Today, I watched you die.

It was exactly the kind of day you wanted it to be–a soft sky, and a temperate sun, high above our heads like a kite floating astray. There were five hundred fifty two blades of grass on the little patch of the earth you were sitting on. Six hundred more on the patch I laid on, right beside you.

You told me you were happy to die a simple man. You never thought you’d come this far, even. The hospice was a breath of fresh air from the damp soil, and rickety motel rooms, and over-driven cars. To not die simply–of an ailing heart, of old age–was a family curse you were happy to break. You plucked off a blade of grass from the ground. I started to count again.

You touched my cheek with just the tips of your fingers, and you rolled your eyes. “You could at least age along with me.” I chuckled a little and wrinkled my brow. “There.” You murmured ‘asshole’ and let your head fall against my shoulder.

You breathed into my neck, and out again. I love you too.

Today, I watched you die.

Just as I always did,

(Sleeping soundly, raking leaves–)

When I watched you live.
The first day that you kissed me, you held a cigarette burning between your fingers. Your lips told whispers of escape and I didn’t care that you filled my lungs with smoke or that I just couldn’t breathe.
Then we were watching fireworks, colours in your eyes, the bonfire spitting sparks. It was beautiful, even the way the smoke made my eyes water and again I just couldn’t breathe.
You were still there in winter, when snow fell to the ground, a quiet layer covering everything. We pretended we were dragons, each breath we took pushing smoke through the air and it was icy, it was clear but I still just couldn’t breath. It’s summer now and there is no smoke but my lungs are blackened and the smell of smoke lingers heavy in my hair and my heart. I would call you, you know, but I just can’t fucking breathe.
—  ~Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #46

“You’ve got good form, but if you push your shoulder a bit forward you’ll have a lot more power and a lot more control.” Steve said. 

“What’s going on? Sparing? I thought your powers were non-physical?” Tony asked as he entered the training room.

“They are, but I figured it never hurts to have a little extra training on your side.” You told Tony. 

“I thought since (y/n) was gonna be on the ground team with me it’d be good for them to get some extra training.” Steve explained.

“See I had some thoughts about that, I was thinking about branching out with my suits and I was hoping that you’d join me in the air for our next mission.” Tony said as he stepped out of the door frame and allowed an Iron suit to walk in. 

“You can keep the suit, either way, just a gift, try it out and let me know what you think.“ Tony said handing you the bracelets that linked with the suit. 

"This is amazing! I don’t know what to say. Thank you!” You exclaimed hugging Tony. 

“No problem, call me when you’re done training and I’ll give you some pointers.” Tony said returning the hug.

Requested by anon 

Sometimes, it is still October.  Sometimes the walls are still closing in on me the night you told me to never speak to you again, sometimes the wounds are so fresh I can still smell blood, sometimes I can’t breathe.  For no reason at all.  There are leaves on the ground and pumpkins on porches and all I want to do is shut the blinds and pull the covers up.  There are days I wonder what you were for Halloween this year.  Sometimes it is still the fall.  Sometimes I am still realizing how much I had to change.

Sometimes, it is still November.  I am still unknowingly sleeping with another woman’s boyfriend.  I am still that lost, I am still that pathetic and naive.  Sometimes I am trying to cling to someone else to know that maybe, somewhere, to someone, I mean something.  Sometimes I am binge drinking and vomiting for 16 hours straight because that was the only way I could convince myself I was having “fun”.  Sometimes, I am still trying to forget you.

Sometimes, it is still December.  Sometimes, I’m starting to feel okay with me.  Sometimes, I’m really starting to fall for someone again. I’m starting to wonder about what he likes to read, and not what you’re reading, and I’m giggling, wondering what’s appropriate to text back and I'm nervous about a boy for the first time in I couldn’t tell you how long.  I’m wishing him Merry Christmas, and not you, even though it crosses my mind that I hope you have a good day, too.  He kisses me at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  And to everyone’s surprise, I’m not even thinking about you as the ball drops.  I’m puckering up and smiling like it’s real, because it is real.  Sometimes, I’m starting to heal.

Sometimes, it is January.  There is snow and there is ice skating and I never thought I’d find winter as appealing as the snow days we spent all day together in bed but I was wrong.  There are different kinds of winter days that I love, too.  Like the day he took me on our first real date.  And the day he asked me to be all his as I slipped and fell at the ice rink.  I think I was falling in more ways than one.  Sometimes, I’m learning that there might’ve been a reason for this.

