windy

Attribute: Intellectual

Four Humours: Blood

Four Temperaments: Sanguine

Characteristics: Hot and Wet

Altar Tool: Wand (Sometimes Athame)

Tarot Suit: Wands or Rods (Sometimes Swords)

Alchemical Elementals: Sylphs


Latin Word: Ignis

Direction: South

Color: Red

State of Matter: Plasma

Season: Summer

Solar Midpoint: Summer Solstice

Time: Midday

Weather: Hot

Attribute: Spiritual

Four Humours: Yellow Bile

Four Temperaments: Choleric

Characteristics: Hot and Dry

Altar Tool: Athame (Sometimes Wand)

Tarot Suit: Swords (Sometimes Wands or Rods)

Alchemical Elementals: Salamanders


Latin Word: Aqua

Direction: West

Color: Blue

State of Matter: Liquid

Season: Autumn

Solar Midpoint: Autumn Equinox

Time: Dusk

Weather: Rainy

Attribute: Emotional

Four Humours: Phlegm

Four Temperaments: Phlegmatic

Characteristics: Cold and Wet

Altar Tool: Chalice

Tarot Suit: Cups

Alchemical Elementals: Undines


Latin Word: Terra

Direction: North

Color: Green

State of Matter: Solid

Season: Winter

Solar Midpoint: Winter Solstice

Time: Midnight

Weather: Cold

Attribute: Physical

Four Humours: Black Bile

Four Temperaments: Melancholic

Characteristics: Cold and Dry

Altar Tool: Mortar and Pestle

Tarot Suit: Pentacles or Coins

Alchemical Elementals: Gnomes

Alchemical Glyphs


laurenjaureguiLast, but not least, I leave you with a photo of myself. This was single handedly the most incredible day of my life. For so long I felt so alone and hopeless in my belief in humanity and love and this day proved to me just how wrong I was in thinking I was alone. I witnessed so many powerful women, men, and queer folk alike of all different genders, races, religions,
classes, sexualities, you name it..come together for one common goal, equality and justice and peace. It left a fire in my soul that can never be extinguished and a reminder in my heart that my voice can NEVER be silenced. We ARE the people, THIS IS what Democracy looks like. And I will NEVER be silenced by fear or hatred or bigotry or any other infringement on our rights as human beings because we have one sole purpose in this world and that is to LOVE one another and LOVE ourselves and realize humanity’s potential. FUCK THE SYSTEM AND THE PATRIARCHY. This pussy will never be grabbed or silenced. I MARCH and fight with my brothers and sisters and I will always be proud of my voice. I hope you are too❤️

AU Most people attribute the snarling dragon morphing on Newt’s arm to be a testament of his dedication towards magical creatures, even the most deadly of them all. Some were privileged enough to be told that the tattoo is a memory of his days in the dragon corps in WWI. But only Newt knows that it is a gift from an old line of kings diminished in the days of men.

Percival Graves is a man that commands respect not just due to his imposing presence but also his steadfast belief that he has one clear path and it is the protection of his city. The Percival Graves after Grindelwald does not share that belief anymore. Newt thinks differently.

Lookie a headcanon/drabble plus illustration for it! In all seriousness though I have no idea what said gift should be and if its not already apparent from the picture Newt is able to share it with Graves so *digging the hole deeper*

Angus from Night in the Woods is so important. He’s an abuse victim that was abused my not one, but both of his parents. Theyd hit him and starved him and locked him in a pantry alone for a day at a time. His dad abandoned his family, he is forced to still visit his abusive dying mother. He lost all faith in the idea of God or ghosts because of his abuse but it solidified his belief that people can care more than the world does about the people. He loves his boyfriend Gregg so much and let’s Gregg do crazy things but also helps him grow up and be responsible and handle his emotions. He went with Mae to the woods twice despite his disbelief in a greater power, but went to help a friend. He cares so much for his friends in the midst of panic and disaster with Mae being in the hospitsl, his coping mechanism was to make food and cook for his friends. ANGUS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT.

FACT: Without Hermione, Draco would have been evil.

Just hear me out. I think that without Hermione’s existence, Draco wouldn’t have the internal struggle between right and wrong. Here’s why.

Imagine growing up the way Draco did. You’re told that people who aren’t like you are stupid, less powerful, and beneath you.

In a way, it reminds me of religion. Not saying that all or even most religion is bigoted, but the strength in belief within some families is similar.

Even from the young age of 11, Draco displayed traits one would obtain from living a very sheltered life. Meeting Harry in the robe shop, it became very apparent. He introduced himself by his last name, because that’s what he was taught was important. He asked Harry his blood status immediately, because it played a huge part in the beliefs that be was raised with.

He was taught that he’s the best of the best.

