“There are a lot of things I love about acting and one of the things I love the most is, here you are taking words off a page, working with someone you might have met just a week before, and somehow you’re creating a moment that separates itself from space and time. You feel an incredible rush when you have that moment with another actor. You can feel it bounce off one another. Every take you do can reveal different things that were hiding. And things outside the story get revealed to you, too. It’s an incredible way to work and to experience a story.” - Ellen Page.


    I notice if they’re crying, if they’re laughing. I notice if they’re taking a picture, so I’ll smile. I notice everything, but I notice something that’s much more visceral. It’s a feeling that they’re looking at something that they know is real, but that feels too impossible to be happening. That is the real rush that I want to give them, and that is what people did not understand about my work in the beginning. I know I’m still giving them that feeling. The feeling is a rush of adrenaline that could not possibly be real, but it is. It’s the magic of the fantasy of the performance of being a musical shape-shifter that goes from one song to the other. It’s like the ultimate magic trick, but it’s not actually a magic trick at all. - Lady Gaga for V Magazine | The ART of POP