Sometimes, it is February, and the ‘he’ in my life is changing. Because the man that I speak most about now isn’t the one who left me in October or the one that burned my soul to the stake.  The he in my life now is the one who takes me out to dinner and wants to show me off to his family who doesn’t live remotely close to here because he is proud to have me at his side.  He makes the plans, he wants to surprise me,
he wants me.  The he in my life is the one who always asks if I’m okay, because he knows that someone needs to ask me.  And he knows about you.  Sometimes, we talk about you–and that’s okay.

Sometimes, it is March.  And sometimes I am still confused, because yes, I think about you.  Yes, every day.  And you know it as well as I do. Sometimes I am still figuring all of this out.  And I guess that’s where you see the hope.  I am still figuring this all out.

—  inhale, exhale–MVG
Hi I’d like to say hello. But actually there’s much more I want to say. See, honestly I feel as if I told you that I thought you were like the rarest snowflake broken into a million parts it would still not explain how uniquely beautiful you are in this moment. See you melt on more than just the ground. Your cold attitude cools off my passion just so I notice the difference in temperature. I want to catch you on my tongue and never forget the taste of that first snow. And when I’m done I can’t wait until you condensate, so I can kind of make, believe that I am tasting you for the first time again.

So please hear these words from our first sight.


Mimato Week Day 7 - Free Day~

What the others have to say about them dating:

Taichi: Honestly, I’m a little surprised Yamato isn’t in love with me. I mean we’ve been holding hands since we were like 11 or something!

Yamato: Can you not-

Taichi: And everybody loves me, Sora just told me yesterday how much she loves me-

Sora: Taichi!

Mimi: But I gotta agree with Taichi-san, even I thought Yama-kun was in love with him.

Yamato: Mimi, what the hell?!

Sora: I’m so happy for both of them! Yamato is always so stiff, he definitely needs someone chirpy like Mimi-chan around.

Mimi: So what you’re trying to say is that I’m doing Yama-kun a favour by dating him and he should worship the ground I walk on?

Sora: That is so not what I said.

Mimi: You heard her, Yama-kun. Bow down now.

Takeru: Well, I’m not surprised actually. I was kind of expecting this.

Yamato: No you weren’t.

Takeru: In fact, I’m very happy about this because Mimi-chan and I are such great friends! If Nii-san had picked some random girl who I didn’t get along with, it would’ve been really awkward.

Yamato: I’m dating her because I like her, not because you get along with her.

Takeru: Sure you are.

Hikari: Yeah, I guess I was a little surprised at the beginning, but then recently they’ve started flirting so much that now I’m totally used to it. And come on, I’m sure every girl at some point did have a crush on Yamato-niisan.

Takeru: Even you?!

Hikari: Well. Yeah, kind of.

Taichi: Yamato you’re not allowed anywhere near my sister anymore!


Koushiro: Frankly, I’m a little worried about Yamato-san. Mimi-chan can be a little scary at times.

Mimi: Kou-chan, I can hear you~

Koushiro: What I meant to say was that I’m happy for the two of them and I wish them all the best for the future! Hang in there, Yamato-san.

Jyou: What? Yamato-kun and Mimi-chan are dating? When did this happen?Why did I just find out?

Everyone Else:

Palmon: Mimi did always say that she wanted to date pretty boys.

Gabumon: Yamato is pretty?

Yamato: I am not pretty.

Taichi: I hate to break it to you pal.

Mimi: You kinda are.

Gabumon: I don’t know about all that but, as long as Yamato is not lonely and is happy, I’m happy.

Yamato: Wow. Gabumon, that’s actually the sweetest thing anybody has said all day.

Mimi: You’re kinda emo too.

Yamato: Take that back.

Imagine you're a virgin and you ask Happy, your best friend, to take your virginity. *SMUT& FLUFF* **REQUESTED**

You were sitting outside at the tables with Happy. You two were drinking beer and talking, about everything.

“Happy, ya know I want you to take my virginity, I’ve told you this before.”

“Yea, I know y/n, Its just that I feel like it would be wrong. You’re my best friend.”