Only when goes to school, this muggleborn is thrown in his face. And she’s smart. So smart, that no matter how hard he tries, his grades are never good enough to top hers. Not only that, but she’s powerful. Obviously so, even.

He even comes to notice that she isn’t nearly as dirty as he was lead to believe. In fact, she comes down the stairs at the Yule ball and she’s so stunningly gorgeous that not one insult can come to his mind.

So we’re his parents right? They wouldn’t lie to him, would they?

Only they have, and the living proof is staring him directly in the face.

And so he gets angry. He calls her names, and puts her down. Because he’s not stupid– it’s so blatantly obvious that the people he admired the most in the world were wrong in so many instances, and he’s bitter. His world is broken, and so he wants everyone else to be too.

Knowing this, he returns home each summer just to hear his father complain about how a “mudblood trumped him in grades” and how “the half-blood beat him in quiddich” because his family believes it’s not possible.

Yet little do they know how hard he worked and how much he studied and practiced, he still always came up second.

So he was bitter, and angry– yes. Not condoning his actions, but explaining them.

Even though he tried to convince himself that it was a fluke, that Hermione was just a freak of nature– he knew better.

And although he called her the names he did over his own bitterness and angst, he didn’t really think she should die. But then, come sixth year, everything turns real, and serious– really fast. He’s stuck in a corner with no choice.

I fully believe that Hermione challenged him. She was in his face, everyday, proving him wrong. She was a walking contradiction, and I fully believe that had he not been exposed to her, he wouldn’t have even tried to second guess his family’s values and beliefs.

So I was just thinking about those posts you get in the Discworld tag about the way belief works on the Disc and how Vetinari and/or Vimes is so integral to the way Ankh-Morpork works that they might just sort of… not ever die.

You know, the ones like ‘Vimes is going to become a god of policemen and he’s going to hate it”.

Well. What if it happens to both of them? There are two parts to the city, after all. ‘Proud Ankh’ needs taking down a peg or two (or seven) by Sam Vimes, and if anyone can terrify ‘pestilent Morpork’ into being better then it’s Havelock Vetinari. And they can drive each other mad with stealth puns for centuries, if they want.

Also, this would potentially make them literally Law And Order, and that just seems very fitting in a way that would probably annoy them both.

It is really weird how genderists/anti-terfs don’t like us and think we’re these deranged people for even thinking what we do. But they miss an important part of most of our histories. We used to be like them. Exactly like them. Some of us were so deep in their politics. We had all the labels and the same beliefs. We were just like them. So no, we weren’t apolitical people who one day woke up and decided to have these naughty beliefs. We got fed up with where we were. The lack of depth and analysis. The pseudoscience. The mantras. The blatant lies and misinformation. We were libfems who became disillusioned with their status quo. Doesn’t that hold any merit? Shouldn’t that make us more reliable or trustworthy? Idk it’s weird..

Slytherins #1

Contrary to popular belief, I feel like one doesn’t need to earn a Slytherins respect.
I think in general Slytherins naturally respect all people, not only because that usually ends up being fortunate for them in terms of social interaction, but also because that’s how they feel they want to be treated themselves.

So, if a Slytherin loses their respect for you, that means you must’ve fucked up massively, since they’re incredibly tough people that can put up with a lot of shit.

Slytherins respect everyone, but once they’ve lost their respect for you, it’s over and there is no possible way you’re going to gain it back.

Unhealthy behaviour - NTs

INTJ: An astonishing amount of arrogance yet total lack of social grace, tend to scoff at the idea of love or believe themselves unloveable.
Mature INTJs have figured out there’s no objective measure of the worth of someone (intelligence, salary, achievement, and so on).

INTP: “My beliefs are right, mine.” Poorly processing their own emotions/emotions of others. Being argumentative to the point that it pisses people off, especially over trivial thing. Poorly organized.
A healthy INTP has a stronger emotional understanding for both themselves and others. Less argumentative over trivial things and overall more contrastive and open minded to other’s ideas.

ENTJ: Immature ENTJs believes that being out of touch with their feelings and being tactless makes one superior. They believe that everyone should default to their will without having to prove their leadership and skill.
Mature ENTJs are open to criticism from all angles. Emotionally intelligent. Leads by example.

ENTP: Unhealthy ENTPs are concentrating their energy (Ne) to acquire validation from people (Fe) or devoting their thinking (Ti) towards spreading information (Ne) to elicit a certain reaction from people (Fe), which can either manifest itself as trolling, manipulation, or insincerity. Other unhealthy ENTP things are an uncharacteristic focus on small details, demanding control over routines and having trouble remembering daily tasks or memories. This can lead them to become introverted, anxious, and narrow-minded, which is not their typical character.

anonymous asked:

What about the strict nonbelievers? The kid who so firmly doesn't believe in magic that the school falls out of sync with them. Their entire existence a blur. They let you borrow notes but when you go to return them both they and the notes are gone. Their roommate has never seen them but things always move around when the roommate isn't looking. They have classes you never heard of. Their name is the only solid thing about them and is passed around and worn as armour because it belongs to no one

I think this is actually the most plausible way the life of a nonbeliever would play out - not one of the unknowing, but disbelieving with a strength of will other people put into things like iron. And like all belief on campus, it changes things around you. But at the same time the Gentry are a fact, and belief will not change the fact the University is Their Place Too, now. The two can’t quite exist in the same place.

So yeah a nonbeliever would probably spend the four years in a slightly different ?plane of existence? like… it’s not the University proper but a shade of it, where things are very normal and also curiously faded, like paper left too long in the sun; like a photo where someone has lightened all the shadows to pale violet gauze. But normal, none the less.

For any of us conspiracy theorists to suddenly say “nope, there’s no conspiracy” when we’ve got 1 day to go, like…. come on, that’s incredibly out-of-character for us. I have no problem being wrong, but i have no intention of changing my tune ONE DAY before the episode actually airs. We’ve always been the underdogs, we’ve always been the crazy ones. TOO BAD. I’m not distancing myself from the beliefs of this amazing, fun group of people because there may not be a conspiracy after all. There was never a guarantee of this conspiracy coming true – that’s why it has the name CONSPIRACY. This is supposed to be fun! If you’re not having fun log out right now and come back when you’re feeling better. Doubting the conspiracy at the very end does you no good. Wait till tomorrow and then you can make a logical decision about how to proceed in this Fandom.

You cannot go out preaching love, peace, acceptance, and tolerance just to turn around and shout vulgar insults at people with differing beliefs than you.  In the real world you will ALWAYS find differences in belief systems and world views, and there will ALWAYS be something that people disagree on.  Disagreement is not an excuse to hate and to bully, REGARDLESS of the topic at hand.  It doesn’t matter.  We’re all human and we all deserve patience and respect.  No one person is any better than anyone else.  Get off your high horse.

If you think Riley “fixing” Maya was a GOOD thing for her development:

Before Riley “fixed” her:

After Riley “turned her back”:

“So I can understand what everybody has to say.”

“Riley, I’ve been me. I’ve always been me.”

“What’s wrong with who I am now?”

“My voice is still my voice, Riley.”

Like what was spoken about in GM the Real World, one of Riley’s biggest flaws is her inability to consider other people’s perspectives and beliefs. This is full blown evidence that Maya was not “fixed” at all; she has regressed, specifically into not taking her academic achievements seriously, and the nod to “understanding” all sides is very intentional.

I planned to full-on ignore everything about t100 and honestly most people aren’t posting about it on my dash anyway because we’ve all told it and Jason to fuck off but that scene of Clarke holding the chip and crying and saying, “I loved her, mom” and then Abby reassuring her and saying, “I know” fucking WRECKED ME BEYOND BELIEF and now I’m back to almost a year ago when I watched one of the best ships I’ve ever seen portrayed be brutally brought to an end on TV and FUCK YOU JROT FOR MAKING ME FEEL THIS AGAIN!

See, even a year later this shit still sucks and the consequences are still felt. Don’t you dare say representation doesn’t matter.

To the person who wrote and submitted this post, I don’t know what happened but the name of your blog didn’t appear on it when I reblogged it - just send me a message if you want me to add it, cause it’s a great post and you should take full credit for it 😊

“I often like to think about Ot5’s friendship without anyone watching. No restrictions. What Camila said in her post about them buying frozen yogurt together just fueled that. I know that they are five strong-willed girls with a firm belief of justice in every aspect. With all the rules in their contract (I have read one, it is no joke) they are practically caged. I wouldn’t be surprised if throughout their career as a group they learned to speak up & fight. I think about it a lot, I imagine the girls trying & getting into not-so-diplomatic conversations with the people who handle them. Backstage, behind closed doors, they might be suppressing their tears after frustrated attempts to be heard & their basic human needs considered. This could explain why we often see them with dreary eyes.They can get punished for even just the littlest of things & is probably one of the reasons why they get bad publicity. This bad publicity affects the girls’ names individually & as a group making it a factor for such a disharmonious (Ironic) fan base. I couldn’t care less about all the drama, memes & shitposts regarding the situation, all I want is for them to remain friends, sisters supporting each other no matter how much their publicists turn the masses against any of them. I don’t know everything that these girls actually go through & I probably never will but what I do know is that they love each other & are wise enough to not throw away four years worth of memories.”