“Exactly, that why I’m asking you to take it Happy.”

“Uh, fine, but I cant promise you that it wont hurt.” He winked at you then took a drink of his beer.

You laughed and looked at the ground, you thought he would say no, like he has before. You had wanted Happy for as long as you can remember. You had tried to make on a move on him before, and he had almost gave in.

Happy wasn’t sure if he was in love with you or not. You were sure you had fallen for his murderous charm. You were almost as crazy as him and he loved that about you, that also why you two got along so well.

It was later in the day and you were sitting inside, next to some son that was getting a lap dance from a croweater. Happy walked into the clubhouse and you looked at him as he walked up to you. You smiled at him and he waved you over. You walked up to him and smiled. He grabbed your hand and lead you to his dorm.

You closed the door behind you and you looked up at Happy.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Happy.”

He kissed you softly and you gasped at how sensitive and tender his lips were, when you gasped Happy took that as a sign to put his tongue in your mouth. You suddenly became submissive and he took that to his advantage. Happy walked you towards the bed while still kissing you, and before you laid down, he unclipped your bra with one hand. You smiled against his lips as your back hit the mattress.

Happy was so gentle with you, which had surprised you, he even took off his rings for you. You smiled when he stood up and he took off his clothes, you watched his swift movements. Happy then unbuttoned your jeans and slid them off your body slowly. You watched him, and looked in his eyes and saw nothing but passion. He laid on top of you to where he was holding him self up by his arms.

“Are you sure?” He asked one last time.

“Yes.” You looked into his eyes and he entered you and you winced at the pain. He hated to be the one inflicting pain on you. He thrusted slow, making sure you were okay.

Before you knew it the wincing turned into moaning. You moaned as you started to feel tingly all over your whole body, you came and your walls tightened around Happy and he came to. He laid there, on top of you. You looked him in the eyes and he looked you back, he combed your hair behind your ear.

“Y/n, I- I love you.”

“I love you too Hap.” He pulled out of you and laid next you to, pulling you into his warm and sweaty chest. You smiled  because this is all you have wanted ever since you met Happy.

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Bellamy Blake Imagine - Positive

Bellamy x Reader

Blurb: Bellamy is rambling on about a hunt he’s going on and that it may be a few days and, worried about him getting hurt, you blurt out that you’re pregnant.
27. “I’m pregnant.”


I’ve never written anything with character pregnancy before, I hope it’s okay!!


You found out a few days after the symptoms began. Headaches, illness, vomiting, the signs were all there but you hadn’t realised it was, well, pregnancy.

You’d gone to Clarke, scared it would only get worse, and she’d told you she thought you were pregnant. There was no way to know for sure, there was no such thing as a pregnancy test on the ground, but she told you it was the most likely reason. When she’d asked when the last time you and Bellamy, well, slept together, you shyly told her it was about a week ago.

She let you go after that, telling you to come and check in with her every few days and whenever the sickness got too bad. You’d left quickly, making your way back to you and Bellamy’s tent for some rest and time to think things over. You hastily unzipped the material, going straight over to the bed and lying down flat on your back.

‘I’m pregnant,’ you thought. ‘There is a tiny human growing inside me. And all because of Bellamy Blake and his stupid irresistible charm.’

You roll your eyes at your thoughts. He may be a total charmer and handsome jerk but you still loved him. The only problem was telling him you might be pregnant. You didn’t know if he’d take it well. What if he left you? You were both young, far too young be to having a child, and in this environment it was definitely not a good idea. But this was an accident, you hadn’t meant for this to happen. All women on the Ark get a pill each month so they become infertile and for when they want to have a child they get a different pill to get impregnated. Once they’ve had their child they’re given an injection to make them become infertile permanently. (A/N: I’m unsure of whether this is how it happens in the TV show, I just made this part up so please no remarks on how this is different.)

But there isn’t anything remotely similar to that on the ground and each teenager is at risk, it just so happened that you were the first to have to face the consequences.

Bellamy enters the tent, skin slick with sweat and his hair plastered to his forehead. He smiles at you, brushing the hair from his eyes and planting a small kiss on your forehead. He asks how you’re feeling - you were unable to hide your illness from him when the vomiting started and had to confess, saying that it must have been something you ate - to which you reply with a small, ‘fine’.

He starts talking once he’s sat down on the edge of the bed, placing an arm around your shoulders. You don’t listen, your thoughts far away from his rambling. When you hear the word, 'hunt’, your ears perk up.

“It should only be a day or so,” he rambles. “We’re planning on going quite near the grounder camp so it’s going to be pretty dangerous. We’ve got lots of knives though, and the guns’ll help a lot. We might end up checking their camp out, might even sneak in, maybe have a cup of tea with them. You’re not even listening, are you? What’s up?”

You pale slightly. A dangerous trip didn’t sound too good, he could get injured; or worse, killed. What would you do if he died? What would the baby do?

“Have you visited Clarke yet?” He asks, his arm moving from your shoulders.

You nod shakily, looking down to your fidgeting hands as you speak. You whisper a quiet, “Yeah,” and then, “So what’s the hunt going to be like?”

His eyes stare into yours for a few moments, confused at your vague answer, and then he speaks again, “It should be a few days. We’re going near the grounder camp, might take a look, might not. Trying to replenish the stock for winter.”

His hand reaches out to stop your fidgeting, intertwining your fingers instead. “Is it going to be dangerous?” You ask.

He avoids you eye contact, itching the back of his head. “Yeah,” he says quietly. “There could be scouts and if we get too close…” He trails off, unsure of what to say.

You visibly pale, breathes deepening as dark thoughts run through your head. Before you realise you’ve said it, you speak. “Don’t go.”

He turns to you, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why? What’s wrong?”

You search your mind for an answer and, coming up blank, blurt out a horrible excuse. “I - just… please don’t go. Bellamy, please, don’t go.”

His expressions darkens, he looks both confused and worried. “Y/N, why do you want me to stay? I’m not staying unless you give me a reason. Is something wrong? Please tell m-”

You cut him off when you speak again, your eyes closed tight shut as you do so, “I’m pregnant.”

Your voice is quiet, your words a mumble, but he still manages to make out your words.

His hand squeezes yours. You look up to his eyes, he stares into yours intently. “Are you sure?”

“Clarke’s almost positive it’s the only explanation.”

He squeezes your hand again. “I won’t go.” He says gently, his voice low and sweet.

“What are we going to do?” I ask, my voice cracking as he pulls me into his shoulder. “We can’t raise a child. Not here, not with this war.”

He holds me close, “We’ll find a way. If you really are pregnant then that’s the first thing we need to get through, you can’t go out there anymore; not now that you have another life to care for. I’m staying with you, okay? I need to keep you safe, both of you.”

You close your eyes, leaning into him. “I love you.” You whisper.

He leans his head on yours, one of his hands laying on your stomach. “I love you too, Y/N.”

Bellamy and dany.

traps. Dany had always been good at setting them, And today was no exception, With the New invaders to the north of her village she had become of some use to her father in the passed month. setting traps in hopes of catching an invader had been unsuccessful, untill today. 

The silver haired girl smirked only slightly when the looked up at the man caught in a net, Plucked from the ground like a flower he hung suspended in the air. She had never seen an invader so close before, and she felt pride in her success today. She could hardly wait until she told her father. “ who would have thought i’d catch the leader of the invaders, i didn’t realize you were so careless as you were loud." 

Me Against the World - by Charles Bukowski


when I was a kid

one of the questions asked was,

would you rather eat a bucket of shit

or drink a bucket of piss?

I thought that was easy.

“that’s easy,” I said, “I’ll take the 


“maybe we’ll make you do both" 

they told me.

I was the new kid in the


"oh yeah” I said.

“yeah!” they said.

there were 4 of them.

“yeah” I said, “you and whose

army?”“we won’t need no army” the

biggest one said.

I slammed my fist into his


then all 5 of us were down on

the ground fighting.

they got in each other’s way

but there were still too many

of them.

I broke free and started


“sissy! sissy!” they yelled.

“going home to mama?”

I kept running.

they were right.

I ran all the way to my house,

up the driveway and onto the

porch and into the


where my father was beating

up my mother.

she was screaming.

things were broken on the floor.

I charged my father and started swinging.

I reached up but he was too tall.

all I could hit were his


then there was a flash of red and

purple and green

and I was on the floor.

“you little prick!” my father said.

“you say out of this!" 

"don’t hit my boy!” my mother


but I felt good because my father

was no longer hitting my


to make sure, I got up and charged

him again, swinging.

there was another flash of colors

and I was on the floor


when I got up again

my father was sitting in one chair

and my mother was sitting in 

another chair

and they both just sat there

looking at me.

I walked down the hall and into 

my bedroom and sat on the 


I listened to make sure there

weren’t any more sounds of

beating and screaming

out there.

there weren’t.

then I didn’t know what to


it wasn’t any good outside

and it wasn’t any good


so I just sat there.

then I saw a spider making a web

across a window.

I found a match, walked over,

lit it and burned the spider to


then I felt better.

much better.

-Charles Bukowski


Saying your name
Used to feel like swallowing
with strep throat
id close my eyes and spit it out
Like an infection
It felt like the first shot of vodka
Burning like fire
Making my chest warm

Thinking about you
Used to feel like a headache
hollow and heinous
I’d claw at my eyes and pieces of you would fall out
It felt like a sunburn
I never thought it would sting so badly
I curled up in the sun and soaked you in
and the next thing I knew
You were peeling off in layers
laying on the ground at my feet

Getting rid of your things
Felt like cleaning out my attic
These things had been dead for some time
but for some reason I wrapped myself around it
and hid it away
a hoarder in a place deep inside my rib cage
Nothing lasts forever
Get rid of it
Get rid of it
Get rid of it

But I called up my doctor
And I told him I was tired of strep throat
I begged him to drug me up and rid my body of the virus tearing my throat to shreds
I can taste again
You are no longer my infection

My headache has since faded away
And when I rub my eyes
Fairy dust falls out and I shine
I shine so fucking bright you’d go blind

I’ve applied burn cream
A new layer has formed and my skin is thicker than your pride and your ability to love others and my skin is thicker than your sadness and thicker than your smile and thicker than the love I had for you and thicker
And thicker
And thicker

I moved away
The attic is someone else’s responsibility now
I don’t carry your lack of emotion with me any longer
My ribcage has opened windows and let the air in and there is room for new stories and new love and new friendships and new kisses from new boys that I find myself wanting far more than I ever thought I wanted you

This is the last poem I will ever write for you
I will not miss you any longer
I will give my love to someone far more deserving
Someone who is worth my poetry
And that is something
You never were

—  The Last Poem I Will Ever Write For You

I was making the devil’s pact with the
Memories at the back of my mind
Declaring just the happy ones allowed
Painful ones should clear the ground
They were confused at my command
Then, Pain started laughing out loud
Leaving me completely astounded, he
told me that he was the reason that
I was able to inhale and exhale words
‘Without being submerged in me,’ he said
‘You are unable to hold onto life’s rein
For you see, love always brings Pain…’

they told me not to play with sharp things, but when i heard your sharp tongue, i didn’t think it would slash me into a million pieces when you told me you didn’t want me. i didn’t think your razor sharp eyes were anything but curious, but they were cunning and cold as you saw me break down at the thought of losing you. i thought your arms were stone locked around me keeping me grounded, not rough, dull-edged steel bruising my skin. your lies and whispers of i’ll never leave you were shaving cuts that soon became gaping wounds as the nights grew longer and my lungs weaker without you. your touch was brass knuckles and bruised my skin to yellows and blues until i couldn’t see the yellow sun and blue sky. they told me not to play with sharp things, but i didn’t know you were a knife until you stabbed me in the back.
—  why do i still dream of you

thepinkstarwarrior  asked:

"Fluff, I'm okay! I'm okay!" The puffball said before hugging the Prince. "Anons told me you were really sad and worried, but it's okay!"

Fluff’s eyebrows rose in response to the voice addressing him, turning around and gasping when he saw Kirby standing before him. Not only that, there were no injuries, no signs of blood, nothing present that would indicate that the star warrior had participated in a death simulation.

“Oh Kirby!” He could hardly speak as he rushed forward and ended up tackling the other to the ground before hugging him tightly. “You’re alive! I-I can’t believe it! I t-th-thought you were gone for good!”

Tears once again began to stream down his cheeks as he held onto his soulmate, fearful of letting go of him anytime soon. “Please d-don’t s-s-scare me like…a-again! I-I was…a-afraid I…l-l-lost you..!”